Breaking Word Curses Off Your Life & Family | 101 Tactics for Spiritual Warfare

well let's talk about a few of these tactics and see how far we can get I may need to press in and just share more of these tomorrow depending on how far we can get today we are going to press as hard as we can I want to share all five I might just have to give you a summary of these fives in order to really get through the whole thing the first one is breaking word curses breaking word curses now I've got a whole book coming out on this topic very soon I'm going to do it an intensive teaching on it why because there's so many issues in the realm of cursing you know the Bible says in Proverbs is an 18:21 that the power of death and life are in the tongue the power of death and life are in the tongue and so many people actually misquote the scripture they put it to say the power of life and death are in the tongue but it's not so death and life well what difference does it make Jennifer well I believe the Lord ordered it that way to give us a heads up that our tongue is so unruly that we are more likely to speak death out of it in life the human be human kind mankind tends to have a negative bent and I believe that's because of the sin nature and the unrenewed mind we are more likely as a man CAHSEE as if as a not as a body of Christ generally but as the world I would say probably many in the body of Christ also are more bent toward confessing the problem instead of God's Word what he has to say about it and so the when we do that we're speaking death over ourselves now here's the thing there are word curses that come from the outside in other words other people or there's word curses that you make over yourself and when you're in warfare you need to really bite your tongue I've got an article out there on the internet you can read it on the wakening mag comm and it's called when spiritual warfare makes you bite your tongue go read that that will really really bless you because I can't spend all the time those old teachings but when spiritual warfare makes you bite your tongue little awakening mag calm or type in my name and that title in Google and you'll find that article I remember when I was going through it I remember when I wrote that article just like it was yesterday we've been redeemed les we've been redeemed from the curse of law Jesus Christ Himself being made a curse for us but the Bott the power death and life were still Matan so we can release word curses against ourselves so the first thing you need to do when you're in warfare is make sure you're not cursing yourself or agreeing with the enemy's curses over your life vain imaginations I'm getting a revelation right now while I teach praise be to the Living God bait imaginations become word curses when you speak them out I'm going to say that again vain imaginations that ompletely that the whispers of the enemy the seeds the thoughts that the devil plants in your mind vain imaginations when you speak them out of your mouth become word curses back at you are you getting it so the first thing you have to do when you're in warfare one of the tactics is to make sure you're not agreeing with the devil oh but sister this is the Bible says agree with your adversary while you're on the way that is in the context of that you've done something wrong so if you've sinned and the enemy is is telling you why I can be too good because you haven't repented you're in sin I have common brown and you agree with them and go repent agree with your adversary go repent get cleansed let the blood of Jesus wash over you then pick up your sword and swing it amen if you're compromised by sin yes you have an open door for the enemy but that's not what I'm talking about when the enemy speaks of an imagination into your mind what you want to do is be careful to say the opposite Adam up bless yourself bless other people bless the Lord when someone curses me I do three things now I bless myself I call myself lest lord I thank you I'm blessed I'm blessed coming in and blessed going out Lord bless me indeed hallelujah I bless the Lord Lord I bless you I bless your Holy Name I bless you cuz you know my Vindicator hallelujah and I bless the one who's cursing amen so bless yourself don't curse yourself please beloved don't curse your self don't let the enemy talk you in to talking yourself out of God's blessing by releasing the curse the second thing you have to understand is what a word curse is a word curse has essentially the power of death imitating towards you from someone's tongue now to be your tongue or someone else's talk whether you know it or not work versus work to inflict harm on the body bring damage to your soul or otherwise work against God's plan for your life now the devil can used well-intentioned people who really love you they love you they die for you but but enough speaking deaths over you it's crazy to me how you can have you know a family member maybe they've got some disease that runs in the family and they begin to tell you well you know what you're gonna get this same disease when you turn 40 no I'm not praise God I drew a blood line I broke the generational curse hallelujah I'm not receiving it the name of the Lord so people who love you and who would die for you will actually curse you with words of death it's they don't know better that's where you see the Lord I forgive them forgive them because they don't know what they're doing and I break that word curse off my life I shall not contain or take on this disease