Creativity Evoking Sleep Meditation | Effective Tension Release

This is Rasa, welcome to your guided meditation. Lay down and begin relax. Feel free to adjust your body by finding the
most comfortable position that will help you breathe and relax naturally. You can put a pillow under your knees or lower
back, if this adds additional comfort for your back. Gently close your eyes. Take a natural and easy breath in and breathe
out in the same way, naturally and easy. Be aware of your breath path and how it changes
throughout your body. Flow with it. Take another natural and easy breath and let
your awareness follow the fading path of your out-breath. Observe how your breath arises without any
force and fades away in its own way Rising and descending. Rising and descending. The infinite space of peace and tranquility
is between the constant flow of your rising and descending breath. In the following moments, you will tense and
relax certain parts of body and be aware of and feel the changes and sensations. The muscle relaxation lasts a few seconds
longer than its related tension part of the exercise. Give yourself time to relax. At any moment, if you feel any discomfort
or pain, stop doing the exercises and focus your attention on breathing, relaxing and
letting go. If you prefer the visualization process, you
can also visualise the mentioned body parts tensing, holding and relaxing without engaging
your muscles on the physical level. Now, wiggle your toes a little bit. Take a deep and slow breath in and breathe
out in the same manner. Then, pull your toes up towards your body
for a few seconds hold them a bit in that position and feel the present tension and
now, point your toes away from you by feeling the pleasant and opening stretch of your ankle
joints and now turn them back into the relaxed and natural position. Now, move your attention to your calf muscles. Tighten them by maintaining the tension, but
without over-tensing them. Find your comfortable and effective level
of tensing by being aware of your body and its limits
and release. Feel the difference in sensations. Now tighten your thighs for a few moments,
hold it and release. Feel how the relaxation spreads more and more
through other musles of your body. Tense your entire legs for a few of seconds. Hold the tension a bit. And totally relax all the muscles of your
legs. Feel how you become deeply relaxed each time
you breathe out and let go. And, now tense your hip and buttock muscles. Hold it
and relax. Do it one more time. Feel how your body responds to the new energy. Right now, bring your attention to your stomach
area. You can put your hand onto it if you want
to be more aware of your stomach rising and falling. As you breathe in, let your stomach expand
and as you breathe out bring your stomach back in. Feel how you pull your stomach in. Do it a few times. When you finish, bring your hand back to its
side. And now tighten your chest muscles. Hold it, feel the tension, and relax. Repeat the exercise one more time. Bring your shoulder blades back toward each
other. Hold it, be aware of the sensations
and release. Feel how the muscles start unwinding slowly. Whatever comes to your mind right now, it
starts melting away in your open and non-resistant state of consciousness and blissful relaxation. Make a fist and squeeze your hand by feeling
the tension in the hand and forearm muscles, hold it a bit and relax. Notice the sensations in your fingers, wrists
and forearms. Repeat it once again. Now tighten your biceps and triceps, hold
it, feel the tension in your upper arm and release. Notice how you feel right now. Maybe you feel lighter or heavier at certain
parts of your body and that’s all right. Gently and carefully tighten your neck muscles. Hold
and relax. Feel how your relaxed body sinks deeper
and deeper into the surface underneath you. Now open your mouth as wide as you can. Hold. And relax by letting your mouth hang open. Let it all go. Feel how your lower jaw loosens and becomes
more flexible when you close your mouth. Become aware of the area around your eyes. Squeeze your eyes shut. Hold
and relax. Any patterns of stagnant energy are dissolving
and the new ones made of fresh and restorative energy are arising with each conscious breath,
tensing, holding and relaxing your muscles. You are witnessing your body-mind transformation
by seeing it from within. Raise your eyebrows as far as you can. Hold, feel the tense muscles of your forehead. And relax. And now scrunch up your entire face, eyes,
mouth, nose, cheeks, jaw and forehead. Hold and completely and slowly relax all the
muscles of your face. Do it once again. Feel how you relax in the pleasant release
of soothing warmth spreading through your face and body. By taking a gentle and easy breath in and
breathing out fully, gently and easily allow your body to release all the possible remaining
tension, blockages or tightness in the next few moments. Now imagine yourself being in front of a canvas,
a wall, building or some other place where you can paint freely. Let your imagination find the perfect surface
and material you can play with. You can use a specific paintbrush, your hands,
legs, entire body or anything else as a tool for your expression. Evoke the positive feelings and sensations
related to painting just like a child would, being playful and creative as a child with
with paint colours, dipping the fingertips or a brush into the paint and making your
unique imprints on the paper or some other surface, slowly moving the colours across
the surface. If you can’t evoke those feelings and sensations,
then allow your present-moment consciousness to simply flow and create for you, right now. You don’t have to be bothered with someone
else’s idea about what makes one an artist or painter. Above all, we are all artists of consciousness,
we can all tap into the place of all possibilities our consciousness, pure consciousness where
our creative energy lies. We all uniquely express ourselves. Now, let’s paint on your ‘canvas of consciousness’. At first sight, it may or may not look like
a regular canvas. It’s up to your imagination. By being totally absorbed in the process of
creation you start to breathe life into it. It is not so solid, but alive, interactive
and inspiring. You shape, create and communicate with the
world of your creation. You are the part of it. Take a slow and easy breath in and breathe
out slowly and easily. Be aware of something soothing and new or
maybe, something old and comforting you are going to paint. Whatever comes to you, just let your creative
expression be without giving it any interpretation or story around it. For a few moments, effortlessly express yourself
by painting something that is an answer to this question: How would I paint or present
the consciousness? Ask yourself this question and visualise your
hands, body, paintbrush or something else express the answer. Your wrists and arms are relaxed and your
visualisation simply flows and makes intuitive strokes. You are choosing any colour you want or creating
any mixture of colours. Begin and flow with your creation. Now visualise smoothly appling the soft yellow
paint on your canvas of consciousness that represents source of light of your choice. You are flowing with your smooth and relaxed
movements. Let all the parts of your painting happen. Let it all arise just in the same way your
gentle breath does, spontaneously. The gentle touches make the edges, curves
and smooth transitions between the colours, shades and objects of your painting. The next things you easily and smoothly create
are the relaxing green trees with their elegant branches. The moment you apply the magical white, orange
and yellow between the tree leaves and branches, the sunbeams start revealing itself and peeking
through them while you are bathing in all that warm glow. The beautiful flowers start popping up and
you can feel how the gentle wind makes them sway from side to side. Your breath becomes like the gentle wind,
too. All your gracious strokes keep going back
and forth. Back and forth. Keep applying more colours and creating more
patterns and enjoying their blending and letting go… With your next stroke blue and white colours
start blending and creating the cotton-like clouds that are floating in the blue sky. You can feel that your breath is slowly moving
the clouds across the blue sky. Now visualise in between the trees creating
a path and applying the smooth layers of paint. Each layer forms the path like a staircase. You feel invited to go and explore it. The touching points between your strokes and
canvas of consciousness vanish away. You melt with it. Trust your creation, surrender, let go. You feel lighter and lighter. Ready to gently fall asleep and get a deep
and restful sleep.

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