Christopher Hitchens on God Religion and Atheism in Seattle

Oh what is the just city how would it look like what is the meaning of life it's begun by a horrible lecture from a dictator and you'll then further told that if you do not bow the knee to a celestial dictatorship unalterable unchangeable unappealable – if you don't believe in that you would have no means of telling right from wrong how would you know how to do the right thing or avoid the wrong if you would not being told by a celestial dictatorship once again an absolutely central attack on any concept that we might have of our own integrity dignity and self-respect how would Huck Finn know officially he's a fictional character then so most the people have got to be discussing from Moses onwards how does Huck Finn know that he's not to betray his friend Jim he's not to give him back he's not to give him up to the people who are hunting for him how does Mark Twain know that we will like Huck when he refuses this what is Huck know the laws against him the church is against him all the preachments of religion and customary law are against him he thinks that if he refuses the demand to give up his slave friend he's going to go straight to hell that's what he thinks but he still does the right thing as we might all hope to do as we must all hope to if we were tested much less than that it's in Asia nos religion gets its morals from us we know what the right thing is without being told by a celestial dictatorship if it were otherwise this is why I say I'm an anti theist not an atheist if it were otherwise what would the situation be every one of our waking and sleeping thoughts would be under permanent surveillance at all times from the moment of our conception going to some at any rate certainly birth until not just when we died because that's when the real fun would begin now it's as if those who wish it to be true which I do not you can be an atheist and wish that there was a God many atheists I know do wish it was true why do I not because I don't want to live in a celestial North Korea I'm one of the few people who's been to as a writer to North Korea and Iran and Iraq to to all the axis of evil countries in the last few years in when I was young and was told that this is what paradise will be like you get to praise God all the time forever and continue thanking him for everything he's doing for you sometimes with the aid of musical instruments but that's the thing that's what paradise would be like and if ever lasting praise I used to think sounds like hell's me but also wanted what would it be like I couldn't quite picture it an attempt is made in the movie bedazzled to the first version to try and convey how gasps do be well now I know I've been to a state where there's worship from dawn till dusk and thanking for everything you've got every tiny crumb and there's what you get to is the tiny crumb nothing but thanks nothing but praise it's a state where not everybody knows this Kim Jong Il is not the absolute dictator of North Korea he's only the head of the party and of the North Korean army the head of the state the president is his late father who's been dead for some 15 years Kim il-sung he's still the president and he's the president if you pardon the expression for life even though he's as it were passed on cease to be join the choir invisible turn up his toes he's next president you could call it a necro cracy athaan autocracy a Moors hola Chrissy and it's also you'll notice just one short of a Trinity because the son is the reincarnation of the Father that's what it would be like if this horrible Bronze Age Palestinian myth was true unending eternal unchallengeable unchangeable slavery who wants it to be true that's my first question to myself I'll answer it later and to you and to you since I haven't got a debate part answer you ladies and gentlemen why would anyone want it to be true if I don't remember to ask myself isn't secular dictatorship sometimes just as bad if I don't remember to ask myself this promise me one of you will because we can't skip that point okay why is it wonderful to be here in Seattle and in North America having this discussion at this moment because everybody in America believes that everybody else is a strong believer everybody believes the opinion polls that say everyone else goes to church and believes in Satan more than they believe in Darwin everyone else thinks you can't run for office unless you bow the knee this is not true and your presence here partly materializes my belief that it isn't as as did my swing through the south where thousands of people came to each stop and all looked around themselves thinking god I thought I was the only atheist in this town till I got here we had to move out of the bookstore in North Carolina into a church to fill up the overspray and the pastor said to me they said I shouldn't be telling you this this made my day I was it shouldn't be telling you this this damn church has never been this full and North Carolina can be hard row to hoe for a for a number here I can I'm here to tell you but it's not that tough well I thought because the Lord sent me the death of Jerry Falwell that week and I thought okay I'm going to say what I think about him and I made a few comments about his is the origin of his ghastly career as a segregationist and the defender of racism about his his vulgar and cheap and his Semitism about his mad belief that the Antichrist is with us now and is already here and as an adult Jewish male he's trying to lay off that bet by supporting the ugliest and stupidest elements in Israel who think they can bring on the Messiah by stealing other people's property his shakedown artistry his lying his failure to levitate his ghastly tubby form into the heavens with the rapture instead being found slumped uselessly on the floor of his office in Virginia built on the on the money stolen from the credulous and then I thought well I can go on in this vein for some time but I think I really ought to say what I truly think about him and I said dumb now that he is gone I have some advice for his grieving family give him an enema you can bury do box good well there was a brief pause actually because they're slower on the uptake as you know in the South due to incessant defenses against chastity with members of their immediate families and domestic animals no no no much smarter than you think much smarter than you think there was a brief pause and I thought gone too far no no then the roof blew off they really liked it they don't they don't want anyone thinking that they are led around by idiots like this by moral questions of this kind I think those like guys just changing ladies and gentlemen I really do think it's happening and we should be proud to be a part of it turn a page of your newspaper any day you like see what the parties of God are doing to Iraqi society to drag it down to the level of Afghanistan or Somalia the last two countries where the parties of God had it all their way look next door to Iran where people who believe in a tooth fairy figure called the Hidden Imam the 12th Imam who whose immediate Advent is expected which will it won't surprise you to hear bring about a reign of universal peace and justice when it comes wonder where they picked up that idea but perhaps as a sign of a lack of confidence in this belief mr. Ahmadinejad is currently building a new Boulevard into the center of Tehran on which to welcome the motorcade of this Imam when he returns from his description just in case that doesn't work or doesn't happen why not pirate and plagiarize some nuclear weapons they know nothing about science themselves they couldn't do physics they don't care about the beauties of science they don't the wonders of the cosmos don't appeal to them at all but they can probably steal have stolen the ingredients to make a nuclear weapon so we now have what we've long feared we're going to have the coincidence between an apocalyptic ideology and or brother shall I say a messianic ideology and the apocalyptic weapon it's going to happen now happen very soon well suck on that for a second I've already said what the craves Masonic settlers in the neighboring or not far-off West Bank are doing and who their best friends in America are the four were lights and Robertson clones who think it's amusing to try and propose that with the help of sources up gather in Washington State that stall to find nonsense be taught to our children in American schools in the year 2007 as equal time so here kids the chemistry class is over now get ready for the alchemy period astronomy is over you'll be glad to hear it's a hard subject but cheer up after the break astrology teacher will be on the scene what is this nonsense how can anyone put up with it for a single second the the evil attempt to make children ignorant and frightened that is also augmented very strongly by another priesthood which has been teaching about Hellfire and limbo that they've just dropped limbo at the last minute there's the Pope did recently notice limbo is over now unbaptized children don't go there forever in isolation and loneliness after all because they didn't get the sprinkle of water you can relax no you can't millions of parents thought that's where their dead children had gone ladies and gentlemen for hundreds of years miserable frightened humiliated upset they believed it was real to them it was cruel to tell them this nonsense to begin with it's even more cruel to say after all that it's not true but never mind after hundreds of years of that we have to apologize for a few other things to