Dangerous Myths That Are Misguiding the Muslim Community

you know I feel blessed to have the opportunity to speak with you I hope to maybe give you a sense of the kind of thing that I'm interested in and the kind of concerns that I have just observing the Muslim community in recent times and trying to understand certain trajectories and I think that as believers we have to have a long-term vision for our community and we should not be thinking in terms of what's going to happen this year or in the next five years or even in the next ten years if we can even think that far but perhaps we should set our vision to what will the Muslim community look like in 100 years time and that's only one or two generations maybe three generations time so if you have a concern for your children if you have a concern for your grandchildren or great-grandchildren then you are thinking in terms of a hundred years so what are we doing now and how are we thinking about things now and doing things now that's going to affect our children our grandchildren or great-grandchildren and of course you know I don't need to share with you all the examples that we have of the MBA having this kind of concern most notably Ibrahim at asana who was making duaa for his for his children and the coming generations so this is the kind of mindset that we have and it starts with seeking the pleasure of Allah and seeking his guidance for not only ourselves but our children and the coming generations Allah what is I think that if we have this attitude then a lot of the things that we see today should be very alarming to us and should be very concerning and so that's what I would like to share with you the thing is that we live in unique times we live in unique times and we're facing unique challenges and one of the things I often talk about a shave my teen mentioned is modernity modernity itself is something unprecedented the attitudes that we see today the ideologies that we see today are unprecedented we haven't seen this kind of thought process attitude understanding of the world and of what he meant being a human being means morality ethics we haven't seen this and the OMA has not witnessed this perhaps humanity has not witnessed this for all of human history to give you an example one of the things that really distinguishes modernity is you'll notice that it's not based on any particular explicit philosophy it's not grounded in a philosopher like a particular individual for example if I say Confucianism as a philosophy you know that that's based on the teachings of particular Chinese thinker named Confucius right if I talk about capitalism as an idea there are certain concepts of capital and so forth markets the invisible hand Adam Smith and all of this philosophy you have a set of books a set of ideas but modernism is not like that modernism means that whatever is happening now is the best whatever is happening in the present moment is the peak of human existence humanity is constantly progressing improving year after year generation after generation things are evolving an evolution is good change is good if you are not changing you are falling behind you are falling you are on the wrong side of history right this is the expression that we hear are you on the right side of history or the wrong side of history or people say oh what year is this when they criticize something as being crazy or stupid my god what year is this are we still doing this all right just by referring to the time you're able to make a moral judgment right so this is what characterizes modernity and it is unprecedented and you'll notice that a critical crucial aspect of what modernity means and and the implications of modernity is it's it is the antithesis the opposite of tradition the idea of tradition because what is tradition let's think of it as Muslims our values as Muslims comes from where where do our values come from of course from revelation from the Quran and the example of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam yes but where where is this revelation when does the revelation descend when does gibreel ion bring the revelation it's in the past right isn't about how so how does it come to us did we get the revelation on a you know flash drive that we can put on the computer and you know see what Allah says no it comes through men it comes through a tradition of teaching and scholarship a community okay a community of believers men and women this is how we are able to know what Allah has said and has commanded us and informed us about the nature of reality so we have to have tradition if we cut ourselves from tradition then we cut ourselves from revelation so just in this way okay just by looking at the concept of modernity and comparing it with its implications we can see it conflicts very drastically very critically with Islam just on a very basic level but furthermore the idea that humanity is on a continuous march of progress what does this mean do we believe this is this the reality is humanity improving morally as humanity humanity improving rationally both of these are important why I think Muslims I think mashallah you you all have are taken classes you're studying and we have this idea that okay morality is not improving the state of humanity is decreasing it's getting worse and worse as we get closer to El Monte Emma and there are signs our artists are that indicates how we have the state of humanity has devolved morally but about rationally as humanity rationally devolved or is it purely on the moral and spiritual level first of all to even understand this question we have to understand the connection between rationality and spirituality rationality and morality because we don't we understand a deep connection between the two as muslims and because what is what is reason what is up we don't have to make it complicated Hey ah just means to recognize the truth to recognize reality as it is can you be a rational person if you do not recognize Allah can you be a rational person if you do not recognize this status of the prophet sallallaahu Center can you be a rational person without submitting to your Creator and recognizing that you are owned by him and that you will return to Him can you be rational really of course not and Allah is saying this to us over and over and over and over again in the Quran so rationality and spirituality are connected and much of what is considered to be rational in today's day and age is the opposite of such is that in fact deeply irrational irrational how how did we define rationality anyone closer you know what I just say what is rationality true up to recognize reality to recognize reality as it is okay so rationality and morality are connected is human rationality improving increasing know many things that we can say about this many indications but the very simplest of them is if people are getting further and further away from Islam further and further away from the truth how then they're not rational they're getting further and further from rationality so many of the things you know I I was just speaking at a high school yesterday talking to these teenagers and what I told them was that we are living in a clown world we are living in a clown world and they asked what what do you mean by this so a clown is someone