Derek Prince Charismatics Can Have The Holy Spirit And ANOTHER Spirit

we come to the most difficult and in a sense painful of all these situations and I'm afraid what I excuse me I'm afraid what I'm going to say may shock some of you but the most difficult people to deal with are people who have two kinds of spirit one is the Holy Spirit and the other is not now people will tell you but the Holy Spirit wouldn't dwell in an unclean vessel that's wrong the Holy Spirit doesn't dwell in unclean vessels if he didn't we'd have no hope some people take the attitude the Holy Spirit will only come in when you're completely pure but the Holy Spirit comes in to make us pure without him we cannot be purified so we need him it's like the FIR professor at the University would say to his fast now when you've passed your exams I'll teach you and they'd say but professor we need you to teach us to pass our exams after all David committed adultery and murder and craved take not thy Holy Spirit from me and God didn't so if anything defiles adultery and led to do but the Holy Spirit did not leave David that was the grace and mercy have gone aren't you glad that the Holy Spirit doesn't leave you every time you do something wrong you know Jesus in mark seven lists thirteen things that defile a man and one of them is pride and one of them is foolishness dear Lord how many spirit-filled Christians would they be left if every time we got proud or foolish the Holy Spirit left so the Holy Spirit does dwell in vessels that are not totally pure and sometimes he's willing to share that vessel with another spirit from another source I do not appeal to experience but I've had to say that I've dealt with dozens of cases and the hardest thing for a poor posture is to deal with people like that the lady who gets interpretation and sometimes it's right on and sometimes it's right off you've never been in those situations you haven't lived on and moved in the circles that I've moved in I remember when I was pastoring in London years ago and this happened I really was at my wit's end I didn't know what to do I remember a man who came to me he said get this demon out of me I said you don't have a demon I've heard you speak in tongues I was wrong and he was right and I never really helped him because I couldn't acknowledge his problem he died later prematurely an unhappy man and I have to say my theology kept me from helping well I've changed my theology I've changed it to fit in with reality but I think you'll agree as you go through your spiritual experience one of the most difficult people to deal with is the one who sometimes has the right spirit and sometimes another spirit and I'm going to say something which in a way is painful but I prayed much about this I think God wants me to say Pentecostals of whom I am one have a kind of awe of William Branham how many of you've heard of William Branham that's most of them Branham was a man of God with a most remarkable and dramatic gift from God but I happen to have been friends with a Bible teacher whose name I will not give who worked very closely with William Branham for several years and he gave us once a personal sharing and he said I had to come to the conclusion that there were two spirits in William Brennan one was the Spirit of God and one was not and you see the sad thing is and I say this with real sadness in spite of his marvelous gifts and the way God used him his end was either pathetic or tragic according to how you view it he was killed as a result of a motor accident in which his car was struck by a drunk driver and he left behind a little group of fanatics who were worshippers of William Branham and who are some of the saddest people you'll ever meet in a Christian Association why did that happen because if you mix two spirits and don't eliminate the wrong one ultimately it will corrupt the work of the good one let me read just a passage which applies I believe in Deuteronomy 22 this is one of those passages which are like you must not muzzle the ox that treads out the grain as an application then but it has another application now in Deuteronomy 22 verses 9 and 11 you shall not sow your vineyard with different kinds of seed lest the yield of the seed which you've sown and the fruit of your vineyard be defiled and then it says you shall not wear a garment of different sorts such as wool and linen mixed together the principle is serving the Lord don't mix two different kinds of things so your vineyard with mixed seed you'll get a crop that God does not accept as holy wearing partly linen and partly will your in two different spiritual worlds because linen is a type of spiritual purity wool is a type of human effort that generates sweat so you we you and I and the church we have to examine ourselves are we sewing with mixed seed is there the good and also the false am I wearing a mixed garment partly the righteousness of Jesus and partly my own fleshly nature because ultimately the blessing of God will not remain on that which is pure and impure mixed let me just review that because I think it's important different ways in which error can enter deception people prophesy beyond the proportion of