Buddhism | The Cure For Anxiety?

in Buddhism the main goal is the end of suffering there’s one form of suffering in particular that Blake’s most people at some point in their lives which is called anxiety in this video I will explore what we can learn from Buddhism in regards to fighting this destructive emotion [Music] anxiety and panic disorders are very common these days which are basically manifestations of anxiety getting out of control for most people the first reaction towards anxiety is trying to fight it but according to Buddhism an important step for fighting anxiety is not fighting it the teachings of the Buddha are geared towards acceptance fighting anxiety will lead to even more anxiety because you are resisting something that already is which is kind of insane when you think of it so what can Buddhism offer to ease anxiety in order to answer this question let’s find out what anxiety actually is we live in a fear-based society we’re never safe enough so we comply with laws that restrict our freedom promising that we’ll be safer we’re never beautiful enough so we spend a fortune on liposuction Botox and anabolic steroids we’re never rich enough so we neglect our mental and physical health to chase the money a phenomenon called status anxiety which is extensively talked about by British philosopher Alain de Botton makes us worry all the time about our jobs our bank accounts and keeping up with the Joneses also we need to keep track of our Instagram followers our likes on Facebook and yes our channel stats in the YouTube creator studio with all these things to worry about we often experience anxiety common coping mechanisms for this anxiety are alcohol drugs porn food and different forms of entertainment we want to escape the suffering caused by anxiety and so we numb our minds this phenomenon already implies that it’s not the outside world but it’s the mind that produces anxiety anxiety and panic both start in the mind that engages in excess of thinking to the point that the physical symptoms of anxiety occur the Buddhists refer to the excessive thinking patterns as the monkey might I’ve made a video about the dangers of excessive thinking which you will find below a great mistake we make as human beings is that we are easily fooled by the mind we believe the mind but the mind is a great fabricator of fantasies about the future lies about the present and baloney about the past many times our mind isn’t our friend at all therefore we shouldn’t believe everything our mind presents to us especially when it’s one big deluge of negativity but when we do the monkey minds generates anxiety what often happens when we experience the uncomfortable feeling of anxiety is that we start to worry about anxiety by worrying about anxiety we fall into a vicious cycle Buddhism offers a wisdom and practice to ease anxiety wisdom means that we understand what anxiety is where it comes from and how to treat it a simple but effective lesson by the Buddhists is that worrying is pointless the eighth century Buddhist monk named shanti devi says about this and i quote if the problem can be solved why worry if the problem cannot be solved worrying will do you no good and quote if you have a problem that you can solve you either focus on a problem entirely in the present moment or you don’t if you cannot solve it then drop it many things we worry about are beyond our control and it’s completely useless to spend our time and energy thinking about them unfortunately our monkey mind loves worrying probably because it loves solving puzzles but most of the puzzles that our minds come up with don’t have to be solved because they are based on irrational fears fantasies and just plain nonsense when it comes to excessive thinking we should focus on dissolvent rather than resolvement this is where practice comes in the Buddhist method to achieve this is called meditation meditation is a way to focus on the present moment and watch your thoughts passing by like clouds in the sky in stead of engaging with them this practice calms the monkey might without fighting but with acceptance there are many different forms of meditation I’ve made a video about the meditative effects of cleaning which you will find below let me know if you’re interested in making more videos about different forms of meditation or about what Buddhism can do to live a happier life and I’ll see what I can do thank you for watching [Music]

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  • TimMer1981 says:

    Zen Buddhism and Taoism.

  • CL 33 says:

    Leaving smart phone by side and not using it even to chat with friends helps a lot.

  • superflash Shazam says:

    Buddhism save me form heart broke i was about to suicide but Buddhism saved me al lot more better and calmer

  • Ritika Bhardwaj says:

    Amazing video each word u speak is very powerful and logical
    Thanks 😊

  • ibberman says:

    Well, I definitely have a monkey mind then. It's kind of like who I am. Sleeping is really hard to do.
    Especially after loosing everything we owned in the Ca. fires in 2017. I only have slept 2-3 hours per night. I have tried meditating many times over the years, but have never been able to do it.

