Dark Souls Story ► Oscar the Fateless

Those who are afflicted with the Darksign live forever locked in a constant state of death and revival But immortality isn’t seen as a blessing here It’s labeled a curse, and with good reason. Death is replaced by a form of insanity, a state where humanity is lost and the being becomes hollow. They no longer have the will to retain their humanity, to maintain their body, or their mind. Hollowing is a constant process but a point of no return is reached, where humanity cannot be restored. We meet Oscar of Astora just before he reaches that point of no return. “I can feel it coming.” It’s so easy to forget Oscar’s role but meeting him is arguably the most important thing that happens to you. Without him you would still be locked away. He goes to the trouble of finding a key to your cell. But why? Well there’s a reason. “Thou who art Undead art chosen. In thine exodus from the Undead Asylum maketh pilgrimage to the land of ancient lords. When thou ringeth the Bell of Awakening the fate of the Undead thou shalt know.” This is a saying passed down through Oscar’s family. But it’s more than just a saying, it’s clearly a prophecy. It says that the Undead who escapes the asylum to the land of ancient lords will learn the fate of the Undead, something humanity is desperate to know. This prophecy is why Oscar is in the asylum, because if he can leave the asylum then perhaps he’ll be included in the prophecy. And if he’s a part of the prophecy then he may become the one who’s supposed to learn the fate of the Undead. But he can’t be sure that it’s him. There are hundreds of other undead locked away in the asylum. So, while he’s on the roof, he attempts to let Undead out of their cells hoping to kickstart the prophecy. But there’s something else on the roof. The Asylum Demon guards the prison. Have you ever wondered why you find Oscar dying in a closed cell? There’s only one entrance, and that’s a hole in the roof. He was smashed into this room by the Asylum Demon. “You are a Godsend to come at this moment, I wish to ask something of you.” Oscar tells you the prophecy and hollows with the knowledge that you might be the fated Undead to leave the Asylum. And he’s right, you are. But what if Oscar had lived? What if you had both left the asylum together? ”Please, come quickly. It is your fate.” ”A pleasure to meet you, sage Frampt has spoken to me about you.” ”I am Oscar of Astora, I wish to thank you for ringing the bell of awakening.” ”I am preparing to leave, I will follow sage Frampt’s instructions,” ”and will seek Anor Londo by way of Sen’s Fortress.” ”May we each fulfill our respective purposes, I hope that we meet again somewhere.” ”One day…” If you believe the prophecy it means that either yourself or Oscar could be the chosen undead. Both of you meet the requirements, both of you left the asylum. But as time passes, it becomes more clear that you are the chosen undead, not Oscar. You’re the one who rang the bells, and you’re the one who meets the prophecy more strongly. ”I cannot just stay here, I must find my own purpose.” Every undead chases a purpose to keep themselves from hollowing. For Oscar it’s different, he’s searching for a purpose that’s worthy of him, and this obsession is what will spell his tragic end. ”Well, how long has it been?” ”Glad to see you safe, but be careful, you must be the same as I.” ”In search of the grave of Sir Artorias.” ”This forest is the territory if a fierce band of thieves.” ”They assault any and all who seek the graves. What if we were to join forces?” ”How about that? If we work together we may escape the bandits.” ”Does that appeal to you? Very well, let us keep our wits about us.” ”One can always do with another pair of eyes.” ”Things appear to have settled, I was right to partner with you.” ”I will have a short rest here, feel free to go on ahead.” While both of you make it through the world, you triumph before Oscar, and succeed where it matters. And finally you make it to the kiln of the first flame, to either replace a dying god, or to finish him off. Whatever path you choose, Oscar chooses the opposite. Driven by a need to be important, he opposes either choice you make. Whether you finish off the dying god or leave the first flame to die… ”So it was you…” ”I had a feeling… I shall destroy you,” ”as fate has commanded me, foolish pawn of Darkstalker Kaathe,” ”and fiendish dark lord.” Perhaps you choose to replace this dying god, and rekindle the age of fire. ”I have waited for thee, foolish slave of the gods,” ”and pawn of Frampt. I will kill you, and become the true dark lord.” Whichever path you choose, Oscar opposes you in his desperation to be included in fate. A search for purpose is all that he has.