who is joking someone who is goofing off someone that is acting silly and irrationally that's the kind of world that we're really living in it's a clown world things that are supposed to be so obvious and so clear clear-cut are now confused and the opposite what was considered good is now considered bad Winston's or bad is considered good people are enjoining evil and forbidding good this is the state of the world and it's happening among non-muslims amongst the Kafar around the world and it's influencing and impacting the way that the believers think not all hamdulillah but some okay and so we ask a lot to protect us from this Europe so what I'd like to talk to you about is a very simple subject I want to focus on one aspect of our current situation and the kinds of things that are being promoted within the community that I belong we believe and I hope to convince you are going to lead to bad results are going to relate to very bad results for our children and for their children and so forth and I think that there are many things that are being promoted where people are saying that Muslims need to do X Muslims need to do X in order to be successful Muslims need to do X in order to promote the community and grow and improve and it turns out that what they are saying we need to do that X is the exact opposite of what should be done the exact opposite of what should be done so I want to give you examples of this I want to give you examples and what I would like is eventually fir in the Q&A if we get to that before I shop for you guys to you ask me and push back maybe you disagree and you can give your thoughts give your point of view and we can discuss it so depending on how you react to some of the things that I say it might get more spicy towards the end but we'll see trauma by the way how do we what are some of the signs that things are going sideways what are some of the indications that we have in the world that we're living in a clown world and these are things that even non-muslims are recognizing and I was talking to these high school students about clown world I saying I was saying look look at how depression rates have skyrocketed you have seven year olds now who are taking antidepressants right you have the suicide rate skyrocketing people are committing suicide at younger ages a nine year old recently in the news is committing suicide so why why is this happening what are the conditions that are leading to people acting in this way right look at the levels of stress look at the levels of anger look at the number of mass shootings mass shootings are unprecedented when I was growing up we didn't have this kind of news constantly about someone going to a school or a movie theater or a church and just shooting strangers gunning them down this is something new there's something unprecedented these are things that are signs for us indications what about shamelessness the amount of shamelessness when it comes to promoting nudity promoting zina promoting all kinds of deviant sexualities putting it in your face putting in the face of children making sure that you see it everywhere you go even on the street even on public even in the privacy of your own home saturating the world with shamelessness this is unprecedented and these are things that we should be aware of and note ok assigns things that were considered on speakable you can't even talk about such a thing without getting angry the idea you know two men together or two women together we were talking we were speaking with an elder scholar and just mentioning the subject he got very angry right in in the kinds of words that he was using to say of course this is something disgusting and this is evil and he couldn't even speak about the subject without seeing a change in his face hey because that's the level of hiya that's the level of modesty and understanding of this scholar that even talking about having to talk about it but guess what they're teaching six-year-olds kindergarteners that Oh some kids have a mom and dad some kids have two dads okay and there's nothing wrong with that you have to accept it okay some women like to dress like women some women like to dress like men some men like to dress like women and they are bringing these people these you know what they call transgender people into elementary schools into public schools putting in your face look at it look at it look at it accept it so this is a clown world and everything is turning upside down and we know that this is the nature of this is the nature of dunya of course okay the nature of dunya is that what you see as being solid as seeming impermeable is all going to be destroyed right illusory it's temporary so that's the nature of dunya but now in we know that from what the prophet saw autumn has told us informed us and warned us of is that things will get worse towards the end of times that what seems to be good is actually very evil in the eyes of people what's in the eyes of people seems to be bad is actually good and that the believers will be like strangers because of this because we stick to I'm gonna build my roof when an onion will cook joining the good and forbidding the evil so this is some of the things that we see around us and Muslims unfortunately are being affected and we see the signs of this we see the levels of stress we see the levels of depression we see the level of suicide all skyrocketing drug usage shamelessness these are things that even a non-muslim can understand and recognize okay so going back to specifically the Muslim community people are saying the Muslim community needs to do X if it wants to succeed and it turns out that that X is exactly the opposite of what the Muslim community should be doing first example that I'll give is this if the Muslim community wants to be successful then massage it scholars MSAs Muslim student associations need to be more tolerant they need to be more open they need to be more gentle less strict we need to be more kind and accommodating hey we need to relax the rules basically if we really want to be able to attract Muslims and non-muslims to come to the message it to come to the MSA okay just relax a little bit take it easy why are you driving people away with your harshness this is not the way we have to be kind the Sun that means to be kind I think this is the message that were given over and over and over again and if you keep hearing the same thing repeatedly you start thinking that oh well it's unquestionable it's unquestionable but is this really what we have seen right I think that this kind of messaging really took off after 9/11 okay if you're old enough you might have noticed this shift between post 9/11 versus pre 9/11 but this kind of compat what some call are termed compassionate orthodoxy okay which in reality is not Orthodox at all took off after 9/11 and was being preached from many quarters in many messages many national organizations took this kind of as their standard doctrine but what are the results 9/11 was almost two decades ago hey it's a long time what has been the result of this kind of ideology an approach are we seeing so many people come into the message that weren't coming before are we seeing strength stronger Iman from our youth are we seeing more tupla are we seeing a closeness to Allah has