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– If you do wrong things mainly harming other, you get negative consequences. Some say something good
person, some say bad person, it doesn’t matter so long my
own motivation for thinking is honest, sincere. When we investigate the reality,
our mind should be calm. The basis of genuine friendship is trust. Trust depend on openness. – He’s a monk of the Yellow
Hat school of Tibetan Buddhism. He’s currently the 14th Dalai Lama. In 1989, he received a Nobel Peace Prize. He’s the Dalai Lama, and here’s my take on his top 10 rules for success. Rule number two is my personal favorite, and I’m curious to see which one you guys like the best. As always, as the Dalai Lama is speaking, if he says something that’s
really inspiring to you, make sure to leave it
in the comments below and put quotes around it so other people can be inspired as well. (upbeat music) – The ultimate source of satisfaction within ourself. – If you do wrong things mainly harming other, you get negative consequences. If you do helping other, bring more happiness to other you get benefit. More inner strength there and more sort of confidence
of purpose of life and fulfillment about that purpose, then you always feel happy. If the rest of the people
really feel that me as a politician or
further a bad politician, then I feel sad. (laughter) Or a cunning, liar politician then of course, no problem, no problem. Some say something good
person, some say bad person, it doesn’t matter so
long my own motivation for thinking is honest, sincere. That’s the important. That’s simple Buddhist monks. Actually, Buddha as he taught. Don’t care what others saying. If one say too much
praise, then at that time should think, Oh, I also have the critics. Then, one say a lot criticism,
then you should think, Oh, some people are praising me. So, it doesn’t matter. Too much sort of paying much attention these things are silly. Ultimate source of happy life is our inner value. So therefore, irrespective of a believer or nonbeliever, whether it be religion or not. See, we should pay more attention about our inner world. Now scientist, according latest of scientific findings, it now sort of clear, even good health or healthy body, the healthy mind is very essential. More peaceful mind brings healthy body because mind calm, peaceful, then our body element also then remain more balance. So that brings healthy body. Too much stress, too much worry, disturb our body element. That creates certain sort of problems in what is body. So therefore, calm mind is very essential. I think you should realize that anger may bring some kind of energy, short moment, for a short period. But that energy is actually blind energy. And anger really destroy your part of your brain which can judge right or wrong. So when we fully develop anger, we can’t see the reality. So that energy, more bold, right? But that energy is blind energy. So in order to face the problem, our method should be, as I
mentioned earlier, realistic. In order to carry realistic method, you must know the reality. When we look the reality, when we investigate the reality, our mind should be calm. Otherwise we cannot see
the thing objectively. So in order to use human
intelligence properly, our mind should be calm. So taking this line anger is firstly destroy your inner peace. Secondly, destroy your ability
to investigate the reality. So you think this way, then once you have clear evidence, anger is no use, only destruction. Affection, or compassionate attitude, warmheartedness, is very, very important for one’s own well being, for one’s own happiness. So don’t consider practice of compassion is something religious matter, or practice of compassion
is something good for other, not necessarily to oneself. That is totally mistake. So, since from childhood, we already equipped this seed of compassion, we learn from mother and ourself in order to become parent, the seed already there. Now that seed, you must keep, nurture all our life. The biological factor
compassion is limited, biased, and more dependent
on other’s attitude. Now that as a seed. Then using reasons, evidence, that seed of compassion, can further develop unbiased compassion. Not depend on other’s attitude but rather other’s being itself. So that kind of compassion
can reach your enemy, or entire sense of being. So that compassion is infinite compassion, unbiased compassion, real compassion. So if we become compassionate person, then your life become meaningful. Because you yourself happy, calm, peaceful, your friend, including animals, also should get peace. So at the last day of our life you feel happy. All my life, I’ll spend peaceful, friendly. You really feel happy. Otherwise, at that moment, even you’re a billionaire, ghost money, nothing can be used. No matter, what good cause of a good body, a beautiful body. All everything have to leave. So at that time, I think
genuine satisfaction can bring if your whole life
spend more compassionate life, then you feel no regret. So purposeful life is
naturally happy life, meaningful life. So in order to make meaningful life, ultimately, warmheartedness is to give it. Then another important
factor is determination. And you should not think these development can take place within a
few days or few years. We must understand. You see that these developments
even may take eons. (laughter) So you see our determination, if you consider as a Buddhist and one who really
practice the Buddha dharma, then right from the beginning, you must, you see, make up your mind, doesn’t matter even may take millions of billions of billions of eons. It doesn’t matter. After all, what is the
purpose of our life, the meaning of existence? Nothing. You realize something positive. Then, you see, even days and month or eon, it is meaningful. If you really wasting a
life, the purpose of a life, then even one day too long. So once you determined,
once you make up your mind, some kind of firm determination, and clear to objective way, then time is not important. (speaking in foreign language) It is so long space remain, so long sentient beings suffering remain, I will remain in order to serve. You see that sentence really gives me some kind of understand, and also I think inspiring. So the more impatience, and as I mentioned before you today, want something the quickest
