Daily Tarot Reading – Pick a Card – Daily Message from Spirit – June 10, 2019

hi everyone and welcome to your daily tarot with me Cindy I am sorry that I could not get this video out to you sooner I am a mom and my little guy has been sick with a cold like the last 3-4 days and I've had some personal readings to do as well so it's just been like trying to juggle everything any woman out there any parent out there knows what it's like to have to juggle being a parent making sure everyone's okay and doing here are the responsibilities so here I am and I've got something special today for this reading I just got these cards I really gravitate to these these are beautiful I've seen um there's only a few others readers using these cards and they're absolutely gorgeous and there's some cards in here and your piles today from this deck this deck is gorgeous it feels gorgeous even he's got the sound of them but they sound like they just have this really great quality to the cards and so this is what these are this is the wild unknown animal spirit guide book by Kim Krantz and it's beautiful their artwork is people and there's a lot of energy behind the cards which is what I really like because I tend to read the energy and coming from the cards as well as like sometimes I delve into them the traditional message but so anyway so yeah that's what we have we actually are getting a lot of animal message animal spirit messages today so we're getting from the wild unknown animal spirit and then we're getting from the animal spirit Oracle and we are getting from our mystical Shaymin Oracle so there's a lot of deep water spirit messages coming through today planetary spirits keepers of the earth spirits let us say so and we don't have numbers today I thought that we would because we have so much animal energy let's bring a little bit of human human humanitarian energy in so we have our angel cards and right so I want you to pick dependent on does the message resonate with you does it mean something for you is it the image in the card or is it the colors something that just draws it to you or do you always pick file number three like that right so so this is considered problem number one today overcoming difficulties with Ark Angel jeremial the worst is now behind you and you are surmounting any previous challenges so the message is underneath there may or may not have anything to do with that that's spirits job number 2 so pile number two what would be considered fall number two is compassion Archangel Zadkiel soften your heart with respect to this situation and all the people involved including yourself and again that message may or may not have anything to do with what's underneath the third one is prosperity archangel ariel your material needs are provided as you follow your intuition and manifest your dreams into reality that's nice and again what's underneath may or may not have anything to do that and the last one number four I love this purple color Archangel Metatron focus on your highest priorities I will help you get organized and motivated and again the message on that card may or may not so we're about to get started you can go to the description and the there will be timestamps in there they'll also be timestamp posted at the top of the comments for my mobile users and alright I am going to start with number one overcoming difficulties so what does overcoming difficulties have today today we do have this stingray your message may actually have something to do with your Archangel your regular animal spirit card is a hunter spirit you are never alone oh my gosh just look at the love and affection oh my gosh aren't they so cute that is one of those little animals that really they are all over each other all the time they are never want for physical contact and affection look at how feel oh my gosh I wish I could have like little pet otters in my house and your Shaymin card is the Andean cross will have three cards so we can do this will line it up okay so this is an interesting message I'm feeling like if you picked this if you are overcoming a difficulty that difficulty tends to be with accepting physical affection or giving a physical affection you seem to hold back a bit you um you may not be like a touchy-feely sort of person which is okay however this Andean cross and the honor spirit are really kind of telling me that right now there's sort of this opportunity for you in terms of the energy that surrounds you and that surrounds other people too to kind of expand a little bit expand and how you approach your friendships expand and how you approach your neighbors if if you are if you have a friend that you know you see often and you haven't given them a hug because it seems you know like often we give people hugs when we haven't seen them in a long time Oh nice to see you or bye see you again but do you know like I have a friend I'm quite often when we see each other we always give each other hug we can see each other like three four times a week but we always give each other hugs because it's that contact again it's bringing your two spirits together again and stingray stingray has a lot of electrical energy around them yet it's not that this this energy is not flowing strongly up and down the back of stingray it's almost as if and look if there's no color at all in the tail of stingray it gets a little bit stronger up here so most in the mind perhaps you speak your affection to others you allow them to know that way but do you physically allow the embrace do you you know touch them on the shoulder to say you know what it was so nice to see you today that's a physical contact that's not really considered to I guess aggressive if it's someone that maybe you wouldn't feel comfortable hug you let's give them a power stroke I think it was so nice talking with you today like that kind of contact so what spirit is saying with a stingray card is you may continue to keep hiding from this situation whatever it is that has to do is with physical contact in some sort of sense but it will keep popping up in your life or this feeling that oh should I put that person will keep popping up in your life so you need to just just start contacting contacting making contact with others right now and this is funny because this card is saying it's a bit of a journey this is like a new journey this is a new energy that's coming towards you I don't know that's very specific so maybe there are some of you out there that are not making that physical contact because it is really important we're all living very separate lives once we come into this 3d planet called Earth right so we can use our intuition in our minds to sort of connect with people but when we're here we lose that immediate and constant connection with other spirits and you know they say if an animal even a human baby isn't held from the time it's born into its formative years it doesn't develop properly mentally like the brain does not develop we need to touch you need to contact okay thank you for that one guys okay now we're gonna go to number two compassion so what does number two have for you your animal spirit the wild unknown oh I love this card the elephant I really love this card and you know it's funny