their faith they start in faith and then go because they get puffed up they go beyond their faith various different kinds of fortune-telling see people pay a lot of money to fortune tellers you know that people don't pay for nothing in Germany today West Germany which is now the western half of Germany in West Germany most German businessmen will consult a fortune teller before they do a business deal they never think of going to a church or a minister now businessmen don't spend money for nothing it doesn't mean that what they get is right but part of it is right and they can probably quote you instances in which they marvelously help I think perhaps the classic example is that the previous president of the United States his wife was in continual contact with a fortune teller and astrologist and much of his official calendar was dictated by that lady including the meetings with Gorbachev and so on this is this is not something from another age it's right in our midst and then I want to warn you again don't accept Satan's destiny for your life it may be some of you here have been to a fortune-teller and be very unusual if some of you hadn't do you really need to get clear of every involvement in this book of mine which I held up I speak of a case when I was in a pre-meeting with a young man I never met him before and we were just chatting together and I said have you received the Holy Spirit and he said yes but well anytime anybody says yes but to that question you know what the bat is but I don't speak with tongues so I commented another trunkless elephant and I didn't argue with him about that I simply said did you I know I said this by inspiration did you ever go to a fortune-teller and he thought of it yes he said once when I was about 15 but I only did it as a joke I didn't mean anything by it but I said you did go and you did have your fortune told so he rather reluctantly said yes so I said would you be willing to confess that to God as the sin and ask him to release you from the consequences so he said yes I think just really to you know get me off his back so I led him on a little simple prayer Lord I confessed such a sin that I went to a fortune-teller and I had my fortune told and I repent and I asked you to release me from all the consequences I didn't say anything more put my hand on his shoulder prayed for him and he immediately began to speak fluently and a tongue you see the invisible barrier had been removed there was a shadow over his life that had to be lived many many many people are being tricked into the occult today I have to say there is a type of what I call charismatic fortune-telling which I regard with great suspicion sometimes it will be true and sometimes it won't but you see people who get the desire to get a word from God from a prophet are in dangerous ground not that it couldn't happen but the have that desire is to expose yourself to a lot of risks I want to give you now just a list of some people who are candidates for deception and as I go through this list I invite you to check with yourself it's not a complete list but at least it gives you some idea here they are candidates for deception those who rely only on subjective impressions well when that brother prophesied over me I felt so good I know that must have been from God you don't know and it's very dangerous to assume you do there are a lot of other tests you have to apply second law those who look only to human leaders if a certain man says it they believe it that's very dangerous there are no infallible human leaders and I'm not one I don't want people believing it because I say it I think those of you that know me I'm always careful to direct people to scripture and not to my subjective impressions third category those who accept supernatural signs as a guarantee of truth Jesus himself said that false prophets will arise and show great signs and wonders but they're false prophets so the mere fact that something supernatural takes place is not by itself a sufficient guarantee that the person who produces it is a true prophet the next category are those who through personal ambitions are susceptible to flattery because you know what I said about flattery the one who flatters his neighbor with his mouth spreads a net for his feet not being preachers most of you you don't know how preachers like to be appreciated and that's reasonable that's perfectly fair but the problem is that sometimes we look for appreciation in the wrong place and by desiring to be appreciated we get ourselves hooked on something we shouldn't be involved in the next category is those who are unwilling to face the possibility of suffering or persecution sooner or later they are bound to be deceived because the Bible warns us so clearly we must expect to face suffering and persecution Peter says in his first epistle chapter 4 verses 1 & 2 because Christ suffered in the flesh arm yourselves with the same mind in other words be prepared for suffering my comment on that is that a large number of God's people today are being sent out unarmed they haven't seen this fact that suffering happens it's part of the Christian life it's part of God's Way of dealing with us

