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  • SNARLED says:

    What are some unsolved mysteries you'd want Sapphire to cover?

  • kefe says:

    no one:

    8 year-olds: Imma Crip

  • Michael Bartalotta says:

    great stories!!

  • Shadow Rapid21 says:

    Frank is actually……

    SAITAMA with memory loss

  • Jessica strawbez says:

    The tenth doctor : time is not a straight line it's like a wobbly wobbly, timey wimey… stuff…

  • Laiya Raine says:

    If you are watching this in 2019 then like

  • Stephen Clementson says:

    How did they pay for their fuel without noticing incongruities?  Wouldn’t they have noticed the price difference, and wouldn’t the paper notes be different? You certainly couldn’t do this in the UK, slipping back from the 21st century to the 20th century, due to the removal of lead additive.  If this really happened, and happened without incident, I would suggest that it wasn’t an actual time slip.

  • Matulu Ulu says:

    I found this in my recommended section and I checked the date then title 😂😂😂

  • Samuel Ducklin says:

    what's so bad about time slips?

  • Shady Bxtch says:

    How to time slip


  • malk says:

    The thumbnail gave me a stranger things vibe

  • 한채윤 says:

    I am not sure if this can be considered a time slip but 4 years ago .. on a rainy day I was waiting for my mum to pick me up and suddenly a man in his twenties wearing a white shirt appeared and passed by me and said that my mum was waiting at the back while smiling and and he even pointed.. And my mum was actually waiting at that place and when I turned to look at him I found out that he disappeared and my mum also denied seeing him. Thinking about it , he seemed familiar as if I know him but a stranger at the same time.

  • Laureen Dudink says:

    I’ve time slipped once, I was normally walking true the city, when suddenly I was surrounded by tanks and yelled happy people. My country had just been freed.

  • blvssom. says:

    The Upside Down!

  • The Pinomic says:

    Does anyone feel like our life is boring? While others experience time loop or see things.

  • Noelle Ortiz says:

    Sees video is 4:20 long


  • I love Roger Taylor says:

    Imagine going into a time slip and getting stuck there

  • FocusedGG Plays says:

    Noones going to talk about video leght? Its 4:20(sorry for bad english)

  • It's Just Jam's Life says:

    I have a time slip, but it's kinda boring. So I was 4 yrs old and was in bed , I had my bed beside my window so that I could see if it's night or day. I wasn't sleepy so I decided to roll over for fun. Once I faced my window again It was morning and usually when I sleep, I wake up with drool on my face ( I know gross) , so I felt my face to wipe it off but there was nothing , and I drooled everynight so…

  • Ally Zandy says:

    Idk how to explain this, but I maybe, somehow, slipped into the present?

    It was the day before Christmas so my mom and I were decorating. I made up a random excuse to go upstairs Bc I was tried and needed some “phone-time”. I soon fell asleep, when I “woke up” I was in my friends house, I was extremely confused. So I went downstairs to see what was going on. I was confused to see my friend and her parents sitting on the couch, not noticing me standing right in front of them. I called my friends name, she didn’t respond. I called her name multiple times but still, nothing. I looked around the room and saw a calendar, and it said, December 24, 2018. I was VERY confused, I was thinking it was just a dream, it HAD to be. So, I touched a wall. I felt it, I pinched myself. I felt it. I BOLTED up the stairs and tried to sleep. When I woke up, there I was, in my house.

    I thought I was the only that went through this experience, until I saw this video and the comments, I have no idea what’s going on in the world, but it isn’t good. I still remember this thing that happened to me Bc it was just so odd. (And yes, I did do some research and nothing came up. I asked my parents if me and my friend were related in some way, they said no.) I’m still really confused to still day, but I’m glad to see I’m not the only one.

  • Lupis aguilar says:

    Is there such thing as dreaming the past AND the future?

  • Emilyy says:

    This isn’t really a time slip story but one day I was playing in the park with my cousins (tag) and we were being chased so we where running. There was was this old tree that I passed and I turned around to see if they where still chasing me as the tree was now behaind me. So I turned around to keep running and out of no where that same tree is ahead of me but this time I haven’t passed it as if we “glitched” in a game.

  • Bunvra says:

    Going to the 80s or 90s would be cool, if you go too far back, it could be dangerous. Not that the 80s and 90s weren’t able to be dangerous.

  • Lauryn N says:

    I’ve never had a Time slip but sometimes i dream things and they happen a day or 2 later
    Like one time I had dreamt of spiders crawling around my lightbulb, and then I dreamt of spiders in the corner of the room
    And then a day later a spider webbed down from the ceiling onto my bed.

