Bible Questions and Answers Sunday Bible Class with Walter Martin

our first question I think I’ve gotten
all the announcements could you please expand on deliverance
ministries and Christians possessed by demons I have done so in a tape entitled
exorcism fact or fiction and you can listen to that and get an hour and 10
minutes of Scripture on the subject however to
answer the question directly I don’t think deliverance ministries per se are
mentioned in Scripture I think that the greatest deliverance of all is the
preaching of the gospel so that people are born again I think that there are
people God calls to pray for those who are demon-possessed but I don’t like the
term deliverance ministries because the task of every Christian minister and
every spirit-filled Christian elder to be involved in opposing demonic power so
I don’t think that God raises up little cores of people all over the place I
think he does anoint people for specific ministries but today the deliverance
ministry syndrome is all around us you’ve got people who are just in
deliverance ministries that’s not good you should be in the ministry of
preaching Jesus Christ first and the deliverance from demons should be
something secondary remember when the disciples came back to the Lord Jesus
and they said to him the demons are in subjection to us in your name remember
but jesus said jesus said don’t rejoice that the demons are in subjection rather
rejoice your names have been recorded in heaven what was the important thing
deliverance from sins salvation that was it and I’m not opposed to people praying
for the demon possession but I have some fears about people who exclusively
dedicate themselves to nothing but that it may well be that God called them but
I would like to see a lot more evidence of it
I feel like I have lost that wonderful overflowing joy I once had even though I
still feel very close to the Lord I read my Bible and pray what can I do to
regain it also I prayed for a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit well that’s
a good step and perhaps what you need is some good solid Bible teaching perhaps
what you need is an examination of your life to find out what things are missing
from it that we’re there when you had first the joy of God’s salvation there’s
a lot of things that can get in the way between you and the Lord and rob you of
that joy I can’t give an abracadabra explanation for all of it but I always
find that it is involved with the individuals life of devotion their life
of witness or their interpersonal relationships and their family or in
their businesses somewhere along the line we’re not doing
what we ought to do I’ll give you a clue look somewhere in your life and in your
past or what the Bible calls the root of bitterness that springs up between
brothers and sisters and between families and spiritually defiles God
warns against that the root of bitterness I spoke on it one Sunday
morning here I suggest that you pay attention to it it can very much
influence a Christian life bitterness against parents bidding against
bitterness against relatives against wife against husband against boss
somewhere along the line that bitterness gets into the soul and it eats like a
canker you have to pray for God to point these things out to you so you can
forgive that’s what’s important because you’re withholding forgiveness perhaps
from somebody that needs it and you’re withholding forgiveness on that point
maybe withholding God’s forgiveness from you on that point and as a result you
don’t have that joy well that’s a good way to pursue it and of course to pursue
it in the power of the Spirit and the light of God’s word I’m a newly born
again Christian what the best way to do battle with my old nature when it tries
to sneak in could you recommend Scripture
yes I can recommend scripture read the seventh chapter of Romans where Paul had
the same problem that you’ve got the good that I would do I do not do the
evil that I would not do this I do Oh wretched man that I am Who Shall deliver
me from the body of this death and he goes on to tell you the Lord Jesus
Christ will also in Galatians 2:20 I have been crucified with Christ
nevertheless I live yet it is not i but Christ who is living in me so personal
crucifixion must be the constant lot of the Christian to put to death says Paul
in the sixth chapter of Romans read that also to put to death the desires of the
flesh now there is only one way that I know to cause your Adamic nature to grow
weak only one way starve it starve it starve it of the things at once starve
it to the lust of the flesh start of it of the lust of the eyes starve it of the
pride of life starve it of the works of the flesh starve it of everything that
you used to practice that you know was contrary to the will of God starve it
and it will grow weaker and weaker and weaker and keep feeding the new set of
attributes the new nature God has given you in the Lord Jesus with the Word of
God with communion with the Holy Spirit with prayer with attendance at church
with study feed the spiritual nature starve the carnal nature you do that it
grows weaker and the Apostle Paul tells you in Colossians chapter 2 if you then
be risen with Christ seek those things which are above where Christ dwells at
the right hand of God you want to put to death the old nature draw close to the
Lord Jesus be crucified with him not literally of course but figuratively you
are dead your life is hid with Christ in God you
why dad to it therefore rise to a newness of life there are lots of good
books on the subject of how to do this and if you’d like some why just right as
a Christian Research Institute and Fox 500 San Juan Capistrano and we’ll be
happy to give you some information oh let’s see
I don’t know what this is well find out later short epistle and verse 42 of the
one of the criminals is Luke 23 39 to 43 one of the criminals crucified with
Jesus asked Jesus remember me when you come in your kingdom jesus said to him
truly I say to you today you shall be with me in paradise
but John 20:17 Jesus told Mary not to hold on to him because he had not yet
ascended to his father it was three days after the statement made in Luke 23:43
what paradise did Jesus speak of that he and the criminal would be in on that day
answer when Mary went to take hold of him Jesus didn’t say don’t touch me
he said don’t detain me don’t detain me I had not yet ascended to my father to
ascend refers to a physical form Jesus had not entered heaven with his physical
form that is why he said don’t stop me but he had entered paradise
he had freed the David Abraham Isaac Jacob all of those who were waiting in
the place of departed spirits for the coming of Messiah he had proclaimed
across the great Gulf that separates it from Hell that God had kept his word