the Inquisition sorry about that the role of the church in the final solution may be a mistake the Crusades no we wouldn't do it the same way now the massacre of the massacre of Byzantine and Eastern Orthodox Christians up till the very recent past in the Balkans we owe them an apology there's quite a lot to be taking on isn't it but nevermind we're getting ready to be infallible all over again this stuff is not to be believed and you live in the country we don't have to and mustn't be intimidated by the supposed strength of illusions like this all the people who peddle them where I was very kind to mention that I recently took my oath as an American citizen at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC on that she was on the 13th of April which is his birthday and also mine and I'm in a small way his biographer and I was able to arrange to take the earth that the tidal basin by his memorial and I made a little speech about the Virginia statute on religious freedom which is the basis of the tremendous First Amendment to our Constitution that guarantees as you know that there can be no a clerical meddling in our public and political life and the shorthand phrase for that was uttered by the president in a letter that he wrote to the Baptist's of Danbury Connecticut seeking refuge from persecution from the congregation lists of Danbury Connecticut by the way so they were afraid of in which he said there will be a wall of separation and forever on this point so I now have a new slogan for you mr. Jefferson build up that wall and I believe it's entirely possible that we can construct a cement here between what is patriotic what is decent what is rational and what is not faith-based I think it can be done I think can start here ok um enough from me what about my debating partner what has he got to say to this well how would you be mr. chance how would you be moral if it wasn't for God how would you know what morality was what's your warrant for saying what's right and wrong I always politely pause at this point as if I never heard this nonsense before ok so I am wrong when I get a sense of satisfaction from giving a punch of blood it comes from nowhere I don't lose the pint I get it back after a cup of tea and a lie down but someone else gets a pint of blood they might very well need a great little transaction I don't do enough of it and I have a rare blood group myself and I might one day one the same person or someone else rather to do the same for me but it's not just a utilitarian transaction I positively enjoy doing it is this from nowhere it's I certainly don't know of any heavenly reason why I think yet all right that's not good enough for you by the way give blood whenever you can it's a noble thing to do it's the right thing to do and you may need some blood one day yourself and you shouldn't be ashamed of the fact that this comes from human solidarity without which we wouldn't be here in the first place or able to have a language to discuss this in alright think of my Jewish ancestors such as they were hobbling around in the desert I don't believe a word of the story even Israeli archaeology has completely and conclusively disproved the story of Exodus as detailed at some length in my book there was no such presence in Egypt there was no exile there was no wandering there was a lot of Massacre and murder and theft but then there always is when religious tribes are humor let's assume the story is true let's assume it am I to be insulted by being told that my ancestors did not know until they got to Sinai that perjury and murder and theft were not kosher up till then they thought those are the things we like best it's a bit of a face sir to get all this way and then do we have someone tell us that's not on anymore no no we all have to I'll repeat myself we all have to have more self-respect than that they wouldn't have got that far or anywhere they would never have been written about or heard of if they've been under any other impression religion gets its morality from us we know innately you don't have to teach a child the golden rule you sometimes have to reinforce it a bit but you don't have to teach the principles of it same with the New Testament how do we know this because the story of the Good Samaritan is told by the alleged Nazarene in his existence I also do not believe but he talks of a person who went out of his way on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho to help a fellow creature in need very obviously this man cannot have been a Christian because it's the young Jesus talking about it he knows the story already he's able to tell people that's the way you should behave if you see people in trouble he never says you need divine permission to do this or divine warrant to do it it's ordinary human ethics and to say that it wouldn't be part of us out of our warp and our weft and our woof if it wasn't for divine permission is to make ourselves into serves so I propose we repudiate that and as it were stand on our own two feet a bit more now speaking of Serfdom well mr. Hitchens isn't it the case that in the last century some of the worst atrocities if not the worst of all were perpetrated by atheists and secular because it's not the fad very serious question I have a whole chapter about it in my book shall I read it all to you no I won't do that it's available at fine bookstores everywhere and will be available off I'll be very polite to anyone who has a receipt but not to anyone else someone asked me the other day are you a materialist I said are you joking is that this is America well take the take the cases that are before us other than the most notorious ones in the case of fascism the movement that coined the term totalitarianism that actually put it into circulation religion being in my view implicitly totalitarian with its admiration of an absolute unchallengeable ruler there's no other way to describe the fascist movement beginning in Spain Portugal Italy spreading through Croatia Austria large parts of Germany Hungary Slovakia except to say it was a movement of the Roman Catholic right that's what it was it was a completely Christian movement all of its leaders were believing Christians it had an official Concorde out with the Vatican the Nazi puppet state leader of Slovakia was actually a man in Holy Orders General Franco was very nearly baptized in his rule both anyone can look this up the church has never cease to apologize for it and or sure it was over they helped many of these people escape and begin constructing regimes of a similar model in South America after 1945 no wonder they can't stop apologizing nothing secular about that German National Socialism not quite the same I have to say it's true that the Vatican signed a treaty with Hitler the week he was installed in power and it was for him the first and most important treaty he ever signed the Concorde out with the Vatican and neither of them ever broke it it's also true to say that in my encounter he praises the Catholic Church who never left it and has nothing but contempt for atheism it's also true that the Pope ordered that his birthday the Fuehrer's birthday ladies and gentlemen of the jury be celebrated from the pulpit every year every April which it was to the very end it's also true that 25% of the members of the SS this we know from Catholic historians were confessing Catholics once who went to confession and that no one was ever threatened with excommunication for their role in the end loss something as the Germans called the shower or the final solution excommunication was only used by the church politically after the war when you were told you couldn't you'd be excommunicated you'd be ready for the Communist Party and it is true that Joseph Goebbels was excommunicated from the Catholic Church but do you want to know why do you know why he's Merida Protestant you married a Protestant that's what it took to be next you'll know he didn't need fish on a Friday or something um no excuse me they have their standards okay but it is also true that Hitler sought to replace Christianity as the state religion and would have preferred an Aryan nordic blood myth with himself as the centerpiece of it there's no question about that and that many brave Christians had to die on that proposition no one can deny that but there's nothing secular about National Socialism and of the third partner in that revolting alliance that of Japan the leader is not just a man of God but a God himself whom people were prepared to immolate themselves and others the late Emperor Hirohito while I'm at it when his son was sent to Oxford University this is a digression but why not sent a mortal in college in the 30s and the Japanese embassy sent up a team of people to see the warden of Walden College Oxford are you sure you're ready to receive the crown prince this yeah absolutely we're ready he's got a nice room we have a good teacher apparently his English is very good we're looking forward very much to having in with Japanese invested well it's just we want to be sure you understand you're calling him Crown Prince of course that is his title but you do realize that um his father in our country is not thought of just as an emperor but as God to understand them the warden of modern encourage said I think you'll find we're quite used to having the sons of famous people at Oxford anyway none of what brought that on during quite what maybe there's nothing secular about an empire whose military ideology by the way was that of Zen Buddhism for those of you who think the eastern path is more contemplative so official ideology