    I also had this dream where I was hanging out with an old friend of mine (that I lost contact with)
    Then a few days later I saw him at the park. It was really weird.

    Also this isn’t with the dreams and stuff but every single morning when I wake up and stand up my head starts spinning and I get really dizzy and my vision gets all blacked out. (It only happens for a few seconds but it happens every morning.)

  • NooriJF JF says:

    Bruh the video is 4:20

  • yuki chan says:

    I kinda have a dream about this. I know it's kinda weird. I click on the video because the thumbnail looks familiar too. It was a gas station if I could recall I had went there but I dont know when and where. The store was the same. But it was in the mall. I was in the car and decide to walk out. To check inside..

  • Kiba Reh says:

    I’ve had 3 dreams of this. Where I go to another universe

  • ItzLayla says:

    Yass school is finished which means I can binge watch scary videos and not have to wait a week until I can finally go to bed normally

  • Sky Perkins says:


  • gacha gamer says:

    she looks like a floating head……..

  • NewJollyLife111 says:

    I live at Liverpool D:

  • RanDUMdude554 says:

    That gas station looks like the upside down

  • Tyler Oliverio says:

    And most of you simply just had a acid trip ( flashback) because no way all of these comments are accounts and its not known to the world on a more refular basis keep on the drugs and you will find yourself slipping into the clouds or flames depends on how bad of a trip you took

  • Ariana Eschrich says:

    Wait… did you say… LIVERPOOL? The place where the Beatles are from?? 😍😍 I’m sorry I’m beatles crap lmao

  • fun madeproductions says:

    Deja vuu

  • Kristen Jansen says:

    Sapphire: wanna hear something scary?
    Me: Of course why would I be here if I wouldn't

  • Chloe Cheong says:

    Yoooooo my friend’s boyfriend is at myrtle beach or is near there for vacation

  • Peppa Pig says:

    Saphire: Wanna here something scary?

    Me: No

    Proceeds to watch it

  • Eviecraft 07 says:

    I have a story, not about time slips though. I was laying down on my bed and tried to get to sleep. I woke up in a hospital room and I felt cold. I saw a lady sitting next to my hospital bed with her arms on my bed and crying into my sheets. I could move but it hurt. I had wires coming from my chest and I had two tubes up my nose. I decided to sit up and tap her ignoring the pain. When I tried to touch her. My hand went straight through her. I spoke loudly but all I could here were her weeps. I get out of my bed and look back at my bed. I see a pale girl that looks kind of young and old. I blink and then I wake up in my house, on my bed. Was it a dream?

  • booperdooper says:

    I have a time slip story. Not a very big one, or important. So I was going by my day normally, I had gone to the dentist that day though. I had got in the car after it and we were driving past a Jubilee store. That store was alot of my childhood, since I would also go there a lot. The store got sold and the name got changed a few years back. We drove past the store, and when we passed it. It said "Jubilee." I was so confused, did they buy the store back?.. my mom had gone a wrong way, and needed to make a U turn. So we turned around, and as we passed the Jubilee. It was back to the new store, not Jubilee. I was so confused, and my mom asked me what was wrong as she could tell from my expression. I told her nothing, and continued to think about it. A hallucination maybe??

  • hafiey myrza helmi says:

    Stranger things

  • Jessica Wivell says:

    Whoop my sister lives in Liverpool

  • YesiBot {•.•} says:

    What if WE are actually the intruders of the future. Maybe they are just having a good time minding their business and we keep coming into their world. And when we do reunite with them they will say “Hey I remember you!!” And it wasn’t all in our heads but it actually happened.

  • Evil Gummy Bear says:

    Ok in part2 they time travelled right? So what happened to the gas in the car

  • Gymnasticsqueens best friends says:

    Haha the video was 4:20 minutes long Lol

  • intra link says:

    I have a time slip on a gas station it was first broken then sudden it was very very new

  • Gregster says:

    One of my favorite paranormal topics. Thanks for the post.

  • Miguel Garcia says:

    I wonder how Doctor Who would explain the time slips.

