Cloak of Secrecy: The Religion of the Federal Reserve

value what is it that make something or
someone valuable there are special moments in all of our lives like the
birth of a newborn child for cherishing lifelong memories with an old friend
that make moments in our lives golden there's another meaning to the word
value that my friends has to do with currency throughout history there have
been several empires that arisen and falling which amassed great financial
prosperity what would you do if you were transported back through the ages to any
one of these great empires take Egypt for example how wealthy do you have to
be in order to be put in a golden coffin consider ancient babylon which erected
an enormous statue made entirely out of solid gold the roman empire and its vast
power and influence was so mighty that attacks the entire then-known world but
do you know the identity of the wealthiest nation in existence today if
you guessed the United States you are mistaken
no the United States has over 6,000 FDIC insured commercial banks the most
affluent nation happens to be the smallest nation the Vatican all things
considered is in fact the wealthiest nation on the planet despite being a
little over 100 acres in size the Vatican commands a vast economic and
political influence with most of its gold stored safely inside the Vatican
Bank located in Vatican City the main depository for the Vatican's gold is the
Federal Reserve so clearly the Vatican enjoys its mutual relationship with the
Federal Reserve but how does this information affect all of us personally
let me ask you this how do you benefit on an individual level from the Federal
Reserve most of us who utilize money have no conception of its origin or
manner in which its value can be manipulated the 2008 financial crisis
makes it painfully obvious that American citizens must re-evaluate the role that
the Federal Reserve place and unscrupulously controlling money and its
quality because the result will be economic ruin the Federal Reserve's
operations have been described with a plethora of misinformation spokesman for
the Federal Reserve claimed that like a golden tool the Federal Reserve is
capable of an array of noble deeds including stabilizing the business cycle
and controlling inflation but the Federal Reserve's quintessential
operation is bringing money into existence out of thin air with the
amounts of said fabricated money varying in proportion in each of the Federal
Reserve's creative acts now how does all this time for the lives of the
individual in America Americans and those who desire economic prosperity
should stand at attention at this moment because the Federal Reserve as a central
bank has enormous potential 'ti as a tool to collapse a civilization the
Federal Reserve is the central bank in the United States its aims its
manipulate both cash and credit to bring prosperity not to namely American
citizens like you and I but to a select few benefactors and a system that
operates under the greatest facade ever perpetrated on American citizens when was the last time you dwelt upon
how the Federal Reserve operates here's a quote from Ben Bernanke a former
member of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve that aptly explains how
the Federal Reserve works the US government has a technology all the
printing press or today it's electron equivalent that allows it to produce as
many US dollars as it wishes had essentially no cost by increasing the
number of US dollars in circulation or even by credibly threatening to do so
the US government can also reduce the value of a dollar
in terms of goods and services which is equivalent to raising the prices in
dollars of those goods and services we conclude that under a paper money system
a determined government can always generate higher spending and hence
positive inflation because the Federal Reserve can generate a looser a money
the illusion of wealth pacifies those who are unfamiliar with the nature of
the Federal Reserve which allows it to fabricate an appearance of material
prosperity this is prosperity in fantasy only so there's a false sense of
security which is no real protection at all the United States government and the
Federal Reserve have a signature response to economic crisis namely
soothing a so called shortage of money alleviating money shortages does not
solve the economic crisis because interest rates at zero and trillions of
dollars being pushed into the economy actually make our economic problems
worse across time and in the long run to avoid being victimized by brutal
declines in the economy requires all of us to fathom how the monetary system
which induces economic boom and busts functions imagine a scenario
where the United States for whatever reason decides that one billion dollars
is needed the United States would then issue a bond for that billion dollars
and the bond would subsequently be delivered to the Federal Reserve the
Federal Reserve upon receiving the bond will in turn send out an order for 1
billion dollars to the Department of printing and engraving the Department of
printing and engraving will then process the order and within a timeframe of
about two weeks the bills for the 1 billion dollars are printed and sent