the level of thirst and desire and knowledge of the firsts for knowledge in the community just shot through the roof because so many people are just coming to the message they're so attracted oh I'm not sure look you guys are so nice I just want to you know pray extra in the Masjid is this the kind of look I'm not saying so something important to distinguish here is kindness a part of the Sunnah of course I'm not denying that is being gentle is being understanding is being empathetic is being sympathetic part of the Sunnah absolutely I am NOT questioning this at all but we have to recognize when sympathy is an excuse or empathy or gentleness is is an excuse to violate the commands of Allah things have boundaries there are lines there are limits there's her dude til cockadoodle wha you have to be aware of where those lines are it's not an absolute principle that no matter what a person says no matter what a person thinks no matter what a person feels you prioritize their feelings no matter what wears in the Sunnah is this given this attitude no there's always a limit and there's also the concept of gradualness of course someone just converts and becomes a Muslim or someone is not really that devoted because of where they are in their lives to Islam yeah of course you have to be gentle you have to ease them in of course this is a part of the Sun a part of Islam but there's a difference between our personal interactions one-on-one with individuals friends family neighbors community members relatives there's a difference being that and having this being advertised okay advertising certain things so many examples like for example if we want let's talk about LGBT tribe re-refer – right when it comes to LGBT this is something that's very sensitive Muslims have become Muslim youth segments of them have become very sensitive to the LGBT issue and they it has reached a level where they're even scandalized if they hear the ayat regarding Tom Lewis the the people of loot Iassogna right so does that mean their sensitivity and their feelings should come above and beyond and be prioritized over teaching these ayat explaining what the Sharia has to say about this kind of behavior explain having that kind of attitude I mentioned this elder scholar and how his face changed and anger and how he started speaking by even hearing about this issue what was his state what was in him that created that kind of reaction and do we have that within ourselves are we transmitting that to our youth if we're not why not if we can't why can't we because that's a loss that's a loss if this exists amongst the Adama the inheritors of the Prophet prophets and we're not transmitting that we're not transmitting that to the next generation okay then how are they going to transmit it to their kids and their kids after that that means one aspect of Islam we have failed to transmit this is serious even if one ayah of the quran we fail to transmit it as a community think of the implications of that that means if the next generation doesn't have it the ones after that won't happen and so on we've deprived them we've deprived potentially millions and billions this is the Amana this is the trust that we have been entrusted with if we want to claim to be believers so this is very serious and I act but it's not just ayats Sunna and States states of the heart are we transmitting these things but if we say that oh no no no no no this is a sensitive issue okay please don't talk like this and be gentle yes gentleness and personal interaction of course we have to understand people's place and for every place there's a right way to speak of course but then what are what is our program for teaching for educating for transmitting the knowledge do we have a plan is what I'm saying okay so that was I'm still on this point okay that we need to be gentle no matter what so we need to be accommodating no matter what because this will bring people in and my first point was well where are the numbers show me the empirical results you made a claim that the best way if for us to succeed and to drive people into Islam and closer to Allah is to be gentle and be accommodating and get with it culturally okay maybe we need to have more pop culture references in the hook but maybe we need to you know start referring to Game of Thrones in the hook pub write more movie references maybe we need to start having music maybe we can even have dance parties and these are actual conversations by the way in msas right right maybe hamdulillah it hasn't reached level of masajid churches have had this conversation churches and synagogues and you have even within the Jewish community they say split right you have different denominations you have reformed conservative and Orthodox and I think there's maybe Reformation or whatever but they've had that conversation and they split over it so Honda though we haven't reached that level but the MSAs are certainly having this conversation we need more numbers okay if we want to be successful as an MSA that means having the most number of people and to have the most number of people you can't drive them away you track them with honey honey you give them what you want what they want you feed their desires we're not going to segregate and separate the sexes no it's fine mix and maybe we can have some cultural music cultural right maybe we'll have belly dancing this is real the high school I was at just yesterday so active MSA and there is a Asian Society or an Asian Pacific Society and they want to celebrate culture HMDA that wasn't Muslims organizing it but they brought a belly dancer to the school to perform for the children I shot this all in the name of cultural diversity and understanding something very inappropriate for children by even non-muslim standards but now it's happening so where are the numbers there was a study that was published in a research journal and was covered in The Washington Post where these reached researchers looked at churches and they want to see church numbers which churches are most successful at attracting new members and retaining new members and what they found was contrary to what many people expect what they found was that the churches that are the most strict the churches that have the most stringent requirements for their members okay you have to come to church multiple times in the week you have to pay a certain amount of money to the church a certain percentage of your salary that's very high you have to dress in a certain way your women have to be covered in a certain way we have complete segregation we don't have music we follow a very strict realistic practice within these different days of the week those churches were successful in bringing new people and retaining them whereas the churches that didn't do these kinds of things and were more willing to accommodate certain kinds of cultural practices were more willing to mix the genders we're more willing to say look just come as you are dress however you want act though however you want it's all about love it's all about understanding and toleration and diversity those churches are shuttering those churches are shuttering why what is the explanation for this and so the researchers gave an explanation they said look what is happening is that when the churches start