that the Scriptures were indeed true that Messiah was here and the
deliverance was at hand for those who had believed him
God vindicated his word now three days afterwards he ascended to the Father in
his own body but that is the difference now if you’d like a good commentary on
this subject I would suggest you check Jamison Fawcett and brown which has a
good discussion of this and also Lenski commentary in the New Testament on
second Peter and I think you’ll find it dealt with also there do you feel in the
Christian life there ever is a time when abortion is considered permissible by
God let’s see don’t read this to the class okay I won’t read that to the
class so to circumscribes my answer somewhat I have a cassette on the
subject of abortion entitled abortion is it always murder
I don’t believe abortion is always murder I don’t believe it’s murder in
the case of incest I don’t believe it’s murder in the case of forcible rape I
don’t believe it’s murder if tissue is excised from a child when
the child is incapable of supporting bearing or sustaining it through some
fault of sexual relations at a very early age and I believe that abortion is
murder one of these used as a means of birth control or getting rid of an
unwanted baby on the part of adults I think then you are dealing directly with
premeditated murder but there are people who say that abortion is always wrong
and always murder I would have to take strong exception to that because these
same people say that it’s perfectly all right to do it in the case of incest and
rape therefore I think that they have somewhat of a logical problem now there
are still others who say incest and rape behind have the baby and my response to
that is the God who demanded the death of the rapist can hardly logically
demand the fruit of the rapist from the womb of the person that was violated think that one through sometime the
principle of the character the God of the Bible is such that do you wish to
place him in the position since he hasn’t spoken on the subject would you
like to place him in the position of saying that a twelve-year-old child just
passed to birdie who gets dragged into an alley in Chicago and raped
find yourself pregnant is to bear the fruit of that violent evil rapist I
don’t see where this is consistent with biblical theology one bit so we do have
our problems I have a cassette of the subject which is already triggered
enormous controversy I’m happy to say there’s nobody nobody in the middle on
the controversy there either or one of the two so it’s
nice to have it either way because you know that you won’t float down the river
of flour ease my husband and his parents play cards together also they play cards
with close friends sometimes they use pennies or nickels or other times they
use no money but points I believe the card playing whether without money is
wrong could you give a scriptural basis for this no one that could cover both
instances no all I can tell you this that if you are practicing something in
your life even if it’s eating meat in the presence of a vegetarian that causes
the vegetarian to become weak in his faith and to fall in his spiritual walk
you are not to eat the meat in the presence of the vegetarian Romans
chapter 14 we will transpose that to virtually any practice including card
playing if it causes a brother or sister to fall you should not practice it and
what you should do is these people are Christians is to go to them and say I am
a weaker brother you are offending me by playing cards for money or without it as
a Christian I wish you wouldn’t do that and if they are good sensible Christians
they will abstain from that practice at least in your presence which is all you
care about now far as gambling is concerned I’ve already answered that
question on many occasions and the answer is still the same God tells us
that we are on this earth to serve Him did everything we have
belongs to him and that we have no right risking his property you’re born again
everything you have belongs to the Lord Jesus Christ you have no business
fooling around with God’s money it belongs to him so if you’re going to go
to Vegas then say I’m going to spend $50 on the slot machines now and that’s not
a sin you’re wrong because God gave you the $50 and he gave you the strength to
earn it and you could just as easily give the $50 to missions or to some
other cause that’s going to bring people to Jesus Christ rather than supporting
the Mafia who runs Vegas the underground Empire of evil whom the Lord Jesus will
utterly ruin and destroy with the brightness of his coming our government
hasn’t got the guts to do it but the kingdom of heaven will take care of it
once and for all have you heard or have you read any books by Arthur e
Bloomfield the last days before Armageddon no I have not you mentioned a
10 television that you didn’t believe that the devil could know what we are
thinking you have some scriptural reference for that sure John chapter 14
jesus said the ruler of this age was coming Satan who was in Judas Iscariot
and he said I will not talk with you much anymore well why didn’t he go on
talking with him if Satan could read the mind it wouldn’t make any difference
but you learn from that that Satan does not have access to the mind therefore
most of his information he gets from our big mouths ah the only time he can
eavesdrop is when you’re praying because you’re addressing the Lord and you asked
the Lord to protect you so that you may talk only with him but we didn’t talk so
much about what we intended to do the devil wouldn’t have near as much
information as he had a line in the scripture says he can read your mind
but I’m sure eavesdrops on our spirits every chance that he can
our faithful Usher’s have arrived and are rushing down the aisle rushing down
the aisle good thinking brothers our Bible class
is supported by your prayers in your presence it’s our way of telling melody
Lam we believe in a Bible teaching ministry as the Lord has prospered you
we asked you to give hilariously the Lord loves a cheerful Giver you can’t
give it carefully keep it won’t do you any good anyhow let’s pray our Father we
ask you to sanctify these gifts by the Word of God in this prayer and multiply
them to the advancement of the kingdom of thy Son Jesus in whose name we pray
amen we will continue with our question period you can speed read says the ad
everyone should learn to speed read I strongly recommend this course Walter
Martin oh I said that I said that yes I did just kidding Jim ah hears that I do
advocate speed reading is tremendously interesting can evil spirits possess
animals there are records of animals being used by demons and we find this
frequently in the Old Testament we’re familiar spirits were connected with
animals also with ancient religious traditions other than Christianity a