as with the dictatorship in Burma today is Zen Buddhism Buddhism there's nothing secular about that so I think that clears up this frequently asked question on that side of the ledger moving still answering my own not my own question the other person's question moving to Russia until 1917 the year of the revolution millions and millions of Russians have been told for hundreds and hundreds of years that the head of their state was also a man of God with the head of the church was not quite human a bit better than human not quite divine either the Tsar was the head of the Russian Orthodox Church he was the little father as well as owning everyone in the country as an absolute dictator he was the spiritual leader treasurer that's how millions of Russians have been reduced to credulity stupidity civility and fear thus the state of affairs if you are Joseph Stalin who'd studied for many years in a seminary to become priests I would have made a very good bishop if he'd stuck at it if you do not realize what an opportunity you've just been given with this vast reservoir then you shouldn't be in the dictatorship business immediately an inquisition is set up a heresy hunts begin trials of heretics are put on miracles are announced lie cinco's biology will produce giant tomatoes and four harvests a year everything is to be expected from the leader all praise is due to fit all thanks are required of you for him it's not very difficult to see what the analogy is there and I won't bore you with what happens in China and I've already told you about North Korea it's a simulacrum of a borrowing of an an inheritance from the willingness of people to take things on faith nothing in my view secular about that – my questioner I reply sir or as it might be ma'am show me if you will a society that has adopted the teachings of Lucretius Epicurus Galileo and I'm talking of our great tradition of Reason skepticism science culture religion London tandem irreligion Galileo spinoza Einstein Thomas Jefferson Thomas Paine Bertrand Russell show me a society that's ever adopted those values as its own that's fallen into famine dictatorship war cruelty and persecution and then we'll have a level playing field but for now thank you I was going to say hold your applause no applaud more that actually I think will do for an introduction if you don't know where I'm coming from by now you're never going to know it's it's your turn and I mean enormous Lee I really mean enormous Lee grateful that you that you came thank you I wonder if someone else would like to point a question as so you don't think I've planted anyone in England but who would that be so I have a volunteer just to identify a question basically my question is that please speak up a bit sure I did not at odds with American society probably a considered more a little bit more in the Europe is a society that faces tremendous flux and has for a long long time and I was wondering if if that is perhaps one reason why America you've cited in your book that American society is especially religious I mean it struck me that societies and flux having to deal with that tremendous change do people turn to religion as an antidote to that change and if so that what what sorts of things can not leaning on religion what sort of things can we do to substitute for religion in dealing with lots of change well I think you're probably right and I think next to Tocqueville had it right also when you pointed out that the great thing about America's religion as a voluntary Association you can't be made to go to a church here the government can't finance what I mean where I was born which you can retell was in England the Queen is the head of the church as well as of the armed forces in the state and on her demise the instant of vertices has slobbering chinless Joe Farva son will not only become the head of the state and the armed forces but the head of the Church of England it's enough to make a cat laugh isn't it and and I have to pay tell would if I still live there have to pay taxes so that's what you get when you've found a church on the family values of fucking Henry the eighth but again gain ladies and gentlemen take it from someone who had to sweat and struggle to become a citizen here and go through Homeland Security and the National Security Agency realize how lucky you are that doesn't apply to you somebody wants to build a church here has to joyed themselves and keep it going where they're at effort and fine let them by all means do that as long as they agree to leave the rest of us alone now on the point that you make about anomie or if you prefer alienation but that was the same point that Durkheim made very early on in his studies of these matters of a huge number of people in history are always having to make something like the transition from the country to the city from the stable ordered rhythmic life that's determined by the seasons to the much more feral conditions of mass society and that means many more lives will have to be experienced as failures or at least as very risky my mic mic comprehension of this issue slightly stops there what I've never understood and it may be a failure of my imagination is in what respect does belief in the tooth fairy help you at that point after millions and millions of intelligent workers shrugging off the city excuse me shrugging off the idiocy of rural life and moving to the city have not run straight to a priest when they right into a crisis I don't see why people do it I'm not sure that the explanation we give isn't a condescending one which if I'm not babbling too much about this would enable me to answer another question from my interlocutor that I fail to what about how when religion makes people behave better what about dr. Martin Luther King while I was get asked shall answer it now it seems logical dr. King was an exemplary human being by every standard that I know I can't be sure that he was actually a Christian I can be grateful to the extent that he was not one in that when he told his oppressed people that he was going to preach from the book of Exodus but the story of the the enslaved who made it to the promised land it's very good thing he didn't mean it because that horrible story says that the tribe he's leading and it allowed empowered in fact ordered by God to kill everyone who gets in their way rape their women Massacre their children sparing only the females of marriageable age and steal the land and the property of any tribe they don't destroy or do well just as well that isn't what he was saying right second you'll remember that he was a student of Marx and of Hegel and he was regularly accused rightly too in his lifetime by the FBI and by the reactionary bigots of keeping too many friendships among communists in Marxist and socialists which he did great blacks Acuras now forgotten like they have Rustin my favorite American socialist and Phillip Randolph the great American black trade unionist actually organized the march on Washington had the idea pulled the crowds together brought in the trade unions to make it happen it's a pity that we leave these people out of account and I think it's condescending because I think that 90% of the white liberals in this country are in effect saying in a patronizing manner well you know these black folks they quite like a preacher they like a preacher man that's what they respond to they like the pulpit that's what they go for so why not let them have it which immediately gives permission for the most gross charlatans and frauds who I've been debating in the last few months like Sharpton and Jackson to come forward and just pick it up as if it was there with your as it were permission and prove yet again you can get away with anything in this country if you can put Reverend in front of your name I guess we should just do it alternately yeah your book was reviewed in New Yorker and he the reviewer brought up a point I thought you might like to address if you haven't already that if your view is with the world be better off without religion at all he dropped the point that if we're wicked enough to invent religion for ourselves then we'll wicked enough to compass other alternative it's just as mischievous true enough I mean did everyone get the question okay um well you know why atheists are to be pitied than you they have no one to talk to and receiving a blowjob so that if I'm asked do I wish that religion would joy out of the world I I sort of replied no I wouldn't have anyone to argue with I mean it is after all it is the original argument where religion ends philosophy begins just as we're phony cosmological myths and physics begins so you have to know what the origins of the argument are and religion is our first and worst attempt to find out what's going on we only bother with it because it was here first it grabbed the territory of explanation because we are pattern-seeking mammals we need to look for patterns and for logic and we we prefer even in times like this many people will prefer a conspiracy explanation to no theory at all because they need to have some explanation well religion comes from the time when we didn't know there was a germ theory to explain disease so it was plague was God's will and curse didn't know he lived on a round planet didn't know the word round celestial bodies didn't know that our DNA makes us kin with other animals and indeed plants so the study or weight of the debate with it I think has to go on I'm to that extent I'm in favor of as the president ludicrously says teaching the argument about evolution because the way I learned it was by reading