or best or something, then I can reserve all the Buddhist idea. (laughter) The quickest, cheapest method, it is seldom will be Buddhist. So you see that’s, I think, wrong. So that I would like to share with you. So that’s where I use it. I myself also recite this as a mantra, or as some visualization
or certain mandalas. But in my daily practice, although my practice very poor, very poor, but even then I admire the main emphasis on this form and Bodhicitta, and koruna. So that really I feel
is something practical. Then through this practice you will get something practical benefit. Visualization was big in the 80s. Sometimes I think they cheating oneself almost like this like
this is cheating oneself. – [Monk] Deceiving oneself. – Deceiving oneself. So therefore, I think, you see, we must receive practice step by step with patience, with determination. Once you involve, are dedicated, or determined to practice, then some improvement you can see. You see year by year or decade
by at least decade by decade, then you can see oh, at least some change, some improvement you can see. Once you see that, that
also gives you some kind of – [Together] New encouragement. – So, to change, not easy, not easy. When we feel a sense of irritation, during that moment if that person concentrate fully on the breathing, nothing else, breathing, one, two, three, like five, 10, 15, 20. When you start bringing,
mental state irritated. But then after 20, 30, sort breathing, your mental state will
be little different, little more calm. Since we are dealing with emotions, so the best method to deal with that is through the so-called mediation. Not for next life, not for Heaven, but for day to day’s well-being. – [Host] Do you believe
that your time here on earth has been a success? – Success? That also relative. Some field I think some achievement there and some field, failure. So, difficult to say. I know all human life like that. Some part failure, some part achieve. (laughter) It is wrong to pick up
one thing, then say, “Oh, very success.” Is wrong. And pick up one thing,
failure, that also wrong. Things are relative. We are social animal. We human beings, social animal. And particularly, in modern time, the reality, economy, environment, and many things
heavily interdependent. That is reality. Unlike I think past is sort of ancient time. Ancient time all this
independent, self-sufficient, as in not dependent, your
interest or your future not depend on other. Now completely changed. So even from this selfish viewpoint you have to take care
about others’ well-being. You just think of your self, blind selfish, think for
yourself, forget other, or worse thing, exploit other, cheating other, bullying
other, ultimately you suffer. Through these mischievous way you may gain some temporary sort of
benefit but deep inside you feel uncomfortable. Then eventually, you truly
become lonely person. Nobody loves you, nobody respect you. If you take care of other, as a human brother or sisters, sincerely, seriously, then everybody
become your friend. So when you have truly
trusted friend there, if you need something you can ask them. If you becoming friendless
or lonely person and when you really facing some problems, nobody you can share. So ultimately, we are social animal. So even other animal, no law, no education, no religion, but you see, they have some kind of sort of feeling. Their own individual survival depend on rest of the community or herds so they work together. I am one of the individuals out of seven billion human being. If human being, rest of
human being happy, peaceful, I get much more benefit. The rest of the world get trouble. How can I escape from that? And with that feeling, when I meet people one people or one person or 10 people, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000. I always consider them as
my brothers and sisters. That brings me in mental
level completely relaxed. If I feel I am something
different from them, then some nervousness,
something inside me may develop. So once your own way of thinking open, reach out then as a close friend that tremendous sort of
benefit, peace of mind. Then others also feel
no longer feel stranger. Another human brothers like that. So that I think, which really
nowadays, we really need that. So through that way, awareness. Then from children, I think
youngsters, I think they know just one child remain lonely may cry. And play with other
children, feel very happy. So that’s the human nature. So sometimes we grown-ups,
then we always calculate if I make friendship with that,
how much I get some benefit. (laughter) Or make friendship then I
can exploit or something. Then, the genuine basis of friendship no longer there, destroyed. Basis of genuine friendship is trust. Trust depend on openness. So, through these things we can change. And then, mental level, no
matter what your physical level busy, but mental level always
calm, restful, relaxed. Immense benefit for your health. So mental health, body
health, very close link. So the ultimate source of mental
health is warm-heartedness. That’s my belief, maybe wrong. My friends have to research,
more research work. When I was young I had some different birds. So, one small parrot. He met one city official. The feet of that parrot. So therefore whenever that busy person approach to that parrot, the parrot always showing
some very excitement or something like that. Then the official usually gives him nuts and then while the parrot is
eating, the official’s finger you see on the head of
the parrot go like that. Then the parrot position
special, friendly attitude. So I developed some jealousy. (laughter) So I also want that kind of
response from that parrot so I’m developing. (laughter) So therefor you see you must show the model of that friendly. (laughter) Poor animal you see do not know that. Anyway, anyway, I try to develop that kind of a friendship, so a few days, I tried to give some nuts. Then that parrot take the nuts then showing very negative attitude. (laughter) Then I lost my temper. (laughter) I used some thin stick to discipline, discipline the reaction. So after that, no hope make friendship. (laughter) – Thank you guys so much for watching. I made this video because Saring Cholesto I hope I pronounced