over to the Federal Reserve last the Federal Reserve loans the United States
the 1 billion dollars with interest thus a vicious cycle has begun as the
United States is sent spiraling into debt now imagine those billion dollars
most of us have never come into possession of a billion dollars now
visualize one single dollar bill when the Federal Reserve loans United States
a dollar the United States cannot simply return one dollar to the reserve they
have to first pay back the interest thus when the United States has borrowed so
much money that it cannot pay back the interest this outrageous solution is
given to borrow more money if the United States continues to borrow money the
only institution that will benefit is the Federal Reserve because it collects
both the dollar and the interest and continues to propagate the United
States's downward march to Perdition the march to Perdition has led the United
States to come under the control of the Federal Reserve the question that
remains for us to dwell on is how did the United States come to allow the
Federal Reserve Bank to control it the Federal Reserve by nature is a central
banking system it must be pointed out that the Federal Reserve is not the one
and only central bank that's been set up to control America
prior to the Federal Reserve we find three precursors each bank was
originated by a different man and yet each one had the same goal of dominating
the economy of the United States of America to understand the influence of
the modern-day central bank the Federal Reserve an understanding of the history
of the central banks is necessary in the year 1781 Robert Morris proposed
the first idea for central bank Morris believed that the new nation of America
needed a central bank which should be molded after the Bank of England about
four hundred thousand dollars was given to fund the bank by anonymous investors
after failing to seize control of the United States economy the bank ended up
shutting down after but two short years following the minds of Morris the
central bank his aide Alexander Hamilton once again attempted to establish a
central bank in 1790 Hamptons proposed to Congress calling for a
privately-owned central bank the following year the bill is recognized in
Hamilton's plans came to fruition this Alexander Hampton was not the same
Alexander Hampton of three years prior the Hampton of 1787 who advocated sound
money during that year's Constitutional Convention would have opposed his very
own bill that he before the Congress in 1790 the son change in Hamptons thinking
is peculiar because it happened so quickly
Hamilton's Bank did not remain unchallenged it had to contend with
another founding father namely Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson said a
private central bank issuing the public currency is a greater menace to the
liberties of the people than a standing army we must not let our rulers vote us
for perpetual debt Thomas Jefferson continued by saying if the American
people ever allowed private banks to control the issue of their currency
first by inflation than by deflation the banks in the corporations which grew up
around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake
up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered the poignant a nap on
the mission of Jefferson presents of the people with the choice between as he put
it economy and liberty or profusion and
servitude knowing that the central bank would be a
means to bankrupt the United States Jefferson trumpeter we are ruined if we
do not overrule the principles that the more we owe the more prosperous we shall
be Jefferson was an advocate of hard money and Hamilton's Bank expired in
1811 but sharply following the end of the
official first central bank Nicholas Biddle set up the second official
central bank of the United States Biddle was a man who had been tenacious in
attempting to establish a central bank in the United States Nicholas Biddle
began his work during the War of 1812 between Britain and the United States as
a result of the war inflation ensued but instead of Congress permitting normal
conditions to return Congress approved of a central bank of the United States
in the Year 1816 middle central bank permitted more expansion and created a
boom bust cycle a carbon copy of America's first central bank with the
power to create this effect middle Central Bank had a powerful advantage
over the nation Congress was in his pocket and he kept them under his
influence by bribing them with money as the boom-bust cycle continued it led to
the panic of 1819 the plans created were now growing to
their fullest potential but when the Charter for middle of bank expired in
1832 the re-elected President Andrew Jackson vetoed Congress's attempt to
commence another term for the central bank Jackson's ordered with jus the
federal government's deposits from Biddle's bank and the bank closed in
1836 three times the match should be lit a spark would glow the embers would
ignite but still the fires of the central banking system would be
extinguished American presidents in their innermost souls had a basic desire
to preserve the liberty of the United States whose Liberty they felt was
threatened by the over casting shadow of a central banking system despite