about the confrontation between Huxley and Wilberforce in London the Origin of Species actually was an Oxford in the Origin of Species Huxley was Wilberforce's permanent Wilberforce was the Bishop of Oxford Huxley was Darwin's best friend the man who coined the term agnostic they had a great debate and Huxley mopped the floor with the spokesman of the church that's how I know how the argument goes and in America literally 50 years later good grief but saw the same argument happens in Tennessee in the quarter over this time and the game they lose by all means teach the argument in that way just can't change it in science class and by the way if there's going to be equal time for this stuff then every Church that gets any subsidy from the faith-based initiative or any tax break has to teach evolution in Sunday school by law as a fellow anti-theist who is coming to believe more and more that you can't make accommodation with a pack of lies I decided to give the other side a chance and at lunchtime I went to Cathedral right near here and I saw some people who were sitting there and they felt they found a place where they didn't feel judged and I saw two nice young men who were going over there and the ceremony for them to become priests and serve their community and I went home and I read a very charming little story about people in a Muslim village hearing the call to prayer and the high in the low taking off their shoes bang bang their heads and coming together and as an anti-theist I think it's it's all very well to say this is nonsense what you believe but what can we do to call the community together have you given that some thought sure um good question I mean duh one of the things that some annoys me about the the responses that I get summers from the faithful is that they say well you your theory means that love is only a chemical reaction saying well actually do think that there is quite a lot of chemical reaction involved in love I mean some of the things that are associated with it too but it doesn't mean that one is merely a reductionist I don't think at all that one must despise the transcendent or the numinous I wouldn't trust anybody who say listening to Mozart on a mountaintop in Cascadia at sunset didn't feel that maybe there was more to life than his own immediate concerns and that all could be filled with the great compassion for other people in fact if if this were not so there wouldn't have been great secular for men like Thomas Payne for example and Benjamin Franklin who actually did found the American anti-slavery society while every Christian in the world was justifying slavery from the Bible where that justification can in fact be found of course there is extraordinary and profound humanism and without it where would we be but I deny only that this is not possible without the fear of a supernatural dictatorship and I will keep repeating that until the last dog dies I also have a wager that I put to be religious in these cases and you may be interested to know that I've tried it with everyone from the guy who founded Bush's faith-based initiative mr. Laskey to various Baptist pastors a Buddhist nun a rabbi charismatic Catholic wears pastors on radio and television all up and down the country no not yet an answer from them it's simple you have to name or cite a moral action performed or a moral statement made by a believer that could not have been made by an atheist that's all you have to do and it cannot be done so your question is in is a nice one but it's surplus to requirement comrade one of your anti God competitor of Sam Harris makes the point as a primary thesis in his book the end of faith that real responsibility for the situation which you've been describing is the tolerant religious person who will not take a firm stand and put down erroneous liberal principles I just wondered whether you would put responsibility on the tolerant religious person as sam harris does yes I mean I'm very great admirer of sam harris even though he turns out to be a bit of a buddhist unlike me he is a qualified neuroscientist and he does think that there can be consciousness independent of the brain I'm that's an argument I very interested in having I doubt he's going to win but I'm it's a pleasure to argue with him I have to say by the way what does the Buddhist say to the hot dog vendor make me one with everything just quickly what what happens next he gets a slab of hotdogs and from beneath his saffron robes produces a $20 bill hands it to the vendor munches nothing occurs he says where's my change you know what's coming it's a change comes only from within I'll give you an example of what I mean and why I think that those who criticize me for only taking religion at its worst say well you're right about the fundamentalist and the extremists but what about the mainstream I say this remember last year the Danish case where a huge organised attempt was made to destroy the economy of a small democracy in Northern Europe Denmark because its prime minister refused to break his own law the law of his country to censor cartoons in an afternoon newspaper in Copenhagen with the backing of all the members of the Arab League boycott was to care on general to try and sabotage its economy its embassies were burned its diplomatic immunity was violated in countries where demonstrations are not normally allowed random Scandinavians where the Danish or not was set upon and murdered there was a huge outpouring of mayhem and cruelty and bigotry that had quite clearly been very well rehearsed in advance about enough you might think not one media outlet in this country would agree to show those cartoons in a time completely dominated by the image my profession I mean totally dominated by images much too much so they wouldn't show here's the picture or the pictures that all the fuss is about nor would they show there was a gesture of solidarity to the Danish colleagues who are being subjected not to threats of death but de temps to actually to kill them and when a small magazine and I know very well why this was cuz I know the editors who took the decision they were either extremely afraid of violent reprisal if they'd did their job or coming closer to your point they were afraid of offending religious people I'm not sure which of those decisions is the most cowardly or contemptible taken in conjunction I think extremely contemptible and a small atheist magazine for which I write called free inquiry did reprint the cartoons as a result of which Borders bookstore pulled our small magazine from the rack as was of which I haven't spoken in a Borders bookstore since I started this tour now in other words in the heartland of free expression and constitutionally protected free speech a complete across-the-board capitulation by everybody and a discrimination against those who were willing to stand up against it this is very severe what did the Pope say seeing gains being threatened Danish economy sabotage Danish Embassy's burned what he condemned the cartoons for being profaned that was the line of the Vatican that's what our State Department said they say regretted the offence given by the cartoons this is a fantastic surrender it means the extremists have the whip Hannah we've got no right to say that in criticizing religion we're only singling out the fanatical or fundamentalist majority no in the name of tolerance you're identified faith in the name of multiculturalism in the name of respect in the name of all these things they were parodied and and a abject collapse in the face of religious fascism occured that I for one I'm not going to forget or allow to be repeated hmm muted applause for that Oh not so nudge you too hard in the rosalie if your gender pinaud I can become quite morose first you know not upset just hurt so the course of history what happened or what is in place that enables billions of people across this planet to believe that a book built by a process as intensely political as that of the Bible is the way that we should live our lives and how is it that the same people can dismiss particular parts of the Bible for instance the book of Joshua and still say that that book is the absolute authority the word the word with a capital W yeah well there's a good the possible I think decent anthropological answers to that for a long time was the only book everyone knew and for a long time there was a heroic struggle it is I regarded as heroic to have this incredibly important text the only one everyone had in some way in common translated into English out of Latin so it wouldn't be the special property of a priestly class that's what the Protestant revolution means to me is is John Milton for example and William Tyndale and the others who strove to get this book into the hands of the common people to demystify it to make it into what it is at least in its King James Version very great literature as is the crime of prayer book you probably know of the lady governor of Texas who in the discussion on whether religious education should be bilingual in her state said we'll have English good enough for Jesus good enough for me which means that the Protestant revolution succeeded even better than I had thought in giving the central and English is the only language in which I have to say I understand the Bible but for many people it's the only book they have either read or in many cases only read a bit of now what you get now as a result of biblical criticism and scholarship and also various vernacular editions of it that unlike the Koran who made it available to everybody in pretty much every tongue is people want