charis TV I have the grace you generate understand this spiritual warfare understand you know my love aqua shisha this virtue if you try a Somalia the Book of Daniel let's read chapter 10 we'll start from 10 to 14 right 10 to 14 and verse 20 then behold a head touch me which set me upon my knees and upon the palms of my hands West Levin he said unto me Oh Daniel thou men greatly beloved understand the words that I speak unto thee and stand upright for unto thee a mound Saints and when he had spoken this word unto me I stood trembling then said he unto me fear not Daniel for from the first day that thou decide thy heart to understand and to humble thyself before they got their ways away head and I've come for the words sake but the prince of the kingdom of Persia withstood me one and twenty days but lo Michael one of the chief Prince's Prince's came to help me and I remained there with the king of Persia now I'm come to make the understand what shall befall thy people in the latter days for the vision is yet for many days if we read West ranging it says then said he now is down wherefore I am come unto thee now will I return to fight with the Prince of Persia when I go for the law the Prince of Greece shall carve can you see that Wednesday when I go forth lo the Prince of Greece shall come let's pray thank you her favorite in Jesus name Amen I think many times we don't understand why we are going through many things I'm sure wish you were a co-pilot eating at a church is a better crowd care a cakey moley one one so there is a spiritual warfare so when I didn't try and Somalia yeah you can see what meant was like an intercessor whatever says prophet nila more ability happen in Lima Peru feet we need such scriptures you begin to pray according to those scriptures ah haa amman aval rubella booyaka no man wanders it was not the first nasa lama tome there was a type of daniel 9 where he was praying no naina we italian have a pen and then also steal we got answers they only show natality patrolling but here you could see that the answers also a delayed Mariela more already Pitroda later Chung mong-koo and then the those who delay the artists or Daniel where spirits today are working to control Teddy to worry time i JT chamaco give me more yeah naina Mauricio I wanted us to look at this verse clearly so the core level never say you would see when we read it maybe universe state where are we even a little wine with JT he says love is 2013 January no is the way for I will come unto thee now will eyelid will I return to fight with the Prince of Asia they reject literature of huayna who did Siva naturally give Wella all run the Malawi what Barry seal the moment the message was sent can accumulate Ottoman one the delay came which an Ocoee laughs of Kalibak a llama la policia Michael eerie mo angel I'm a Mormon a Mikael sheep and help the angel that was bringing the message we lad I thought we shall no more more more Nasser Malaysia and because is the one who protect and fight Kevin McHale like an ultra long but – ha muji mama Sarah Lita it was well over no Laura no cool new edition Malaysia I was concerned about many messages we were to hear Jana Corrie – Liam emulate a year in economy you come out of the site only I was concerned about the blessings the prayer Christmas and to God naked Givi Leila Khadijah finally the temperature is romelo matamoros a LED patola place on a limb moai Wishing Tree change such spirits will never allow you to receive so is enemy mahi Caspian alumina fella fella when normal until we had a lobby appeal which an eye chakra the english trailer which an applique tone and now God will said the angel who fight Kiana a modem el amor motor in vanilla it will be easy for us to get answers it Robin no Laura jetty patola this angel says when I return the king of Pai still they were a hiking way lamu Hoshi apparition is a little the king of Persia is a demon well now do a per se equality the Prince of Persia was a demon Malawi operationally more movie influence whatever that was happily in pressure Warne what somaye sabalan kholokov Fela Kuti Alan Cooper Isaiah when you see some people doing things which are strange is because they've been influenced how what about talking about hydrogen which other markets I Kalibak I will not leave my home at the delete kind of our Baba pillow bomoh hotel Pierre we will peel out which are not based your expectation is because somewhere some subgroup people have been influenced oh my son lychee we know delivery and curry cake I now know who my mummy length I'm a little more I would say Marilla remember that there's no blessing that comes from God is with someone our natural photonic intimately with the morning twist Rufus telecommute Romans or automatically some people what our ever travel we can be influenced to withdraw there is to you Mukesh ameesha hey whatever to shame out so our escape away and evil that is controlling the place come on your movie all now lon Tolu you so the Bible says when I return I'm going to fight this so pi Bellator hicap well I'm gonna work it on one limb allow do what they receive official Maradona in customer Milano parasya fella will not move away you must know that this is a piece of grease that would suggest some Rockets my mind I'm allowed well Jericho basically no dude I've been to with no no fella that are controlling places wanna let me Moya is serving the tutelage of happening you know my outfits are more more my future legitimate in Hollywood sure who do not want a little drop so sorry – Keisha didn't drop the same which I'm Italian coughing trees on the spirits that are wiki on a place they work to resist me moyashimon khutulun eating Yama Juanita for resistance you or not availa canto refit Ishika Manta let up Pilar little O'Meara is no life that you will live appeal about the appeal and bubbling Connie but your continuum in the things you're doing multiple desserts listen we put by a technology mom keep 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