Deepest Desire / Right Livelihood | Thich Nhat Hanh Answers Questions

Plum Village, France, May 2014 Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh answers questions from his one million facebook friends How do you know you are really living the life that can contribute the most to humanity? All of us have to make a living, but how can we also really help to heal the world? Just imagine a pine tree standing outside. The pine tree is asking: What we can be
in order to help the world? The answer can come easily: Be a healthy, beautiful pine tree. If a pine tree is vigorous,
beautiful, healthy every one of us will profit from it. If a pine tree is less than a pine tree, not healthy enough, not beautiful enough, then we will suffer, all of us. So the answer is that the most helpful thing for you to do is to be a happy human being. You should be solid, fresh, happy, and everything you do for yourself in order for you to remain solid,
fresh, happy, is helping all of us. So that is the problem:
to be, how to be, how to be healthy,
how to be fresh, how to be beautiful, that is the answer. Then, in the question there is the idea that if you have a profession, you have a job, because you need to make a living, how can I chose a job
in order to to be more peaceful with myself
and with the world to be more helpful to myself
and to the world. This brings in the topic of right livelihood. We have to earn a living, but there are many kinds of jobs
that can help you to express your joy, your compassion. So you decide to take up the kind of job that gives you a chance
to be more compassionate even if you earn less. And you are happier even if you have to earn less. So if you are lucky, you can have a kind of job
that can help you express your compassion, your love, to all of us, human beings, animals,
plants and minerals. If you do not have that kind of job, you may continue the job
that you are having and you have in mind that if the situation presents itself
that you can have a better job, a job that can help you express
more of your compassion and joy, then you are ready to take up that job even if you have to earn less. To earn less but to be happier. That is the suggestion. Okay? (Bell) (Bell) Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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