continued efforts to quell the conflagration America was swept into the
firestorm by the Federal Reserve the autocratic lender whom America the
borrower would serve to return the Thomas Paine's Common Sense what
business has a continent serving an island on Jekyll Island which is off the
coast of Georgia seven men meant together to conjure up a plan to put an
end to the financial affluence and prosperity of America
these men were Paul Warburg representing the Rothschild banking dynasty of Europe
Nelson Aldrich and Frank Vanderlip represented the Rockefellers and lastly
Henry Davidson Charles Norton and Benjamin strong representing JP Morgan
joined under one influence and planning to destroy America they
created the central banking system that we now know as the Federal Reserve their plans were simple convince
Congress and the public that the establishment of a central bank would
protect the American people and their money the seven men executed the plan as
follows the entire system of the Federal Reserve has been from its inception
cloaked in secrecy in fact its creators were not even referred to it as this
cartel or a central bank and deviously made the Federal Reserve appeared to be
a government agency so American people will be duped into accepting its
validity to further the facade of a decentralized structure the Federal
Reserve was not allowed to be overrun by Wall Street banks the Federal Reserve
was not marketed as a potential weaponized system of economic control in
fact the Federal Reserve's initial policies on the surface were sound until
they were further codified in later years yet these more malignant policies
needed a catalyst which was found in frustration of the American people over
bank failures or panics spurred on by the fear of recent banking flukes
monetary reform became the trending supplication this entire scheme was
given an intellectual glossing as professors at universities were employed
to advocate the teachings of the Federal Reserve policies all that was needed was
President Woodrow Wilson's own glass Act of December 23 1913 to give life unto
the creature of Jekyll Island the Federal Reserve System was seamlessly
boozed into law and men were purposely stationed at their post at the perfect
time the question is begged why did Woodrow Wilson the President of the
United States give the keys of the American economy into their hands of
European banking dynasties is it possible that Wilson was instructed to
do so if so then by whom and for what reason
Woodrow Wilson had a personal advisor by the name of Colonel Edward Mandell house
house due to his connections now only to the European banking families but also
to JP Morgan was highly influential houses connections were not limited to
the after mentioned he was also trained in the schools of England and a branch
of the jesuit order known as the favorite society the civil war had made
house a rich man and his influence over wilson was so magnetic that the two had
a private code for the telephone which would allow them to have secret
communications President Wilson speaking of the growing influence of house stated
mr. house is my second personality he's my independent self his thoughts and
mine are one the thoughts of President Wilson were not his own his state of
mind as indicated by his own words tells of the fact that his mindset was
bestowed to him by another power could but one man a fluence a president think
back to Alexander Hamilton's rapid shift the position was there an outside force
that was manipulating Hamilton's mindset did he undergo a religious conversion as
it were and then have a rapid shift in his worldview here we are brought face
to face with the religion of the Federal Reserve as previously mentioned House
was a member of the Fabian Society which served as a front group for a religious
order known as the Jesuits Hamilton in the 1780s defended the religious order
that the Jesuits stood for as well does the Jesuit Order have anything to
do with the founding of the Federal Reserve if you look back at the
foundation of the Federal Reserve on Jekyll Island we remember that the
Rothschilds Rockefellers and JP Morgan were present at that meeting these three
financial empires are all friendly competitors in Europe now these banking
powers stand on or are they cloaking another power in
secrecy the power that these banking dynasties are subservient to is none
other than the wealthiest principality on the planet the Vatican the
Rothschilds according to the encyclopedia Judaica bear the very title
guardians of the Vatican Treasury there's yet another organization namely
the Council on Foreign Relations that makes it their study deign to transport
the world to the papal Dark Ages once more but the Rockefellers and JP Morgan
are a part of the CFR what a scam the smallest nation in the world is pulling
the strings of one of the most powerful nations it has been their desired goal
to destroy America and those who stand up for it reading from the Jesuit oath
here follows quote I do further promise and declare that I will when opportunity
presents make and wage relentless war secretly or openly against all heretics
Protestants and liberals as I am directed to do to extirpate them and
