Deep Sleep | Spirit of Comfort | Guided Meditation

It’s me, the Spirit of your comfort, your
sleep and your dreams. I am here to cradle you and soothe you, to
guide you into a place of inner peace and relaxation. I want you to know that I have only the most
gentle and loving intentions towards you and I love you as you are here and now… To me, who you are right now, you are amazing
and I want to spend time with you, loving you and appreciating you just as you are. Are you comfortable? Are you ready to relax your body, your mind
and let your soul lift off and fly into the infinite space of relaxation where dreams
of colour and beautiful adventures were made? Ok… Let’s begin… Imagine me, your personal Spirit being, very
close to you… I am so close… I can hear and feel your heartbeat; I can
feel your emotions running through your body. I am here to help you relax, unwind and help
you feel guided and supported. As you lay here, soften your gaze until you
slowly close your eyes… Purposely relax your whole body while I create
an atmosphere of peace around you. Through the energy of our common intention
for relaxation we are saturating the air the energy of calm and relaxation. Can you feel it? The particles of the energy of calm are present
and gently shimmering all around you and settling on your breath and your body. Take a breath in and a breath out. Breathe the energy of calm in and as you exhale,
exhale with complete relaxation and a sense of ease… letting go… With your energy receptors explore the sense
of ease as you breathe… Allow and feel for my hands to lightly touching
the top of your head… Feel me gently caressing your head and your
relaxed shoulders. As I touch you, you make me feel what a good
person you are, what a loving soul in this beautiful and amazing human body… You are good, you are so so good…Even when
you do not feel right, you are perfect. A true divine miracle and I want you to feel
what I feel for you; nothing but love, admiration and appreciation for all that you are. Let’s breathe together and feel it all… Slow down even more, put your body in a homeostasis
of ease, relaxation and self appreciation… I am breathing together with you and bringing
a subtle and peaceful energy of connection and peace between us, outside of us and within… Breathe and let go… Breathe and relax… You are doing sooo good… You are so wonderful. I feel you in my heart and admire you. Now let me place my warm palms over your eyes… Feel the heat from my palms warming your eyes,
relaxing all the muscles around the eyes and in your face. Feel the heat in your body, your skin… Let any tension to evaporate from your body
with each outbreath, through your skin. See the tension lift like a fog and disappear
into the atmosphere… Feeling lighter and lighter… Feeling weightless and deeply relaxed… Let me walk you into your dreams filled with
sensations of fulfilment, love and calmness. Feel me cradling you as you are relaxing and
drifting away… Let your body sink deep; let the words and
the energy of these words emanate and fall into you. Let these words as I say them penetrate your
being: Ease… Simplicity… Comfort… Slowing down… Relaxation… Cosiness… Wellbeing… Calmness… Serenity… Tranquillity… Quietude… Stillness… Silence… Effortlessness… Letting go… Surrender… Allowing… Resting… Dreaming… Feel the relaxed energy of these words come
into your body and settle in various places and corners of your body landscape. Relax and allow for the body to sink deeper
and deeper until it completely surrenders and sinks through’85 You cannot fall and
if you do fall you will only fall into sleep where, if you let me, I will still be with
you to support and guide you. Here, right now, it’s just you and me and
the energy of calm. Your body has slowed down and so has your
mind. The particles of sleep energy just like snowflakes
are gently falling onto your body, the silence within and outside of you is slowing everything
wayyyyy down… All is becoming so slow that it is almost
still. Rest your face in stillness. Rest your arms in stillness. Feel your body being very still. Rest your legs and feet in complete stillness. Melt in cosiness and the energy of my love
and care wrapped around you. Get deeply snug and cosy with this present
moment… Feel your light body almost floating… Feel your body’s natural sleepy rhythm and
slow breathing, feel your body’s slow and sleepy energy all over, feel your mind, your
consciousness submerging itself into the dream state. Let me kiss you on your forehead to express
my love and appreciation for you… Sleep deeply, dream happy, wake up rejuvenated. But for now.. relax… rest… let go… let
yourself fall asleep… all is well. Night night my love…

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