cat’s particularly were noted for this particular thing and that’s why the cat
goddess bast was very very powerful in Egypt because demonic manifestations
came through the priests women priests of the temple of bast
and they usually had cats and the cats were referred to as the residual of
their familiars or of their demonic controls or spirits this has been a part
of history yes indeed I forgot to answer one part of a question before about
demon for Christians may I be perfectly
transparent on this there is not one single lying hint or suggestion in all
Holy Scripture that anyone who is the temple of the Holy Spirit can at the
same time be the temple of demons nothing whatsoever now I think that’s a
very important point because people have come out of the woodwork all over the
place in the last few years since the occult explosion 1965-66
and they have been writing books and doing two sets and running to and fro
creating almost psychotic Christians everything that happens they say
virtually is the result of some demon the demon of alcohol a demon of drugs a
demon of this a demon of that they’re demons in everything they even tell you
to bring along your barf bags when you come to their meetings so you can vomit
up the demons now that’s a lot of infernal nonsense
and this first John chapter 4 tells you what you have overcome them
little children greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world now if
you’re demon-possessed and a Christian you have been overcome the scripture is
wrong the temple of the Holy Spirit is the temple of demons at the same time
and you have destroyed any security the Christian has as the temple of God the
Bible on the other hand repudiate this if you’re God’s property you’re not the
devil’s if you have Christ spirits you don’t have any other spirit so please
don’t get into this hang up or this bag the people who are running around who
are saying Christians have demons always base it on experience they never base it
on Scripture never yeah something on that oh I have never denied the fact that we
can be harassed afflicted zapped pick your adjectives I don’t really care or
your verb the fact still remains we are subject to attack by demonic power but
attack is completely different from demonization which is total control okay button certainly sin alters people’s behavior
all the time without demons involved at all am i right something happens to us
when we fall into sin and we walk away from God when you turn away from the
light there’s only one place for you to go into the darkness when that happens
suddenly you don’t want to talk to your old friends who are believers suddenly
you don’t want to go to church because there’s a lot of hypocrites there and
suddenly you don’t want to read the scripture because you’ve been through
that before and it all reads the same and all the excuses start coming up yeah
sound familiar you bet it is every person that yields
for their carnal nature gets into that bag one way or another thanks be unto
God who gives us the victory through the Lord Jesus Christ and when we know that
these things are bugging us then we know that our carnal natures are at work
don’t blame everything on the demons remember if the devil were imprisoned
today for a thousand years as one day he will there’s enough residual evil left
in the world to manifest itself in sin all over this earth and during the
Millennial Kingdom there will be sin with Christ reigning here and the church
reigning here there will rebe during the millennium rebellion against God that
will be put down so obviously if Satan is bound during that period and people
live in perfect conditions that doesn’t eliminate the nature of man God’s gonna
have to deal with that finally let’s see what happened two people who were born
before Christ or primitive people in America who live without the word of
Christ for thousands of years how are they judged Bible tells us that Romans
chapters 1 and 2 the invisible things of God from the creation of the universe
are clearly seen they are testified to by the things
which have been created even his eternal power and divinity so man stands without
excuse for when they knew God did not tell you something all the primitive
nations have at one time or another known him ah we find his fingerprints
and his footprints all over their culture and their religion but when they
knew him as God they did not glorify Him as God but their empty hearts and their
imaginations became empty and they transformed the glory of the immortal
God into corruptible things they exchanged incorruptibility
for corruptibility and became the worshipers of idols and themselves so
they knew him secondly the Bible says that God has given enough evidence to
the pagans of the world that they may seek after him feel for him and find him
he is not far from any one of us Acts chapter 17 in him we live and move and
have our being Donalbain house put it this way he said if some headhunter in
the Amazon looks into the reflection in the water one morning and sees his face
and sees the trees above him in the Sun and says I know I couldn’t have made me
I know I couldn’t have made the water I know I couldn’t have made the trees or
the the Sun I know I couldn’t have done any of these things there must be
somebody bigger than me and then that headhunter cries out Oh whoever you are
wherever you are who made everything that there is help he is fulfilling Acts
chapter 17 he is reaching out for God and the scripture says we will
him he is not far from any one of us Abraham said shall not the judge of the
whole earth do what is right yes then why don’t you leave the pagans that you
can’t get to to the Justice of the God who is perfectly just and why don’t you
worry about the pagans next door and down the block and across the street who
are going to hell because you aren’t opening your mouth the devil always gets
us fixed on some foreign land and getting gets us to asking questions
about what’s gonna happen to the Aborigines what’s gonna happen to the
Zulus what’s gonna happen to the bangies what’s gonna happen says God you dummy
to the guy next door in that right always somewhere else never here now
right next door to me a family of behind has moved in they
have invited me to their Bible study and I’m going ever gonna talk about the
bad we’re gonna talk about Abu Baha Baha wallah we’re gonna talk about all these
things I’m going to be an innocent wide-eyed stranger in paradise then we’re going to get to Jesus and
then the facts gonna hit the fire sorry buddy and get settled so they’ll be
reasonably comfortable they won’t move out too quickly and then take a couple
of Christian friends and I’m going to go there and love them to death but that’s
next door is you enemy in the local church if the local church earns in