introducing mixing and music and just do whatever you want this kind of attitude that everything is acceptable there's a number of things that happen first of all you justify that kind of behavior and give it religious legitimacy and when you give it religious legitimacy then that the people who are inclined to do those kinds of things think that well why do I have to go to the church if I want to enjoy music I won't go to the church to hear like the Christian rock group I'll go to the music festival I'll go to the concert and it's religiously legitimate because the church is doing it so I might as well just do it in this other way and anyway why do I even have to go to the church it's all about love God is going to accept me no matter what hey no one has told me otherwise so what's the point to be involved with the church what's the point to read the Bible what's the point to try to have piety taqwa right everything is fine so that's one reason the other reason is another interesting can't counterintuitive aspect is that when you have a higher bar of acceptance then it really requires sincerity to meet that right if you have to because religion is something that unfortunately can be used by people for dunya we ends hey this is niffle this is hypocrisy and there's different levels of hypocrisy of course but one level is that you you really don't believe but you're taking on the actions and the practices maybe even the clothing of a religious person form your own personal ends material ends your enriching yourself you're achieving acceptance within a community to get married or whatever to get a job whatever okay but if there's a higher bar of what you have to do then that will dissuade the hypocrites I don't want to go through all that and jump through all of those hoops in order to you know get some kind of material gain that's too much so what ends up happening is that the more sincere people are the ones who are going to the church because they truly value they understand that putting their desires aside going through hardship struggling right struggling for the sake of a higher end for the sake of God is worth it and so they're by nature of the higher bar they're more sincere so those are stronger members of these churches and so on and so forth so we see the opposite we're told that okay be kind and gentle lower your standards and that will attract people and the exact opposite is the reality the exact opposite is what we see another point we are told and this is something that I had heard for quite a while maybe you've heard it as well to be successful in this country we as Muslims need to follow the Jews is this something that you've heard or it's in been implied I've heard it I've heard it a lot and what's pointed to is that look the Jewish community is so successful in terms of their wealth in terms of their political access their positions in the universities their positions and media their positions as executives and CEOs how they have reached this level of success where two percent of the population is you know thirty percent of all CEOs and academics and so forth we'll put that question aside but the question that I want to or the claim that I want to focus on is that Muslims have in the Jews a kind of model there are such a small minority but they're able to achieve so much and to have so much political power okay what's sad is that Muslims who are claiming this or implying this either implicitly or explicitly don't mention the spiritual state obviously they're non-muslims but even by the own their own standards of religiosity did you know that 50 percent of all Jews are atheists 50 percent because they consider being Jewish a ethnicity so you can be an atheist Jew or an agnostic Jew right so when you look at the Jewish community 50% is atheist and there's a very interesting article that was published I believe in the Atlantic where Jewish American was saying that the title of it was how liberalism has destroyed Judaism in America so he's giving different stats and he what one of the stats that he referenced was from Pew and Pew asked Jewish Americans what does it mean to be a Jew and so the respondents said things like first number one first and foremost is love for Israel all right that was the number one thing but then what's number two or number three love of Jewish food appreciation for humor you know closeness to your Jewish relatives and then way at the bottom of the list is adherence to Jewish law okay so there are there sense of a PITA and and belief in God wasn't even on the list right that's not really a factor for being it for being Jewish following Jewish law was there like kosher and so forth what was at the very bottom of the list most Jews don't think that that's really important for being Jewish so this article was talking about how liberalism has contributed to this and so this is something that we should think about very carefully if this is where juices have ended up Christians to a large degree have ended up is this really the model that we want to follow this is a path that we want to go when we know that the prophet saw asylum has said that we will follow the Jews and the Christians step-by-step even unto a lizard hole meaning even unto that degree of stupidity or depravity or for distance between us and Allah to that extent we would follow Jews and Christians yet some want to advocate that as Muslims we follow their political model their economic model their business model how they are you know in the positions that they are in the world today another example of a failed or a strategy that will fail us if we pursue it Oh another big aspect I think of Jewish discourse which Muslims need to be very wary of is and this article that I referenced by the Jewish American sites this point to because the author was noting how much the Holocaust plays in the lives and the consciousness of Jews even Jews who are young who are have no connection to anything that happened in Germany in the 1940s but the idea that okay we're victims of this Holocaust were victims we've been victimized and so this is a part this is what Jewish people around the world are saying so this is not me okay for anyone who is recording this they know that this is a problem because it's leading to a kind of a victimized psychological State okay we're constantly the state of fear we're constantly feeling like we're on the brink of another Holocaust another genocide and how does that what kind of effect does that have on your spirits has a huge effect because if you're constantly thinking that you falsely wrongly thinking that you're on the brink of genocide then you're going to be much more willing to compromise your principles gonna be much more willing to be you know pragmatic and say look we don't need to adhere to these kinds of Jewish laws religious laws we need to fit in we need to blend in and hide ourselves because we are otherwise we're going to be massacred when in reality you're the most wealthy you're the most powerful you're the most influential but you're still considering yourself to be on the brink of mass extinction huge spiritual harm so what happens what is happening in the Muslim consciousness in the West what is the big term Islamophobia and the people who are talking about Islamophobia and