that okay, asked me to. So if there’s a famous
entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it
down in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know
which of the top 10 rules had the biggest impact on you and why, what change you’re going
to make in your life or business after watching this video. Leave it in the comments,
hold yourself accountable, and I’m going to join in
the discussion as well. Thank you guys so much for
watching, continue to believe in whatever your one word
is and I’ll see you soon. – The important isn’t that
different emotions are right, different emotion. This is the ultimate enemy
or the source of suffering and also that is a different emotion. Once it develop, it’s in our mind and immediately it
destroy our peace of mind and eventually destroy our health and also to destroy our
friendship with other people. So all thee negative
activities, such as killing, bullying, cheating, all
these negative actions come out of this different emotion so it is real enemy, it is the destroyer of our
peace, destroyer of our sort of fortune and including our health so therefore that’s the enemy, real enemy. External enemy today may be harmful to you but next day be very helpful. But this is inner enemy. Always an element as destructive. and more when enemy wherever you live, always there. External enemy we can put some difference on also you see, like as 59, we ask it so we can ask it. But this enemy, even when they in Tibet or they in Putala or they in Damsala or they are here in the event London. Wherever I go, this enemy there. Even I think some go to meditation. Some use the visualization of mandala. Still, in the very center of the mandala that enemy still there. So this is the point now. We have to realize that. Sorry, this is the real destroyer of our happiness, always there. How to do now? If there is I would say, no possibility, just to work on that, to eliminate that, then I can better forget
and I think I like more alcohol, sex, all these
things much better. If there is possibility to eliminate that, then I think now we must
take this good opportunity. This is human body, human
brain, human good heart. Combine these two things, try. It’s to reduce that and
to eventually eliminate. So therefore, they call
it a Buddhist teaching. Our human body is precious, why? Because of human interests and the de-shaping or changing our mind, not only through our emotion
but mainly our intellect cause of intellectuals, reasoning. And there are two kinds of emotion. One emotion without any
reason, just as a feel. Such as if they’re headed on these things of course we have some
reasons why this person is very sort of angry on me
and then through that kind of analyze, you develop. But in deep down, the further goes, it’s not what you see reasons. So it’s the easy motion
without proper reasons devastate negative emotion and the other kind of emotion such as is compassion, altruism a kind of emotion with reasons and a further investigate, you can prove there’s something good,
there’s something necessary, something useful. So their kind of emotion
is all the time of emotion but very much relative to that. Very much go well with
reason or intelligence. So the combination
intelligence and emotion, that is the way to change, to change our inner world. So to that also I think the basic fundamental second nature so long that enemy there so long we are under that enemy’s control. No permanent happiness. So once you develop some
kind of desire to overcome that enemy, now that is the. – [Monk] That is the true realization of the aspiration to seek freedom. (speaks in foreign language) Which is technically called renunciation in the Buddhist language. – So, you see this practice the analyze our emotional level and our inner world is the very important as the key practice. Then I think the best method to avoid fear or regret at the time of death
is while we are alive, our time our energy must
utilize meaningful way. That’s the most profound way of meaning of usefulness. One’s own survival, even
animals also this can do. But for service to other is something unique about human being and I think bondage where mother and child or offspring. – [Monk] The bond between
the mother and the offspring. – Bond even other animals also have. But that kind of closeness
feeling short period. But we, human being,
because of intelligence, that kind of feeling we can
prolong whole all our life. – [Monk] Yeah, extend it through our life. – So, serving other people,
helping other people is I think very, very
appropriate sort of action according our intelligence or human ability. We have such ability so
to utilize that ability – [Monk] In the most appropriate way – Most appropriate way
is serving other people. Then, at the end, you feel no regret. I done my best some useful sort of meaningful life. Now end come, although
sorry, sad, but no regret. So mental level of experience and sensory level of experience. Mental level of experience
are much more serious. Obviously, we ourselves have experience. When our mental state happy, calm, our physical pain can subdue. When mental state too
much pain, too much worry, the physical comfort cannot reduce, cannot subdue. – [Monk] No, reduce. – The mental state sort of pain, so obviously mental state is more serious. So therefore, now including medical science, more and more now scientist in that field now realize mental state is very, very important for our health. So, in meeting with scientists, our slogan How to Create Healthy Body, Healthy Mind. So, healthy mind very much
related with healthy body. So healthy mind, you see, cannot produce by medicine or alcohol or drugs, no. More illusions there. So it has the mind. Also it can not produce buy injection. Cannot buy from supermarket so therefore the healthy mind must develop within the mind from faith some extent, but no. The real change in mental level, certain condition. Genuine conviction come only through research investigation.