  • Iyer Venkatraman says:

    Fortunately for all of us
    We have His Holiness JAGADGURUS extending the base of SPIRITUALITY n core bless
    the ultimatum that can b UNIVERSALLY attainable n it's now
    Undergoing Miraculous transformation.
    All of us in our own way RIGHT from our benevolent ancestors
    have been trying our level best
    For a peaceful n healthy n Hygeine in our living standards..
    Which is manifesting inthe form
    Of A new age movement which is working as a PANACEA & A CATALYST TOO…
    so now it's a cinemagic , Mathemagic geomagic….
    In its own way.
    N one can magnetise/demagnetise to balance one s

  • Michael O’Donnell says:

    Good stuff thanks

  • SLBX1 says:

    Used to go meditating at a Diamond Way Buddhist centre years ago. It was nice up to some point. I was able ignoring rather irritating stuff like being told to imagine how some invisible entity shot a ray of light from its mouth into my mouth… but the stuff that really turned me off was the glaring arrogance of the folks who ran the show. One day I asked if I could bring a friend. They asked me about this friend, his financial background / social status. I responded he was unemployed, but in need of something that stabilizes him, offers him balance. The head-honcho replied: 'Nah, we don't want such people here'. That was the moment I told to myself 'fuck you hyprocritical lifestyle-c*nts'. I never returned… and I have to admit not really missing it. Try stoic philosophy. Combine it with some meditation. We don't really need actual Buddhism here. Just look at actual Buddhist countries… the people there aren't really more balanced than we are. It's even the contrary: They (the average Joe) often are highly narcissistic and brutal. Furthermore..just look at how animals factually are treated in Buddhist countries…forget about the romanticizing crap you saw in movies like 7 days in Tibet. It was lifestyle propaganda for a naive western audience desiring something exotic Christianity lost ages ago – the spiritual core.

  • Joana Sofia Lorça de Oliveira says:

    Your voice is sooo soothing! Thank you

  • Joana Sofia Lorça de Oliveira says:

    What is the best type of Buddhist practice to relieve anxiety?

  • Branden Wright says:

    That's hard to do when you really want to solve a problem and make the situation better.

  • gary hynes says:

    You have to be careful when it comes to using it just to reduce anxiety. It does work for that alone, and that's fine in it's own right, but Buddhism and the path is much than just that, if you want to take it more seriously.

  • ash says:

    haha nederlands

  • DiscerningKing says:


  • favourite music says:

    Currently am afraid.

  • joco7977 says:

    Juice is the cure for anxiety

  • Thomas Daley says:

    Anxiety try magnesium tablets you may have a deficiency

  • Nand Kishore dharmani says:

    Buddha's greatest gift is the discovery there is no self which feels anxiety,no self which wants to escape it's problems,no self which has to achieve enlightenment

  • Damian Patrick McNamara says:

    Your accent made me feel so on edge I couldn't listen to your awful voice, terrible effort, find another subject, engineering might suit.

  • Darius Evans says:

    Status Anxiety is one of the best books I’ve ever read !

  • Roberto Insingo says:

    Get away from toxic people like my dad

  • Angelina Cruse says:


  • Dennis Pena says:

    On the side of science, Anxiety is your brain's subconscious protecting you. Usually it's something you experienced in childhood that created a negative belief and got ingrained into your subconscious. So in your present adulthood, your anxiety is triggering based on certain events. Knowing what event in your past that caused this negative belief doesnt help. Because the conscious mind cannot fix the subconscious mind. That's why music performers such as Barbara Streisand still get anxiety before going on stage even though shes done hundreds of shows. That's why I still feel mild anxiety before petting a dog, even though I've petted hundreds of dogs. Spirituality mixed with science is the best way to combat anxiety and any negative emotions. Simply by accepting that your anxiety is present when it hits. And knowing that you are not your mind. So you simply be present and observe your anxiety without judgement or mental comments, without fighting. Then the negative emotion begins to disappear. Try it the next time you feel anger. Stop what you're doing and stare in silence at the anger in you, and watch what happens.

  • Joe Stockton says:


  • Marilyn Biondi says:

    Thank you so much❤️

  • kathleen Wharton says:

    Buddhism offers compassion. Jesus offers Forgiveness. The cure for anxiety. Change what you Can! Forgive what you Cannot! Live Day to Day! Forgive the Past..it is past! Live ToDay. Trust God for Tomorrow! "Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof.".

