Communio Sanctorum – Witchcraft: Spiritual Attacks And Solutions

a good day there are still fewer and welcome to our today's edition of the hermeneutics of culture religion and politics on a BS television channel 2 for oka with very Reverend Father professor Boehner Christmas Umaga when a mother who may fame of instant miracle for abouna is the Dean Faculty of Islamic University oka very rebel father professor burocracy zoomable is the director directorate for evil village and Center for African civilization very remember a professor Mona Lisa's imago is the spiritual director and founder of communal Centurion ministries international is a divine mystic anncr the gentleman that is seriously walking towards actualizing Jesus Christ University as well as University the man who has written many books in philosophy and many other paths he is a respectable forty in African and Western metaphysis parabola is a philanthropist of know me repeat a Catholic priest of Anita our diocese and a lot of things about the relevant for a professor Bruna Christmas imago one a Maria welcome to be studio how would we hear a strong man in Nigeria and a number of politics a person I know as a political path finder a great philanthropist the spiritual leader of evil nation and the Gazebo the man that is called by admission alison ashoka the great one that is very very respected when it come to politics and philanthropy the man who has done it all in business and has brought up a lot of business models as well as himself he is a business model his name is chief romans wrote me as a mocha sorrow mia welcome to the city of greasy book I am the presenter of this very program Jude mascot Iago is my name the topic for today is a we ought to look at witchcraft the spiritual attacks and solution Exodus chapter 20 288 thou shalt not suffer a witch to live datura me 18:10 there shall be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through fire or who practices witchcraft or a sucia or one who is a peaceful man as a sarong or one who conjures spells or a medium or a Spiritist or one who cost of the dead second chronicles 33 6 and he caused his sons to pass through the failure in the Valley of Hinnom he practice hussein use witchcraft and sorcery and consulted mediums and spirit ease he did much evil in the sight of the Lord to provoke him to anger second Kings eye 22 now it happened when Durham soldier who that he said is it peace Yahoo so he answered what pain is as long as the hollow trees of your mother Jezebel and witchcraft are so many are you a witch white or black good or bad is there any free gift from the witches can which be identified how answers well visit the minds of meticulous attention of course the rest in viewer this is how we tend to kick off rocky start with today's edition of this program witchcraft spiritual attacks a solution a half year between the studio as I introduced for abouna and regressive oh okay Farah Bonham Sutton for you I want for you to tell us what this wood craft is and who is a witch thank you very much witchcraft is the theory and the practice of magical skills magical abilities and magical characters of course magic is a craft it's a manipulation is a way you use supernatural craft to manipulate persons and properties and places I want to establish botner forevermore the import of crafting witchcraft so it is more of a manipulation the skillful use of principles to a negative advantage I want to make it clear that we have so many types of course every use of crafting witchcraft has to do with the self so one can say that it has a self east orientation self East because man is condemned to be a self but then when you use a social supernatural craft to do selfless where I can say the so called cement selfless services we are talking about white witchcraft we use them for selfish purposes what about black witchcraft then when it is suspended in between the bad red witchcraft and automatically that white witches are preoccupied with spirits spiritism you see there is a problem with witchcraft it lies between science and religion that of course makes it very dangerous it is neither science it is not a religion the Gandalf a hodgepodge an American a mixture of both so what which is pool witchcraft to the level of science so read an operation is an operation because witchcraft is not science is her craft and you see when I talk about supernatural craft not talking about supernatural knowledge it is not Molly it is a craft it is it make leave Maxine so anytime people are preoccupied with a specimen science in the sense of the use of cosmic spirits cosmic spirits to engage in discoveries and inventions and all that Vera planes do some of these gadgets well David this is a useful tool the human race that's why I said so called seceding the selfless services we are talking about that's why in a white witchcraft they do not make much of the witchcraft body of bodies but in black witchcraft they make modules of bodies especially the physical condition of the body that's why cosmic bodies witchcraft bodies that's why you can get a wish who may be white with in a black body which is black in a white body you have borders the regions where changes are done now the that's why a black witchcraft met watches of the universal bodies or the cosmic bodies now in between them there's the lady whose craft which has to do with indeed I want to be very particular about the red wishes because if you talk about spirit of infirmity spirit of poverty threat of bondage we are talking about the domains of red wishes because they go into their life of the flesh that is in the blood not because of their blood but by the authority of the spirit the love dispute of life in the blood so they attack life now in terms of what you call a red the witchcraft see they operate more between flesh blood and spirit so it surrender of America so you can have a white wish that can have a kind of a ready operation