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  • eiyuu says:

    This is what should have been in the remaster

    what a fucking waste shovelsoft

  • ButterBoy says:

    I was sad actually when I killed him when I went back to undead asylum

  • Lucidiousexodussinne says:

    Not just Oscar but everyone touched by that land is tainted and no one comes out the same, not even Solaire, not even the player…

  • edgeheadvnzla says:

    You know, it would have been interesting if you had to beat Oscar right after Gwyn, without Estus or Humanity to recover HP. If you beat him, you end the game, and you are can choose either path. If you don't, Oscar does all that, and you don't get the achievement/trophy of doing so, and have to go NG+ for another try. It would put an extra layer of difficulty and story and gameplay to DS1.

  • Johnathan Hatton says:

    So like… you made everything up here… This is all a “what if” story, not lore.

  • XD ???? says:

    How did he get Oscar later in the game and did he get more dialogue

  • The Period of Pringel says:

    I hate how at the end you put a click here botton and it doesn't work

  • Vice says:

    The feels man the feels


    in honor of the knight who saved me i wore his armor and crest shield the whole game

  • OskarsonTheHunter says:

    M-My name is Oscar! (In Real Life)
    Its good or bad?

  • Typhus 743 says:

    How does one get quest line or is it not

  • Esteban Carrera says:

    3:34 wrong shield bruh 😂

  • Christopher McMurray says:

    I watched this and thought I missed an entire NPC questline…

  • Black Saiyan God says:

    So Oscar can fight us at our strongest but not the weakest boss?

  • Akus says:

    How can oscar leave the asylum?

  • MeAsAlways says:

    Wait you can save him?

  • Paul Moitoso says:

    I didn't know Oscar could leave the Asylum.

  • Joshgarcia Cariga says:

    your videos make perfect sense mate. keep up the good work.

  • Naufal Muhammad says:

    Astoras Are Just Like zeppelis they'll die because of Main Character's Fate

  • FoxPlays GM90 says:

    I don't see this as a story, a line or who this person is but I believe in Dark Souls 3 Oscars corpse is found in the cemetery you start off from holding the ashen flask, Armor similarities is 90% and he looks like it could be him before or in another time in Dark Souls 3 and dies here instead of the prison of hollows…
    . I just wanted to throw this out, if its Not true, please say so cause it's just a theory

  • FoxPlays GM90 says:

    Aka, another possibility, if you see how the corpse resembles Oscars position in the broken wall, it has a same like way he died , or ended up in the area.. idk I'll shut up, just saying what may be a Easter egg layout

  • FearIt says:

    You know looking back I would prefer if Oscar could stay alive

  • DarthMather says:

    FromSoftware, you better do a fucking remake and put all the cut content in it. And fix the Bed of Chaos. Even better, fix everything that we find in Lost Izalith.

  • Lucas LF says:

    To think that they could have included all the unused content in the remaster…

  • Bling Bling Boy says:

    How save him?

  • riko ajah says:

    Umm.. how to keep Oscar stay alive?

  • flaminshotgun says:

    I don't get what this video is about, because Oscar dies in the beginning

  • An Droid says:

    Keep in mind that if you give up and never finish the game, his sacrefice was for nothing, and he wasted his effort on a loser. Never quit!

  • Neko Senpai says:

    is there a way not to kill oscar, he reminds me of me WHY!!!!

  • Duc Nguyen says:

    wait if oscar had a full estus flask (5 more like) why didn't he drink one?

  • Nate Dawg says:

    Love it. Oscar is one of not the most loved character in my eyes. Even though I haven’t fully finished the game yet, I had a feeling Oscar had a more important role than the character who frees you and then dies. He will always be just as important as the main character for without him we would be nothing. .

  • Jonathan Swaggasaurus says:

    I don't know if I'm stupid or what, but every time Oscar speaks i hear Johnny Depp doing a British accent.

  • anthony rowan says:

    he wishes to be both or either lord of light or dark. with either, I'm a hero. but nonetheless, I must pick…

  • Thatguyuknow ? says:

    This would have been a highly intriguing story, because not only would your ending seem so different but your interactions with other characters would be too.