to take it out of cart they'll say I quite like the Beatitudes I just don't like I don't mind the story of the the rest of the story the Sermon on the Mount or the miracle at Cana where water is turned into wine my personal favorite but I don't like the other stuff and I don't like Book of Joshua I don't like the injunction to kill all the Midianites down to the last child that makes me uneasy well they're out of luck this stuff is under the Word of God or it isn't and they have to make up their minds whether they think it's that or man-made and when they've done that they'll feel better but the the attempt to have italic art is to me contemptible I keep finding on this trip when I debate people I'd have to write a different book for every priest I debated because if you say to a Baptist even in Georgia well sir you you say you're an ordained Baptist minister and indeed a teacher of baptism at the local college may I know whether you concur with John Calvin and his view of predestination and damnation or not now further know if it you think it applies to me and if you don't think so may I know on what authority you don't think it they don't like the question one bit they don't and not because you're in front of an educated audience either they're not sure what they think they'd rather say well some of that's metaphorical what's metaphorical about telling people that they their fate was decided before they were born and they can't change it even by good works even by doing the right thing won't change it you were picked for Hell before you were born you're a goat not a sheep by the way who wants to be a sheep a religion that calls itself a flock you already know a lot about they don't like it ladies and gentlemen they really don't I say to the rabbi so your daily prayers begin don't they by saying thank God he didn't make me a woman or a Gentile boy is that isn't that the prayer I don't always say it okay I'm glad to hear it you come from a sect that doesn't shake hands with women I'm not a shake hands with you I have views of my own about this but I've told you what they are and I'm willing to be tested on them and questioned on them why aren't you why do you want it on a card all the time this morning the conservative guy very nice extremely nice fellow on the local Fox radio John someone yeah extremely courteous gave me a lot of time and I said well for example you know I say to Catholics they'd come on you busy or Catholic you don't really believe in the virgin birth he said well I do I thought oh Christ it's the first one I've met the whole it had to be this morning and I said well you should I really say you know he said yes I absolutely do I believe in the Immaculate Conception of Jesus and I said no hold on a second the Immaculate Conception is not the same as the virgin birth he said it isn't no the Immaculate Conception says that Mary was conceived without sin without any stain not that her son was conceived without the intervention but bluntly he had no idea didn't even know what he didn't believe it's come just something when a Catholic on fox TV has to be told his his his theology by me and I hope he doesn't I hope if he hears of this he doesn't regard it as an abuse of his hospitality I must say he was a real gentleman to me the rest of the time so who's up sir thank you earlier when you first started speaking you spoke about fascism I think was a Mays's heir who talked about the relationship between colonial expansion and fascism basically was stating that because of European expansion colonialist that fascism was resolved and that's why they got the rise of fascism in Europe I was wondering what your thoughts were in that United States all of our wars except World War two essentially have been a colonial expansion and now we're seeing the disappearance of habeas corpus and our constitutional rights and torture and those kinds of things I was wanting to know particularly a mu of your new citizenship how you felt about that thank you I'm an admirer of the work of MA Caesar who the gentleman just mentioned who was the great poet of Negritude as it was called a French West Africa under the time of Leopold cengo who is I think his mentor in this matter and it's certainly true that the relationship between the rise of fascism in Europe and the decomposition of colonialism in Africa is a very intense one just to give you one example the Brownshirts of the German Nazi Party were bought as an army surplus from the Goering family which had a huge estate in South West Africa now know me BIA where General von Trotta had first launched his campaign of extermination against the Herero people before even the First World War were they they already had first experience of genocide and second a lot of spare uniforms that could be used to fit out a horrible militia and Mussolini's fascism was felt much more intensely in Libya and in the gassing of the people of Abyssinia as it was then called Ethiopia now than it was anywhere else and you could make a British Union of fascists largely grew out of the black and tan movement that was an attempt to repress the people of Ireland interestingly by the way the Pope's support of Mussolini in Abyssinia was probably because the the Abyssinians were and are the oldest practitioners of Christianity in Africa he nonetheless practiced the mono physic heresy which was thoroughly condemned by the Council of Chalcedon in the year 524 so he had it in for them still in this point yes you're right as to the thing that you tack on at the end I knew someone was going to try this I'm only here to sell my book okay but you do have the honour of addressing someone who is a named plaintiff in the lawsuit brought with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union against the National Security Agency and against the Justice which has so far carried in the courts saying that it is illegal and unconstitutional to listen to the telephone conversations of an American without a warrant I'm appalled that when I wasn't even a citizen yet I had to go to law to uphold that simple point but we've won so far but it's going to require a lot of vigilance to keep winning there isn't I think complete collapse of the Justice Department's witnesses and main spokesman on other matters in front of major hearings in in the Senate is is extremely encouraging it I when we brought the suit we didn't know that people were gathering around john ashcroft s– bedside tried to guide his palsy hand over this order Ashcroft the man who says in this country remember this when he was a senator I said in America we have no king but Jesus the statement that is exactly two words too long what do you think about Liberation Theology it's a contradiction in terms what about the amount the emancipation of the human personality the human mind is from theology though no two ways about it I don't care if I run into some priests in Colombia who thinks that Fidel Castro should be Pope it bores me it irritates me I asked him the same question is there anything you're saying that an atheist couldn't say that might be right or might be wrong but would still be said what's the theological bit for know Jesus doesn't have a special privilege for the poor he says render unto Caesar don't you believe that if not why go on as if you do know it's piffle it's Cal Oh piffle you've been waiting a little longer than I have so go ahead well choose your lap Puli chess is if you've described many deeds of a number of different evil gods and I notice from the title of your book that God is in very small time and it is not capitalized nor is it plural I'm worrying wondering which God do you refer to well the joke is partly on me as you point out in that though I didn't say that God had committed any crimes I wouldn't fall into that mistake you see by taking the Atheist nanti theist position one avoids the dumb questioning that the faithful bring upon themselves why does God allow this suffering I don't have time to waste on a question like that why was my buddy hit in the testicles and I escaped how did God allow that God is not involved in it why does some people get swept away by the tsunami and others not because we live on a cooling planet baby with a turbulent weather system which has volcanoes and earthquakes that's what decides what happens it spread we you can just spare yourself all this stuff if you don't quarrel with God and if you don't try and indict him in this way so I don't think he's ever committed a single crime or ever will but that but that he makes people behave worse the belief in him does I mean to say I have no doubt in other words some I didn't say enough about this perhaps at the beginning it's not just that our ethics come from our own innate solidarity and decency it's that morally normal people can be brought to do things that no Maury normal person will do or would do such as mutilating the genitals of a child for example I'm sure some people here have been handed a newborn baby in there okay what none of you what have you been doing with yourselves but no one here's had a newborn Mary well I recommend you go home and try harder well I have and if you're ever going to have that feeling maybe this is a miracle if you're ever going to have it in your life that's pretty why it'll be little indentations where the fingernails are going to be it's heartbreaking really if only you knew what was coming but anyway it's a remote so you've given this bundle you think well okay that's great and and it probably is a gift from heaven but I'd better find a sharp stone and as quickly as I kind of start sawing away at its