Dark Souls 2’s Ending: Explained!

when you finish the game you have a lot of questions who are the Giants what did king vendrick steal from them why does nashandra need you to open the door to the throne why does the Emerald Herald want you to ascend the throne of want why doesn’t vendrick sit upon the throne of want what is the throne of want now all of this is really overwhelming I know but by the end of this video you should at least understand my interpretation of events and this can serve as a really good framework to build your own theories from so I’m going to start at the end and work my way backwards now this might sound strange but there is a reason for it because most characters in Dark Souls 2 are driven by a desire a want for example to understand vendrick’s hollowed state and location you have to understand what he desired above all else and how it led him there to understand nashandra desire for the throne we have to understand why it was so important to her and to understand why the Emerald Herald drives you to become king we need to know why she needs a new monarch do you understand the reason we have these questions is because these character wants are hidden from us until the very end that’s why you got to the end of the game and you still had questions even the cursed undead you play as in game is told that they will do these things without really knowing why and you as a player are no different the fire keeper says it but one day you will stand before it’s decrepit gate without really knowing why the maiden says it if you are to be the next monarch then one day you will walk those grounds without really knowing why grave ordinance is it I’ll quiz humans are you gone never separating truth from fiction do you see as the ancient dragon says the curse of life is the curse of want and you peer into the fog in hope of answers this game more than any other Souls game is about a search for answers so this is great for channels like mine that interpret the law but it’s likely really bad for the average player who has no idea what’s going on and I’d assume this focus on answers is why so many item descriptions have questions within them because they want to make you question the world you find yourself in and so we start with the throne of want what is it well first off the throne room itself is a kiln and to understand why being a kiln is significant you have to understand the principles of this world and it just so happens that they’re the same principles we found in Lordran in Dark Souls 1 in the Dark Souls 1 opening cinematic we see the shambling forms of hollows they called that presumably because they’re empty vessels hollow then the first flame appeared containing powerful Souls one hollow found the Dark Soul and used it to give birth to humanity another three found their powerful souls within the first flame and one of these lords became gwyn lord of sunlight his soul was power and he ushered in an age of light and fire in time though this age began to dwindle the brighter the flame the shorter its life and so the world began to darken everything fell apart around gwyn lord of sunlight his city became abandoned his trusted friends betrayed him demons were spawned when one of his fellow Lords tried to relight the first flame and humanity began to be afflicted by the curse of the undead Undead a kept sane through the strength of purpose and one undead took on an impossible purpose he journeyed through the crumbling world and consumed thousands of powerful souls in the process eventually gathering the strength to overthrow the fading Lord Gwyn in the kiln of the first flame where Lord Gwyn once linked the flame to his own soul and Undead with a powerful soul did the same he links the flame to his soul like winded and the flame consumes him starting a new age of fire before Dark Souls 2 we didn’t know what effect this would have we assumed linking the fire would bring light back to the world and we were right we also knew that linking the fire is a temporary solution as everything fades in time but what we didn’t know is that this process is destined to play out over and over again it’s a cycle the dull ember an item we come across in our journey gives us a clue about the cycle of light and dark an ember radiating a dull light this flame seems nearly exhausted but it exhibits an eerie resilience perhaps this is its ordinary state I think this quote reflects the concept of light and dark in the game I think it means that the center point of light and dark is around a struggling splattering flame Gwyn linked the fire with his soul this prolonged his age of light eventually it faded to its natural state where there were only cinders at this point an undead comes along with another immense soul he can either choose to link the flame and bolster the age of fire or let it splutter and die and lead an age of dark in Dark Souls 1 this is your choice whether you choose light or dark it’s possible that it doesn’t even matter because if you choose light your age of light will eventually fade to cinders and if you choose dark you might smother the flame but an ember will always remain in the ashes waiting to be blown back into life in Dark Souls 2 there’s an item called sublime bone dust its description says that it is the remains of a saint who cast himself into the bonfire but we will never know for sure for soot and ashes tell no story this isn’t just any old dust it allows you to bolster the power of your Estus flask which heals the undead it’s also found numerous times throughout the game in numerous locations so it’s implied that these are the remains of the chosen undead before you the chosen undead who linked the fire before burning to dust themselves many kingdoms rose and fell on this tract of earth mine was by no means the first anything that as a beginning also has an end no flame however brilliant does not one day splatter and fade but then from the ashes the flame reignites and a new kingdom is born sporting a new face this tells us that the cycle has repeated itself numerous times many have sacrificed themselves to renew the cycle of light and their ashes are found throughout the land one after the other without fail a chosen undead resigns himself to the kiln to link his soul with the first flame so it’s my theory that the undead curse crops up once the flame begins to fade so that eventually a fated undead will appear with the willpower to gather souls and Link the flame once again when you link the fire you’re also removing the undead curse from the world for a short time but only for a short time for when the world darkens the curse appears again the curse is a part of life itself no one will ever be rid of it and so there is only one choice to await a worthy monarch a monarch who can shoulder your a birdie lest this land swallow you whole as it has so many others you are the bearer of the curse but this means more than you’d think you don’t just bear the curse of the undead where you die over and over but by linking the fire you also bear the burden of this cursed world you are the worthy monarch who sacrifices himself so that humans can die instead of going hollow why do humans go hollow well do you remember the hollows from the Dark Souls one opening cinematic that seems to be their natural state some of these hollows found Humanity in the first flame and became human reverting to your hollow state doesn’t seem that unnatural when you consider that does it so as I said earlier remember the throne room you enter at the end of the game look at the design it’s a kill just like the kiln in the first game it exists how’s the first flame a kiln used to change the form of something with heat the throne and the room itself is covered in ash and as you enter the Emerald Herald tells you that you can link the fire should you choose to do so the giant skinship reads each King has his rightful throne and when he sits upon it he sees what he chooses to see or perhaps it is the throne which shows the king only what he wants so this is the effects of the ending for now simply know that it represents another cycle taking place you are sitting upon a throne and the throne is but a symbol of power and choice the power and choice that lighting the first flame gives to you as you can decide how to reshape your world the Emerald Herald says that once the fire is linked the souls you’ve inherited will flourish anew and inherit new bodies and all of the events that just occurred will play out again the age of fire will be bolstered and the undead curse may disappear but in time the fire will fade and eventually a new undead will come along bound by fate she then says it’s your choice to embrace or renounce this and like in Dark Souls 1 you have that choice to embrace light or to reject it and let darkness come the only difference between Dark Souls 2 and Dark Souls 1 that I can see is that in Dark Souls 2 we aren’t able to make the in-game choice of linking the flame or walking away from it and when you think about it why would we need to make that choice in-game because now we know regardless of what we choose you as a player know the cycle will start over again great sovereign take your throne what lies ahead only you can see now that you know what the throne of want represents you can really understand the stories of those who would sit upon it so click here to view part 2 which is about vendrick nashandra The Herald and the world your player character goes through as you play the game I really hope that you enjoyed this video but in my opinion the best stories are in part two I’ll see you there you

