Bleach Brave Souls Mugetsu and Full Hollow Ichigo Gameplay Analysis

all right so I'm pretty sure you've all seen the gameplay at this point I actually recorded this video already when I hadn't seen the gameplay but something happened I'm gonna have to start it again but I do want to analyze the gameplay and kind of talk about it so let's go ahead and watch them both and then I'll kind of talk about them both koridai work all right so there you have it I do want to talk about them I I particularly like that this Ichigo them get to Ichigo his special ends in silence just like the first one I really like called me to speak at the end whatever I also like a strong attack which both of the shunts expertise on full screen which is nice but I like his strong tattoo in particular because it's kind of a fast it reminds me a lot of manga koshiro's because it's got similar range and it's just as fast he probably be really good in PvP dr hai mad floor he dominates me pee right now so I don't exactly like the range on his normal attack the last one is fine but the other stuff on his normal tag kind of bothers me but I do it's still it's still gonna be amazing he's gonna be the go-to character to get cuz he's got a double killer first character that's not a tactical character to have a double killer not really I'm really excited to see the possibilities of that because what what does that mean for future stuff you know does that mean that we're gonna get other characters in the future with double killers I don't know he's also the first character to have the soul stamina recovery ability not a soul trait it's 20% so he's gonna heal after every area regardless of anything he's just gonna heal I really like that he's got a damn strong attack recharge link so the strong attack research think we'll pass on if you link him to anybody but the stamina recovery will not I do like that he heals though and I think that's really good for PvE really good for auto-aim he's definitely but go to character to get at least for round 1 we don't know what around to what the ability is gonna be but let's go ahead because this character is great it's got flurries got poise unfortunately you've got a captive killer they kind of filled him to be a we'll talk about the strong is that care transect risco screen is great it kind of hits in two waves which I really like exciting to do that much damage to have a high speed these other attacks have we need a break like the dark it's gonna be really easy but he's also got a really good range in this madness is forward it's not as much as now but it's still a good amount to it to the you know it's gonna increase his range of his normal pace like I said not as much as no and in PEP he's not gonna be able to dodge out of the way she does but it's still gonna be nice to have Booya me he does have a captain killer he what he does have he's a mind character he boy he does have an ability that prevents healing in PvP and also he has a captain Dr of 20% so clearly clearly he was meant to stop wound Ahana they bust it out no he tore up between now then and now we have an issue because he is the kryptonite to Nahanni the ideal person against her but there's already somebody that's there and I don't think Ichigo is as good as no eToro because he doesn't come out with the bad if you did start out with a barrier that kind of be on par maybe even Nora having a bit of an advantage just because but he does have a captain killer which kind of bums me out I kind of wish they would have given him a captain killer an Arrancar killer just to be you know inclusive in PvE as well it's not that you can't use them in PvE but when it comes to things like multiplications killer multiplications like inheriting zones or sink I'm on it's not gonna apply unless you up against the captain it's still a really really good character he's gonna be good in PvP I'm excited to see how he does I also like that he also has what is the equivalent of two killers not quite like the maguet suit has not two killers I'm sorry – soul traits not quite like who gets who has where it's a stamina recovery and then also the strongest tech recharge think he has last ditch which I really like I love when a character has blast and she's gonna be great for auto aim but he also has damage reduction at 21 up against the captain I do I do kind of wish it they would have done just like a 16 percent damage reduction overall instead of 20 on just captain's because I don't know I feel like it would have been good for PvE if they would have done that as well still it is what is like the equivalent of two full traits or two yeah I guess soul traits even though they don't link for both of them and I really like that I do wish they would have given him a second killer kind of bummed out they didn't but still it's exciting I'm really excited to see what they what they do with this character know what they what this character ends up doing I hope I get them both I hope I get getsu more just because I have the actual potions to be able to tend to intent him well I think I'm missing a couple hundred to be able to attend em but at that point you can get time to buy tickets so it's fine still I'm excited for this I'm excited for round one I'm still probably only gonna go I do really want to get this well yeah it comes up tonight if you don't know it comes up to night 2 a.m. I really don't I might try this to be up at that point if I can't the video won't come out until like 7 o'clock because I still have to fix the whole streaming so I gotta fix that but yeah let me know what you guys think let me know if you guys I've seen some people that are kind of bummed out as well hallo I don't blame them so that captain killer if it wasn't for that captain they would have just given him like a but no they baby kind of building to be you've got to stop her and they put him out so it's shame but he's still a good character and excited to see how how this goes thank you guys for watching hope you guys enjoyed and yeah I'll see you guys later