  • Your Son says:

    It's SUPERnatural

  • Mev Cilbox says:

    nature : time slip

    memes: IMMORTAL hahahahaha

    science : told you nature

  • Camila Cornejo says:

    Why am i doing this to myslef

  • Gåçhå Åethėštîc •_• says:

    This is what I want to happen to me:

    So one day it was 1:00 in the morning so I was heading to bed. When I wake up it’s 2:00 pm which is the normal time I wake up. But when I wake up I see a little girl that looks like my mom. She looks at me and she says Hi! I say Hi. She say’s I’m Kendra! I just stare at her. She has the same name as my mom. So I tell her my name is Brianna. She says, “wow I was thinking of naming my child Brianna!” I don’t know what to say so I just look in the other rooms. The room beside mine isn’t what it used to be. It used to be my brother’s room but it has turned into a teenage room. All old fashioned dolls. Maybe like 1989? And I see a teenage girl writing in a journal. She looks at me. I see that she looks exactly like my aunt. I say Hi. She says her name is Tiffany. I freeze. I just stutter and say okay. And I head down stairs. When I look in the living room I see a box tv. The tv is turned on to this show called full house that my mom used to watch as a kid. All of the furniture and floors are old fashioned and stylish. I see my great aunt in the kitchen making breakfast. My moms mother and father died so her aunt took care of her. I see Kendra rushing down the stairs saying, I want to eat! I sit down also but my Great aunt notices me and says, Who is this Kendra? Kendra says, this is Brianna! I say Hi and try not to act suspicious. Me and Kendra get along well. Kendra and I play with dolls that look pretty old. Like from the 1970’s. I look in Kendra’s bedroom too see a wooden bed. Its the bed I woke up in. I ask Kendra where her IPhone is. Kendra is 9 and I got a phone when I was 9. But she says, What’s an IPhone? And I just freeze. I try and go to sleep. The next day I wake up to my mom calling me from downstairs. She shows me photos of her from her childhood. She shows me a picture of her very best friend. She says her name is Brianna. And she also says that she has a birthmark just like me. I tell her what happened to me and she says it’s called a time loop. The end. This isn’t true but I want it too happen to me.

  • Zion Burgess says:

    Or it’s might just be a dream!!

  • 《• c ł a r í s • 》 says:

    And btw this comment section has been a story sharing app lol jk

  • Eslira Star says:

    I'm not sure if it counts as a time slip, but both my father and I keep having strange instances of "missing time". For example, just the other day we went out for ice cream. When we came back it was 8:15 pm and we decided to order a movie on DirecTV. Shazam. The movie was set to start at 9:00 PM so we had turned on another movie until it was time for Shazam to start. My dad dished out the ice cream and we sat down to watch the end of the first movie, only to look up and see that it was already 9:00. We both stared at each other knowing that we hadn't been home for more then 10 minutes. So how was it already 9:00?? We both confirmed that we'd gotten home at 8:15. Dishing out our ice cream immediately after and sitting down. There was no way it took 45 minutes to scoop two bowls of ice cream. I had ordered the movie by text on my phone, so I checked the timestamp for the text. 8:20. We still don't know what exactly happened and it wasn't the first time we'd experienced something strange like this.

  • Rango's Nose says:

    Damn I wanna experience a time slip 😩 I need to go to the sunset strip in 1980

  • Keenan Serencio says:

    2019 everyone???

  • selmateacher7 - Daniel Berry says:

    Yes, Time slips are real. I saw myself one evening as I was standing by the back sliding glass door. I thought I was seeing a thief, but when I began walking to the man, I noticed that he had a large cup in his hand and looked just like me… as I was approaching closer, he vanished right in front of me. I was so shocked by the situation that I went to the kitchen, filled a cup of water and went back to investigate in my back yard. After a quick look around and noticing nothing missing or out of place, I turned to return to my house. As I stepped at the threshold of the back sliding glass door, I saw the most couscous sight. I saw a man that looked just like me, approaching me from inside my house. As this earlier version of me came closer, he disappeared into thin air. I then looked down and noticed that the man I had seen was in fact me, as I was holding the large cup of water in the same way as I saw the man holding it. Another time, years later, I was in the same room (the living room) of my home and I saw my oldest son skipping into the home through the back glass sliding door, but he appeared transparent and vanished about half way in the living room. Just then I noticed that same son playing in the backyard and he then skipped into the house exactly the same way I saw him do as before, but this time he was not transparent. The time slip at that time was 21 seconds. I knew the time because I took note of the time on my digital watch. Similar things happened until I changed the back sliding glass door with a newer model.

  • Ticktok hitormiss Hater says:

    Hey snarld I am fhipino

  • khalid khalid says:

    1:43 bruh i taught that was a mustache that killed the mystery vibes

  • MMH tun says:

    make a video about black eyed John

  • Creepy bird says:

    Ive never had a time slip before but i have a psychiatric condition called maladaptive daydreaming, it’s basically really long daydreams that distract you from real life (your better of googling it than listening to that if you don’t understand what I mean) well for me it is.
    Basically sometimes I can’t tell the difference between real life or a daydream because the daydream’s are so vivid, and sometimes they are set in a different time period, I guess its kinda similar 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • MissShannon 24 says:

    I live near Liverpool

  • Karuro Cruz says:

    this happened to me lately… last month I slept while I'm in my wa to school… whe I woke up I thought I passed through the church that I go to then when I blink the place suddenly change. But when I realize I was kilometer away from the church..