promoting this concept are explicit that this is the analogous term to anti-semitism Islamophobia and anti-semitism two sides of the same coin and what I write about and what I talk about is that are we really thinking about what the adoption of this term is going to do for our community what is going to happen to our mindset if we're constantly seeing ourselves as victims on the brink of being thrown into concentration camps I'm not saying that Muslims have it easy obviously even even in this country right but even though in this country it's nothing like what Muslims are experiencing in Burma or China or Yemen or Syria nonetheless okay is it is the attitude of the believer one of victimization or is it one of strength and fortitude and confidence that yes we're suffering and we're being killed and oppressed simply because we say la ilaha il-allah of course but guess what we have da we have allah Hey we have the messenger so bla bla Hawaiian we send them and his intercession on our behalf we have all of these things we have the door of the oppressed what could be more powerful than that now we're not victims we're just biding our time because we know that success in this life and in this world for the believers will come Allah has promised and of course in the Acura so the victim so what happens if you have that attitude if you have that attitude you're not going to compromise you're not going to throw the Quran and Sunnah under the bus because you realize that is exactly what is going to lead to success that is exactly what is going to save us that is exactly what is going to bring us to the top in the in the dunya the guidance of Allah of course of course why would we compromise that if we compromise that what's going to happen well we see with other religious communities okay another thing that we are told that to be successful we have to have this we have to throw away the cultural baggage we have to throw away the cultural baggage if we are going to succeed this is another very wrong message right and in a dangerous message and in what makes a message or an idea dangerous is if it if it has a small bit of truth in it if it has a small bit of truth in it that makes it all the more dangerous why because you introduced the idea using that small bit of truth and then you weaponized it in order to do a lot of damage so yes of course there are many aspects of cultures in the Muslim world that are contrary to the horns from the contrary to Islam yes of course no doubt about it you know like for example my parents are from Iran in Iran one practice is that to get married the woman and her family the bride has to give money and has to provide write this kind of dowry now this is clearly contrary to Islam and it's a bad practice and it causes a lot of damage and it harms women yes we need to abolish this no doubt about it but what else is packaged within this idea okay of throwing away culture from back home when I grew up my parents are more secular they're more secular in many different ways and I grew up as a kind of more cultural Muslim I and many Persian Americans are are more secular when they come to the u.s. but when I started learning more about Islam I started becoming more practicing in high school in college I kind of had a very immature attitude that oh my parents really are ignorant and they don't really know much about religion I'm learning and you know they you know don't have that same kind of attitude about religion and this is back I mean which is true to a certain extent but that kind of attitude that I had was I realized now was very wrong because even though I was not raised as a practicing Muslim I was raised as a Iranian as a Persian and the amazing thing about Persian culture and this is shared in South Asian culture Indian culture Pakistani culture Bangladeshi culture Turkish culture Malaysian culture Egyptian culture so on and so forth is that Islam is embedded within the culture Aslam is embedded within the culture and so things like how to treat the elders with respect and there's something in Farsi like one example is tariff tariff maybe you've heard of this and up in South Asian or Arab culture and is that you have to serve people your guests you have to be very hospitable you have to be very respectful with your parents how you talk to them okay to such an extent like when you extend something like a glass of water to a guest or to your father then just don't stick it out like this sir rude and you you present it you gently place it right to that extent such small details where is this coming from Islam this is embodied practice Islam is part of the culture it's part of the culture and many other examples okay how to treat the opposite sex my parents okay weren't allowing me for example to go and spend nights at friend's non-muslim friends houses and just go and be loose and do the whole American culture thing that was not what Iran ian's do that's not what good Iranian children do it's is foreign to the culture of Iran this kind of behavior and I'm not saying that there's anything inherently wrong with you know a sleepover but the idea of just being loose that was not part of the culture having a girlfriend or boyfriend was not part of the culture they didn't can they didn't conceive of it as oh this is contrary to fill this is something that is Haram Aden entails touching or looking or halliwell or things like this they weren't thinking it of it in a legalistic sense but that was the culture the culture was embedded with all of that information so this is what is so important about Muslim cultures okay and we have to be very careful not to throw out the baby with the bathwater another dangerous aspect of this idea of we have to throw away culture is that it has implications for our connection with elders and specifically elder on their mouth how is this because those elders are coming from those cultures and they're behaving and acting according to those cultures and many of the things that we think oh this is just cultural sometimes we don't even recognize that no this is actually a son that that you don't have any idea about you're just not aware of it okay if we throw away culture then we're losing access to that so not and we're also marginalizing belittling even if only in the then and only in our minds or consciousness the status of the or lemma and the scholars and we hear this growing up I heard this often and sometimes we hear it but from popular speakers that look we need American Islam we need American Islam and to have American Islam Union need to have relevant homegrown born and raised in their American Imams if and this is actually part of the policy of some massage it like they write it into the rules that to hire an imam the imam has to be homegrown that's the american and he can't speak with an accent right so even even having that kind of rule on the books what does that do for your understanding of elders this idea that elders just don't get it the you know movie the mullah he just doesn't understand our situation this is ignorant this is very stupid you're cutting yourself off we're cutting ourselves off from Islam remember why I said about tradition how do we get orang and Sunnah it's from them and many of the things all of the things that we're experiencing in terms