regard to the Trinity does this mean they are unsaved if not please explain
in our new pamphlet on the subject of the teachings of witness Li in the local
church also in a tract on the subject and a cassette I’ve explained this in
detail I’m not going to go into it again all I’ll do is tell you this it’s
possible to be ignorant of the doctrine of the Trinity and be saved it is not
possible to deny and to attack the Christian doctrine of the Trinity and be
saved I don’t believe the local church attacks it I just think they’re in
monumental ignorance because of the fact that witness Li doesn’t understand
historic Christian theology or biblical theology and the men around him who do
are heretical and they are telling this man things that are not true and since
he doesn’t know Greek and he doesn’t know Hebrew and he doesn’t know church
history and he doesn’t know heresy it’s easy for him to go along with it and I
think he has we should pray for brother Li we should pray for the people in the
local church because they are dividing the body of Christ and while we’re
praying for them remember Romans 16:17 mark out those among you who cause
divisions and have nothing to do with them obviously until they repent so we
love them and pray for them but watch yourself because the doctrine
in a number of places is very definitely corrupt is it true that the consensus of
biblical scholars reject the authorship of Peter in the first epistle of Peter
no it is not true the consensus of liberal scholars have
rejected it but then the Liberals reject virtually everything anyhow so why
should they stop with Peters first epistle it was accepted by the church
the Council of Carthage and long before that there’s nothing in the contrary to
Scripture I would rather take that judgment than the liberal scholars with
1900 years of hindsight who looks back and says he didn’t do it well that’s
interesting since they weren’t there one would like to know how they are so sure
of it the answer is if you don’t believe in the deity of Jesus Christ why should
you believe in the authorship of Peter and liberal scholars and notorious for
that error our company gave us come from nd tickets to see the movie Beyond and
back saying that because one of the officials was such a believer in
reincarnation that he was encouraging the movie we haven’t seen it yet what do
you feel that he’d get from the movie to feel this way about it I have not seen
them we’ll be beyond them back I have only heard a tape of two sections of it
one on reincarnation the other on a seance I consider it to be abominable
and theologically yuck all right I’m happy to say that I joined pastor
Wilkerson and that he feels exactly the same way and displaying the movies
presentation of the book in the main auditorium and three services to point
out that they had used the book as a basis and departed therefrom and he did
not retain supervisory right over the script had he done so he could have
stopped those two things but I understand is a good deal of gospel
material in the film Beyond and back for which I rejoice I’m just terribly sorry
that the reincarnation bugs and the seance spiritists got into segments of
it they don’t belong there and Pastor Wilkerson was the first to say so I
agree with him one thing I like about Ralph Wilkerson
he doesn’t try and whitewash things when they’re out in the open and you have to
face up to them and I admire a man who will say yes if the title of my book yes
they used it as a basis for the movie no I don’t agree with these things and
state so I would do exactly the same thing that was his judgment and I thank
God that he has taken that kind of a stand in it now nobody’s perfect were
all sinners saved by grace and pastor Wilkinson be the first to admit that
he’s right up there with everybody else but he is not responsible for what they
did to Beyond and back see what Hollywood does every time it gets his
hands on spiritual truth it just can’t resist mucking it up who is going to
side with Satan in the last rebellion his followers demons and men is it the
children that will be born in the Millennial Kingdom yes and some of the
people that come out of the Millennial Kingdom and a thousand years on a
perfect earth you can reproduce like rabbits right thousand years the child
shall die in a hundred years that’ll be a Mormon paradise the Mormons are always
teaching eternal sex with multiple partners the Millennium is a thousand
years of them would you recommend no no polygamy in the Millennium excuse me
would you recommend a one life Bible kit somebody gotta go out here and say
Martin said is polygamy in the Millennium
no I didn’t enough Club with one wife now not me people in general
my wife isn’t here this morning is a reasonably safe statement to make will
you recommend the one volume Bible commentary that pretty much holds your
position especially post tribulation in position there isn’t any one volume that
holds all the opinions that I have because because most of my theology is
eclectic that is I don’t really care if it’s an Episcopalian a Roman Catholic a
Methodist of Baptists a seventh-day Adventist whatever they may be if
they’ve got the best slant on a particular passage in context I will
endorse it if it will hold up as far as the whole tenor of Scripture is
concerned therefore I draw from a vast array I
probably have 40 commentaries from different sources and I’m happy to say
I’m the basic doctrines of the faith we don’t have any disagreement whatever but
there are differences in shades of opinion on baptism and the Lord’s Supper
and the tribulations and millennium and all the rest of those things people get
pretty uptight on that subject and they really shouldn’t because it’s peripheral
theology the centrality of the message is Christ let’s stop fighting about all
of the periphery never really produces that in the end now but strife if you
want recommendations of good Bible commentaries that I would urge you to
have just write us at Bach’s 500 San Juan Capistrano and we will be happy to
give you that information after listening to your message again this
morning on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and hearing of the miracles of the
five-year-old boy we covet your prayer for my nephew so forth she gave birth to
I can’t read this I’m awfully sorry but your handwriting somewhat resembles mine
let me check it afterwards and then I will try and find out what you are
saying but I can’t read it right now good morning could you give me some
verses to quote when someone is dying like first John 4 4 to rebuke Satan when
some is dying what you want to do is get
through in the last conscious moments with one great unalterable fact this is
the end of the line and this is the bottom line and one just can’t waste any
time you’ve got to say to that person listen Jesus Christ loved you and died