  • Saba Qureshi says:


  • Juliet Lolesi says:

    ghost story of okiku

  • Radko Svoboda says:

    Maybe this is how those old pictures with People from the future are made

  • Ali Sajjad says:

    If you're lucky or unlucky enough to get into a time slip, you can create the same scenario you saw in real life and try to get caught in one again

  • honeybun33 says:

    I keep telling people " time" isn't linear, it's circular. Or possibly perpendicular. Meaning the guy in Liverpool briefly caught time at it's intersection, went into the 1950s then slipped back into his current time period.

  • Alextheredboss King says:

    One time I was with my mom I was on a train and I closed my eyes and I was two days away from where I closed my eyes

  • It’s just my opinion but says:

    We already know time travel IS possible!!


  • icare4you123 says:

    The gas station reminds me of a celebrity ghost story. It was out west and they stopped at a diner for directions and the diner didn't exist. Maybe Will Smith?

  • big chungus 101 boi says:

    I wish I can time slip and

  • A cat and A Flower says:

    do u notice

  • Bubblecatface 1337 says:

    Anybody else notice it stops at 420

  • Rani Shivnani says:

    The another was me

  • Dice says:

    I wish time traveling was real and so i would head back to the ghetto days of me as a juvenile teen (im not old im 22) but yeah i wish it was real

  • TheXoolDeer says:

    I remember one time I was sleeping at my friend's house I slept on the couch and everyone else slept in there rooms. When I woke up the clock said 1:00 I was confused and I didn't get up but I moved my head around and looked around. Eventually I fell back asleep and woke up at 9 or 8 something to them waking me up. I told them what happened and I was confused. When the clock said 1:00 I don't remember if I was for some reason in my living room or in there's. I told my friend I should've woken them up when I woke up at 1:00 unless it was a dream and to find out if it was a dream or not. I still don't know if it was a dream or a time slip in the past or future because idk if I was in the past or future if it was a time slip.

  • Ava OConnor says:

    So i’ve had some time where things will come in my head and i will think they happened but they never did and then it happens what is that?

  • John Bluemink says:

    Sorry, but number one has been on YT for years. Number two sounds highly unlikely, as interaction with the past would imply, that the people serving you at the gas-station would not even raise an eyebrow, seeing a modern car, and occupants dressed in modern clothes?? You have to do better than this!

  • YFLOInternational says:

    time is absolutely non-linear, and who's to say that scientists haven't been able to make time travel possible … I wouldn't make such a statement if I were you

  • Angel Star says:

    hi my name is Angel when i was 5 i remember that i was a sleep with my mom i woke up by a little girl said help me i look at my door and i saw a little girl with red blood eyes i siad leave and she cry and said help me and left

  • THEUGLYING_gacha says:

    0:14 FloATInG SApPhIre!?

  • SpiicyyTae ッ says:

    Everyone seems to have experienced time slips in the comments here 😁

  • kissnote21 says:

    I experience time slip as well when I was a kid. My mom told me to buy bottled soda so I went to the store to buy the soda and when I came back there were people that I have never seen so I was just standing there for at least 10 min confused to wht happening so wt I did is went back to the store that i went to and after that i went again to the house and the people that I saw were gone. I told my mom about it and she thought I was just kidding or something but it was scary yoo. I was about to cry cuz wt if I can't go back to my time and be stuck in this time period

  • Maya Pillai says:

    I was creeped out

  • Gold And Fenn says:

    Better late then never;
    I have told this story before but have never truly gotten an answer. I was walking with my friend back from a maze. For context we have a woods, behind the woods is a graveyard and behind that is a maze. She was looking at the flowers by the road and I was walking to the gate that separated the car gate of the graveyard to the normal opening, when something catches my eye; a woman, she was wearing a pure white gown, Victorian, as well as a pure white bonnet. I was a little stunned because no-one’s gown should be that white after walking through the woods in the middle of November. She then disappeared through the hedge and I never saw her again. Later on I was telling my mom and she showed me a picture and in the corner I see the bonnet, the white gown and I know that’s the lady. I don’t know what it was but she wasn’t part of my village

  • cool days says:

    i maby had a expirience

  • Teah is bizzy says:

    I think I was in a time slip idk it was future, I was in school and i kinda dreamed a bit that day and i was walking into small room with white walls and a small leather brown couch underneath a biggggg photo of a flower you couldn’t miss it after i got back into reality and went home after school I told my mum since I never really have dreams and I told her how real it felt, a few months later and I still couldn’t figure out what had happened and my family went for a holiday. there we walked into our small white room with a brown leather couch under a big picture of that same pink flower and I kinda got whoozy like something was happening. I told my mum and she goes “isnt this the room you were talking about like ages ago??”