when I'm forty or ever I am healed by the blood by the stripes Jesus took I am covered in the blood blood bought blood washed hallelujah I am hidden in Christ my life is not my own I got a destiny I got a I got a mandate I got a mission I shall live and not die do not walk in sickness and disease it dies when it comes in contact with my body so sometimes people will say things and I'll just start going off they're like whoa what just happened it's cold I'm stopping that curse before it lands root the Bible says a curse causeless shall not alight and that word a light means land so before that curse it landed in my mouth honey it didn't even land it in my mind I reject it and that's why the Bible speaks of resisting the devil at his onset don't you know I'm sorry you know if your if I'm in a restaurant with you and you begin to inadvertently curse me I'm probably gonna say I bind that in Jesus name and if you if you it if you're not a Christian I'm gonna go in the bathroom and bind it up cuz I don't want to disrupt the whole restaurant cuz guess what happens when I began to pray oh my god do I get hallelujah not because I have to shout at the devil but because I am fervent I am forbidden faith serving the Lord and the Bible says that the effective fervent prayer of a righteous person makes tremendous power available dynamic and is working so I'm not always loud when I pray but when I begin to engage with the enemy I don't shout and scream like a banshee but my volume tends to go up you know what because I am fervent in spirit hallelujah you can pray softly and you know you don't even have to you know I'm not sinner but I just don't know I just I feel I get loud right now Kristi I break in behind every assignment off your life I see someone out there right now you've got some some kind of issue with your blood cells I love is like a leukemia or like an anemia or some kind of some kind of issue with your blood cells i buying that in Jesus name I want you to email me comment send an email to info and awake at Jennifer LeClair org let me know whatever you are but I'm saying to you right now I command healing in your body in the name of Jesus as something with your blood I break it I break it up I command you to be healed I thank you Lord for your healing power I say blood be healed blood be cleansed in Jesus name hallelujah I don't know who you are but you should go back to the doctor because you've got a good report coming aunty well intentional well well-intentioned people here are some ways that people curse you they'll say you know well you know I don't see how you'll ever leave out a job acting like that or you'll curse yourself you'll say well you know I get this cold every year it's like yep mm-hmm I bet you do because you just signed for it with your lips you just signed for it with the words of your mouth you just agreed with the devil you said mister devil that's cool put it on me bro I'm all right cuz I can't no bind it up in the name of Jesus stop cursing yourself stop cursing other people James three and eight tells us that the tongue is unruly and that it is full of deadly poison deadly poison deadly poison deadly poison poison is that your tongue is full of poison deadly poison the power of death and life are in the tongue the tongue is full of deadly poison bop-bop-bop are you making the connection come on strong words Paul warned us in Romans 12 and 14 to bless and curse not when we curse anything we speak ill of it I think about it for a minute Jesus right Jesus cursed the fig tree and it withered you know you can get two plants put one on one side of your house the other on the other side of the house same amount of water same amount of light same amount of nutrients blessed one speak highly of it curse the others speak ill of it and watch the one you're cursing wither up they've done scientific studies on this it's absolutely amazing try it try if you don't believe in the power of death a light thing in your tongue go try it I challenge you to name to go try the plant experiment word curses from authority figures in your lot in your lives carry more weight you could read more about that in the book you can read more about that in the book if I'm going to get through these I'm gonna have to start moving a little bit faster you can read that in the book there's there's examples in the book we're talking about 101 tactics for spiritual warfare if you want a discounted copy of this book if you have not already you're gonna want to go to tiny URL dot-com / 101 warfare and you're gonna want to sign up for the webinar even though if you've already watched it you're gonna want to sign up for it you'll get the email there's a special code for it that you'll get when you sign up for that we're talking about this book here dealing with demons from your past breaking the stronghold of worry there's all kinds of stuff in it you want to live a life of victory and that means overcoming the enemy and so where there's a hundred and one tactics what I like about the book is each chapter is only two pages so it's not like you have to sit there and read and labor it's like when all hell's breaking loose you say Lord which one is for me oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my okay I'm gonna okay I got it Lord look the Lord help use this as a as a manual it's not like the kind of book you sit down and and read the same way you might read some other kinds of books it's it's really a manual

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