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  • Jordan says:

    There is a hedge of protection around Spirit-filled Christians. The evil ones can’t even touch us. 1 John 5:18
    That means a demon can’t possess a SEALED spirit-filled believer. Ephesians 1:13

    So if they can’t posses us, what is the power?
    They can only influence us through thoughts that become false beliefs. Those can be over-ruled by the Word of God in seconds.

    They cannot however posses us and manipulate our will, because we are sealed by the Spirit through faith. The Holy Spirit can’t leave you. He could depart from a person during Mosaic Law, but since Pentecost He is permanent by faith. His Word says you are sealed!


    They fear the Name of Jesus! They can’t possess a child of God…they can only send false beliefs and teachings to influence the child of God’s mind


  • Mike Haney says:

    Be careful…we can grieve the Holy Spirit and eventually quench the Spirit.
    Not to sure about the HS and evil spirits sharing the same spirit of the
    inner man? As a Berean i will seek the word for the truth.
    I do know that when we are truly Born Again Gods HS takes residence in our
    inner man. The demonics can attach to our flesh and work on our minds but
    not our inner man which has been made new. But i will search the scriptures
    for the truth, not what i or Prince thinks but what the Words says!

  • mark builder says:

    I think dividing a mind or MK Ultra will create this situation. Thank you Father for protection for we who have been tortured.


    The Man of God Derek Prince is a blessing in this generation.

  • Kelvin King says:

    I disagree with him on many points in this video – about his views on William Branham as well. William Branham is not responsible for Branhamism. He was disappointed with the way the followers accepted his messages (idolizing him), which were in fact inspired by the Holy Spirit. I also don't agree that his death was a murder but it was an accident. Many children of God (like Keith Green and David Wilkerson) have lost their lives in accidents.
    The Holy Spirit and evil spirit cannot dwell together in a person. A Holy Spirit filled person can be influenced by the evil spirit but cannot be possessed by the evil spirit unless the Spirit of the Lord departs from him. Also, a person who has an evil spirit can also prophesy, speak in tongues, work miracles and heal because it is a deceiving spirit but it is a pure evil spirit.

  • Truth and Love Forever says:

    I DO NOT believe at all that christians can have INDWELLING of Holy Spirit and ALSO evil spirit or demons. They might be influenced by demons at times. The other spirit that can have indwelling along with Holy Spirit is just one's own human spirit. Only after the Spirit of God departed Saul, the demons started attacking him. Satan entered in Judas Iscariot only after he departed from the physical presence of Jesus. Simply put, light and darkness cannot dwell together.

  • Cascadian Applications says:

    The problem with tongues is that there is nowhere described the modern Pentecostal babbling. It's not there. In Acts, after the 50 days, it says that the disciples spoke in other languages.

  • Marlon McLeod says:

    I appreciate the humility it this man; God Bless him and the words that are spoken are very impactful

  • Candy Rushinsky says:

    i dont believe that the Holy Spirit cannot defeat the other. God is all powerful

  • Bow Bot says:

    The Holy Spirit will not reside in a non Christian nor a blasphemer But with his Grace he will hold them up.
    The Holy Spirit just told me.
    How do we know who is right
    I am so Blessed to be Catholic because i need to test this voice, right where the Holy Ghost lives and departs all Truth to see if this is the truth. Jesus told us all to go to the Church he founded on his Apostles to settle disputes.
    So im going to look it up.

  • Steve Olney says:

    I was a Holy Spirit filled Christian who was delivered of a demon after 20 years of being a Christian . Now I can prophesy and seen many healings since the deliverance. Jesus loved me all through those years.

  • floydglenn says:

    Nonetheless, contrary to my comments below – Yes, I agree with others here. Derek Prince is amazing – I love his teaching, and have SO much respect for him. His teaching has blessed me tremendously.

  • floydglenn says:

    I have great respect for Mr. Prince, but. Even he did not want people to take his word for it.. I am reminded of Psalms 91, and many other passages. People are free to make choices. LOT was given choices – and He chose to build his house facing Sodom and Gamorah. So – he suffered for that. Jesus said, "In this world you will have tribulation." – so, yes, certainly – but Jesus didn't qualify that – And He would NEVER tell us that Only His One Statement is True separate from All of the remaining scriptures! "All scripture is inspired of God" – and All means All!! Derek P is excellent – no question about it – but… All of scripture is truth – not just the criptic parts – All. And all means all.