so you can have black white red white white red black red and so many what difficult on there so anytime you talk about wishes in terms of internal external and internal modifications we are talking about and organize the necromantic group that can cause misfortunes can bring sins of sickness especially sickness unto death and can bring death itself so we had a law of the spirit of death overshadows the law of the spirit of life so you can now see that we all would make all traditional witchcraft that has to do with the so-called the typology will craft by heredity Harry did three wishes Ultima : social wishes again you can have the contemporary witchcraft that has to do with all these white witch's antenna or these groups here and there is organized criminal groups that are go into so many ways thinking to help you my beans and at the end of the day plugging them down and you have again I would call garden area which is eclectic which is those who combine red black blue and all that and other forms like you have this particular group you can a coven called Pandora which is Pandora wishes there are so many of them so that's in a nutshell what I would graph this who is a wish a wish of course I die you see maybe not necessary and an old woman or somebody see I want to describe the kind of appearance DPF see normally somebody with a long pointed heart with his knowledge a kind of hobbling hoodlum a kind of cackling Kaka we are talking about persons with initiations in tools craft as I said you cannot become a witch unless you are initiated maybe if we have a chance who can go into the initiations bed somebody who is initiated into witchcraft is a wish with so many science we can call up I don't know for it on the private part or in other part of the body thank you child of God you're welcome to hermeneutics of religion culture and politics with very ribbon for the professor birack is assumable mono mario and me fame of instant miracles for the founder and spiritual director of camino sanctorum ministries international a supremely intelligent genius of christ and for a growing Catholic priest a professor of philosophy and a respected authority in Africa non-western metaphysis logics fee oversee a mathematical philosophy van Rijn reverend for a professor politician aluminum model is an international professor from the Faculty of past numbers between Vashti akka director even fitted an Center for African civilization uniteq the man who is struggling the cause of establishing an evil university as well as Jesus Christ University for abouna is a confident piece of furniture our diocese is a seer and a mystic a polyglot and philanthropist of the new repeat come very Reverend Farah professor Bruna consumable Moana model form of the preyas satanic sauces in the stigmatization trans operation by location mera close transportation reputation and mystical villas are the sacred ground a miracle serene of communal sanctorum of divine apparitions miracles testimonies healings and deliverances they are child of God 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Olivia montage firma Taurus garden a guaca– god bless you I'll disavow you have traveled a lot you entire aeroplane when they were hit in the nigel bridge i learnt something was put in a bottle and see it enabled and build it bridge true of course i do not know we have mobile handsets we have laptops does this involve the witches if so how and what out of which were they you know what we talk about which we talk about witchcraft we talk about who is which we are talking about something that is a trade he traded that people on it but spit on me you have the positive businessmen on them you have negative ones on them may be true to that the witchcraft really exists and when we talk about black witchcraft he has to do with everything about negativism everything about destruction anything about the anger and the darkness of creation there for instance is a black which is responsible for every negative thing you see that is happening on a plane today on eight plane today and a lot of instruments are involved in witchcraft starting with trees there it Coventry's we are the witches meet some of those air commentaries you can put them down you put them down they rise up you put them down you rise up for you to insist in pulling them down a lot of rituals has to be performed you talk of animals there is animals that it is being used for the witchcraft activities something like the owls and some of those animals they are part of these treatments of the witches then you talk about human mind it is there you have more material more raw material to to do the trading of witchcraft it is there you learn in the purple one – the witch subjecting them operate a particular image because are most of the huge craft a perform in energy level they evolve in confusion and convincing and destruction and the captain and the conversion of human beings into their lineup of coven arrangement I'm sorry to say that they have been entreated into religion they have penetrated into education and they have penetrated into government you see the work of this report is to to celebrate in their coven and the assembly assembly values the impunity that have been suffered by Attlee people if I tell you reason why government cannot see so many things working because which is manipulated the minds of people in government has work I support rules that can root 1000 acres on a root address a pothole that is not up to ten feet deep a trip of typical fill it up Vedas which that is responsible to describe the minds of the people that can control such Potter so also the education the inability to mix to mix skill acquisition into Racal practice of education service in Italy is much manipulation of the witchcraft if not why do we produce the the jobless graduates you know who knows how to be engineers on the street without knowing let's say a mechanical engineer has a has