of the challenges of modernity they also experience because modernity is not something new okay it's 200 years 200 years of modernity and we can say that modernity was introduced into the Muslim world with the colonization of Egypt by the French Napoleon which happened at the big end of the 18th century beginning of the 19th century that's the beginning of modernity and it's confrontation and rape of the Muslim world through colonization our elders went through them and there and they experienced the tofu why because they came through it as believers to such an extent that they're transmitting the knowledge and the Quran and the Sunnah in in the many ways that they do to us so that's that's a Tokyo are we going to be able are we going to survive our situation these pressures and be able to imitate them in this recreate their success are we up for that challenge we're not even recognizing their success we're belittling them we don't want them to be teaching us we don't want them to be the amount of the Masjid if we have this guy with an accent giving the hope who is gonna come to the message if to listen to the hotbar we need to have a fatigue that's going to make movie references for the youth to come this is ignorant it's very it's short-sighted its myopic the best Imams that I have heard okay even back when I you know it was more ignorant that I'm than I am now the best hook was the best halaqaat the best doers were from people who have very heavy accents and were not from here the most insights and the most knowledge and the most a dab of luck that it came from them but we're trying to marginalize and put them to the side should we get a little bit spicy or shall we just get the spice and go to Q&A yeah maybe we have 15 minutes let's get spice and then that will generate hopefully more questions so what was the whole theme of the discussion things that we're being told we have to have to in order to be successful as a community things that we are told we have to have so what were they I mean there's many but I focused on a few things like we need to be more tolerant and accommodating in order to attract more people we need to follow other model minorities like Jews in the kinds of things that they do we need to throw away culture and we need leaders and Imams who are relevant and who get it so another thing you know we talk about the idea that we have to have women's visibility women need to be visible women need to be at the forefront women need to be onstage women have to be we have to have Muslim women on every single panel on every single board on every single council they have to be in front leading the charge have you heard this is this really going to bring success I mean we you don't need me to tell you the answer to this question this question has been discussed and explained in depth in our tradition based on statements of the prophet sallallaahu I do a solo on this topic and you know you guys can learn about this in your classes inshallah and maybe shake Mateen can you know entry right to introduce some of these texts but let's just take a step back what is visibility and is this really you don't need to have a in-depth knowledge and to be a scholar to recognize on its face that this is contrary to Islam you don't need to be a an item and to be poor through the Torah to really recognize this visit what is women's visibility is to to show yourself to be in front of people so that they can see you and gaze upon you is this conformant with aligned with haya with modesty is this what Islam promotes from opposite it promotes the opposite of this and in fact that's how Islamic society has been structured and how Islam has been practiced were the female companions of the prophet sallallaahu IUS Elam were they standing in front of a mischief were they going to the mimbar making you know giving bands giving speeches do we see any female scholars or the wives of the Prophet so long I saw them were they were they doing this have you heard of a story like this if not then what does that tell you are we going to achieve success by abandoning the practices of the broad slice on the practice of the Sahaba I mean your analysis doesn't have to extend beyond that like just take it seriously is this really guidance and this goes back to the point that I started with if you have if you have internalized modernity if you've internalized this idea that humanity is on a continuous trajectory of progress then you might think that we know something now that they were ignorant up you might be deluded into thinking that but we reject this we understand that the prophet sallallaahu Iowa said l'm rasool allah so allah said the Sahaba that the Senate they were at the peak of human existence they were at the peak of rationality and morality of course things have devolved getting worse every single year every single month how can we know something that they did not know and if you take it to the logical conclusion this will lead you to go for very clear and simple it is enough to reflect on the Syrah it is enough to reflect on the example of the Prophet SAW when I'm in the Salah it's enough visibility idea that's coming from a foreign philosophy for an ideology that you have to be visible you have to be seen to have power no no one accepts this the most powerful organizations in the world are unseen I don't mean a hype I mean they're just they're secretive they act covertly that is the secret to their power they're not known they're not seen they operate in the shadows and the biggest celebrities hey not celebrities let's say the biggest most powerful CEOs the most wealthy billionaires are they going out showing themselves you know making it rain with the money no they're in tinted cars their mansions are invisible because they surround them with trees right they don't want to be seen they power hides itself so even on the basic level a non-muslim kafir can recognize this the illogic of this that you have to have visibility to have power so let me clarify this am i saying that women have no role women have no importance women should have no influence we should not care at all about what women need and what they want and what they think is right and wrong that's not what I'm saying please I beg you do not take this message as if that's what I'm say that's because that's the life thing okay yes of course we have to have consideration and the prophet sallallaahu is I did consult with his wives the mothers of the believers of course many examples of this Halima Aisha even falta MA and he showed up most concerned for their well-being and utmost care and mercy and kindness and gentleness but we have to make distinctions okay we have to understand nuances we have to understand what that is which is what we have to do this is what is the Sunnah and what is being advocated that no we have to put our women out in front of everyone and show them expose them they need to be on the covers of the magazine's they need to be wearing the bikini they need to be doing this and that and that and that they need to be leading everyone they need to be on all the panels and on and on and on we have to make distinctions we have to create these nuances in our minds this is what being intelligent means what being rational means right having four sites

