Create Abundance – Guided Meditation by Paul Babin

Make yourself comfortable, and take a deep breath in.
And then exhale completely, emptying your lungs.And as you breathe in, imagine that you are on a playground
seesaw or teeter-totter.With each breath in, you go up, and each exhalation you
gently come down. Your feet push against the ground, you breathe in, and up you go.
At the top, breathe out, and begin floating down. There’s a handle you can hang on to if
you want, or you can stretch your arms out – it’s safe. Just give yourself over to this simple
arcing movement through the air, as you breathe and feel the joyous release. Now, as you continue to breathe in and
out up and down, choose a point in the distance far far away this is where
you’re going to send any thoughts that are with you, any thoughts that come up during this
meditation, any thoughts about what you desire, any thoughts about right or wrong, any
thoughts about what happened today or what might happen today, what you must do, any thoughts about what others have done. As you send thoughts you might be having
to that place in the distance far far away, bring your attention back to your
breath and feel the air moving over your body
as you rise up and come back down. And notice deep relaxation beginning to
envelop your entire body. It’s so quiet when those thoughts go on
vacation and you put your attention on your breathing. On this next inhale, the seesaw lifts you
up into the air and you become weightless. You look down and see the
seesaw return to the ground without you, because you are floating in space – gently
rising up leaving the seesaw behind back there on the ground. You’re untethered. Free Now notice any sensations in your feet. Notice the space between your toes. Any sensations in your legs. Notice the space around your legs. Any feelings you might be having around
your hips. Feel your belly expanding with each
breath in. Notice any sensations in your fingers, your arms, your chest. Notice the space around your chest. Take note of any sensations in
your shoulders, your neck. your jaw, around your eyes. if you have any thoughts that come up,
you can send them to that place far far away. And breathe. And ride the gentle tide of life-giving
energy flowing in and flowing out, cradling you, lifting you up, floating, surrounded now by infinite space. And you are watching it all. Here I am with myself, with my breath,
with the sensations in my body, right here in this moment. This moment is all that is. All that is is the empowering perfection
of right now. And you allow all images ideas and
thoughts about who you are to simply fall away, and you become aware now that the
material you, the physical you consisting of flesh and bone is vanishing. And what’s left is the YOU that is pure
energy. Now I’d like you to bring your attention
to your heart space. This is the focal point of creation within you, so just feel the movement of energy
flowing in and around your heart space. This divine energy comes from every
direction, from the farthest reaches of the universe. It travels infinite distances with
laser-like focus directly into through, around your heart space, and back out
again. And what remains grows and pulsates is a beacon of heart centered
radiating LOVE. Feel this. Feel this. Your heart space is the gateway for
Abundance. All that is uniquely you resides here, in constant exchange with the divine
energy that manifests everything. So breathe. feel this divine connection that is
always taking place. Accept it. Allow it. Relax. Let grace do its thing by giving up any
sense of what “should be,” and trusting divine source. I invite you to say out loud or quietly
to yourself the following: I’m ready to allow abundance in my life, because I have abundance already. I’m ready to allow abundance in my life, because I am not a prisoner of my thoughts. I’m ready to allow abundance in my life because I trust the universe knows what I need. I’m ready to allow abundance in my life, because I am grateful for all that I have right now. I’m ready to allow abundance in my life because, I’m ready to make different choices in my life. I’m ready to allow abundance in my life because, I’m courageous enough to leave
what I believe is my comfort zone. I’m ready to allow abundance in my life
because, I will not judge as wrong anything that happens. I’m ready to allow abundance in my life
because, I know that everything that manifests in my life – is for my benefit. I’m ready to allow abundance in my
life because, I know that Abundance is a creative expression of my unique, higher purpose. Now, I invite you to state your intention
for a more abundant life. What do you want? What does abundance look like for you? And how does it feel? State your intention in the present
tense, beginning with, “I am…” As you exhale this next breath, you find
yourself back on the seesaw, gently coming down and touching your
feet on the ground. You can continue to breathe and ride the seesaw, or you can step off. Whatever you choose, I want you to feel
and express your gratitude for the Abundance that is your life right now
and the Abundance that is soon to come. It will be most powerful if you write
this down in a gratitude journal. When you’ve done this,
I’d like you to set an intention for the day ahead, or for your sleep time. I acknowledge you for doing this
meditation. It’s a gift you’ve just given yourself that will return to you in
astoundingly delightful ways, so… Expect the Unexpected. god bless you