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    Thanks you Daila Lama.

  • I am ready to chat with you On YouTube says:

    I genuinely laughed at that 10 point.

  • TibetanFirst says:

    These ideas are basic Buddhist ideology, not Dalai Lama himself’s thoughts.

  • Ngum Fonkwa says:

    1,Help others
    2,Don't care about what others say
    3,Pay attention to your inner values
    4,Be calm
    5,Have compassion
    6,be determined
    8,keep things in perspective
    9, develop friendship
    10, share funny stories

  • Mark Henry Ramsey says:

    Jordan Peterson gives a bonus two rules.

  • Sonam Jamtsho says:

    "Happiness is not something readymade, it comes from our own action" Dalai lama

  • taydilarel27 says:

    I am sorry but you didn't understand the 2nd rule I am afraid. It wasn't "Don't care wat others say". The main message in rule nr 2 is " As long you're motivation is honest and sincere , it doesn't matter what others tnink about you". That is the main message my friend.

  • sofia freitas says:

    the story about the parrot, was the most …funny!

  • Adam Parker says:

    What goes up must come down, you cant get milk from skinnin a cat, and last but not least, what goes around comes around and if you act negatively your actions will be negative, positively.. anyway, food for thought.

  • Ricky Nunez says:

    could you do 10 rules of couch corey wayne? is a dating and relationship expert he has two books how to be a 3% man and mastering your self he has help so many people become well rounded women and men benefit from his you tube channel and his website that would be really cool if you covered him hes a grate entrepreneur and he motivates me to become a better person.

  • Michael Dexter Lipata says:

    Avoid worry doubt fear and judgement can help to have more confident and love and happiness to every family

  • Michael Dexter Lipata says:

    God bless and thank you so much Dalai Lama thanks Evan

  • CHANDAN SHRESTHA life University Founder says:

    I look forward viedo on most stable mind of world, head of brahma kumaris organisation 103 year old Dadi Janaki

  • João Simões says:

    Muito bom, parabéns pelo excelente video. Acho que aqui está tudo aquilo que é importante, não são precisas mais palavras, não há nada a acrescentar. O ultimo comentário é muito engraçado.

  • Alfred De Souza says:

    #💡🌏🇺🇸🇬🇧👑💕👍: RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! Revered Global HolyMaryMotherOfJesusPleaseContinueToPrayForUs!”#DalaiLama’sTop10RulesForSuccess(@DalaiLama). Multiples @ReveredHolyGrail,As Sensational ReveredExemplaryPeacefulDemocraticServantsOfThePeoplePropelWorld’sInfectiousTransitionalGiftsWellIntoThe21st.CenturyWorld&Beyond! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! Revered Exemplary Global Exemplary Peaceful Democratic Outreaches At Hearts And Souls! #NelsonMandela(#💕🌏💡Madiba!)UnderAfricaEnvelopingGlobalSKY!#POTUS&FLOTUS44AtDEMSAtReveredBlueWavesInActionProgressSustainability! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS! More!#OprahWinferyExceptionalGlobalLightsInspirationalAtReveredAbovePowersOfGODEmbracingAllPeacefulDemocraticGlobalActsOfWorships! More! #🌏💡🇬🇧👑💕HerMajestyQE2AtReveredFlawlessIndefatigableHeadOfCommonwealthOfNations! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!#MoreHisPapacyHolyFatherPopeFrancisProgressiveAtTheTreatyOfRomeAbovePowers🌏💡💕ProclamationsAt7ActsOfMercy 👶🙅‍♂️💝💎🎉💃🌹🎁✌️💕🙏ActionsHopeProgress!#ABOVEALLTHE10CommandmentsOfGOD!#MayHisHolySpiritBreatheUponOurHeartsAndSoulsNOW:#AMEN!#[email protected]!#AllBornEqualInTheAmazingGOD’sCreations!#TestsTestingTests?#TimeTells!#ActsOfRepentanceHumilityForgivenessDaysOfJudgementsResurrectionsOfSoulsAtGoldenGatesOfHeavenBackToEarth!His Above Callings And Miracles With Ongoing Perspectives & Testimonies,#AsManyCanRecallPreviousLivesOnEarthWithPinpoitsBafflingEvenSeasonedProfessionalScientists&More! RESPECTS&THANKSGIVINGS!{.

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