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Hello everyone and guess what we are back Now it’s time for us to get Holy and hear a new story from the Bible Yes story time. Hi Holy it’s time for you to tell us a story Yes and today I’m going to tell you a story called The road to Golgotha The high priests and the High Council had condemned Jesus to death But they did not have the final authority. Jesus had to appear before the Roman governor Pilate before the sentence could be carried out Pilate asked Jesus are you really the King of the Jews Yes what you say is true jesus answered Jesus’s confident response made the priests and the religious leaders angrier They accused him and shouted at him. But Jesus kept his calm and kept quiet Do you hear what they’re saying Pilate asked Do you have any response to their accusations Jesus still kept quiet and did not say a word. In those times it was a custom during the Passover celebration For the governor to release one prisoner and set him free whom the people chose The people could choose anyone they wanted along with Jesus There was one more popular prisoner named Barabbas as the crowd around Pilate grew larger and larger He asked them which prisoner do you want me to set free for you this year Barabbas or Jesus Pilate knew that Jesus was condemned to death By the religious leaders only because they were jealous of his popularity And thought that the people might want to set him free Little they din’t know that the priests symbol leaders had already planted the idea in the people To ask freedom of Barabbas and the death sentence of Jesus So when Pilate asked the crowd the question they shouted out saying Barabbas, Pilate was confused he asked but if I free Barabus Then what should I do with Jesus, Crucify him The crowd responded crucify him and the shouts grew louder and louder Pilate saw that the situation was getting out of hand. So he called for a servant to get a bowl of water In front of the crowd he washed his hands and said I am innocent of this man’s blood Responsibility of his death is on you crucify him We’ll take the responsibility be continued shouting. So pilot released Barabbas And ordered Jesus to be beaten with a whip and then crucified Pilate soldiers stripped off Jesus’s codes and put a red robe on him They made a crown of thorn Eve Ines and put it on his head They also made him hold a stick in his hand like a sceptre then they bowed down In front of him and said Hail King of the Jews but they were just making a joke out of it They spit on him and hit him with the same stick Which they made him hold. They led him out of the building And made him carry the heavy cross beam on which he would die Jesus felt weak because of the beating and he fell down under the weight of the cross One of the soldiers cracked a man from the crowd named Simon and they made him carry Jesus’s cross To the hill called Golgotha where the crucifixion would take place Those men where soo soo cruel thy where mean peoplei hate them I know Freckles but that’s what the story is all about poor Freckles don’t be sad Well since all your children are feeling a little low today I will not ask you any questions Okay Holy thank you for not asking us a question today I do not be like answering. I just want to go home I just want to eat we’ll be back soon with new stories keep watching Bye Bye

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