exterminate them from the face of the earth and that I will spare neither age
sex or condition and that I will hang waster boil Flay strangle and bury alive
these infamous heretics rip up the stomachs and wombs of their women and
crush their infants heads against the walls that when the same cannot be done
openly I will secretly use the poison cup the strangulating cord the steel of
the pawn yard or the leaden bullet regardless of the honor rank dignity or
authority of the person or persons whatsoever may be their condition in
life either public or private is I at any time may be directed so to do by an
agent of the Pope or superior of the Brotherhood of the holy faith of the
Society of Jesus and quo many faithful presidents have stood in
the face of this murderous institution and their death warrant was signed with
their protest Andrew Jackson faced the danger of Jesuit assassination because
he opposed Nicholas Biddle central bank Jackson knew that the Jesuits wanted to
dominate and control America and they could do so through their bankers
Jackson was well aware of the statement made by the Rothschilds founder voting
Nathan Mayer Rothschild who controls the issuance of money controls the
government this is why when Andrew Jackson ran for a second term
he took his arguments directly to the American people with his campaign slogan
Jackson and no bank bankers because they were fearful of Andrew Jackson the
people's president poured over 3 million dollars into Republican senator clays
opposition campaign to the disarmament of the bankers Angie Jackson won his
re-election and his first charge was against the central bank Jackson began
by firing 2,000 of the 11,000 ploys the federal government to root out the
cloaked agents from the bankers following this Andrew Jackson through
his biggest and most successful punch at the central bank in the year 1832 Biddle
central bank asked Congress for years and events to pass a renewal for the
bank's charter with Congress and the pocket of the jesuits Congress compiled
and sent the bill to Jackson for signing president Jackson vetoed the bill with
the following words it is not our own citizens only for to receive the
boundary of our government with an 8 million of the stock of the banks are
held by foreigners is there no danger in our liberty and independence in a bank
that in his nature has so little to bind us to our country is there not cause to
tremble for the purity of our actions in peace and for independence of
a country in war controlling our currency receiving our public monies and
holding thousands of our citizens independence it would be more formal and
dangerous than a naval and military power of yen the Jesuits now furious
went to fulfill their oath the choice of weapon was the led in bowling using
their assassin Richard Lawrence on January 30th 1835 Lawrence made an
assassination attempt against President Jackson but only by a miracle did bolt
pistols of Lawrence misfire and fail to avoid justice from the president Richard
Lawrence claimed in Sandy and later as he was free from punishment boasted to
his friends that if justice was sentenced he had been in touch with
powerful people in Europe that had promised to protect him from punishment
should he be caught those powerful people were none other than the bankers
under the Jesuits rule President Andrew Jackson knew that the battle against the
central bank had not ended but as he continued his presidency he was able to
pay off the United States his national debt without the central bank and he
went down in American history the only president to pay off the
nation's death the next president who tried to follow in the steps of Jackson
was assassinated that next president is none other than President Abraham
considered to be the greatest American president by historians and laypeople
like President Abraham Lincoln was also opposed to the creation of a central
bank in America firmly resisting the advances of Rothschild agent August
Belmont to create a central bank additionally Abraham Lincoln in direct
opposition of the policies that death that central banks advocated printed
four hundred fifty million dollars these bills came to be known as greenbacks
because they were printed in green ink on the back of the bill to prevent
confusing them without the bills the federal government printed the bills for
no interest in Abraham Lincoln became the last president to ever issue the
United States notes debt-free Lincoln may have been the last president to
issue debt free money but he was also the very first American president to
fall prey to the assassin's bullet history reveals that John Wilkes Booth
was the man that assassinated the 16th President Abraham Lincoln was John
Wilkes Booth a lone killer or is it possible that he was merely an agent on
assignment John Wilkes Booth wasn't the first man to attempt to assassinate
Abraham Lincoln he was simply the first – unfortunately succeed in performing
the heinous deed Abraham Lincoln wasn't wholly unaware of which entity desired
to take his life he knew from whence the persecution was coming he was coming
from the religion of the federal reserve Lincoln's words render his own account
as sharp and clear as a reflection in pure waters Lincoln stated so many plots