  • cretaceo strapulazza says:

    i think the video would be better if u make it more various, with more scenes, and less amateur, since the quality of the image is good!

  • Galliano Marr says:

    Fighting anxiety will lead to more anxiety

  • Galliano Marr says:

    This video helped me more than my antidepressents I swear to god

  • IMA SKIER says:

    Isn't "cleaning" just another form of distraction???!!!

  • TEREE G says:

    I have a Anxiety Panic Disorder …..it's intense fears and phobias

  • Tom Smith says:

    62 pharmaceutical sales reps and cannabis smokers dislike

  • Jasmine Jabbal says:

    Half of the video passed but still no clue as per caption….* Cure*…..lengthy 😏

  • IceBaine says:

    Way of the World near the end!

  • samarhafeez says:

    I liked it

  • Large Southern Load says:

    Anxiety is tied to future thoughts of what may happen. Keep the mind in the now with no wandering thoughts about the future and anxiety is impossible to experience. Depression is tied to thoughts too. Stop thinking, Stop depression!!! Learn to control your mind, keep it from wandering. Keep it calm by staying, experiencing and enjoying the moment. Then You will experience peace all the time. I know this is true, works for me will work for you!

  • Om shanti be blessed with the divine says:

    Watch after 3.27

  • Robert Dixon says:

    It simply requires the power to not give a damn at all, or to create any degree of anxiety you desire.

  • Strong Believer of the Holy Bible says:

    Lies from satan the father of all lies! Lord Jesus Christ is the way the TRUTH and the life, no one comes to the Father except through Him🙏❤️🕊 Catholic, muslim, buddhism, hinduism etc. they are all false! Holy Bible is the TRUTH🙏 Repent, believe in the Gospel

  • tony chan says:

    This is so simple so money! Stop fighting any feeling you have and embrace and feel it until you realize you can laugh at it. Look at the monster in the eye and move FOWARD without any attachment to outcome or need for validation.~me

  • BIBEK MAHATO says:

    Thanks..you solved my biggest problem of my life

  • Tales On Wheels says:

    When you flash a Tascam DR-40 and say "porn," I'm like, "Yep." #avarice

  • heather hill says:

    Thank you

  • Ego k says:

    Too much talking
    Please just get into the point

  • me me says:

    Worrying is pointles what so ever

  • me me says:

    Emotions are like clouds in windy day. Conscious breathing is my anchor

  • Sonu Singh says:

    Please make video on different forms of meditation. Thanks in advance.

  • David Lulaj says:

    Nothing works for anxiety created by benzodiazepines and other psychiatric drugs I just want to die for my mistake that I met with psychiatrists for just a little stress they destroyed me

  • hin nat says:

    Keep focus on what u doing..its a meditation..if u doing nothing keep focus on breathing. Its form of Buddhist meditation.u give and help to others. Expect nothing..then u will be happy……

  • vipan puri says:

    Werstern world is full of it

  • Goldark 3 says:

    particular. pronunciate your words.

  • oncall21 says:

    Thank you for sharing. I agree with your video regarding anxiety and how meditation can help in reducing its grip with ‘manas’ the monkey mind. However with disorders such as OCD where there is no scientific cure (but CBT and SSRI medications that can help) I would be very keen to hear in your thoughts on this. I’m 52 years old and I have suffered from OCD since I was a child and I have tried every treatment available. Thanks for sharing.

  • Kedar Puranik says:

    You are superb…..god bless you

  • Semper Fidelis says:

    Fuck off..is the cure for anxiety

  • Mrityunjaya Hiremath says:

    Danke schön

  • Róbert Nagy says:

    mivel nem félek semmitöl igy simmit nem kell tennem és a jogdijam pedig az utolso centig a saját számlára kerul . jo. teljesen korekt :))))))))) elfogadjuk:)))))) záros határidon belul. mondjuk legyen holnap 16:00 :)))))))))) sok sikert AI :))))))))) csak irányitsd át a számokat az én bankszámlára :)))))))

  • Chris Oakes says:

    Why didn't I think of this, just relax an become homeless. Yes that'll be so peaceful sleeping at the park with bugs crawling on ya an lice..

  • Augustus McGovern says:

    Yes. More videos on the resolution of anxiety.