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  • Ahmed.a_94 says:

    Alot of mass shootings are false flags to take away people's guns, do the globalists want armed people storming their mansions?….

  • alloushii-BÄRLIN says:

    May Allah azza wa jal preserve this brother and grants him the highest reward. Love from germany

  • Mujahid mujahid says:

    Salamalaykum Brother Daniel,i just watch the Meeting that you had with this Guy so called Imam Tawhidi .Do you think or Do you believe he can be called a Muslim.This Guy is the authorothy in Muslim questions in Australia.How is this possible ?Please can you Write some words. Salamalaykum

  • Abdul Fitouri says:

    I do not think your interpretation of women's visibility was an accurate assessment of the definition of visibility. A female blogger could just as well provide visibility; the definition is obviously not literal visibility. The point is that there is a need for female leadership.

    Do we see any female scholars? Aisha held classes for men which she taught behind a curtain. So, yes, and from really early on. Abu Bakrs daughter was a combat nurse. Khadijah earned more than the prophet saws and was the breadwinner.

    Now, I understand Islam is not some kind of liberal identity politics religion, but if you want to make claims like the ones in this video you need to address the reality of Islamic history.

  • Abdul Fitouri says:

    FWIW Napoleon was defeated in Egypt pretty badly and fled without his army by the skin of his teeth, abandoning them in the Egyptian desert

  • Mehfooz Husein says:

    JazakAllah Khaer.

  • Adam Muklewicz says:

    The globalist Marxist liberal idioligy is to demoralize the young, promote pedophilia ,sexual perversion , homosexuality and transgender mutation , promote over medication of opiates and depression , promote and legalization of drugs . Why, because these mentally ill sad individuals have extremely easly manipulated and brainwashed. That's what the government wants. The dumber you r the bigger sheep you get. The only way we can change this path is war. War against the marxist idiology propaganda .

  • Umar R says:

    regarding 4 minutes:
    "You still do this? It is 2019."
    This is known as the novelty fallacy – believing something is correct just because it is new.