on Calvary for your sins remember the thief on the cross it’s not too late
turn to Christ now that’s direct and blunt but when a
house is on fire you don’t politely knock on the door you have any brains
you kick in the windows knock down the door and drag the people out under the
porch they may kick bite scratch and curse all the way but when they get out
on the porch are they gonna love you because they’re alive that’s the same
thing that we’re into with a person who’s dying dr. Barnhouse once told me
that he talked to a Christian Science lady who didn’t believe in disease
suffering or death and she was dying of cancer in hospital Barnhouse went in and
spoke to her and he perceived immediately that she was dying and he
sat down and I thought well now he’s going to use the tender pastoral care
approach oh no dr. Barnhouse said to her Jenny this is dr. bond house and she
said ah oui Monsieur doctor she was French when he spoke French fluently so
he spoke French to her for 30 minutes and this is what he said to her denne
mrs. Eddie has lied to you she said there is no disease suffering or death
you are diseased you are suffering and you are going to die and the woman
virtually left out of the bed she sat almost straight up and wah and he said
now I have the best news for you you have ever heard and he preached Jesus
Christ for 25 minutes and at the end of that time she bowed her head and
received the Lord Jesus as her Savior I had her funeral I used the funeral to
preach all her Christian science friends be there with the body in the box and
all these people are smiling because there was no disease there was no
suffering there was no death you know I said would you look over there please everybody looked the smile faded and I
said Solomon the wisest man who ever lived said the living no they must die
you and I are going to die if Jesus Christ does not come back again you are
diseased you are aging you have eye glasses you have false teeth you have
braces on your back you smear your face with hormone cream and you do exercises
and eat your food but you are dying whole place deflated in the fraction of
a second they said what the best news in the world is what Jen Abrial found out
Jesus Christ is alive son of God Saviour He shed his blood for your sins by what
a jolly time we had 30 minutes of the love of God and the judgment of God I
had people come up to me after that meeting some of them were celebrities
who had come because she was the mother of a celebrity one of them was Gary
Moore the television entertainer and he came to me quietly in the cloakroom
afterwards and took my hand we were friends from before that and looked up
at me with tears flowing in his eyes and he said Walter he said it’s been a long
time since I was in that Methodist Church in Baltimore where I heard the
gospel as a boy he said today wasn’t a funeral for me today was back to church
and then he said you know after what you said maybe there is some hope for Gary
Moore and I said there is and I gave him a good shot for five minutes never pass up an opportunity if you get
a chance never get near that person again just the other day I was having
lunch over here at the Grand Hotel and while I’m sitting there eating I look up
and one of my favorite comedians comes in I’ve admired this man for years clean
decent hilarious humor Red Skelton yeah and he came in sat down with two young
ladies and I thought to myself I wonder how I can talk to him and so I sat there
eating my meal the whole time I was there I was watching him out of the
corner of my eye trying to get some way to get to him and dawned on me how
after I finished he was finishing his meal up I do a couple of tracks and
walked over to his table I said mr. Skelton he said yes I don’t want to fear
with your meal no no that’s perfectly all right
I said I’m professor Martin from across the street at Melville I’m so delighted
to meet you we sure can this is my daughter and this
is my granddaughter I said fine delighted to meet you I did you know you
and I go back a long way he said we do I said yes to go back to 1938 to the Red
Skelton hour on CBS he said no I said yes we go back to Klemke devil hopper
and Willy lump lump and Ozzie and Harriet said yeah and I said I started
reciting his movies and all the things that I had say he just had to ah oh yeah
oh yeah well you know I had 10 minutes with him we had instant rapport then I
got to talking about it clean humor and I got to the gospel I said you know I’d
like you to take this I’d like you to read this I said the Lord has something
for you here they took it look they said I’ll do that I’ll take it I will read it
he said and you’re very very kind very gracious to take the time and stop I
said not at all your continuing presence is my autograph I’m not even going to
ask you for one you’ve lighted my life so
many times he said well thank he was almost in tears
I said I’d read that too he said I will I will
it sure can’t stick me now Red Skelton is a soul for whom Jesus Christ died
what are you gonna do that I’m going to hell because he’s a multi-millionaire
comedian and nobody wants to go near him of course that somebody has to go it
could be you so you don’t pass up those kind of opportunities God gives you I
think we are moving toward the time when I must close a question answer period
but let me get rid of these what track do I use I handed the McCandless crusade
tract that I had which I thought was very good God has a wonderful plan for
your life and then I gave him something else and I forgot the track that I gave
him at the moment but it was not ten reasons why I swear I can tell you that I want to expand on something I spoke on
earlier because something in the newspaper arrested my attention and I
think that it has great spiritual application for us Romans chapter 11 beginning at verse 25 concerning Israel
I would not brothers that you would be ignorant of this mystery lest you should
be wise in your own conceits blindness in part has happened to Israel in part
you notice that they still are worshippers of the Living God but they
are blind to his Messiah and this partial blindness has happened to Israel
until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in and so all Israel will be
redeemed as it is written there shall come out of Zion the deliverer and shall
turn away ungodliness from Jacob for this is my covenant unto them when I
will take away their sins now Israel is going to be redeemed
that is obviously those in Israel who will repent of their sins for God says
my covenant with them will be honored when I shall take away their sins and he
will take away the sin of the Jew upon the repentance of the Jew and the
recognition of the Lord Jesus Christ which we are told will take place on a
