Bleach Brave Souls 4th Anniversary Step Up Fillers Dos and Don'ts

hello everyone so before the video starts um I actually set up a poll for the top 10 most popular characters that came out year 3 of BBS and it's linked in the description below so if you want to pause this right now go vote for your favorite character that came out in the last year and then I'll put that top 10 out later this week or I guess right before the step-ups comes out cuz I want to do it before the new anniversary characters and everything else so if you want to go ahead and vote either now or at the end of the video up to you just vote on your favorite character it could be for whatever reason just whatever you like and I'll have that top 10 video out soon so once again thank you for watching and enjoy what's going on everyone so we're about a week away from step ups I think yeah next Tuesday's when it is and so I figured I'd go ahead and do what I did last year and do kind of a do's and don'ts for step ups I'm sure Caleb will never see this but you know it's it's my way of sharing my opinions of what characters should and should not be in step ups some of them you will see the gameplay and some of them will just kind of glance over and talk about them but let's go ahead and begin so the first character that we absolutely need in step ups either round one or around two preferably in round one is the the power version of Iceland the new Tizen that came out while not the newest the newest is parasol one but the the Harpe our version of isin is something that everybody just needs so many people have poured the bunch of orbs trying to get this character whenever he's out in banners he hasn't been a feather since it came out and so we desperately need them they are saying that they're gonna do another same time on a different type of Sun come on I don't know if that necessarily means that it will be just for the 4th anniversary or if it means they're gonna be like oh it's it's gonna switch out from the tower forging to this new thing I don't know if it's gonna be you know they're gonna go back and forth for the tower and forging tower forging and then this new one or not but either way this isin would be great to be able to complete the tower or do something now I was gonna put this guy later on the list but silo Pro has just been so common lately and we've got a lot of we got a lot of characters that are fairly common but this guy is old he's like Oh more like two years old at this point and yeah he's decent attackers good booster stat booster and and the healer but one he's super common everybody hasn't they can just stop and – he's not fast he does a lot of damage he has the potential to deal a lot of damage but he's not quick his normal attack as a piercing it doesn't have the best range it's just stop just stop please no more Xylo portal and i-i-i think he was recently a pillar in one of the camp for your own world stuff where someone else pulled him but it's just we've got to stop with this character he was good back in the day now not so much it's just gotta stop now I figured I'd go ahead and put this character in there the SOI phone I know this character is also fairly old unlike Xalapa though she hasn't been a filler as much she has been a filler from time to time but the reason I'm putting her in here is because even though she's old she's old she's still a very useful character she's kind of a staple to have she's good in Guild quest she's a very quick character very good for for just like taking out bathrooms because she's able to she has a booster on attack recharging she's got poison on everything really fast character and I think that that's the reason I put her on this list is because yeah she's old but she's still very relevant she's still very good she hasn't been as common to some of the other character so I think it'd be nice to see her in this Devils if they have to put some older characters usually during round one they don't really they put characters from this year but round 2 they kind of stretch out a little bit of the older character so I think it would be good to kind of see her a character that I wouldn't want to see though and I know this character is even older its tag-team runge ku because one they don't give Dominion gives more on EKU's but – she keeps popping up and now you're like oh this character sold or not they can't possibly do it but they did it last year she was a pillar on the Mount among around for for steps around – that sounds really weird to say but she was in that filler and I guess they put her in there because she was a boosted thing for euro Ichi but no more just she's not good and she does have the potential to become good when she gets resurrected and I guess that would be the one good thing of getting her and this would be oh hey you know she her resurrection I think is coming up soon I think it should be here before the end of the year so she would actually she may actually be good at because of her double killer but right now she's just not it's still such a length away that it's not a viable thing to put her in a in as a filler for for one of the step up so just don't give us this character please just stop it sold that's the only reason I put her in this one is because she was so common and they did it last year which was amazing because she was over two years old at that point but yeah no more no more texting wrong because please I would however like to see Shinji the new blue Shinji I guess it has something new issues because new Shinji is the past Shinji which I would also like to see but I kind of wanted to see that the the blue one just because having another holo affiliation having any character with holo affiliation really it's nice at this point because he gives you it gives us option force and come on and we're getting a new one so maybe a blue sand a blue holo won't be required for that but either way having any any attribute of holo affiliation is gonna be good for that so I think he hasn't been a filler that much I think he's been a filler once since he came out and he came up this year he's still fairly new confusion isn't great but he's got a high SP slowly for killer damage reduction he's a good character he's a good character and I would like to see him in the as a filler in this step ups now I'm kind of pulling from old characters again I don't want to for the fillers but some of the older characters just kind of have to because they're so common and one of them is tag-team ichigo who is really good don't get me wrong this character is great his vortex is really useful for Guild quest it's really long duration he's great for our owing double killer frenzy he's a fantastic character but he's so common like he's ridiculously common at this point he came out think about last night he came up the year before