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  • Denis Dražetič says:

    i just think it's all lazy editing, and that the guy is full of shit, but it rather have a shitty something, than a perfect nothing, so here i am.

  • king ghidorah says:

    What if Gwyn is you from play through one and the repetition is profile 2

  • Victor Villalba says:

    Yes yes, it does not matter whether you link or not the fire but man… being devour by the first flame is painful! Also, how is the first flame in dranglic? I mean the ddeveloper said that the cities of ds1 and 2 are like in eifferent continents

  • Manjot ਅਬਲੂ says:

    you are genius

  • Elyse V. Brito says:

    I wonder… does someone know if the Singer's Dress' item description could mean Nito as the "Great Dead One" who gave the women their song? The women are called MilfaNITO after all… what does milfanito even mean? Maybe they're related to Nito, maybe lookalikes to someone he loved just as Nashandra looks like Dusk (that coffin-next-to-Nito's theory from way back then). Or maybe I'm just too tired to think 😂

  • Adaptive Manipulator says:

    "DS 2 is stupid. My scientific brain cannot categorize the story unlike DS 1 which had an exposition-filled introduction like Star Wars the greatest movie ever. Also the game had too many enemies."
    – a Rick and Morty fan that needs to "get good"

  • Death Dude Trsdppy says:

    i had to pause at the begining to get ice cream, i hope you understand

  • Kwiit says:

    When I played this, all I thought of is kill and don't die, but now that a see all of this lore I have missed, it feels as if I played only 10% of the game. This show me Dark Souls is more deep than you think. 10/10

  • Sid Adams says:

    i really wished they told you to kill vendrick to get the bnew ending because when i played it i saw aldia 3 times answered yes but because i didn't kill vendrick(which it never said to do) i didn't get the secret ending.

  • danegergo says:

    Dude, you're awesome

  • Ash Smak says:

    From is always poking fun at our curiosities. We always want more content, more stories and more answers. They give us what we want and we still want more.

  • Darkmage1293 says:

    At least in SOTFS, all Undead Bone Ash is protected by a knight…..almost, as if it was sacred.

  • Big Smalls says:

    But wait. Do you not have a choice to walk away? I always thought you had that choice.