genitalia because otherwise it wouldn't be pleasing to God no no one no moral person or then when he gets old enough to listen tell him that he's going to burn forever in hell he doesn't obey some cranky instructions poisoned his life in his dreams no no no this is not moral preaching so I'm I'm sorry I want I did want to add that before I am before I wrapped up that it's it's the presser steven weinberg puts it very well actually says in a maureen ordinary universe the good people decent people would do the best they can to do right by their fellows and the psychopaths and the sociopaths those for them society and other people don't really count then never will do wicked things if you want good people to do evil things you need them to be religious Weinberger so what so what you're saying is another unsatisfied customer yes so you're saying whatsoever is good and kind and just against such there is no ball you you don't have to have another whack at that I'm sorry so what you're saying is is that whatsoever is good yet kind and just against that there is no law whatsoever is good well I think I recognizing an epistle from st. Paul here whatsoever things are true whatsoever things are noble were so things are lovely whatsoever things are of good report think on these things yes I read that at my father's funeral as a matter of fact in the d-day chapel in Portsmouth were Eisenhower had prayed for good weather for the invasion of Normandy what if the weather had been bad what if Heaven had been indifferent in that moment don't ask these things happen have if they've been a divine intervention we wouldn't have had Nazism in the first place no the I don't really understand the grammar of your question what I'm saying is there is no law against goodness and apparently that's what you have been describing to us by appeal ladies and gentlemen of the jury I mean have I been saying that there is no law against goodness or there is one hmm well you're in good company thank me thank you for trying and if I've seen dove juice you know you're quite welcome to blame me hi my name is Tyler I hope I'm not the only former Christian from Yakima oh um much like the South he Akamai's um uh two quick questions when I read I read the review of your book from your brother and I just want to know I'm curious about your relationship with him that's as far as I know as I didn't like the book and secondly um some recommendations from you more of influential anti-theist coming up besides harris Dennett Dawkins and others so okay um well concerning my my brother Peter who is a very distinguished ultra conservative columnist and broadcaster in Great Britain and very strongly believing Christian all I can say is that's probably one in every family as to the ranks of anti D ISM the the best book you mentioned professors Janet and Dawkins of course a great scientist and great explicator of science a great educated and Sam who we've already talked about and we're beginning to be it's very very flattering to me mentioned in the same breath as the some say Musketeers I would prefer I think horsemen of the counter apocalypse but there is another one whether to all the bestseller lists now one is the woman who I had as my witness and friend of the Jefferson Memorial ayaan Hirsi Ali some of you will know unbelievably courageous beautiful woman who has survived with great humor and and dignity and courage everything from forced marriage to gentle not just mutilation but infibulation to and and and who thinks that she's probably the only girl born that day in that hospital in Somalia who's still alive and probably is but who is now wanted person on the run seeking political asylum in the United States not even Holland is safe enough to hold her from the fury of people who to whom her existence is an incitement to murder and not just murder is on their mind either of you want my opinion people who are obscene and filthy as well as murderous and lethal and so entitled so sure of their entitlement to murder because they have got on their side well she was the one who stood next to me at the ceremony and her book infidel is a marvelous book as is the Caged version it's previously and then the extremely tough an impressive doctor Victor Stenger who's written a book called God the failed hypothesis in which he will go further than I I will say that it is impossible to disprove the existence of God as it is impossible to prove it thus that those who say they can know what cannot be proved can be excluded from the argument those who are certain where certainty is impossible are easily dispensed with by Occam's razor that's as far as I feel I need to go Stenger says that the evidence from science is now strong enough to say that it disproves the existence of God and he certainly demonstrates in his book that every hypothesis for God's existence that his science-based has been utterly overthrown and I may say I'm sorry that no one from the Discovery Institute came this evening because I trailed my code as much as I could while I was in the hood or that if they're here they've kept quiet but stinger is a great book and he's a huge addition to the arsenal of argument I'm sure we've got two more right so uh what would be your rebuttal to the review of your book and the nation which said if you were to be believed our faith-based president is defending rationalism against religious intolerance doesn't say that Daniel Lazar semi-literate polemicist who's always hired on by the nation when I publish a book for some reason would would be at a loss to point out where in my book I say that I checked the president for his credulity and stupidity on matters of religion I will say this however which is what he may possibly have confused it with it could be that every member of the 82nd airborne regiment was a bible-believing snake handling Pentecostal list though I doubt it but that could be literally true and it would still be true that they're defending the frontiers of Afghanistan in Iraq from the parties of God so the irony I think would be at Mike's but the president's expense rather than mine these people guard us while we sleep from the worst enemy our country and our civilization has ever had and I'm very proud to be among their supporters pity about it we'll look since the really irony so can we make it to more than one each and then we're done here actually how's that yeah fair enough so you festered okay what would you say to the argument that since we don't know what'll happen after death it's better to take the strategy that you believe in God because then if you die and if there is God maybe you have a chance of going to heaven whereas if you didn't do that yeah well you'll like that section in my very moderately priced book which as you most of you will know the gentleman is is summarizing actually almost perfectly the wager of a Blaise Pascal who's Paul say his thoughts were addressed actually to the one who is so made that he cannot believe that's me and he says we'll look at it like this like some huckster like the guy who from the megachurch the other day on the radio tried to get me to pull into his parking lot because the Lord had cured his daughter of Hodgkin's disease like some really low-rent character says what are you gonna lose if it's not true uh we were all headed nowhere in any case but if it was true by any chance and you'd said you thought so ah how bad could it be well you talk about the way that religion degrades argument integrates dignity and self-respect there you have it in one syllogism but I have my answer the following on the assumption that the God they're talking about is anything like the one they ought to be believing in this is what nice I say my book I'm going to say by the way but just before I tell you you know Bertrand Russell said in reply to the same question said I should reply Lord you don't give us enough evidence which i think is pretty good but at night my reply goes on just a fraction longer it is I presume divine sir that you have some respect for intellectual honesty and for moral courage and that you would look with more favor on somebody who made an honest profession of unbelief then on someone who acceded to belief in you in the hope of a handout mr. Hitchens I don't have a question I have a thank you oh I'm the executive director of doctors opposing circumcision based here in Seattle and and I send the thanks and greetings of my members around the world I am so tempted to leave it like that but something something in me wants to milk the moment just one or a second if you will consult my reasonably priced volume you'll see you learn a lot when you write a book like this I thought I knew what the case against religion was I did know that but I learned more than I thought I would and the thing that really alarmed me was to read what the original justifications for circumcision was particularly were particularly the horrific propaganda of my mind is considered to be the greatest Jewish sage this is wicked stuff and it says that the reason it must be done is for the same reason as it must be done Jews don't say this fortunately but there's others later said to little girls that to try as far as possible to make the sexual act as weak and unpleasant and the sexual sensation as is possible with the continuation of human life it's this that takes the axe to the very root of our existence on dignity our self-respect I'm pointing in the right direction our core core legend which means it's why it poisons everything and why the time to start fighting back against it would be right about now thanks very much you

