Bleach Brave Souls Full Dive – Ichigo (Lost Agent) Level 200

hello and welcome to brave souls full dive a show that still doesn't have a good intro today I'll be covering the lost Asian version of Ichigo Ichigo as a lot of people call him a character who despite being over two years old at this point is still regarded as one of the best characters in the game had for very good reason once again if you like this video please hit like and let me know in the comments it's still a relatively new series so if you guys like it I will continue to do it that another way let's begin now I started off with the best possible build I could for this character which is just a strong tech recharge slash strong attack damage build he may have outdated stats but it's still a really high SP and he still does have frenzy in addition to this he also has a decent attack this results in some pretty heavy damage with some really good range not just that but his strong attacks are also really fast to activate Plus since he has a strong attack damage link he'll be able to deal a bit more damage for that now with this build you will constantly be firing strong attacks that said you will occasionally have to use your normal attack luckily this Ichigo has a 40% bruiser and as I mentioned earlier a decent attack it's got great range and really good speed so using your normal attack isn't only good but also really fun and the result is the best possible build for this character now all the last build is the best built to use it's not the one that deals the most damage that honor belongs to the Cinque island Aizen built a build that personally I'm not fond of unless of course it's dirty sink I'm on but I do recognize that a damage output is crazy since at this point his strong attacks would be increased by a hundred and twenty percent and his normal attack would be increased by 60% as I mentioned earlier here's normal Tech's actually really good so you can actually get damage from both ends even if your strong attacks aren't coming back back quickly luckily Ichigo has a strong attack 3 it's full screen and it actually hits in waves so under this particular build this one strong attack was able to take out a lot of enemies the only downside to this build is if he gets hit once he loses 60% damage from both ends so it's not the best bill to take unless you have a healer in your team this wouldn't be that big of a deal if he was ranged but unfortunately he's not and while his strong Tech's do have a good range relying on only those would result in beating a mission slower still it is a fun building I highly recommend you check it out if you have next up is actually one of the best wrong builds I've ever done actually have an entire episode on this build if you want to check it out but you can pretty much see the result for yourself here this wrong build is unbelievable since as I mentioned before he has a decent attack really good attack speed range and a plus 40 bruiser something the strong attack damage characters just don't have this resulted in a lot of the enemies going down extremely quickly not a single one was able to take the full normal tack string unless of course they were guarding at that point you actually do have to use your strong attacks but because he has a high attack and frenzy the strong attacks actually do a decent amount of damage by themselves even though he's chappy in fact I would even go as far as to say that this is not a bad bill to use if you just don't have any good tech espy accessories plus the build itself is super fun since his attack speed is insane now back in the day this character was actually really good at PvP as I mentioned earlier his strong attacks of a really fast activation speed thanks to this is high SP and frenzied he was able to take out characters really quickly and on the off chance they survive his decent normal attack was able to pick him off however since then the damage reduction high attack characters have taken over so a few good strong attacks isn't enough to take them down and while his normal attack is decent it's not enough to take them down in PvP since the +40 bruiser is nothing compared to flurry plus his main focus is on his SP and strong attacks so once he uses those up he really doesn't stand a chance that's said but you can't still use them he's not a bad option up until the higher levels I would say he's decent up until fourth seat and then after that you're gonna have to rethink some stuff and who knows maybe he'll be good in PvP again after resurrection but that won't happen for a while so yeah aside from the PvP he is still a really good character when you can build in anyway and he'll be fine once again I want to thank you guys for watching and if you'd like to see another character reviewed in this way please let me know you

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