  • Yoshebi says:

    All these why questions, but he doesn't ask "Why am I still talking about all this?"

  • Darkwolf De Rai says:

    Could dark souls 2 be meant to be chronologically after dark souls 3?

  • Brady Ward says:

    I love seeing how much better Vaati's voice kept getting the longer he made videos

  • Jordan Shumaker says:

    Late to the party but that moment when you realize the Shield of Want in Dark Souls 3 is Vendrick's "King's Shield" in Dark Souls 2. I don't know what but Vaati talking about the Throne of Want and saying "want" several times in a row made me think of this.

  • Mark Anthony says:

    Dark Souls 3 is the exact same story as 2 but 3 has more fanfare from 1.

  • Sven Sinclair says:

    It's so wonderful to play Dark Soul 2 after some years again and to have your videos which accompany this new playthrough. <3


    I kinda understand but how do the bosses respawn for the next undead

  • My_Name_ Is_Age says:

    Vaati, you're doing all of us confused and lost soulsians a great service! ✌️

  • Lavaris says:

    I dont really understand why you can only walk away from the Throne of want when you defeat aldia in Scholar of the first sin

  • Eternal 98 says:

    Wow Ive seen a bunch of other games lores but this worlds lore (dark souls) is my favourite, in my opinion it is the closest to the real life about the endless circles and not knowing how you got there, just amazing story

  • John Russel Zamora says:

    How reality works, but dang Dark Souls games are amazing!

  • JustinsChannel says:

    Oh man what a great game love the story look deres gwynn fuck day negga. Dat blonde bitch doe

  • Cherif Tekouk says:

    THROWN OF WANK if you ask me

  • Cherif Tekouk says:

    i'm too thought that Grove Street will rule at GTA SA but GTA V said otherwise

  • Κωνστάντιος Αντώνης says:

    Song at 7:10 ?

  • Alex Cummings says:

    But you can walk away from the throne.

  • Wiston Phuc says:

    To understand this, to understand that… Shit! I give up

  • Darksky1001able says:

    Why is it they never make a Dark Souls game where you are actually in the shit instead of being the Janitor and cleaning up shop? I mean Soul Reaver had a part where Raziel is transported to a point in time where stuff is "great" and then as Kain explains the situation, you hear a scream and stuff turns to shit. And THEN you fight what would become legend and stuff.

  • Owen Mooers says:

    Wait so when you go to the end area (kiln of the first flame) is that the same spot in every game?

  • Yuichi_Deletes says:

    Man I miss these videos…before you locked them away in a "give me money" patreon.

  • Casper says:

    DS1: go light that campfire
    DS2: sit your ass down on that goddamn throne
    DS3: yeah about that campfire you can go light that again

    At least what I understand from all this

  • Arley Salcedo says:

    but you can walk away from the throne

  • Broken Lord of cinder says:

    So basically no matter what we do there will be a dark age
    But one day light will come back?

  • Grimmy says:

    i felt like D's2 was better then D's1

  • Existential moron says:

    Stop saying "my interpretation", if it's said by you it's factual

  • JAIKRIT Katoch says:

    Should I buy dark souls 2???

  • laila amell says:

    basicly story is telloing one thing and 1 alone its pointless

  • Fervidor says:

    An interesting difference, though: In the first Dark Souls, linking the First Flame sets you on fire, ends the game and then you wake up back in your cell when you start NG+. It's heavily implied to be a sacrifice required to prolong the Age of Fire. In Dark Souls 2, sitting on the Throne of Want doesn't show you bursting into flames, and after the credits you actually return to Majula and can keep going until you manually start NG+. That kinda implies that sitting on the throne doesn't disintegrate you or anything, nor does it appear to fix the Undead Curse. (At least not right away.)

  • FinalIcharus says:

    It's so weird watching this post dark souls 3

  • Jens says:

    the only thing that I really don't get is how this all leads to the story of dark souls 3
    or does the story of DS3 lead to DS2?

  • Dario Dipaola says:

    I just now realized the throne is a tomb… for a lord! So that you can rise to sacrifice yourself to the flame when called upon JUST LIKE IN DS3… I get it now 😀

  • SoLuna says:

    So the goal of Dark Souls is to truly die?

  • Avery Gates says:

    My brief interpretation:
    Although there is no in-game choice in the original DS2 you do still get to make a choice.
    Either play again on NG+, essentially linking the fire, starting a new cycle.
    Or never play again, thus letting the flame die and ending the curse.