a certificate of graduation in mechanical engineering but they had never see a plug of vehicles or anything doesn't know what is diamond and he hasn't seen it but by qualification is a graduate now what was the the the analog mechanics combined with digital mechanics it is the work of witchcraft to separate these two things so that we cannot succeed the witch's job is to pre you on people that's pure witchcraft to pre-owned people to make people unhappy which we enjoying today with white witchcraft the operating order side of the God the the the right all the black which is in the left hand of God the white witches and the right hand of God and on the question can you narrow standard equation the aeroplane aspect the computer and all this yes all awardees are witches ooh that operates in different frequencies when we talk about the white witches we talk about innovation creativity they work hard to influence human happiness why do people work hard to influence human a negative life anger and so on and so forth it is which spirit that can make you produce I mean manufacture all these were enjoying today the white witches has found the invention and creativity that let us explore beyond the plain where we are we're on a planet the white witch's has a manufactured aircraft space aircraft that can take us in the moon in other planets because the eight is not the only planet of our solar system you have Venice mercury Jupiter Saturn and so on and so forth but with the help of white witchcraft we are going even Tsunade later why don't explore and even try I mean travel to serve other planets of the of the eight of the planets of our solar system well as why they are doing this to progress human development and transformation the black witch's been multiplied in in Africa I can see to make people unhappy that's why today most of the people here running away to the developed countries which has controlled witches we supposed to consume witchcraft there's one man I know that we are fighting witchcraft in Nigeria points for a burner the kingdom of darkness and the witches these are these there are operational modalities similarities and differences the kingdom of darkness the which is the world of the witches I'm talking about the operational modalities similarities and differences I wish to make an important distinction most of this we have like nuclear physics astrophysics and other forms of scientific engineering I want to make it clear with this above proverb my affair amble amo la cabeza maragua go further so I when I want you to have this impression that I'm not all great inventions we are done by white wishes so we are done by pure brigades colas and scholarship so it's very important to note data distinction well if it was scientists go into a kind of coffin experience to further what they want to do in a different he said in the Ginga feature but I want to make it clear that um there are scientists who are not wishes all which is a no scientist indeed to be precise let me tell you witches are not to be sure and we precise scientists because they go from split ISM to science so is very important to note that point is very clear so that most of the great inventions we have do not always display that which is what is important out there are some see we are in rugged academic so we know about that very well now having said that with over Kingdom Kingdom made clear that any talk about Kingdom robot a stronghold a power force an environment of action that has both psycho physical and the psycho spiritual effects and every Kingdom every stronghold would want to dominate the world that's the problem we solved these are companies now from De Niro provincialism they want to dominate the entire destinies of Nations now we talk about King that's why there is a Kingdom against Kingdom the economical is called a base layer there with the definite article there these are the ones that have indefinite articles see so I want to make it clear for the front what goal that no matter how powerful the kingdom of darkness becomes the kingdom of God is greater than that so if you are under the influence and or network of this particular program doesn't matter how many wishes have risen up against you what more has that God is for you and one with God is majority the authority of God always be a majority now any time you are talking about the issue of the kingdoms kingdoms of darkness there are so many the kingdom of God is one now witches have medical they engage in bringing misfortunes sickness especially sickness unto death and also death itself John 10 verse 10 the enemy came to steal to kill and to destroy but it's not my game my have life and have abundant life so in terms of the operational modalities wishes can place a curse on a person or on his or her destiny they can put a spell on somebody on your ways witches can also use spirits of detectable to bring up confusion and disaster to bring up great evils upon families it's very difference to this necromantic aspect of witchcraft we call necromancy the necromancy necromancy necromancy which involves familiar spirits of the Dead I will explain why they're called family spirit is a popular reason there are family papers we look at them they look normal like if you look at a wish in a cosmic body maybe of an animal of a reptile reptile of a pet that the more you bless you see you has seen a bed you are seen a tortoise you as in a cockroach place in Iraq yes you know that you see what we have seen is not and all know the rattle cockroach you have seen a kind of modification internal and external internal and/or external what if accan motivations so that's why a times when you see these things maybe in your dream before our very eyes that will turn into a human being julia is not a human being so we are now talking about something very deep that's why I said the kingdom of God is against that because you don't need to place an evil burden on the