larger scale and increase even more so as we accelerate toward the consummation
of the ages you notice in Romans chapter 11 verse 1 Paul addressed himself to
this subject I say then has God cast away his people god forbid perish the
thought I also AM an Israelite the seed of Abraham the tribe of Benjamin God has
not cast away his people which he foreknew now listen this
whole chapter is a reminder to the Church of Jesus Christ that God has a
place for the Jew that the Covenant he made with Abraham will be fulfilled that
we are spiritual Jews as they will become spiritual Jews now they are Jews
only after the flesh you know it’s surprising how many people don’t realize
this important truth I was coming out of the Grand Hotel right after talking with
Red Skelton and a man was walking beside knew had heard me talking to one of my
associates and a total stranger and he said to me you know he said you act you
talk he said uh like um like someone that could go before a TV camera go on a
microphone he’s I don’t know who you are he said but I’m in the recording
business and he said I’d be interested in talking with you I said I’m already
in it so I can’t talk with you about that but give me your card anyhow so he
gave it to me we chatted going out there and I said are you born again just out
of the blue you know no introduction nothing just are you born again and he
said if you could tell me what it was I could tell you I said if I need to tell
you what it was you’re not he said oh I said but you can be you’re a Jew he said
that’s right I’m a spiritual – oh yeah and then I took five minutes right
outside under the portico of the Grand Hotel to tell this man all about how he
could go on being a physical Jew and for the first time become a spiritual Jew
now I’m gonna correspond with him and he was in shock daddy but heard you like it
before I said you’ve heard nothing yet I said Jesus is the Messiah
by getting the gospel what’s interesting is he didn’t understand that he would go
right on being a Jew till the day he died he thought when he converted to
Christianity he stopped being a Jew I said no just start being one spiritual
and physical this is something we’ve got to spread out for the world to see God
has not forsaken the Jew we cannot turn our back upon them right now the United
States is flirting with divine judgment and we don’t even know it we are fooling
around with the petrol dollars we are worrying about the Arabs and large Sadat
has put on the robes of Messiah and flies from capital to capital telling
everybody he wants peace well before we get suckered into it let’s learn
something mr. Sadat wants peace at the price of the Jews giving him back what
belongs to them it is not Egypt’s land it is not serious land it is not the
land of the Arab if they had been there for 10,000 years it is the land of the
Jew by divine covenant and God said I give it to you and to your seed forever
that is why America where she wise would fight for Israel tomorrow morning
because it is the land of God’s promise and we are bound there by the record of
Holy Scripture which says all the nations of the world will one day
revolve around the Land of God as spokes do around the hub of a wheel and we are
seeing that happening right now as more and more attention is focused in that
area President Carter must be prayed for vigorously and upheld in prayer he is a
brother he needs the illumination and the guidance of the Holy Spirit and
courage and strength because he’s going to need every bit of it that he’s got
he must make hard decisions we’ve got to pray that he is not influenced into
doing anything that would jeopardize our relationship with the Jew because who
touches Israel even in her apostasy touches the pupil of Yahweh’s eye that
is very sensitive and it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the
Living God god help us if we ever get to that place
but this whole chapter is talking about God’s love God’s promise God’s
restoration for the Jew so I was very interested to offer the Los Angeles
herald-examiner and see this article I’d like to share it with you Jewish
scholars reclaim Jesus the reappraisal of Jesus place in history does not alter
Judaism’s basic denial of the Christian doctrine that Jesus was the Messiah
scholars generally argued that Jesus did not believe he was founding a new
religion that’s the ground rules we are not saying Jesus is the Messiah and we
are not agreeing with basic Christian theology but we would like to go back
step one and reconsider the person of Jesus of Nazareth now this is coming
right out of Israel it’s not coming out of New York City or America or any other
part of the world it’s coming out of Israel what’s going on in Israel well
listen for yourself after centuries of relative silence by Jews on the subject
of Jesus including periods when the mention of the name was rarely or was
rare or even forbidden some Jewish scholars have recently stepped up
efforts to reclaim the first century figure as an exemplary deeply religious
Jew deserving of a high place in Jewish history the reappraisal does not alter
Judaism’s basic denial of the Christian doctrine that Jesus was the Messiah
rather the focus is upon presenting a posit
of image of Jesus as an observant Jew who had strong nationalistic feelings
and a powerful moral message rooted in the Hebrew Scriptures and whose role was
misinterpreted by Christians most of this reassessment is taking place in
Israel where a majority Jewish population provides more than favourable
conditions for a relaxed discussion of the sensitive subject that in societies
where Jesus where Jewish minorities are inclined toward a more cautious attitude
but the revisionist view of Israeli scholars are gaining attention this is
this is utterly fascinating in the United States largely through books
journals and evidence of a similar movement can be found in this country in
Jewish academic and religious life an example of emerging perspective is found
in an article in the current issue of the journal of ecumenical studies
published by Temple University in Philadelphia written by the Israeli
religious scholar dr. Pincus Lapidus quote we Jews are very proud of our
Einsteins Henryk highness and Sigmund Freud’s Lapidus says we ought to be much
prouder of Jesus Jesus was as faithful to the law as I would ever hope to be I
even suspect that Jesus was more faithful to the law than I am and I’m an
Orthodox Jew Lapita teaches at baa-rilliant university in tel aviv has
been among the most active proponents of a revised view of Jesus among his
contributions is a book that analyzes 29 recent Jewish books on Jesus and finds a
very positive attitude toward the religious leader in all of them Lapita
likewise studied Israeli elementary and secondary textbooks this is important
and found an increasing amount of material about Jesus and Christianity