  • JOHNPAUL KUN says:

    rewatching this make me remind how sad a life of a darksoul

  • scott jones says:

    I played through Dark Souls 2 with a completionists touch twice last year and… and not only could I not tell you what was going on, I've also entirely forgotten the story of the game itself. It was fun in the way Dark Souls gameplay usually is (and isn't) the lore was a nightmare. 1 and 3 fit kinda together. Literally couldn't tell you a thing about 2 though.

  • Vincent Bullock says:

    What if Drangleic is the painted world born of the Dark Soul from DS3.

  • London ElPapu says:

    Well, in Sholar of the First Sin you can choose to leave the throne, so that clarify the theory

  • Jordon R says:

    I remember playing dark souls and beating Lord Gwyn only wanting more loot and complete my black knight set…so I walked away from the kiln of the first flame only to become the dark lord; I may have been an obvious puppet or a greedy wretch. But among my friends I was the first to do this as they all lit the flame. So who is the true puppet??

  • Cassandra Lankford says:

    Why would having questions be a problem? Doesn't everyone watch Vaati's content?

  • Poofy says:

    Can you make a video about DS1’s Humanity vs DS2’s Effigy?

  • anthony rowan says:

    from end to beginning gives explanations instead of just chronological order

  • anthony rowan says:

    I would think she wants a new monarch because her home village, Majula, is in ruins at the beginning

  • anthony rowan says:

    I'm just a saurian who was glad to have green scaly skin again after the end of dark souls 1, but still needed to aid the people of Drangleic and thus still don't have my tail back.

  • aden entertainment says:

    i want to sit on the throne of want

  • Ech0location says:

    I know that this might be a stupid speculation but hear me out: I like to think that the Chosen Undead, Curse Bearer, and the Ashen One are the same person but are possibly reincarnated? Or, at least the Chosen Undead and the Ashen One are. I thought this because in III you rise from your grave along with other failed Lords of Cinder which would make the dark ending make sense, but then again you could be a Lord of Cinder yourself so…
    Anyway, one of the reasons why I think the one bearing the Curse and the Chosen Undead are linked is because I remember Gwyndolin saying "an eternal curse upon thee."
    Please tell me if I'm wrong and why I'm wrong. I'm a big fan of the convoluted story based on speculation because you can look at it in so many ways. I'd love it though… if I'm wrong…I should find another way to look at it.
    Also the endless cycle makes sense because when fire was first born in the beginning of the first game it seemed to just come out of nowhere. Perhaps this fire was born from the cinders of the remaining era? And when the fire goes out in the second game, it could be possible for another era to be born from those cinders?
    I hope I'm not talking stupid I'd love to know more!

  • TheABCD3912 says:

    I don't see why the fire exists. it seems like Dark existed since the beginning , and fire showed up from somewhere. and then Gwyn started this whole cycle.
    The reason remnants of fire exist is because undead linked the flame before , but if no one ever did wouldn't there be no one to do that? wouldn't the fire not exist anymore?
    In the dark souls world the fire seems like something unnatural , while the dark is the state of nature. So all Gwyn was going for was to fight nature this whole time but he just kept fucking the world up the more he did it. is that a global warming reference? lol

  • Blank says:

    I think the throne of want has the power to funnel your desires into reality. Explains why the King only sees what he wants to see and also how you can link the first flame

  • Egg mountain Gorilla says:

    1:01 yes.

  • vlogs de um iluminatiTM says:

    In fact it is rather simple the throne is a portal to link you with the flame

  • Wdf1987 says:

    The way the story was presented in DS2 was just terrible. Same with everything else about the game.

  • Squeagull 4 says:

    hey just a friendly reminder i realized a flaw in what you said in ds2 you CAN walk away from the kiln if you kill vendrick before nashandra and kill aldia in a secret boss fight 🙂

  • Obo says:

    Idk about y'all but ds2 was my most favorite out of the trilogy. Sure even tho the world and level design aren't as good as the other two, it has better gameplay mechanic, more builds, more fun to play

  • Cody Risling says:

    Well I’ve watched every soulsborne video you have made about 100 times over….I still never get bored, I always play the game I’m currently listening you break down and it makes the game feel so much more in depth. My opinion and it’s only my opinion(your the lore master) you should do a revamp of all the videos but compiled together, basically a story for each game. Take everything you did about dark souls and make a story to explain the game, then dark souls 2 then 3 and then how “maybe just possibly the world of dark souls turns into the world of bloodborne”. It’s what I like to believe happened, remember cycles renew in dark souls but one thing that always changes is the time and technology with it, each game brings us closer to humanity as it is now today.

  • New Life says:

    All these years later and DS3 disappointed everyone lmao.

  • MezzY KrazY says:

    I logged about 1k hours on ds2 (no pvp at all) and many play through. I pieced some things together. But this is a big help. Thank you!