have already been made against my life that it is a real miracle that they have
all failed when we consider that the great majority of them were in the hands
of the skillful Roman Catholic murderers evidently trained by Jesuits but can we
expect that God will make a perpetual miracle to save my life I believe not
the Jesuits are so expert in those deeds of blood that Henry the fourth said it
was impossible to escape them and he became their victim though he did all
that could be done to protect himself my escape from their hands since the letter
of the Pope to Jeff Davis has sharpened the milling of daggers to pierce my
breast would be more than a miracle but just as the Lord heard no murmur from
the lips of Moses when he told him that he had to die before crossing the Jordan
for the sins of his people so I hope and pray that he will hear no murmur from me
when I fall for my nations sake according to history the Canadian House
of Commons made it clear that it was international bankers who had
assassinated Abraham Lincoln truthfully the bankers were only the cloak of
secrecy for the order of the Jesuits Lincoln prior to being assassinated said
the Pope and the Jesuits with their infernal Inquisition are the only
organized powers in the world which have a coerced – the dagger of the assassin
to murder those and they cannot convince with their arguments or concur with the
sword but it is very certain that if the American people could learn what I know
are the fierce hatred of the priests of Rome against our institutions our
schools our most sacred rites and are so dearly bought liberties they would drive
them away from among us or they'd shoot them as traitors but you are the only
one to whom I reveal these sad secrets for I know that you learned them before
me the history of these last thousand years tells us that whatever the Church
of Rome is not a dagger that pierced the bosom of a free nation she's a stone to
her neck the paralyzer prevent her events in the ways of
civilization science intelligence happiness and liber8
commenting on the death of Abraham Lincoln Charles Chinna qui a Roman
Catholic priest and former client of Lincoln's charged the Jesuit Order for
the untimely and cruel passage of the 16th president but who was that assassin
booth was nothing but a tool of the Jesuits it was Rome who directed his on
after corrupting his heart and damming his soul Abraham Lincoln was
assassinated by the priests and the Jesuits of Rome booth was not alone and his plot to
assassinate President Lincoln John Shrek booth accomplice fled to mozzarella
after the death of Lincoln lo and behold John Shrek was found to be a member of
the personal army Pope Pius 9th Pope Pius knife declared himself and the
institution for which he stands to be infallible compared to the pompous
presumption of the Pope here the humility in the request of Abraham
Lincoln the only two favors I asked the Lord are first that I might die for the
sacred cause in which I'm engaged now I'm the standard bearer of the rights
and liberties of my country the second favor I a sub God is that my dear son
Robert when I am gone will be one of those who lift up that flag of Liberty
which will cover my tomb and will carry it with honor and fidelity to the end of
his life as his father did surrounded by millions who be called with him to fight
and die for the defense in honor of our country the loss that America keenly
felt after President Abraham Lincoln's death was heartfelt grief did not meet
its well-needed end in the 19th century for the 20th century became the most
blood stain in all of human history the religion of the Federal Reserve the
Jesuit Order has already proven itself willing to assassinate presidents who
refuse to flatter their criminal connivance Abraham Lincoln sought to
neutralize the central banking policies despite his efforts and his martyrdom
there are more men who still had to sacrifice their mortal life because of
their opposition to the religion of the Federal Reserve these men found
themselves aboard a floating palace a sarcophagus that would soon plunge into
icy depths never to return the Titanic's construction began at a
shipyard in Belfast Ireland during the year 1909 the building of the Titanic
which was funded by Jesuit agent JP Morgan was to create a tomb for the
wealthy opposition to the Federal Reserve the opposition to the Federal
Reserve were these three men Benjamin Guggenheim an American businessman
Isidor Straus head of the Macy's department stores and John Jacob Astor
an American real estate builder inventor investor and who at the time may have
been the wealthiest man in the world if the wealth of these men were combined
and weighted using the dollar values of our day they would have an estimated
worth of nearly eleven billion dollars at that time because these three men
were critics of the Federal Reserve and due to their financial prowess and
ability to halt the progress of the Federal Reserve these men ended up
meeting their demise by sinking in the unsinkable ship edward smith the
Titanic's captain worked in Coe partnership with Jesuit influence JP
Morgan for years Edward Smith despite being a man with over 26 years of