the references stressed the identity of Jesus is a Jew with a strong sense of
religious mission religious commentators in modern times have noted with
increasing irony the reluctance of both Christians and Jews through the ages to
accept the Jewish background of Jesus among Jews this trait was part of
general inattention toward a religious figure who by the standards of Judaism
has been unjustifiably transformed by Christians into a divine person Jews
often associate the same figure with crimes against them at the hands of
Christians I was talking to a professor at the University in Jerusalem who
teaches a course on Christianity for the Jews for the rabbinical students at that
University and he was telling me that Jewish scholars are hostile to liberal
Christians they’re hostile to liberalism I said why
he said because liberalism keeps saying that Jesus didn’t claim to be Messiah
that is God in human flesh he said I read the New Testament regularly I have
to study the New Testament and have become familiar with it as a means of
teaching it in my courses he said if there is one thing that emerges from the
pages of the New Testament it’s the fact that Jesus thought he was the son of God
and that he was divine he said I don’t happen to believe that but it’s fair
nevertheless and then he said you know it just isn’t honest for somebody to
call themselves a Christian and a follower of Jesus and deny what Jesus
said about himself that came out of an orthodox true teaching a course on
Christianity in Jerusalem finally one other point of great importance you have
no idea how significant this is it means that at the core of Orthodox Judaism
today they are beginning to think through the person of Jesus of Nazareth
the scripture says if you search for me you will find me if you seek for me with
all your heart one professor in the University of Jerusalem told a friend of
mine who studies their quote Jesus is my rabbi Jesus is my teacher Jesus is the
supreme rabbi and my friend said well was he Messiah and this rabbinical
scholar paused looked into the eyes of my friend and said I don’t know I don’t
know if he was or not but he said in all history there has been no more likely
Jewish candidate ah I said that very anything my friend almost choked as here
is this venerable Hebrew scholar Jesus is my rabbi my teacher I was told by one
professor there that is not unusual to have young rabbinical students leap to
their feet and defend the interpretations of the Torah by Jesus of
Nazareth against the commentators maintaining that he was the most
Orthodox of the Orthodox and that therefore he should not in any way be
considered heretical as a Jew fascinating do you know when you mention
the name of Jesus to an Orthodox Jew one hundred years ago that’s right spit and
blaspheme but now they listen they listen because they are beginning to
listen to the echoes of the centuries they’re beginning to listen to history
they’re beginning to find out that the Christian the true Christian loves the
Jew and the true Christian protects and prays for the Jew the pseudo Christian
will betray him and murder him but the genuine Christian will die for
him and with him that’s something they’re beginning to learn which is a
great great movement forward conclusion confusion has also resulted from the
perception of Jesus as a Christian you notice a lot of people think that
Jesus was the first Christian no he wasn’t Christianity came into existence
only after the death of Jesus and through the work of his disciples that
is the proclamation of his church scholars generally agree that Jesus did
not believe he was founding a new religion that’s interesting when Jesus
said I will build my church and the gates of Hell will not prevail against
it it’s amazing how the Bible shed so much light on the scholars Christian’s
on the other hand that frequently de-emphasized the Jewishness of Jesus as
the means of disassociating the church from the majority of Jews who do not
accept Jesus as the Messiah interestingly enough 1922 a book was
published Jesus of Nazareth by Joseph Klausner a
respected Jewish scholar the following year rabbi Stephen wise the influential
reformed Jewish leader preached on quote Jesus the Jew close quote
emphasizing the identification of Jesus of Nazareth with Judaism it was the
first time a rabbi and prominent Zionist had broached the subject from the pulpit
and it unleashed a storm of protest other Jewish theologians and
philosophers have followed they all baked the German theologian Martin Buber
Gould Isaac the French Jewish historian whose book Jesus and Israel published in
1968 had a considerable impact upon Judaism from youth on dr. bubay wrote I
felt Jesus to be my elder brother Jesus deserves a large place in Judaism Buber
continued and this place can be described by none of the customary
categories what did Boober mean Jesus deserves a large place translation what
category do you put him in prophet bigger than that priest no what’s left
king of kings and Lord of lords Boober never said that but he said you run out
of categories when you talk about Jesus Christ when the walls of separation came
down said Michael pray GI the Israeli councillor general advisor on church
relations in North America thousands of Jews had their first encounter with
Christians they knew almost nothing about Christianity when the wolf came
down what was that 1967 in the last 10 and a half years the Jews have
discovered us as allies not enemies they have discovered the church and they have
rediscovered and are attempting to reclaim Jesus of Nazareth the Marvel is
part about it all is they don’t yet realize that it is Jesus of Nazareth
Christ of God who is going to reclaim them by the blood of the cross and
that’s why I wanted to fit this article into this context because Christians
must take heart listen Romans chapter 11 verse 28 concerning the gospel the Jews
are enemies for your sake they fight the gospel but as touching the election and
the choice of God they are beloved for the sake of their fathers look at verse
29 Oh what joy radiates from that text for the gifts and the calling of God our
irrevocable says the Greek they can never be rescinded and the gift of God
is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord what purpose serves the law to
point us to the Messiah what purpose Messiah to redeem us from the curse of
the law what purpose the church to carry the good
news of the kingdom of heaven to the ends of the earth to the Jew
chronologically first and then also to the Gentiles yes they are opposed to
Christianity we hear that right here yes they’re opposed to Christ as Messiah yes
they are unregenerate enemies of the truth where we’re concerned but the
scripture says beloved by God himself because of the faith of their fathers