I'm so he's 2 years old at this point and he still holds up incredibly well but because he's 2 years old most people have them at this point yeah there are some people that are not gonna have them but we don't we don't need him as a feather because he's so calm and even and in other things that because he's an Ichigo and he's got to get to attend show every now and then they do the whole free summons for anyone who knows gets a good 10:00 show or any free summons for Ichigo was like one a day and so he's in there so he's fairly common for that reason I believe that's how I pulled him on my global is from that free summon so please he's good but no more attacking Ichigo alright next we got Chad I character I do want to see because like like some of the other characters I've already mentioned he's not really he hasn't been a pillar I think I don't think he's even a filler in a single one and kind of like eyes I mean they came out around the same time I think but he is a good character he's still good PvP he's good for auto-aim I think now that retsu is kind of got defeated by no heat aura for PvP we're gonna need some other characters that kind of kind of help out granted Chad can't compete with Noi Tora but he's kind of like on that level of you know if you have him on your team it's good he's boost he gets paralyzed he'll be a good character that he's not a captain he's a human so there's not a lot of killer options there there's no options for killers of PvP so he would definitely be a good character for him for people to have for pvp and i think they're gonna put him in there I hope they put him in there because people need that option plus within you with the new quest if they're doing right now with the Chronicles whatever it's called it's gonna be nice to have not only this chat but also the Ichigo the who do you and I didn't want to put him on this is cuz this video would be way too long but I'm also with this chat I'm also including the whole fullbring Ichigo the sheikah Ichigo the who do you though Orihime and the no that's it just those four characters because there be really useful for people to have to be able to collect those fragments a little easier and they're fairly new characters so it's not out of the question to include them that full bring Ichigo kind of just because he was a filler recently I think but it still wouldn't be out of the question to include him but yeah alright it's kind of like the last with Chad I'm also going to include for the don'ts I'm gonna include tsukishima and the rest of the humans it's that that they're not good some of them aren't great you know but most of them are good it's just that I don't know I think with fillers and step ups if we're gonna go throw in our orbs and this is one of those characters that are that is still good and it's kind of on here because it's better not to get him and get something useful if that makes sense like I would much rather have SOI fon who's a much older character then this guy because soy phones still useful even though this guy's good tsukushi was good granted not the best killer but I'm also throwing in Ginjo Jackie and Yukio and all ryuga as well they're not theirs they're good characters but they're not exactly super useful maybe they'll be required for some of the new sink Islands stuff maybe they'll have like a mine character with a no affiliation killer which you know philosophic Tsushima but right now we don't really need them they're not really in a high demand and you know they could be doing stuff with the humans later and so we kind of get that that way but we don't really need some female we don't really need the humans right now and that's chatter yeah just chat basically all right kind of like Chad I'm also including Kenny the new Kenny on the other read Kenny because pretty much the same reason just copy and paste the explanation from chad and add it to Kenny because we need more viable people need more viable options for Pb Pb i already have some of these characters that I'm listing it's not my personal my you know my personal request some of them I don't have like the like the Eisen and and Shinji but the rest of them I do so it's not my personal request but I do think that people need an option to get this Kenny I was lucky enough to get him from a BBS ticket and also from multiple orbs when he came out on my separate accounts but a lot of people weren't so I think it'd be a good idea for Caleb to include an option that wasn't you know Brett to is kind of you can't really get her that easily but Chad and and this Kenny you can easier so I think it's a good idea to include him in it I don't remember if he was in the step-ups last time because I remember exactly when he came out but I think it's a good idea to add him again just to give people another option for therapy all right I'm including Stark in this because Stark is very common that that literally is why he came out around the same time as Isle of parado I think it wasn't the same banner no it wasn't the same banner but he came out like a month earlier or a month before that if even that and he's just he's common at this place I have like I pull him all the time he's a filler all the time yeah he's a good character he's a fast attacker he's got a good attack good bruiser but enough enough I also don't think I'm including him in this but I don't necessarily think he will be a pillar really hoping is not because so much of them but I don't think he will because I think there's a strong chance that one of the rounds is gonna be a can for your own world thing and I think stark and Holly bill are gonna be in it don't have any proof to back that up I just have a feeling that's what's gonna be in it so I don't think we're gonna see this stuff but I really hope you know I really hope you got there's a chance we will I hope we don't just gonna have to leave it up to them all right I'm including the the newest version of retsu the past version of retsu and in this I'm also kind of throwing in that Shinji though the past version of Shinji and as well as all the past characters I'm kind of bundling him into this one I'm only gonna show you read Superman you got to talk about her but I'm including all the past characters including yoruichi quisqueya shoee and jus Shiro as well Shinji because they're fairly new you know they're fairly new so it would be nice to see them again enough time has passed that if they you know if they included them in there it's not gonna be super weird if they include well but um I think enough time has passed that it won't be weird if we see them again but I think the reason I want them in there is because they're actually good her and Shinji specifically are really good for Otto II and I think people leave that option especially now stuff is getting harder you know but she's