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  • the lonely vimto says:

    How many people remember the transformation as final getsuga tensho

  • the lonely vimto says:

    Move aside purple diamond dust rebellion boi we got a new yachiru counter in town

  • Eurostar 07 says:

    Mugetsu is mainlz for PVE and Full Hollow is mainly for PVP. I would say Full Hollow is the king of PVP Right now, they are both OP as fuck.

  • Yusei255 says:

    wish the banner would just drop now

  • Death Hunter says:

    Tbh the fact that Mugetsu isn’t completely silent is a little annoying

  • Stannis the Mannis says:

    I'm glad stamina recovery is going the way of freeze/fire reduction which means less characters cucked by bad soul traits.

  • Killua :3 says:

    Yo xd this right here is the true unohana counter

  • Nagakuren943 says:

    I just press like before watching the analysis. Love how detailed you dive into these videos:) Keep it up!

  • TheKey 13 says:

    Relatively new account and I have 1,750 orbs. Should I summon on this banner or wait for manga characters? My 5 and 6 star roster is extremely small right now

  • Chris Ramirez says:

    Restu has finally been dethroned

  • Loofy says:

    Mugetsu = a busted reskin of TYBW Toshiro. VL Ichigo = Designed especially for countering unohana and for PvP.

  • Gripex Less than three says:

    Mugetsu >>>> Hollow

  • •Cor∆san• says:

    I have the perfect set of acessories for mugetsu…….

    But then there is the new TYBW banner :')

  • TheLigon27 says:

    Full Hollow Ichigo: Furious gameplay and useless.

    Not the FHI we needed or wanted. Not going to be relevant since he stops the one thing that will keep him alive “ Healing “. No long reach , normal hits only 6 time ( Retsu hits 12), no debilitation or resistance and most of all no standard DR soul trait , Making him easily killed by none captain characters. PvP trash and a poor mans Nnoitora. Verdicts will be irrelevant and two weeks or sooner.

  • Matheus Lemos says:

    I liked them a lot, but I get what people say about VL, we don't really need another unohana killer.

  • nīmbłe ツ says:

    I think I lost my rng because I got a few fives from singles and I barely spent orbs then I spent 300 on singles for ss and got nothing

  • P F says:

    I'm also kinda bummed full hallow Ichigo doesn't have an additional killer.

  • Fang The Fabulous says:

    I just like Ichigo, so I'm pumped.

  • Dricon1997 says:

    Nnoitora wounds Unohana and puts her at death's door. Ichigo is there to finish her off, when she's already wounded. Basically, Klab is trying to tell us that Unohana is confirmed to be dead later. But it feels like he's only meant for that… It's sad. Still, I'm excited for him. If RNG is on my side, I'll get him. I hope…

  • Andre p says:

    Who’s doin multis and who’s doin singles? Lol I need a consensus 😭🤣

  • Sammycakes says:

    I kind of wish hollow ichigo had a double killer as well a pvp and a pvp one bu oh well all in for mugetsu! Also finally 5x tickets!!!

  • shurkaku says:

    Wish full hallow had a double killer as well but still hype

  • ArchAngel Knights says:

    fh ichi isnt even a problem in pvp. You can use yammy to counter him and plus his dr attribute wont work since its only for captains. He's ez fodder for yammy. EZ

  • Nano alfaro says:

    Mugetsu is manga Toshiro on steroids.