  • Otaku Sempai says:

    No Q & A? Ends Abruptly

  • Anti-Ziocon says:

    Daniel brother, did you know you had “Mozlem” Hasbara shills in the comments (I didn’t know this was even a thing, lol).

    And they’re takfeeris too that curse like degenerates 🤔 #lolMozlems

    >>>>>>LOL another fucked up “Haqiqatjou worshipper arrives. You freaks never stop being keyboard warriors. You shitheads are so afraid to show your actual selves in public so you hide behind fake accounts on social media.
    Haqiqatjou is a liar and a disgusting swine. His worshipers emulate the same mentality. No way you asshole freaks make it to Jannah.”<<<<<<

  • Anti-Ziocon says:

    I didn’t know there was “Muslim” Hasbara, but that’s exactly how these “Mozlems” in the comments are sounding, SubhanAllah.

    Badmouthing brother Daniel (Hafidhahullah) claiming he’s being too harsh, he’s being extreme, he’s too mean, etc.

    Ironically, he was mentioning how many Muslims (some mean well ofc) want the Muslims in the West, to be like the Yahood, and these “Mozlems” against br. Daniel in the comments (and in general), I’m sure think we SHOULD be more like them.

    Well, I’ll tell you something. One reason we’re in the sad state IS b/c many (especially in the West) ARE being too much like the Yahood or following Yahoodi ideologues (I’m obviously not saying all Yahood, but I’m going to keep it 100. And this has effected many religious inclined Yahood as well!)

    From A-Z, many of the things these “Mozlems” are calling to are from the Yahood:

    Marxism/cultural Marxism (of the Frankfurt Yeshiva) has spawned or been responsible for many of the things that these modernist “Mozlems” are falling for.

    Including LGBTQXYZ, Feminism, Abortionism, and ofc the “victim” mentality (they are known as the eternal victims), CRT (invented by KAAFIR Marxist Blacks), and a few other things. These ppl are following in the steps of the Yahood, and ofc, the Nasara as well.

    How soon before we also have Zionist Islam, like there is a Zionist Christianity? (Yeah, also invented by the Yahood; look up the history of the Scofield Bible; the Christians were already disbelievers believing in 3 is 1 or the Trinity, but now you have millions of Zio-Cuck Christians now worshiping the criminal (Talmudic) Zionist Entity and willing to fight endless wars for Greater Israel only b/c of the Rothschild financed Scofield Bible. SMH).

    Are some of these commenters really famous “Mozlem” Linda Sarsour pretending to be other ppl?

  • Mohammad Faisal says:

    May Allah bless you and curse of Allah be upon those who slander you

  • Muhammad Babar says:

    This guy has spoken the truth. PERIOD!

    And all, who want to modernize Islam and/or make the religion easy for the masses claiming to be Muslims but don't want to follow Quran (because it makes living their lives according to their desires difficult), they don't say or want anything new – it has been said to Rasoolullah (peace be upon him):
    سُوۡرَةُ یُونس

    وَإِذَا تُتۡلَىٰ عَلَيۡهِمۡ ءَايَاتُنَا بَيِّنَـٰتٍ۬‌ۙ قَالَ ٱلَّذِينَ لَا يَرۡجُونَ لِقَآءَنَا ٱئۡتِ بِقُرۡءَانٍ غَيۡرِ هَـٰذَآ أَوۡ بَدِّلۡهُ‌ۚ قُلۡ مَا يَكُونُ لِىٓ أَنۡ أُبَدِّلَهُ ۥ مِن تِلۡقَآىِٕ نَفۡسِىٓ⁠‌ۖ إِنۡ أَتَّبِعُ إِلَّا مَا يُوحَىٰٓ إِلَىَّ‌ۖ إِنِّىٓ أَخَافُ إِنۡ عَصَيۡتُ رَبِّى عَذَابَ يَوۡمٍ عَظِيمٍ۬ (١٥)
    When Our verses are recited to them in all their clarity, say those who do not believe in meeting Us, “Bring a Qur’an other than this, or make changes in it (to suit our fancies)”. Say, “It is not possible for me to make changes in it on my own. I follow nothing but what is revealed to me. If I disobey my Lord, I fear the punishment of a terrible day.” (15)

  • love nest says:

    will the Q&A be uploaded as well?

  • Andalus101 says:

    Throughout Islamic history, there have been numerous female leaders and warriors. In addition to, the rules and restrictions placed on the Prophet's wives were rules and restrictions meant ONLY for them. This idiot doesn't even know the basics of Islamic history.

  • Andalus101 says:

    Abu Lahab would be so proud of this guy.

  • Peace Now says:

    nice thawb

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