  • Amyr Mahdi says:


  • Hundred Waves says:

    I have bipolar disorder. I didn't like Medications especially anti-depressants. Instead i devoted myself to meditations which helped me huge, and while doing meditations i discovered buddhist philosophy and way of life which also helped me very much.

  • Claudia Sastrowardojo says:

    most of the time mind is not your friend -Brain, 2019

  • Vani Manjunath says:

    Can you please make a video of different forms of meditation especially foe teenagers 🙏🏻

  • Leiwang Viv says:

    breathlessness and energy less vertigo heart beat fast but every examination are normal.. doctor told me anxiety depression…

  • Cesar jr Guanzon says:


  • nicholas sharma says:

    Buddha is born in Nepal 🇳🇵

  • Belinda Nunez says:

    Oh my gosh!! I had to take my sone out of school today because he got an anxiety attack. He broke out in hives and had diarrhea. And now I see this… Oh sh**. Scary💋💘💞🙏

  • Bob Singh says:

    The cure: all there is, is what’s happening

  • Soma Bhattacharya says:

    None of these concepts are exclusively Buddhist!… It's there in the Vedantic & jain philosophies too… Meditation is a widely used tool across religions/cultures….

  • Yos ra says:

    When you don't have a job, you need one. When you don't have physical health it's scary. When you don't have friends you're lonely and afraid you'll stay alone. Life ain't easy u know.

  • Frank Reiser M.S. says:

    It is true that anxiety comes from the mind. I have a Master of Science degree in biology and have studied the electrochemical operation of the brain. I have learned that, for example, insufficient uptake of dopamine to the cells of the brain is a cause of anxiety. Using opiates and nicotine increases the release of dopamine in the brain. A side effect of large amounts of LSD for me, when I used to use it, was severe anxiety and panic. It is clear that this came from within my brain only due to the chemical effects of LSD at serotonin receptors on the brain cells. But we do not need to abuse drugs to get this effect. For me, the best practice of meditation to fight against anxiety and worry is exercise, such as jogging or walking long distances. Exercise releases dopamine naturally in the brain, and is refered to as the jogger's high. I have spent my whole life trying to seek enlightenment through the use of hallucinogens. Although these substances did show me that there is more to daily reality than what we perceive, they also eventually caused me to overdose and stop breathing. I was put on life support, and, through the power and mercy of God, was brought back from Death's door and am alive today. DO NOT USE DRUGS! Instead, follow the teachings of Buddah and God and God's Ten Commandments in the Old Testament of the Christian Bible. I have complete faith in God, the Holy Spirit and Jesus Christ as a Christian. I believe that making decisions with anxiety and panic causes us to make mistakes that are illogical. So, just pray to God for the Holy Spirit to tell you what to do. it has given me ideas that I do not think that I would have been able to come up with on my own, for I got these ideas as being told them, whereas hours of my own thinking usually brings no good ideas to me.

    Watch my science videos by typing in Frank Reiser M.S.

  • Sim Yuan Hee says:

    "The art of fighting without fighting"
    –Bruce Lee

  • Sarahw Alhazeem says:

    these day vedios like this is a definite necessity

  • Corey Pattison says:

    Success seems like a lot to maintain. Just being or being no one is so much easier.

  • Eric says:

    Thank you🙂

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  • Doberman 7 says:

    There is no hope to persue

  • Curt Williams says:

    What is Buddhism any way. . .? Don't think i heard him cover that.

  • angel face says:

    I suffered anxiety all of my life it's in my genes

  • Aditya Patel says:

    Meditative effects of cleaning first time I've ever heard that but I do it and it's definitely helpful.

  • Andrew J says:

    Well said great job!

  • Robert says:


  • Sourav Dey says:

    please make videos about different forms of meditations …

  • Balaji Kumar says:

    You become which is not that you and you become anxiety.

  • Rajendrasinh Rana says:

    very nice..

  • paul torres says:

    thankyou for this video it cured my anxiety

  • Rajendrasinh Rana says:

    make more videos on meditation

  • Ryan A says:

    Save your time, answer: Meditation (4:30)

  • Jeff Peate says:

    Actually part of this advice is wrong for the simple reason that the mind came as a protective measure.
    So because mind arose in effect to love and protect the pure loving awareness of the child, then what the mind contributes to awareness is always for reason and is valuable.
    Most react to the perceived negativity, derogatory, detrimental, messages with fear instead of noticing that a child will throw it's spoon to get attention and the mind can often throw a spoon when necessary messages have been ignored and as mind is intimately linked to body so the body is being ignored and pain will be occuring.

