Demon's Souls HD Soul Level 1 Run No Shield, No Magic With That Crazy Commentary Son Part 4

okay let's see this blood stain see what happened to this poor dude what happened to you Oh for the glory no I look at slow rolling ah I feel you bro I feel you I'm in trouble please recommend rating 258 good lord fuck it what's another one and you go sir have a good day another one Jesus I wonder if that was the same guy just posting a load of message so please help me I need all right no you do not oh shit okay this I could have been a sneaky on there but no I had to go and sprint on and did night like a fool I say this we kind of would technically backtracking right now but like I said I really enjoy adventuring so it's not gonna be like one of them like rush hour speedruns kind of kind of thing where it's like no it must be dotted seconds you don't understand that's not gonna happen Oh check it out chicken chicken sneaky sneaky here we go get a solid sneak up in this bitch Oh your kidneys are gonna be sold on a black market awesome okay so this is this is a place where that dude burnt Georgia made a more extra crispy that swine you name you'll pay what are you drop sure you should have dropped a firebomb say if you went this way like if you were going to attack the guy there though you would have been flanked by this guy here so the game really does a reward cautiousness don't you don't ever feel like you're being overly cautious in the souls game that doesn't exist oh yeah there's there's a there's a shop here as I said I would take you to that so yeah it's kind of this Wolper again I really want to like show people what there is do you see that I think oh god you need smack him but actually he's an NPC good date you can't – look over there where's mostly stolen but who's telling me yes great glorious voice acting in this game little brilliant so yeah you can buy your wheeze so technically he's a drug dealer and stop buying all sorts of flowers and shit and he's an arms dealer at the same time so yeah but we're not gonna buy anything I hate so because we're playing so level one well every weapon has a requirement it has a stats requirement for you to be able to use it and because we're not gonna level up any of our stats that means we're extremely restricted on how well we can use how many weapons are our disposal so we've got scimitar the Fauchon the short sword things like that and the rapier was gone but when you dual wield that because it increases your strength by 50% that means it can rise your strength enough that you may be able to just wield certain other weapons that would otherwise be out of your stat range so I think of battle ax is out of your stat range but if I like right now but if you dual wield it you haven't you if you technically have high enough strength for it your dammit attack oh god I apologize no oh good day he died by broken knees awesome yeah we're coming up to the later part is level though I should write some messages of myself shouldn't I yeah yeah yeah maybe I should write a message oh wait there's one here bet it's what I'm and what I was about to say attack yeah god damn it oh fuck you message you're not getting a recommendation USAC please say oh man I wonder if he died the same way I did attack bang oh no he actually like bit the Botes god oh what a poor dude yeah look at that dude look that dragon up ahead swinging out tail Oh swinging that disco stick our man Oh Lord I mean see there's a shit ton of items there as well so you can you have to dodge that tail if you're in hope again in my own but because we whack them boulders out completely obliterate all these do to you yes that pleases me alright so this is this is great way if you're in if you're perceptive the game rewards you against you see a blood stain here like oh hang about let's check it out see there's some combat going on here so you know about this MP there's enemies around and they got fucked up by being constantly a sweeney swingy that's two of them and a ghost oh I wanted to pull one of them no oh shit I got him nice ah fuck you and your shield you sack you can't here we go here we go this is where shit gets crazy now we have to pull a dragon to extra-crispy our friends up here cuz there's a lot of them and I do not feel like killing them all I can only imagine how this blood stain goes all these arrows in my face Oh God the white you got killed by wood oh shit here comes the red one ah I got fucking crossbow here we go wait ah no I need you to be all like agar and light this bitch up man do that do it you bitch so we're just gonna wait from them yeah bring it on dragon I got something for you yeah this game has this like it incorporates this like really crappy six axes feature if you swing you control like a spy's your character those different shit bow oh shit bow to the dragon no go here we go there we go oh look at this look at them fucking hell boss oh man all right so what are dragons they're we're gonna run on ahead and acquire some fat lutes so tasty treats I don't really think it's anything we can use anyway but you know it's it's fat looted and purple flame shield that's a really good shield for and negating a fire damaged I believe whoa he's gonna come back up and start fucking charring the ground again and we don't want to be there when that happens so there's a further – there's a further two items where that dragon is where he's swinging his ass but I suck so hard at trying to get those items with our game I can get them but I die in the process yeah he's back and he's mad as fuck it's okay dragon I didn't steal with any of your baby eggs just got me some of that weed all right so now we're gonna make the the brave the brave sprint along the fucking bridge fucking chard up a lot I got this fuck off people's oh fuck no no you names get back you swine's dragon shit yeah there is who the fuck be trespassing on my bridge he flames maddis fuck alright are they following me not ain't follow me good awesome so now we put the leave now this is gonna initiate activate the room where the first bosses he's called phalanx basically the best way I can describe him imagine a big turd holding a shield you got phalanx and then a bunch of like little pebbles who's holding shields as well yeah and he also fro Spears by the way just so you know so now if we die we're like right oh shit oh dragons all these dragons no so now if we die we are room where the bosses is opened up we don't have to do any of this again that's a bit of a relief turpentine that could have laid in fire which phalanx is weak against so that's good we wants that chipping change I think I don't know if I'm gonna keep myself I think I'm gonna keep my scimitar out in the fight yeah why not hmm hero spearmen no fucking hate spear dudes yeah that's why man this they like they maintain their defense when he starts jabbing your fucking stomach how it sucks another one no get out – you keep joy ass out here I'm gonna bow to you I'm about okay no I side oh you spear men you and your tricks Wow fuck happened here beware of the adversary ahead Oh dun dun dun and a blood-stained to go with it his message wasn't enough he had to die for us to prove his message was right you have to see that again oh my god check it out just gonna be careful nutter oh fuck here we go man that's what I love about like the game is so dark you can't fucking see and so that environment is as much of a yeah this is as much of a fret as the actual enemies are let's see if we can do that with this guy as well you see that Sol can't go up he died Siri dude you too Steve I'm coming oh yeah these are little phalanxes oh fuck and their defense is rock-solid because that face is literally a fucking shield you have to get behind him and cut that tend to poo pilots it's the only way you can rid them how fuck did you die here the hell happened to you comedy gold incoming there you go there you go what do you do he did the same shit again Oh Lord these people I see just like that because we went behind him he just went down really quickly now Oh Lord I nearly died I was almost a blood-stained ha man please down you're smarter than this you're smarter than this I feel sorry for the community man I don't understand why does this keep happening see those guys those little baby flanks as they can actually drop what's it hard stones they can drop shots of hearts don't quite a lot so they're good to farm I believe say that's the that's the spear oh that's fucking bigger than us like the actual head is like bigger than I fucking toss oh good heavens so gonna quit the firebomb so literally it's what the name says it's a bomb with fire in it you throw it and it's such shit on fire here we go what's this eh use flame weapons are you okay i'ma recommend that ya good shout man good show helping out there new players good for you here we go

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