  • Yoshiro Nokubono -Post New Heights- says:


  • MELODY says:

    Is it possible that you as a player and everyone even the npc has the resolve to keep even the lasts of embers to keep the hope burning so that their sacrifices wont be in vain ?

  • Kendo Arasuta says:

    You want answers? I want the truth! You can't handle the truth!

  • Thaias says:

    What's The second ending though?
    If you do specific dialogue, you get to fight the scholar of the first sin (even without dlc). After you defeat them, you get offered another glowing light from where you came.

  • Nicolas Roman Segura says:

    i don't know what people are talking about this game was VERY fun and very cool yeah sure the map layout wasnt that good but the combat the characters the story is still as good

  • Idiot Plays says:

    What if the dull ember which is an ember yet to fade is part of the profaned flame an early version?

  • Jake Zeiler says:

    Gwynn was the one who caused humans to gain the undead curse. Just want to point that out. Gwynn’s a ho

  • Novat says:

    The 4 souls were not found within the fire. Its poorly translated. Presumably fire was important in the discovery of the souls but did not contain them.

  • The Cheese Assassin says:

    why did you make your character with such a big ass*

  • Harry Molotov says:

    I actually think DS 2 has the best story. But game's questionable mechanics and level design ruin big part of an experience for me, even in SofFS. What a shame.

  • Ceepeel says:

    I think the Story of dark souls 2 hast more Secret and and in some Points its better than dark souls 1

  • NIklas N says:

    sadly no one sees that dark souls 2 was the best game

  • Joy Rowan Casey says:

    The maiden is so fricking Irish sounding I love it

  • Klaus Arkakin says:

    im here, playng dark souls 2 for the whoknowhowmanytimes, and dude, the story still strikes me as hard as the first time, it's a curse worse than death, a suffering without ending

  • Vítek Špirek says:

    I actually think it matters that you you have a choice. In Dark Souls 2 the fact, that the player is forced upon the throne is philosophically speaking the problem of the very game design process. Unless you can resist, you have no choice, which does not reflect our world, because it basically refers to the concept of "Fate". This in my opinion, while I had a lot of fun with DS2 both PvE and PVP, is and was the biggest flaw in the game.

  • dennydaydreamer says:

    I thought the word 'want' is meant to be interpreted in the sense of 'empty' or 'deficiency'–as in 'hollow'. But then I suppose when the producers probably aren't English speakers one should just go with the most obvious meaning–which is disappointing because they tried hard to make their fantasy mystic, the exact opposite of obvious.

  • Gabriel Goes says:

    I wish you had made and updated version of this with the coming of Scholar of the First Sin and the possibility of battling Aldia and renouncing the Throne of Want.

  • Chris Hamilton says:

    6:10. “Alright Solaris let’s do thi- Shit!”

  • Jesse Rinaldi says:

    So Gywn becomes a human nightlight, never gets old! Hahahaaaaaaaa!

  • Xxthtoneguy420xX says:

    When you realize there is even lore for ng+ lmao

  • EMPTY says:

    Speedrunes been re-lighting that shit on the daily

  • The WAHrrior says:

    You know shitty writing can account for all the questions people have for the souls series

  • End My Suffering says:

    Too bad dark souls 3 was a dark souls 1 fanfiction

  • Elli says:

    Ok damn, ur character is beautiful

  • ッCaudra says:

    plot twist in SOTFS we can
    So yeah, sorry

  • Jäger 64 says:

    I don’t know if this is obvious but I just figured out that a human is a souls plus a hollow and dying burns away at a humans soul leaving them hollow. I am so blown away by this tho I’m not 100% sure that is correct.

  • Azka Yuniko says:

    man when i finished the game, the only question in my head was


  • xgravegame says:

    people be like

    Cod zombie has a really hard lore to understand

    Dark souls series: "Am i a joke to you?"

    Warhammer 40k: monkey that look's away meme

  • Milan Stamenkovski says:

    This is really intriguing

  • D A says:

    This games are one big pointless question mark, you won't stop anything, everythibg will continues no mather what you do…

  • ChaseTrill says:

    Its trippy but I think when a chosen undead lights the flame/sits on the throne, they die in that body but they reincarnate as another human in another kingdom where they either have power or gain it and the cycle either happens quick or slow. Each game covers vast areas but has one fire link bonfire and one final bonfire you light that you die at. The fact you have all the souls and power in the land and could basically do whatever but have to sacrifice your self for the fire to re light but you have the power kind of shows that you will be a great soul next time you don't just die as the chosen undead when you light the first flame or kiln it probably goes into the next game through them.

  • Nate Rod says:

    And then John snow stabs him

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