experience on northern Atlantic routes was the man who would not only go down
with the ship but be the one to bring the ship to a
sinking condition Captain Edward Smith made contact with the priest by the name
of Francis Brown who disembarked at Queenstown Ireland before the Titanic
sank it was likely that Captain Smith received the order to sink the Titanic
from priest Francis Brown not only was the Titanic ill equipped with safety
materials like lifeboats but when the Titanic needed to send up a
red distress flare a white party flame was sent up instead Captain Smith
despite 18 different telegram warnings propelled the Titanic at 22 knots
Captain Smith was not naive to the danger he was enhancing it the Federal
Reserve was established the following year in December thus by the year 1912
all opposition to the Federal Reserve was eliminated former congressman Ron Paul wisely
pointed out it is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with
the century of central banking the Federal Reserve became a war funding
machine whose engine output a total of two world wars where millions perished
pondered that statement the Federal Reserve's millions of dollars printed
translated into millions of lives lost the Federal Reserve's capability to
inflate currency create both money and credit out of nothing and its ability to
operate under a cloak of secrecy resulted in wars that were rife and
bloodshed and catastrophe pandemonium ensues from the Federal Reserve's
unstable doctrine of inflation making it easy for authoritarians to flourish in
the chaotic environment thus we have the most blood-stained century in history
bring back to your memory that the Federal Reserve has a religion namely
the Roman Catholic religion consider the words of French historian Edmund Paris
one may say quite specifically that in 1914 the Roman Catholic Church started
the series of hellish wars it was then the tribute of blood which she's always
taken from the people's began to swell into a veritable torrent consider the
words of another historian F Paul Peterson the Pope was just as much in
the Second World War as was Hitler in Catholic Mussolini and
therefore just as guilty of the murder of six million Jews in fact Pope's have
been in instigated most if not all the European Wars down to the centuries
additionally according this story Avril Manhattan the whole Vatican Hitler
bargain had been conducted in secret before Hitler became Chancellor Germany
in January 1933 in June of the same year Hitler in the
bag and signed the Concordat on the terms of wish the church were allegiance
to the Nazi regime soon afterwards Catholic bonds and
popular the second in command to Hitler but the essence of the Hitler Vatican
lines various NSYNC Lee in these words the third right he said is the first
power which not only recognizes it puts into practice the high principles of the
papacy one shudders at the horrendous nature of the laws that were put into
places and dystopias like Nazi Germany however we find that these laws could
not have been enforced had it not been for the power of central banking systems
my Rothschild said let me issue and control nation's money and I care not
who writes the laws when we look back into history at the end of World War one
we find that the religious order of the Federal Reserve and the Jesuits created
another front group called the council's on Foreign Relations or to see it far
JPMorgan initially monopolized CFR the later the Rockefellers commanded the CFR
ultimately these are all cloaks of secrecy because each of these entities
is a front group for the Vatican the same Vatican uttered in the century of
central banking and a century of war one does not have to perish in war to
fall victim to a bullet that was the fate of the 35th President John F
Kennedy was the first Roman Catholic individual to be elected to the United
States presidency in the heart of this man he had the best interests of the
country President Kennedy famously said as not
what your country can do for you ask what you can do for your country
John F Kennedy died in the service of the true principles of Liberty of
conscience part and parcel of President Kennedy's plan for the prosperity of the
nation was the elimination of the Federal Reserve System
President Kennedy even had non debt money minted which did not have the
federal reserve's mark it was President Kennedy's commitment to the United
States Constitution that eventually led to his savage
assassination virtually everyone in the United States history that as opposed to
central bank has been murdered or has almost had their life expunged from
Congressman McFadden the businessman on the Titanic Stross Guggenheim and Astor
and the president's Jackson Lincoln and even John F Kennedy the Vatican is a
prime figurehead of the union of church and state it was this Confederacy that
President Kennedy stood up against and was this Confederacy that made sure that
Kennedy was not left standing Candy's words are true to this day I
believe in an America where the separation of church and state is
absolute for no Catholic prelate would tell the president should he be Catholic
how to act and no Protestant minister would tell his parishioners for whom to
vote when no church or church school is granted any public funds or political