  • Buddhadev Murumkar says:

    Buddha is the Panacia of all mental ills .

  • Christopher Clark says:

    Best thing for anxiety is subliminal and brainwave entrainment end of.

  • Christopher Clark says:

    medatation is awesome but it opens you up to some nasty things and some amazing things to but there are some beings that like to feed off you learn about protection first get a horseshoe over your door so spirits cannot cross into your sacred space once cleansed and use sage essential oil in your diet its important trust me on this and it will protect you and expand your consciousness ten fold aids medatation aswel as does sirian rue but you must first become adept to medatation before the rue and you must research sirian rue first as it's dangerous to take with certain foods as it's an maoi and certain foods such as fermented fruit react to it badly to it and can cause hypertention so safety first guys ……. And subliminal are best for anxiety dnt listen to any other bollocks on the web brainwave entrainment and a relaxation and a decent confidence subliminal is wat you need to do.. Plz trust me on this I had major mental health problems and to fix it you must fix the mind so these are the tools for that……. then practice medatation separate for exploration of self without anything electronic on in the room if possible and be amazed guys… A good one is hold your focus on being in the core of the sun learn to hold this focus and carry it into your day unbelievably empowering you begin to feel brilliant intelligent and then at night just go to sleep and wow you will be in for a shock…. Youl meet all kinds of magnificent beings from outside our planet in the dream world or spirit world whatever you want to call it….

  • NICHI says:

    Thanks now my anxiety is cured

  • Mallikarjun V says:

    @Einzelganger I really like the content of your videos.Great work.

  • Unknown Artist says:

    I love you Einzelgänger.

  • Cristina Diverio says:

    Very good is so true thankyou.

  • #1 pinecone says:

    I'm getting bouts of agoraphobia because i live in a foreign country where taking a walk to get milk means i will have to get stared at, no smiles. I don't know how to convince myself that it's fine that i look weird

  • #1 pinecone says:

    I want to bring something up. Two things help me feel less nervous when i leave my house. I put on the expression of a resentful and annoyed person, and i hold something. If i look like i hate what is happening around me and like i'm very bored and unamused by it, i find i can talk to whoever i want and say things very freely, and that's the only way i can successfully talk to people. I look unapproachable, but i feel more welcomed than ever.

  • Kenshobu Q says:

    I cured mine with lifting weights.
    That pain i feel when lifting? Its weakness leaving my body!!! 💪💪

  • Cool Boy says:

    Cure is good spirit.

  • Light says:

    A chaotic thought process comes from a mind that finds no rest because of their sin. If you do what is abominable to God, you damage your mind and your soul because you are operating against your created purpose opposed to the will of God. You can train the mind to silence itself like you can train it to do just about anything, but true peace that never fails comes only from the creator. The source of all peace.

    When one confesses the Lordship of Jesus the Christ, becomes baptized and sets forth to submit their will to his and obey him, to be perfect as he is perfect, then you find peace. The spilled blood of Christ frees you both from condemnation and ones sinful nature. Sin is more than an act against God. It is a wasting disease of the soul. When one becomes free of sin, walking in the spirit of God, this degenerative disease ceases to have a foothold on the soul. Peace, stillness of heart, calmness of spirit, clarity of the mind and joy in all circumstances takes root in the spirit. The one who walks with the Father will never suffer to the point of despair, but instead will rejoice even in affliction.

    All of these things are promised. Man has a way that he thinks is right, but without the presence of the Holy Spirit within ones very being, everything becomes filtered through this degenerative disease called sin, and all truths that man carries with it come into question. When the possibility of falsehood is mixed in with the perceived truths of man, the line between truth and lie becomes muddled. Christ Jesus is the fullness of truth, and it is only in him that one can find rest in what he knows to be true as the lies he believes in is cast into the abyss.

    Therefore, the cure to anxiety is not the suppression of the uncertain mind, but the fullness of truth that brings ultimate rest which is found in Christ Jesus.

    Seek him and you will find him

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