  • Syko says:

    Oops… I killed Oscar in the begining on accident

  • Art IS Magic says:

    Oscar failed just like his questline did to make into the final cut


    But hey why is Oscar found dead in dark souls 3

  • Mateo Muñoz says:

    Have you thought on the fact that you do everthing possible to spend all you souls before you go to a place that you know you can potentially die? Could be an allegory for life itself, a philosophy. Why accumulate so much if when you die you lose everything. If you spend all your souls before you die you are reassuring that all that effort was not in vane. Make sure that you invested every single penny on yourself before you die

  • jack slayer says:

    tbh they should include this as dlc for the remastered
    just saying

  • Señor Ben Chang says:

    Can someone please explain why everyone says:" so sad his story was cut out etc". Maybe it is my language barrier or i wasnt concentratet enough, but i didnt hear a single line from the uploader stating, that oscar had an actual deeper role, allready implemented but cut out of game. All the youtuber did was imaginary play. What could have been if . Nothing more. Or did they mistake the roleplay scenes for cut content? Please help this question is driving me hollow! 😱

  • Oscar Garcia says:

    I want to know where does he find the footage and these histories are the canon? Or not?

  • Mik Mik says:

    I thought it was "Oscar the Fatroller

  • Mr Levis says:

    If only this where true…

  • sauce king says:

    This channel deserves a Oscar get it

  • The Ugly Cuckling says:

    Pretty nice… this take basically says the intro sequence is an unsubtle "git gud" as you were already defeated by the first 2 bosses… before you even started playing…

  • Pablo Lima says:

    Who locks the undead away at the Asylum?

  • Joseph Ellis says:

    If only Dark Souls Remastered included the cut content.

  • ShadowNinja ps4 says:

    To all those wondering why he didn't use his estus perhaps it was a moral choice to just die

  • Dren says:

    if they included this, Oscar would have been "Solaire". lets oscar returns in ds4, in one form or another, be it a corpse, a brave undead, or a hollow.

  • Autumn_ Cake says:

    "oscar of astora" "anri of astora" .. can someone explain?

  • Lacky Nguyen says:

    Is this a story he came up with, or is the storyline hidden in the game files

  • blind tree man says:

    Lol. This scrub got killed by the fatty at the start of the game

  • blind tree man says:

    I get why it was cut, after beating an epic boss like gwynn you suddenly have to kill a scrub who died to the asylum demon. It kinda kills the mood, the dialogue is cool though

  • bdegeorge says:

    I wish they would have kept Oscar in, but made it so he didn't really know as much except he may find a purpose in pursuing the fate of the undead. Like in the cut content, he knows this plus how to achieve it. If he was like you, getting scraps of information as he went, maybe even from you, that would have been great. You two would have been closer, and it would have hit much harder to have such a close companion betray you. But part of the game is also the loneliness. Every character has a weakness that will damn them, except for you. Because your weakness is the prophecy which either consumes you with the first flame, or kills you with the next chosen undead to reach the first flame. Depressing shit man. The premise of dark souls is finding your purpose in this world, even if you must do it alone.

  • Bear Grills says:

    Oscar, aka ThePruld's alter ego.

  • Gavyn Kopcho says:

    You know, it doesn't make sense for him to hollow in the beginning of the game. Oscar freeing undead and finding the chosen would fuel his will to continue his purpose. It is really sad that the game has such quality content cut.

  • Muffins 2gudforu says:

    Use me as a like button if your name is Oscar too

  • Charles says:

    I'm so depressed now, how epic would this have been?


    I killed him so he would not die slowly

  • Wukqng says:

    darksouls needs a remake, keep what worked well and replace what didnt, and finish what you started (lost izaleth etc etc)

  • Jack Visnievski says:

    stop making me cry you bitch

  • Albert Chen says:

    I know this is an old video but you have a really attractive character at 4:30, it's not easy, especially from such shitty character creation. Would you please kindly show us how you do it in dark souls remastered? A character's face creation tutorial of a sort. I restart the dark souls more than 5 times without finishing it just because I couldn't look at my character's face.

  • Samuel Blair says:

    Fuck. I killed him when I returned to the asylum. It was to release him from pain.