this card really speaks to me um I'm also a visual artist and I did a very highly detailed graphite drawing of an elephant it's called the river runs dry and it's an elephant like this and he's walking down this river it's a big African elephant and the river is dry and it looks so much like this I just loved it when I saw that card but there's more to that than what I just said for sure so you regular animal spirit is staying spirit take the lead baby take the lead your Shaymin card is the giveaway that's kind of interesting because least you were really coming together quite clearly and then this one we're gonna I think a bit of a secondary message so with this elephant card if you look at how this elephant has lit up its intuition its third eye it's just going out there it's marching ahead it has this formidable energy there's darkness all around this elephant and yet with each step it's not just this light this flame that the elephant is holding in its trunk it's as if when it steps down it the darkness goes away the darkness goes away and you know is that the foot is rising again the darkness comes in and the darkness goes away with every step this elephant takes it continues to light its way stake spirit takes the lead is asking you to take the lead in your life to take control of your life to be the leader in your life and in your way to embrace your life the way you want it to be to go in that direction that you want your life to go in look at this stag I mean usually the stakes are all like macho right like snorting and banging their antlers on trees and you know digging up the ground and huffing and puffing this dude it's like you know what I don't have time for that right now guys I'm gonna put some really pretty flowers on here I'm gonna decorate my antlers I'm gonna look good for the ladies or the guys at the stags into that you know that's what I'm doing that's how I'm gonna show myself off so that's what spirit is asking you to do and I'm getting the feeling that it feels like this is a very difficult thing for you to do because you had the elephant cards this elephant card also tells me that this is a story in terms of a journey towards manifesting something or changing your life in a very big way so imagine that you have to drive from it's been I'm sure mostly people are watching our American so we'll pick on New York you're gonna drive from New York to California and you can only do it at night I don't know why but you can only do it at night let's just say the traffic's better maybe there's something that you need to do during the day maybe it's the apocalypse and there's something out during the day and you can at night I don't know what the reason is but you can only do it at night so you're driving at night and the only thing you have to light your way are the headlights in the car so you've got like what maybe 30 20 30 yards of visibility depending on the car and the headlights I'm not very good with that but let's so you're going to drive that far but oh you can see our thirty yards ahead of you it any given time you don't know if there's a bend in the road and a mile from now you don't know it's just a stop sign or truck you're just going thirty yards at a time and you're gonna go that far so that's what this elephant is doing right because this elephant is literally just lighting up the way within what where it can really see just directly around it and then the darkness comes in hmm another foot step forward to where it is you want to be how you want to express yourself you light up again hmm another foot step one step at a time what I'm getting from this this card with taking the lead in your life now this is a really wonderful card um this card and I feel a bit like it's a secondary message for some of you so the giveaway is about really giving away oh okay I just got I just got the message on how this is coming in let me finish what I'm saying um so really giving away what what has meaning to you and what really has meaning to most of us in the deepest sense is our love is our time is who we are like giving that away to people you know if you have some old sweaters or shirts that you really don't want anymore they don't fit you properly and you give that away to someone that's not really coming from the deepest part of your heart it's something you don't want anymore if this person is taking it off your hands you're like okay great thank you right like that's not that's not what the giveaway is now in this sense I'm feeling as if you are being held back from this giveaway by not taking the lead in your life by not taking the lead and how you want your life to be and where you want your life to be so this giveaway is really important in terms of giving you strength you see how this card is facing both of these these are both coming on towards you like this is a direct message this is direct message you need to take your life you need to take the lead you need to be the leader in your life and live it the way you want to but giveaway is sitting here with this energy going toward you give away the deepest part of yourself to the people you feel most comfortable with and it will grow from there and it will grow from there I'm really loving these oracle cards I may not even do Tarot again just joking but seriously they're great I really like that okay now we're gonna do number three prosperity what does that have for us today your wild animal spirit is the otter oh this is like the happiest little card in the deck this is the happiest little card in the deck your regular animal spirit Oracle's white Raven trust in the magic oh you guys have some really insane awesome energy coming toward you or you're just sitting in it right now the shaman card is the fish and quest and you know it's funny number one hat orders from the animal spirit deck so you both got otters you might want to go and look at one if it resonated with you at all if it didn't resonate with you at all don't look at it but because then the message is probably not for you but you can also look at it curiosity whatever so otter um is a happy little guy otter is always looking for the next opportunity to have fun otter has fun and everything that otter does otter is looking for little clam shells little clams to eat water is dive in and jumping around and playing with his friends while he's trying to find that while he's trying to find sustenance otter is like I don't know why that beaver worked so hard he is just trudging away he's not having any fun I'm doing everything that beavers doing but I have a lot of fun with it so this is if you are not in this energy the world is the universe the spirits are asking you to become order whatever it is you have to do make it fun make every part of your life fun and trust in the magic look at how this white Raven is looking at order and order is looking at white Raven it's kind of beautiful in a sense because honor is full of play and play is what the magic is all about play is where the magic comes from because it releases these feelings of happiness and gratitude and just the joyful experience of life and that's when magic is released trust in the magic so when you see a white Raven like this like this is very