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  • Tom Fuller says:

    Asking an atheist to explain Divine things is like asking a goldfish to explain humanity. Nemo sees dim shapes and movements, and food mysteriously appear from above. But it's a fish, for cryin' out loud. Atheists' assumption that, since they can't explain God, therefore He doesn't exist, is the height of arrogance and ignorance. A three year-old with a telescope knows better. In fact, Scripture said they would be this way. "The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.' They are corrupt, their deeds are vile; there is no one who does good." (Ps. 14:1) Even they are playing a role, in the Script God wrote aeons ago. The roles of the bad guys and fools. Christianity is ultimately intellectual.

  • Theo Fulk says:

    Because of the "tunnel vision " of every religion, the only way there could be a savior concept in a universal sense to be found, if at all, would have to be a 'Buddha-Christ-Imam-Maschiach'. For that to be possible, it seems that no religious affiliation can outweigh the others. Keep in mind, as you hopefully ponder this, Judaism is non-theist, non-supernatural, non-parasitic.

  • jeff said says:

    Majestic diagolugue
    A true wordsman.
    The best of any era in debates about religion.

  • God's Community says:

    Goodness! Relax. 😀

  • pkramerable says:

    Don't smoke. You can hear cancer in his voice.

  • pkramerable says:


  • CauseAndEffect says:

    Atheism helped me to realize evolution works well for atheists. The longer souls are atheists the more vile they become and they enjoy it.

  • CauseAndEffect says:

    Hitchens mocked a country (NK) lead by a man who believes as Hitchens did – no God or God is not needed. Alcoholics forget a few facts.

  • CauseAndEffect says:

    I don't waste my time arguing about Santa Claus because I don't believe in Santa Claus and I'm not a sociopath. Atheists have to be hateful to make money from other atheists as Hitchens masterfully did.
    Hitchens was an alcoholic sociopath to the beginning of his desired trashed eternity.
    Atheists today emulate Hitchens' vile hate to prove they are better than theists and to make money.

  • Jack Martin says:

    It's nice that Hitchens lived long enough to see BORDERS book store go bankrupt!!

  • D'Alene Parole says:

    …such a beautiful mind

  • 9jaime9 9 says:

    He talks N. Korea but how about the u.k and the royals? mr. Hutchins was a propaganda how good that he is dead let me count the way

  • Tradition says:

    The fuck is it with Americans and thinking there’s some quality of badness associated with some sounds, or English words. The censorship is ridiculous in this context.

  • Omnipitous says:


  • Francis Fawkes says:


    It is becoming fashionable to state these days that Jesus never existed in some parts of the world. That is the height of insanity. I have seen it on youtube videos. That is really a post-hypnotic suggestion implanted by Satan himself.
    Scientists believe they have found a certain part of the brain that controls such skepticism. This part of the brain suppresses information. Whether there is a neurological basis for atheism or skepticism, God will judge fairly. I believe that it is wilful ignorance or intentional negligence. The incontestable facts speak louder than words – let common sense prevail.
    I agree with you that truth is the same to all people, regardless of culture or ethnicity. Truth is absolute. If that be the case, it really matters that Jesus did really exist. Here is a man who changed the course of history and created the Judaeo-Christian ethic on which western culture, western legal systems and universal technology hinges. Yes, brother modern technology came from the Bible belt countries!!

    Here is some evidence that Jesus is real. Science had definitely proven that the Shroud of Turin was the burial cloth of Jesus. It is not a clever forgery, because it has a three dimensional negative on it, that was created by a burst of radiation. The tiny dots that compose the shroud picture are too numerous to have been hand painted.Pollen grains link it back to Israel 2000 years ago.