now I’ll tell you something before we get too high and mighty about the Jew
and how they fallen from such heights of grace we had jolly well better remember
something had they not fallen we would not have arisen had they not rejected we
would not have opportunity to receive and we are the children of Abraham by
faith they are the children of Abraham by generation we are both the children
of Abraham Jew and Gentile when we receive Jesus Christ God’s Messiah as
Saviour to him give all the prophets witness that whoever believes in Him
shall receive the forgiveness of sin exciting things are happening in Israel
God is breathing there is inquisitiveness there is desire
there is hunger there is thirst I never forget not wanting to visit Mount Sinai
the time before last when I went to Israel with my guesses Mike was going to
Sinai because I figured he should go to Sinai after all he got the law sawed
shouldn’t be a total loss he should go but we were a lot right on the Red Sea
and Vettius has got sick and the temperature at Sinai was very high and
the altitude and Michael’s heart was not what it should be so I was elected and I
went I had a marvelous time wonderful but to get to Sinai to the
monastery and the area where Moses to receive the law we have to travel
over a road that I can only describe as primitive Camelbak I want to tell you no
kidneys on earth can survive that road I don’t care who they are
my left kidney twitch for two weeks after I got home every time I saw a bump
in the road I mean it was an incredible washboard they’ve done something about
it since then but it it was murdered riding up front bouncing up and down I’m
sitting next to a young Israeli soldier who is our guide and a student at the
University of Jerusalem and I’m saying to myself in between jars how am I going
to get him to talk about Jesus and all of a sudden it dawned on me oh why
didn’t I think of that before I struck up a conversation on archaeology and he
said yes he had done archaeological digs his variance in archaeology I said is it
significant how archaeology confirms the authority of Holy Scripture mm he said
what do you mean I said well haven’t you studied some of the digs which confirm
the authority of Scripture that it was very accurate that God said this he said
well yes there are some points I said have you ever analyzed the prophetic
utterances of the Scriptures he said well look some of them I said did you
ever consider the one that talks about Messiah he said oh Isaiah 53 I said no
no I said no Daniel chapter 9 this is what that got to do with it I said don’t
you know about the elephantine papyri he said no I said don’t you know what they
found in Egypt no I said oh well I said we’ll talk about it sometime talk about
it now he was hooked for 35 minutes and I laid out for him how to seventh-day
adventists archaeologists had dug up through their studies and through the
work of other archaeologists the evidence that supports the ninth chapter
of Daniel that dates for us the decree to rebuild Jerusalem
and Daniel said from the decree to build Jerusalem to the coming of Messiah was
490 years and he said they found the date I said of course the Jews in Egypt
recorded an elephantine papyri and they marked the date of the
ascension of the king who sent the decree out and we now know it has been
verified by Johns Hopkins University’s professor wait a mess Albright a liberal
he said yesterday I said 457 Spring BC they signed the decree that spring he
said really is it documented I said let me give you the references he wrote down
and I said now start counting 490 years 483 to the coming of Messiah and he
counted 27 ad and he looked at me and I said sound familiar
Jesus of Nazareth began to preach and for three and a half years his ministry
went forth and his eyes just sparkled for a moment said I never heard of that
before I said well I’m a Christian Jesus as my
Messiah he’s yours too and boy did he ever get it for the next ten or fifteen
minutes you know that young fellas stuck with me like glue he said to me sir
would you come and lecture in my course at the University if I can arrange it I
said certainly he said I’d never heard this before I said you can hear my mom
he was wounded for our transgression who is real he began to listen gospel well I
thought I’d gotten across to him and that was good praise the Lord he never
left me when I got to the bush that they talked about as being the burning bush
which I don’t believe it is I thought what a great opportunity there he was
standing there so I opened up Exodus chapter 3 and I preached a hey yeah yeah
hey yeah and he turn around like that looked at me I said I am that I am this
is my name forever my memorial to all generations ghave Elohim and then I
preached Jesus Christ in John 8:58 before Abraham was oh yeah he never
moved just stood there with his Bible open looking at me up and down up and
down like this you know he got my ear on the bus going back and never stopped
talking the whole way back what was he talking about questions questions
questions how did I know how could you explain what about this what about that
but I tell you from one end of the Sinai to the other it was Jesus Jesus Jesus they’re looking over their shoulders
they’re thinking and they’re beginning to hear let’s not forget what the
scripture says the gifts and the call of God to the Jew have never been revoked
he will have mercy on whom he will have mercy
we had the priceless privilege of being in the words of Moisture Ozan Jews for
Jesus I visited moistu not too long ago he said I know you’re interested in
Jewish evangelism you came out of Brooklyn
where else could you get so many Jews in one place I said right he says I have a
button for you you reached into his desk to pull it out and stuck it on my lapel
goes for Jesus not a guy he is a Gentile he said I’m a Jew for Jesus we were
going for Jesus I said that’s right isn’t it nice to know we’re both
spiritual Jews he said amen the circumcision of the heart and not of the
flesh for your sake their enemy’s concern you
the gospel but touching the election of God they are beloved for the sake of
their fathers the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable Jesus Christ the
same yesterday today forever worship and praise and adoration and glory belong to
thee our Father because of what you did for us by sending your most precious
possession that we might live through him Oh Almighty God breathed upon this
congregation this morning there may be those here Lord who have never been born
again who have never reached out their hand to the nail-pierced hand of the
master who do not know the peace of God which surpasses all you
understanding give them neither arrest nor peace until they shall call out to
thee Jesus Savior save me but upon thy children who love t