  • TheEggrowl says:

    I see why it was cut, since it would have made the story have had a more traditional way of unfolding, but I love the character and I wish they kept it

  • Sol Pd says:

    Oscar the original bro shall be remembered fondly

  • samuel rodriguez says:

    Imagine an animated movie depicting Oscar's backstory, that ends at the beginning of Darksouls when he frees The Chosen Undead.

  • サイレントボイス says:

    Sad really I like Oscar but I like Solaire more

  • FoxFisch says:

    Yo, dis a fanfic?

  • Nolan Askew says:

    When u wanna be included with your friends but you don't add anything to the group so u just kinda include yourself

  • USA4thewin says:

    Solair Also left and escaped the asylum

  • vikas singh says:

    it's better than got I'm just sayin

  • Joesph Brown says:

    It's weird the most of the people that help us that are Undead in Dark Souls 1 die by our hand

  • YourBestPal _ says:

    So oscar weakened the asylum demon for us?

  • Nutstix says:

    Wouldn’t it be possible to have like a duel monarchy where you both rule together as dark lords?

  • gyan varshnay says:

    "Every undead chases a purpose to keep themselves from hollowing". It is very true, I realised that this is one of the, if not, the main message of this game, which mirrors the real life quite accurately as everyone should have a goal in their life that they strive for, for if not they lose their meaning of life, or in the games context become hollow. To illustrate the undead merchant(s) we meet in the game do not go hollow because they do not lose their sense of purpose which is to trade and collect, whereas many others like the first person we meet in firelink does go hollow and so does oscar, as they have given up hope and have no sense of purpose. This is the key message I take away from the game.

  • gyan varshnay says:

    Also I wish there was a way in which we could do such AI co-op gameplay in dark souls, like if it were an optional questline that we could cover as was the case with many other characters

  • Chris Fox says:

    Is there a point after which hollowing cannot be reversed?

  • Dinkleberg says:

    Killed by the asylum demon…


  • Mohammed Amine says:

    that's pokemon with a darker story .


    I like how Oscar just 'gives up' after unlocking countless cells.

  • Micah Jones says:

    Since time is convoluted and stuff, I like to imagine all this cut content is how it happened in another Lordran

  • SpeedyGamey says:

    Now i feel bad for killing him at the start of the game…

  • Thorstein Norman says:

    I've never seen Oscar outside of the Undead Asylum, even though I've played through the game dozens of times, making different choices

  • The Legend says:

    I'm pretty sure the in the boss fight, Oscar's model will change like how Gael did. When you summon Gael, he has the same model as the player, but when you fight, Gael gets his own model.

  • George George says:

    Here is a good purpose
    Go hollow

  • osricen says:

    This would've been gold and added even more replay value to the game.

  • Lord Arryn says:

    Oscar basically gave you a life and a purpose in exchange for his own. :'(

  • Jesus Sandl says:

    Wait he had extra dialogue? I just killed him when I saw him for those sweet 1000 souls

  • Retr0Rinzler says:

    how did he get these voice lines??

  • JManPlays says:

    I literally had a midnight freak out because I had misplaced Dark souls 3.

    Looked all over and kept calling myself an idiot for losing my favorite game.

    I looked at all my game boxes and finally found it in the worst place.

    The case for ESO.

    I feel shame.
    Such a game would never share the same case as my beloved Dark souls.
    Even Dark souls 2 doesn't deserve that.

  • BlazeDragon94 says:

    Oscar remind me of that guy from X (Clamp)

  • DRAGONRIDERxx7 yt says:

    When I didn't have ds1 and I watched this I thought it was an actual option


  • JDEK Productionsh says:

    Someone should make a mod for this

  • AnythingAtAll says:

    It’s like Oscar’s fate was to make sure you would be the chosen one

  • yytyytrr says:

    Oscar the grouch xdddd

  • Zace Bradforde says:

    2:13 this was very clearly meant to be spoken at firelink hahaha, its even before you ring any bells, he says "you run the bell of awakening"

  • Zace Bradforde says:

    I think the main reason it was removed was because the devs wanted gwyn to be the end all final enemy of the game?

  • Stick war legacy Fan says:

    There’s always one special snowflake

  • stoagy mahalo says:

    I absolutely love how you found this.

  • Der Igel says:

    Have those been Soundfiles from the game?

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