  • Emmery Henry says:

    Am I the only person who can’t decide between them

  • Orangenetics says:

    Here's why it's easy to skip this:

    1. I already have Nnoitora. So why do I need this Ichigo? They shouldn't have made him Mind, smh.

    2. This Mugetsu Ichigo is GREAT, because it's as if they reincarnated TYBW Toshiro with more, and his moves being similar. BUT, I have TYBW Ichigo (Heart).

    In fact man, I also have Bond Ichigo & Quincy Ichigo… I got enough Ichigos and they are all GREAT lol. I'll do up to Step 2, that's it.

  • Rice Skyler says:


  • VantaJay says:

    Full Hollow Ichigo: Favorite special in the game

  • Anish Vattappara says:

    I think vasto ichigo was shafted he was ment to be a retsu killer but they already gave us nointora but we didnt really need either of them for a long time in higher seats people have been using genryusai , chad and kenny , the captain dr isn't good because that dosent help him against nointora or Chad or <pve much> his killer is pvp only tbh , why dose mugetsu get 2 killers but vasto dosent or they could have gave him 2 soul traits instead or gave him normal 16 dr and then the last ditch as a soul tree unlock , no 10 barrier start ,no status ailments on his abilitys/nad string , no team boost or heal or insta kill on ult or status effect the anti heal is only good against retsu there is no other good healer in pvp and alot of people are not even using her anymore her time is gone and they shafted my boi smh
    Edit: no long reach also smh

  • Ekin Altun says:

    Is there a difference between global and jp servers?

  • AkahigeAmo says:

    they could have given him double Killers as well.. SR+Arrancar, or as you said, Cpt+Arrancar, Cpt+Espada o.O …. too bad
    and I think Nnoitoras Paralysis is a factor as well, making him hugely relevant

  • Kuraii says:

    I feel like mugetsu's nad string should be spikes coming from below

  • Andre p says:

    Idk… I want mugetsu but idk if he’s worth the multis… maybe single pulls? Thoughts? I’m only thinking singles due to the pooling 🤦🏽‍♂️😭

  • cherenkitaec says:

    what is your time zone so that i can calculate when it starts for me?

  • Sky Sama says:

    I got 4000 orbs I'm ready

  • random gaming/aka anime fan fan says:

    I will like to get them but they don't bring anything new to the game well 4 anniversary only that health recovery thing and it not even that good other soul trait is great killer sucks ya it great but the killer

  • God says:

    Shall I remind you that we don't have to do auto IZ anymore? Just don't be a lazy bum and do 5 multi runs and spend all of your tickets

  • Christian Rocha says:

    I love how FH Ichigo is berserk and a slugger in his moveset, whereas Mugetsu Ichigo is true to his character by being much more orderly and clinical.

  • Apothecy says:

    true bankai ichigo is still stronger than mugetsu i think because of the buff (need someone with around 830sp to surpass it i think )

  • Itaxhis says:

    Man I’m outta luck again since I have like no orbs

  • Itaxhis says:

    Everyone tryna snipe my girl retsu 🥺

  • Sephy3r says:

    WHAT!? I CAN'T HEAR YOU WHEN YOU HAVE THE VIDEOS PLAYING. But next time please turn down the volume.

  • MaxD 213 says:

    Ngl I want both but I would be fine with just ichigo (mugetsu)

  • wolfensteinassassin says:

    Martin I love ya but your notification got me killed by a combination of Miranda riders and those ranged arrancars they hid behind said notification lol but I want both ichigos I wish you the best of luck tomorrow

  • Nemesiis 3454 says:

    The only reason to get these units is for the new 6 Star skills they have.Easy skip for me.Chair-sama and Yama here I come.(And I forgot about the double killer Mugetsu has)

  • Mike Nickson says:

    My plan for this anniversary all the steps only then saved for tybw round 5 👍

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