    The most telling evidence is that both the shroud and the head cloth of Jesus have AB blood stains. Jesus' blood type was type AB positive which is an uncommon blood type. Israeli scientists have managed to examine the blood of Jesus. According to the chromosomal count, Jesus had 24 chromosomes. Twenty three "X" chromosomes came from the mother, and one "Y" male chromosomes came from the Holy Spirit. It was indicated that Jesus was supernaturally conceived without the human male "Y"chromosome – this came from the Holy Spirit. Jesus was then born of a virgin.

    According archaeologist Ron Wyatt, when the scientists proved this, they accepted Jesus as their Messiah. The litmus test for all truth is JESUS. He said: I am the way the truth and the life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by Me (John 14: 6). According to the tests, Jesus did die and his resurrection is also evidenced in the Shroud of Turin. 194, 694

  • mgtowtruthbomber says:

    He goes on about the horrors religions have inflicted but supported publicly bushes lies…..lets hope he got what he asked for…..nothingness

  • sensi please says:

    i love hitch, but i couldnt help but find that he seemed not to answer the actual core points of some of the questions asked or rather provide a quick and direct response before expanding because they were easy, maybe not important although slightly intriguing questions, i am curious as to why? maybe he felt they were inadequate i don t know or maybe he wasnt in the right mindset considering he seemed to want to escape that podium the sooner the better judging from his body language…

  • Tineke Williams says:

    My hero, finally found someone that can argue for me. So clever and will be much missed

  • Lord Byron says:

    Ironically Christopher Hitchens is my God! he never made any claims to have walked on water, resuscitated the dead or turned water into wine but he sure enlightened many primates with his mellifluous voice and amazing wit and rhetoric, long live Hitch!

  • Reshie Roo says:

    Seriously dislike it when audience members use the mike to make long winded points disguised as questions. Seems to happen quite a lot with the Hitch.

  • Min 1066 says:

    Hopefully, by watching him on here people will be given the courage and be encouraged to think differently about Religion. I know I do! and I am very very grateful for that. Thank you Mr H. And Yes, he is missed very much.

  • Mel Dobra says:

    Mel Dobra
    1 second ago
    The late Mr. Hitchens was almost stupid in some of his assertions. He kept repeating about a celestial dictator. God marchers all the atoms in order. Since mans records the sun has not burst on the earth with its fiery destruction, the universe reveals a benevolent creator that is constant beauty is everywhere every smell could be a stench every site could be ugly but this is not so. Hitchens saw all the beauty around us and in the celestial heavens and he attributed all this to random chance but to all the small aberrations of pain and the rest he blamed on God. Christopher was not even a shadow on Job Who said blessed be the lord he giveth and he taketh as he is Sovergin. it seems he was the very frail man and could not handle a bit of pain but hid behind his own philosophical rhetoric not like the 6million Jews who were slaughtered at German concentration camps Boris dobra

  • jonnine says:

    Christopher Hitchens gives it to you straight.

  • Steven hanson says:


  • thethikboy says:

    Christianity is Iron Age – what were the nails and swords made with?

  • Maria Callous says:

    I think there is a "God" and I think there is a system.    If you try hard enough I think you can make lying a moral choice.  I like Hitchens.  I'd like to see him debate with the Dalai Lama or the pope….lol.  Someone make that up.

  • Justin says:

    I am embarrassed to say i attended Liberty "University" for 3 years and can attest to the description of Jerry Falwell. Some of the shit that dude spewed was awful. Blaming the gays for 9/11 and saying the cause of hurricane Katrina was the result of the sin of the people in that area. Students at that school loved him too. I look back and wonder what in the hell I was actually thinking.

  • Hiv0ltage says:

    I hope that someone that is like him will rise up and grace us with similar wisdom.

  • TREX LEX says:


  • Raymond Megginson says:

    I heard hitch speak on numerous youtube videos and I find him charming at times, smug at other times and insipid at others. mainly his views of religion are not all intellectually credulous. what he claims about religions can be said about the police or government without checks and balances. there is a way that seems right to a man but in the end there is destruction. hitch was a man who is now looking the GOD he has denied face to face and now realizes he was horribly and regrettably wrong.

  • thethikboy says:

    He is as necessary as Satan. Without his Advocate what would God do?

  • MKohlhass says:

    What an adorable person! One of my few idols!

  • Tar Man says:

    Hitch is my Jesus

  • Martin Halley says:

    Why is the sound muted out at a critical point at 48:19. Who is censoring this video and why?

  • Tim Kellerman says:

    We miss you Hitch!

  • godis imaginary says:

    religion is "stultifying nonsense" lol that's fucking poetry right there

  • MrMymanalishi says:

    I don't want my Hitchens censored, we can have truth without bleeping out the word Fuck.

  • All Father says:

    Why would the God of the universe care what humans believe? He has an entire universe to rule but he cares what we think? He came down to a patch of wilderness to command people to believe in him? That sounds like an insecure narcissist rather then a wise Lord. And why is he out of the picture now? He hasn't shown his face in two thousand years. What has he got to hide?

  • All Father says:

    At least this was more then nine years ago and Iran still doesn't have a nucleur weapon.

  • Shane Hamilton says:

    understanding the cosmos and the birth and death of stars planets and galaxies is what has made me believe since 13yrs old that there is no god or gods ,prophets virgin births all rubbish!

  • Shane Hamilton says:

    understanding the cosmos and the birth and death of stars planets and galaxies is what has made me believe since 13yrs old that there is no god or gods ,prophets virgin births all rubbish!

  • Ron Burgandy says:

    I know most christians truly DO NOT know what their lives would be like daily if the bible was law. Just take "Remember the sabbath day, to keep it holy" This means 6 day work weeks and nothing but worship on the 7th day. No shopping, no sports, no sex, No fun activities at all, NOTHING, NOTTA, ZILCH, just worship ALL DAY LONG…every single week for the rest of your life….fun right?

    But here's the best part, you do that along with everything else, being the best christian you could be, and according to scripture it still is not good enough to get the "golden ticket". No guarantees, no ticket in the mail, no confirmation of any kind….sounds like a hoot to me. The only way to know is to die, and of course the best kept secret since the "beginning", nobody alive knows either….no proof of any kind….so, do you want to live the life you know you have to the fullest, or spend it worshipping something there's not a shred of evidence to prove it exists? Christianity is a religion based on FEAR. Love me or I will pull the trigger. It;s not free will, don't let any clergy bullshit you on it. IT'S an ultimatum.

  • YhwhKhaiMostHigh says:

    A good atheist is a dead atheist. Good riddance moron!

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