kind of a slow at it but she's still really really good for Ottawa she's really reliable and I think people need that plus she's got the plus eighty bruiser and I'm sure we're gonna see that again and one of the rounds for step ups is around one around two or both and I would really like to have a character you know options with +80 bruisers or even really high options for bruisers in the it would also really feel like an event if they included newer characters I'm also not gonna I mean I would also like to see vidya newest the newest iteration of tensa zangetsu as well as it uses iteration on white Ichigo I'm not gonna put him on this list just because it's very very unlikely they'll do that since they came out but I think there were the last premium thing to come out I think I could be wrong about that but I don't think we'll see them but I would also like to see the especially about why Ichigo because that white Ichigo wouldn't be if we can't get that aizen ichigo would be nice throw his footage in there as well alright I'm including white zangetsu in this it's really weird he's the only one that wasn't it I think he's the only one on his list that was on the other side last year when I did this video last year white song gets it was one of my do includes last year but since then he's been a filler so much in fact I was actually gonna record this yesterday because just yesterday I pulled him again from V BST you just kind of I summon and it was him with I've gotten him so many times I'm sure other people have as well I've got him mostly from fillers just because he's been in fillers recently he's also kind of like that tag-team Ichigo he's also on that gets to the summons or anytime there's free like oh once a day single he's in it don't get me wrong he's a phenomenal character he's like my third favorite character in this game but he's so common at this point we just I would like something a little harder to get for for step ups just because I think I have him like a 4 out of 5 in one account and another out of five in another accountants know the numbers but he's really good really good for auto e but he's so common and I don't think it'd be good for us to see him I think he's actually been in to step ups before he's definitely I think it was definitely in last year's but we've seen him before and stuff up cycling because you've had a few step ups yeah I just don't think we should see him again alright and the last one I'm gonna be talking about is actually last year's anniversary character the third anniversary okie Ora and a lot of people complain about his killer I get it no affiliation killer you know it's not as useful as you might think it's not the worst killer out there it's definitely better than human for sure and better than Captain and the spa a spot a killer so it's kind of you know it's becoming a bit more common I think which I like that it's coming and becoming a bit more common who knows when I get a bit more story where no affiliation comes out it will get more events but I think he's a good character he's a great character PvE co-op even PvP he's a viable option he's just kind of good at everything he's got boys got shield moves boost moves and weakening on everything it's not debilitating are you gonna do he's just a phenomenal character and I think it would be really cool to bring in the anniversary character from last year in these step ups this year who knows maybe you know round round one could have both him and anniversary Ichigo who's also pretty good and even that Quincy Ichigo that came out for New Year's wouldn't be a bad option he hasn't been a filler either he's kind he's in premium so he's like he's able to do it and I think it would be kind of a good I don't know callback to themselves oh hey look this is what we've done over the years these are the our original characters over the years and I think it wouldn't be a bad option because a lot of people still don't have them and a lot of people still try to pull them whenever he comes out in uh in in filler so I think it'd be a good option but yeah there you have it these are my list for do's and don'ts for this year I think there's a lot a lot of good characters to get if they pull from the from the characters that we've gotten just this past year will be good some of the tag-team characters are a little more common I've got like a I got like seven tag-team Yama's I wouldn't like to see him but I know a lot of people don't have him he's a really good character so if they put him in there I'd actually understand but in this last think action came out a little bit before actually a few months before last year's doubles but between last year subs and this year step ups we've had a lot of good characters I and I hope we get to see you know some good stuff and nothing like the tag-team Runge Corps anything that's too old and this it's really useful like that SOI fon who again I have but a lot of people don't yeah thank you guys for watching I'll probably I recorded this in the 16 I'll probably post it tomorrow because it's too late to edit anything but I don't think you guys for watching good luck on step ups let me know what you guys what you guys want to see in it I'm actually curious what you guys want to see it because I'm doing this from my perspective there's some characters that you know maybe I mentioned tag team Ichigo you've been after that character for a long time and maybe you do want him so you know let me know but thank you guys for watching I hope you have a good one take care

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    Honestly I hope they don't bring out ancient (garbage) characters in the fillers (as it's been too common), bring out Aizen/Retsu I need those two terribly. Chad and Kenny I have, luckily I guess. I'm hoping some new worthy characters,not just fancy highlight finishing moves.

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    Soi fon is fucking great. I don’t use her but I have her maxed out. Just Incase I need her.

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    Visually TYBW Ichigo And New Years Ichigo Takes The Cake

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    Voted and picked CFYOW Nnoitora because his art and design is so freaking good

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    Majority of the cunts you said that are common I don't have lul

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    No more Tech Rangiku, pls. She is good for GQ vortex bot, but by herself, she's… Really not good. And ive had WAY too much of her, always pulling her nowadays whenever she's a filler.

    I disagree with TT Ichigo part. I already have him at lv200, but i want his dupe for lv1 vortex in GQ. Imo he has the best vortex ingame.

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