  • naureen mohammed says:

    I had somewhat time slip experience.
    I don't know what to make of it though but I'll try to explain.

    I was fully aware that I had fallen asleep. I remember counting down to sleep and drifting off to sleep. I had dreamt something stupid at first. Something to do with my class and school stuff, and I realised I was dreaming and began to lucid dream. As soon as I got the hang of It, my scenery was immediately shifted to another one with my brother asking me directly if I wanted to wake up for school or nah? I said yes involuntarily as if my voice was being controlled. I was up and brushing my teeth. The water splashed all over my pajamas at first then flowed properly. I was soaking wet as I sat down for breakfast when the tea spilt all over the table and ruined my pajamas and a chair next to me. I begrudgingly walked got up to change my clothes when my only uniform tore and I was fuming at this point. I wore my gym clothes and stood waiting for the bus anyways. The bus approached me and I got into it as it stopped. I sat on my seat and fell asleep.

    I was awoken suddenly to children screaming.

    And before I could register what had happened the bus swerved and hit a truck and there was fire all around.

    I woke up. Sweating. My brother entered to wake me up but gave up as soon as he saw me up.

    I decided it was just a bad dream and walked into my washroom to brush my teeth.

    The water spayed… all over me and settled. No it's just a dream I said and walked on.

    Breakfast and the tea spilled all over me, burning my hand.

    A dream Nu. A dream.

    I went to wear my clothes and they tore. I was too sick and nauseas to go to school and decided to stay home.

    That day, I hadn't heard of any accidents. I don't know what it was about but something didn't want me in the bus and I listened

  • khris mc says:

    I wonder, since this kind of thing has never happened to me ,what are the chances it’s really happened in any of these stories?

    Some of them I do believe.I do believe I mystery and the possibility of it but it must just be a bit rare,but with multiple stories of it maybey it’s more common than you’d expect.

  • Harley Quinn says:

    I did I guess I’m not sure but the thing that happened to me Ig was some sort of time slip
    I traveled to future everything was white, strong light, people wearing white jumpsuits, white building

  • Rosenart and Peeps says:

    I think they are just rumors

  • Tricky Nicky says:

    That's a very interesting story about the gas station. If it was a modern car they were driving how could it be fueled up from an era before unleaded petrol? The retro station would have only had leaded surely?

  • Tricky Nicky says:

    At my grandmas once I woke up one night to the sound of loud typing and the noise old fashioned typewriters used to make when they pushed that bar across at the end of each page. There was also a background hum of talking. This was somewhere near 3 am. Around one hundred years earlier the building that was my grandmas house had been a water supply office.

  • SHAMPEANNE says:

    I also had an experienced.me and my sister have a small food business which we delivered foods door to door ,pick up or meet up.i also have a work,we post what foods that are available for that day.so i chatted my friends if they want to order.i also got some messages from people who want to order.around 1pm i recieve a call from my sister and she apologized to say that all orders will be cancel due to some errands of her.so i chatted them and say sorry .my sister then call me up suddenly and really got mad,she said how dare you cancelled all the orders?i cook a lot of it?who will buy this ?how about my capital blah blah..and i ask her you called me earlier and you say that ..we argued.she read my chat in my messenger since i allow her to open it ..i was really confused ..why is so weird..im not dreaming and i am very sure that i got a call from her and we talked.i open my call history and i never got a call from her..until now ..everytime someone will invite or anything im going to ask them not only twice or thrice just to make it sure that im not dreaming..is it also a time slip?im not sure if its a time slip..but i am very sure that we talked that day.

  • Brent Vettel says:

    People assume that time is straight cause to effect. . But ACTUALLY Time from a nonlinear non-subjective view point time is like a wibbly wobbly timey wimey of stuff.

  • Douli Kumari says:

    I have had many time slips I swear or at least I think so

  • Vctz ¿ says:

    I wonder if people from the 50s had time slips to us

  • Jajuan Lay says:

    I wanna here something scary. ✋🏽

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