image of an animal God has created animals and their animals there are not more or less than animals but when you owe us a wish the cochlea body or put your body into their body through your covenant with Saturn especially with the performance here as the syllabus crafts see you are no longer do what God told you to do God made man in his own image the image of God is made man so we take up another image that is satanic that is diabolical eyes demonic you see you have turned yourself into someone at in your table become an enemy of God those have gone away from the image of God into another image stopping father these projections and incantations you rise up in the morning you have mark on your body you have mark on your face at times you see cross in a small bottle ordinarily it cannot enter upon that what will be the crosses inside there these are all forms of manipulation that's why I said that witchcraft is no science is the more you look the less you see if you scratch is left to be what it is to have a neutral and a moral value in other words something for the fun of it you play a trick with somebody's a vision or whatever you have some to hide and seek and the president will see something that you have made to look at to look to see what it is not that level we are talking about the manipulation of somebody's a sensible when you go beyond that into the monism into Satanism into rich ones into blood soaking into initiation it is no longer something that is hopely not give a sermon on EBU o makki belugas it is it more equally merukimon video silly well go Babu an actual name boom MIDI name and also university it will be false Odin in me all thousand American ethnic I would so ordinarily magic should be neutral somebody may test me to look at where you bring out something and that depends with Inc that that is something real but when you go beyond the the normal neutral in the play and go into worship of Saturn we are it is no longer safe it becomes a moral and diabolical principle if you have anything to add there you do but then I want to ask you in addition if you have any but I want to ask you this question why many of our doing man regarded as which is a tidy bit about our children okay that is the way we have been corrupted into believing that an ugly woman the witchcraft I mean who the woman is a witchcraft because because the food each and you see grow in that wood age the the feeling of the new generation means that this woman whatever the Manus is becoming old and we believe that something that is rude is of the witches because the look he so ugly then in terms of what I want to add with what for the bonnet Cruz says you see the the witchcraft is manipulation if it is physical it becomes physical fight everybody will be seen by people are that which is easy to chop you and unsecured blood they do those turns on the energy level you see when father says that white which is white which is achievement is is a scientist who is scientist the black man witchcraft to his scientists in science – because both of them operate in remote control what are they who spells it is on remote control what is full is on remote control this phone you want to offer anything you use the remote control you want to destroy somebody you use spell spell that's why today we all need a surah here but everybody is she knows in the entire city is witchcraft so then drone you can use a drone now to capture the now there is this a truck you can use a y- black witches are using the same system negatively to track the enemies and destroyed them so white witches decided the same thing to track the this guess on their dream and get the corporate so these things is witchcraft but the operation is and don't forget that did the day we are enjoying as a broad daylight has to be part of God and the night we see darkness of the night is all part of God and that is why the light road built is you come in front of God you were doing so good come to my right hand we lose a presence in charge you were being so bad when I was on a delay that we come to the left hand well Lucifer's in charge nobody has gone to the head of God so therefore he said his he is dead darkness and night he is the Alpha and Omega so I had to reboot every invention every creativity every good thing was designed by manipulation of a higher energy into discovery or created our creation of that at the same time now you manufacture a bomb to destroy city here so on and so forth it is the negative aspect of witchcraft they are poor on all this in coven the group of scientists will come together in a conference table to see how they will do something that will baffle the eight people by all the same invention of going to explore the moon the Stars and sona's Edison the bad people will be designing war how can they bring the weapons you know there's some profession that are evil and there are some profession that is that is a god that's when you say somebody's a medical doctor when you say somebody's a teacher well somebody's engineer the Odysseys aspect of positive profession when said somebody's false false he is gone and all these days all this is a Luciferian profession so I still believe that the God operates in two frequencies the darkness of the night is Wendy the black witches so everything they use what I have aa spell where the quality knitting is energy manipulation to do remote control take your glue swivel thank you for abana you say that if we do not distinguish between elements of the existing the many senses in which that said to exist refer to if you like compartmentalize them the proposition that white which is our scientists does not also mean that all scientists are white witches that imitation is very important because the most authorities outside with are so many deeper specializations not really like to be classified as a weight which is because they know they are not better scientists can get initiated and become a wish