preference and when no man is denied public office merely because his
religion differs from the president or might appoint him or the people who
might elect him I believe in an America that is officially neither Catholic
Protestant nor Jewish where no public official either requests or accept
instructions on public policy from the Pope the National Council of Churches or
any other ecclesiastical source when no religious body seeks to impose its will
directly or indirectly upon the general populace or the public acts of its
officials and where religious liberty is so indivisible but an act against one
church is treated as an act against all President John F Kennedy was a valuable
president whose work was cut short by the jesuits of Rome the power of the
Catholic Church can hardly be overstated once again here are the words of
historian Avril Manhattan the Catholic Church in the United States
financially can stand up to all the giant trusts of America politically she
looms ever larger in the White House in the Senate and in the Congress she is a
force in the Pentagon a secret agent in the FBI and the most subtly intangible
prime mover of the Secret Service wheel within a wheel the Central Intelligence
Agency bankers and leaders bow their knees to
the Vatican and for the Vatican's leader Pope Francis the Pope has been viewed
around the world as a humble man of peace but that he is the leader of one
of the most dangerous nations in the world then his actions must be taken
with careful consideration Pope Francis in the Year 2015
wrote his famous ladakh dossier in stupid poll and in this book lies the
very plan and the early pages of being cyclical
Pope Francis states that the climate belongs to all and is meant for all
because it is a common good also he states but the climate needs urgent
support due to the emission of carbon dioxide and other polluting gases that
humans have caused his first solution to reduce those gases is to make it more
expensive to purchase them the first nation to file suit was France in
November 2008 team president amanda macron raised the
price of gas by seven point six cents per liter or 30 cents per gallon the
president France by doing so followed through with the commands of the Pope
now it shouldn't be a surprise because President Pranab is a former Rothschild
banker and was educated under the Jesuits in the year 2008 Makran was
hired under the Rothschilds and quickly grew from an analyst to a partner
two years later Makran began his campaign to run for president
and subsequently earned the nickname the candidate of the Rothschild Makram was
backed by the back in won the election Pope Francis congratulated their new
player and gave him a crime that tied up first and only honorary cannon of st.
John Lateran the honorary cannon is a tradition that dates back to the 15th
century which means defender and advocate of a kirshen church and
protector of Palestine and the Catholic faith the Emperor or president sworn in
with this tyrant means that they will defend the Catholic Church and her
bishops this is exactly the macron has been doing the Kron is not a present –
rather little priest in office to give back to the papacy to power it what's
happened this union that France and the papacy
err meddling with is a copy of the relationship they had right before the
French Revolution the French Revolution culminated in the Year 1798 from the
bird in middle and lower classes while the heavy taxes by the civil authorities
and by the clergy fell upon the broken shoulders of the classes that Jesuits
alone flourished and the decaying nation which ruled with dreadful tyranny over
churches schools and prisons and all at once the state was financially
embarrassed and the people exasperated and it needed no profit side to foresee
a terrible impending outbreak the French Revolution broke out and thousands fell
by the sword and blood filled the streets of France but what was the cost
the adherence to the Pope's orders then what would be the outcome if nations
listen now the same pandemonium that happened in France during the French
Revolution and what is currently happening with the yellow vests riots
and death not in cyclical by Pope Francis he
brings to view one more so-called solution to fix the world's problems now
well this solution bring peace or will it bring an ultimate demise politicians and popes alike have wormed
promised their utopian over peace but always at the expense of personal
liberties Pope Francis claims that there's a way
for the world to become arrested less greedy and more connected and caring
however this illusion of serenity comes as a result of individuals giving up
their Liberty to worship God in the way that they choose and submit to the
ideologies of Pope Francis from his encyclical we find his supposed solution
to world problems which is a plot to turn the United States into a union of
church and state an image to theocratic government of the Vatican Pope Francis's
Laudate C declares the following Sunday like the Jewish set is meant to be a day
which heals our relationships with God with ourselves with others and with the
world it's Sunday protects human action from
becoming empty activists it Sunday also prevents that unfettered greed and sense