auspicious this is a very auspicious card there is very very powerful magic coming your way if you can embrace a little more fun and what it is that you do I think it's gonna start to release this magic for you now the Vision Quest is a very deep card hmm now and I'm seeing how the energy is playing off of these two cards order and Raven are coming together to create to bring this magic into alignment with you to bring this magic into alignment and when I say magic it's going to empower you and I feel like this Vision Quest is part of that you are going to start looking at life your life in a very new way incorporating fun into what you do is going to release the magic in the combination of the two look at how this person is like you are gonna start to have visions about your life how you'd like to see your life oh well actually it's not even gonna be that you're gonna know in a very solid way like you're gonna get almost like a glimpse of your life five years from now and it's not a wish you're gonna know that that's what it's gonna be whoa this is kind of cool do you ever just like you just know right like oh I just thought of that but I know that to be I know that that's what will happen so you you guys are moving into some really powerful energy yeah you're it's goes beyond creating your life but being able to see it in the future being able to project it with confidence and walk towards it like dance look at the magic see all that magic that got created behind this person and now they're dancing forward into that life into that vision like number three and it's funny because they said I know when I opened up the video I you know I was talking about how to pick a car and I said well maybe you just always pick number three if you do good for you too from nice card my candles going out oh no you know what they just get too much wax here we go all right so now we're gonna do number four point four times what does prioritize have for us today we have the moth from your wild animal spirit your regular animal spirit is seahorse watch and wait Oh this card is cute to tell you what it's cute his little message one of my favorite messages your Shaymin card is the Ghost Dance Oh interesting Ghost Dance so first let's get into sea horse sea horse spirit watching wait the easiest way to explain this card is not my monkeys not my circus so you may be watching something that is just like oh my gosh these people or oh my gosh that person but watching wait don't go into it because they're not your monkeys it's not your monkey and it's not your circus that is really what this little card is telling you to do just kind of box around in the ocean watching all this crazy crap going on you just like yes I'm just gonna say I'm gonna hang on to this piece of coral that's not my stuff so that's what you think too you know mom mom is a couple of different meanings what the meaning I'm really getting from this card today right now though is go towards the light go towards the light with a total abandonment like a moth would in the evening or at night time when there's a light on outside you know how they're all drawn to it I'm flicking around it can flip the read around it and flickering around it normally I would say that that is a habit or an action it's not very self-serving you know it's sort of like a deer in the headlights but just constantly standing there and looking back and looking back and looking back like you're kind of stuck but I feel like there's some kind of monkey stuff going around that's not part of your circus and you know watching wait or how about just keep focusing on the light keep focusing on the light in this situation how the moth is coming out of the door yes going up to the light it's actually going up to it's all chemical sign of air which is kind of neat in that sense it's directing its energy to that to the air to intuition clear thought get out of the darkness just keep going into the lights now darkness in your mind too because with the Ghost Dance this ghost dance card is helping you to understand the relationship and this is a very deep relationship the spiritual deep spiritual relationship you have with your ancestors because you have ancestors that you're connected with it or not in this lifetime with you right now some of them may have already exited that you know we're obviously older when you came into the world but there are some that you have heard stories about you never met they passed on long before you but you are still deeply connected with these ancestors and in previous lives you were living together with them um at the same time here and in future lives you will be there's just a reason that others came forward to be with you in this life instead of them for lessons and reasons that we're all exploring now sometimes we may feel negativity to past ancestors we just may be harboring negativity and what this is telling you this card is telling you that if you do blame relatives or ancestors living or not living for things that have happened in the past or for where you are right now you will never move forward and they will haunt you and it will haunt you if you can look at whatever happened and say wow I can be a better person because of that I will lift myself up because of that and acknowledge that perhaps this person came at that time in your life with those lessons maybe they sacrificed themselves maybe they made a sacrifice and a soul contract to you that they would be a complete jerk in this lifetime so that you would know how to recognize that personality so you would know how to stand up and speak up to that personality or how to just walk away from that personality so this card is asking you to no longer look at those past relationships that were that you may have seen it as negative but find the good in it find the good in it because it allows you to move forward it allows you to say you know what that's not my monkey that's not my circus that may have been my lesson but now I'm moving into the light I'm gonna keep keep going to like keep going like keep going and then these were no longer haunt you they were no longer haunt you and actually they will become deep spirit guides for you because they can it they can't do that if you hold this negative energy around your memories and thoughts of them and that is a very deep personal journey I mean I can speak of it and I can I can't think of a single person on the planet who hasn't had to deal with whether it's a parent a grandparent an aunt and uncle a sibling anybody who you know you ever felt took advantage of you or only had their best interests at heart or just you know always seemed to want to push your buttons it's not easy but once you do do it it's the lights just you know if the moth just keeps flowing to that light bulb all night I just kept going on like you're going to like keep going and then your Sun comes up the moth never went into the darkness never experienced the darkness right you just got to keep doing it and then the Sun will come off and it'll be a whole new day for you so to speak okay thanks guys I hope you enjoyed that and again sorry it's late I being and being a mom and have a great day be gentle with yourselves I don't see you soon okay bye