  • johnthr33 says:

    False teacher

  • Thalia Babineau says:

    I am so-o-o-o grateful for this revelation.

  • Yvonne Morrow says:

    If we ARE NOT BEING TRANSFORMED by the RENEWING of our MINDS DAILY, then there has been no REBIRTH! It's IMPOSSIBLE to be filled with the SPIRIT OF GOD, the HOLY GHOST and there NOT BE A CHANGE!! DELIVERANCE takes years sometimes, but there has to be GROWTH, INCREASE, transformed EVERYDAY by the renewing of our MIND!! DELIVERANCE is a DAILY PROCESS!! It is the CHILDREN'S BREAD!!

  • Ben Sommer says:

    Read The Screwtape Letters. An entire brilliant, hilarious novel about a demon vying with god for a young man

  • Prince kevwe says:

    Thank God I found these messages

  • Vahe Abrahamian says:

    Pentecostal does not necessarily mean charismatic. There are so many Pentecostal non charismatic churches in Eastern Europe and Asia which are against the chaotic practices within charismatic churches of the west. This comment is not related to the teaching of D. Prince. May the Lord bless you.

  • shama shiraz says:

    Thanks alot for bringing a great truth to us…. God bless you 🙏

  • shama shiraz says:

    Amazing teaching 👏👌

  • Fred Garvin says:

    A lot of you people need to learn the difference between the flesh and the spirit. The flesh remains corrupted even after one is born of the spirit. That’s why it’s still subject to illness, can have attached unclean spirits, is capable of sinning and must ultimately die. Born again believers are righteous spiritual men living in corrupted flesh. That’s why Paul talks about the battle between the flesh and the spirit. No, a born again believer’s spirit can’t be possessed by a demon but that doesn’t mean his flesh can’t have demons attached to it. Christians ignorant of this fact are the ones who pridefully go without deliverance because they think they can’t have a demon.

  • Chris Raynor says:

    False. Demon possessed people do not have Holy Ghost . false. Do u really believe that a damnable devil that controls your voice,speaks blasphemies against God, and yet Holy Ghost is taking a backseat to a defeated demon? Really?? Really? I will say this not every tongue u hear is from God. A pastor friend of mine cast a demon out of an elder supposedly speaking in tongues at the altar.As my friend,walked by him, God said," what he's saying is not of me" he then drove out the demon speakingg in a demonic language. No man can serve 2 masters. It is heresy to say u can be possessed by Satan and Holy Ghost. A lie for sure. I'm shocked to hear this. As a minister,this is dangerous to teach.plesse search the scriptures.heresy is serious

  • leslie weatherington says:

    Maybe this explains why my ex was both really nice and then completely hell-bent all within the same day.

  • Roberticus says:

    Where is the biblical reference of this teaching?
    I respect Derek Prince because he influenced me a while as I was a charismatic/pentecostal. But here he must be wrong. Because of this teaching I thought I have unclean spirits in because I still struggled with sexual immorality as a Christian. I prayed a lot of prayers where I rebuked and casted out daemons. But nothing really changed. The reason is not the daemon but my sinful fleshly nature who wants to do unrighteousness. The flesh is fighting against the spirit. Read 1 and 2 Peter and 1 John!
    It’s not about experience first but the word of God.

  • mia795 says:

    Speaking in tongues is demonic.

  • Bobby & Louise Papillons says:

    Thank God for this Man 🔥

  • Cliff Kimani says:

    A form of godliness

  • Sun Kwon says:

    i am sure i have demon in me.. in Jesus name, Please Help!!!!!!!! Get behind me Satan!!

  • sweetaududette says:

    But if we all have the Holy Spirit, why doesn’t it give us the same understanding of scriptures? Why do we have so many different denominations?

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