of isolation which makes us seek personal gain to the detriment of all
else the law of weekly rest forbade work on the seventh day rest opens our eyes
to the larger picture and gives us renewed sensitivity to the rights of
others and so the day of rest centered on the new post
sheds its light on the whole week and motivates us to greater concern for
nature and the poor in order for Pope Francis's agenda to be implemented the
government will either have to become the authoritative interpreter of the
scripture for all the citizens of a government or else we'll have to put
itself in the place of God and authoritative Lee declare that
observances established by the state which it calls the Lord's how the Lord's
indeed although the word of the Lord declares the contrary if the United
States government and ready to take either of these positions is the
Congress of the United States ready to force the government of the United
States to the alternative of taking one or the other of these positions taking
either these positions by the government would be nothing less than for this in
my nation in this period of the 21st century to assume the place the pout and
the products of the governments of the Middle Ages enforcing the dogmas in the
definitions of the devotions and executed the arbitrary and spotting will
of the church thus from whatever point the subject of
sunny laws may be viewed it plainly appeared that aside from the papacy
there is no authority whatsoever for some of those for even sunny keeping and
that the only effect the national sidewalk can ever have the only evil in
that continuum the Congress now forever and this sightly utterly refused to have
anything to do with it in any way whatsoever and let all the people
instead of sanction of movement to bring the national legislation down to the
degraded level of the states on this subject per fourth every effort to bring
the legislation of the states up to that place where it shall be limited as the
power of Congress is limited by the decoration of the National Constitution
that it shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting
free exercise thereof now the name of law constitutional and statutory
moral and civil in the name of enlightenment and progress in the name
of reason and the revelation of Jesus Christ
I seriously ask why should the people of such a nation as this living under such
a constitution as is our National Constitution be asked to return to the
Papists system of the Dark Ages which was only the inevitable outcome of the
wicked scheme that was conceived in sin the man of sin and brought forth in
iniquity the mystery of iniquity in the days of Constantine why should such a
people as this dwelling under the best Constitution and the most enlightened
influences of all ages be asked to return to the wicked system that
characterized the Middle Ages no sir the noble men pledged their lives
their fortunes and their sacred honor when they established our Constitution
it separated as they supposed forever this nation from all the wicked
influences of a church and state systems and the colonies of England and of all
other nations of all times under this constitution in true livery civil
religion in genuine alignment and primacy this nation has certainly stood
as the beacon of light for the world over to two hundred years that the
splendid nation ever still looked forward and not backwards let it still
hold its honored place before all the nations and God forbid that by any such
effort that has now been made in behalf of this sonny-boy
this glorious nation should be brought down from our high place and made to
follow and papal Train ladies and gentlemen the Federal Reserve
should be abolished because it is unconstitutional depraved impracticable
extravagant you prodigal and threatens Liberty of conscience easily manipulated
by its religion it oppresses both the poor and the middle class by diminishing
the value of the dollar by increasing the dollar supply there is no good that
can come from the Federal Reserve ladies and gentlemen no further argument is
needed to show that the Sunday loss of all the states and the principles of the
decisions of the Supreme Court's which sustainment are wholly wrong springing
from the papal principle of church and state and supported by the equally on
American principle of the omnipotence of the legislative power
they are totally subversive of American principles if sunday laws have never
been and can never be sustained on their principal and this is only to say
that which is the sum from all this discussion there is no foundation
injustice in right or even an expediency for any sundale office under any
government on this earth

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  • jeanbertin Durette says:

    Job well done my brother. I've been asking myself why your presence wasn't so impactful with my other brother. Now i do understand the plan Of GODin spreading the Gospel to all nations, tribes and tongues. Keep up the good work kn the side of the Lord and may He bless you. Humble yourself and KEEP THE FAITH. MARANATHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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