just like a pastor or a priest or whatever it depends on you see I want to make a data distinction very clear that time there can be pure rocket science that is very science or blind that can achieve a lot it is to be precise where I'm not so much a very happy with that this waitress is that there is the combination have talked about that for instance if an astrophysicist or a nuclear physicist develops a kind of bomb now that bomba in its the invention is simply immoral but as that bump is used to destroy human life the negativity comes into that so you see what is immoral because immoral so that does now white and black not all scientists are witches not all of them uses negative approach to whatever production in the scientific world some of them are good some of them are bad okay now we don't have enough time with inference parabola which graphs have affected the religion judges culture traditional politics in EBU London Africa you are the head of director of your village a center for African civilization if the taking to the angle of religion and culture because there you are a prophet of religion and culture and you African village can we have something about how to what is they say equal Boselli book Suganya bible FML uber now I must maintain a culture makini like an apple or Bala imma sue is epithelia Buddha's mother Malika it to me me it were me me more I can owe me a medal for this cement Rocha su lee soo-man capitalism mana opposed akka vana a yahoo emotion mechanical American version Managua College Africa Africa hy De Luca Brasi modified akeem akio see more GABA mechanic in a katana no fur and anata mo c kkona kkona mosuke lebombo colombo Shakalaka calorie Akana Nona america las maracas wrong Bocanegra mama mama Acala naga iogic a bone Macarena a gaga – Aidan Ando Matt ranae camo on week tomorrow for a kilometer nanananana mahogany ocka ocka ocka Cecile Cecile that has a meaning meaning Obadiah Bhavana on Huber annainsea or cacao Missy Avila prefer nobly born an ugly overeager guy named Barack Obama alpha leader on the marketer he added Rotterdam one monkey McCallum acha acha amudha be good for tomorrow and redeem a cackler we don't have Hannah wagon would have more time what is the solution to all this if somebody sees such mad what is up isn't supposed to do say that the first thing I say I think I've gone to something very important I want to put the Catechism of the Catholic Church paragraph 2415 the chest trachea that God is in charge of the future and go care even if you to anybody not true unscrupulous ritualistic Lenin or practice again if you come down to the same catechism paragraph 2116 you don't take the onload do to God and you give that to the world I said this would call a very so I do it converge to a declare to Rama you don't go away from God and do you worship creatures again there's a know that in the church made clear in the Catechism of the collegiate paragraph to the 117 they were talking about that the whole idea of witchcraft and this manipulation bored us away from YouTube call the virtue of religion so the mixture in the whole matter is what I'm not a comfortable and happy with so God is more powerful than these use of preachers okay and the Word of God is very important the crucifix the holy water the sacrament of the church the holy warriors to become what we despise about the initiation I wanted to go for Indies and agree see also as the spirituality illumination also tell us as an aspect so you have to press to mark the end of the program in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit Heavenly Father the origin of divinity the origin of humanity the super ruler and the controller of this universe Trinity a unity unity in Trinity trivial not of three gods in one person but represents among God the only true Godhead I ask you Almighty God to destroy every curse of witchcraft on your people I also mighty God to destroy everything of misfortune projected into young people to destroy evil spirit of sickness especially citizen to death destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus Holy Father holy son Holy Spirit I ask you Almighty God every manipulation of the destiny of your people by the seal of Baphomet let it be destroyed by fire in the name of Jesus I ask you Almighty God you are the owner of the universe Oh God Benneteau transform the affairs of your people destroyed by witchcraft I ask you whatever spell whatever incantation whatever seal is placed against the dystopia people I asked you all God began to turn around the distance again and let people experience fulfillment and victory in the name of Jesus father in the name of Jesus by the authority of the Holy Spirit I ask you o Almighty God who Holy Father goodra of the universe as your mighty God little people fulfill their destinies in the name of Jesus destroy every destiny hijacker every destiny destroyer and bring in your sovereign grace to help your people go into doors that no conclusive gain in the name of Jesus lady holy and effective all who's the case of David who opens and no one closes let all the people who are under the influence and on the tourists by the club bro program experience the fullness of your soft and Grace in the name of Jesus the Lord be with you with Almighty God bless you the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit amen – how so – so the receiver this is how we have to call the cuttin what it is in our today's edition of the abilities of court religion and politics it has been very reverent for a professor Brunner quizzes tomorrow here in the studio with me also Jeff Rumi is a walk aggressive or the spiritual leader of evil nation and a political party find afforable tell you very much for coming but this will be wonderful thank you very much for marking Jigme Scott to be able to say thank you we are caught me from where we stopped with my squad 2 of this program comes up next with thanks very much [Applause]