BIBLE OBJECT LESSON: 4 fun Facts about the Bible

welcome to wright ideas with Susan where
I put up ideas to help you teach children about Bible about Jesus and
Christian values and today’s object lesson is four fun facts about the Bible
and it really helps kids get an understanding of just how important the
Bible is today and throughout history and if you have time to watch all the
way through to the end of this clip I’m gonna share with you how you can weave a personal story into this object lesson that’s quite meaningful all you need for
this object lesson is you just need a mystery bag and you fill the bag with
some bibles that you probably have lying at home and then you also need some
plain paper and clip from the first volume of the what’s in the Bible series
or you can get it off YouTube as well so I bring my mystery bag to class and I
say to the kids ‘hey kids I brought my mystery bag today does
anyone want to come up and take something out and see what I have in
here?’ and sure enough all the kids want to come up to take something out and so
I asked different kids one at a time to come up and start taking the Bible’s out
of the bag and the kids always have something to say about it or I have a
Bible like that or when I pull out a children’s Bible I’ve got a children’s
Bible or and they like to tell me about their Bibles as I’m telling them about
these various Bibles that I have in the bag and I also have a Bible here of a
different language this is the Solomon Islands Bible as well so we talk a
little bit about that and then I also put in here my iPad and the kids are
like ‘that’s not a Bible’ and then of course some kids are like Mrs wright
probably has lots of bibles on there and that’s exactly right so I’m able to
show them that I have Bibles on my iPad I also have Bible apps so this is a
Bible as well and then next they get out a piece of paper or their notebook
and we talk about 4 fun facts about the Bible and the first thing we do is
write the word Bible in box letters this is a really fun thing that kids
really like so if you want to know how to write box letters and learn how to
use them I’ve got a whole playlist that I put together about box letters so we
write Bible in box letters and then I begin asking them – we’ve got lots of
printers now and copiers and things where we can print out lots of books and
things but what did they do a long long time ago when they didn’t have printers
and copiers and so we talk a little bit about that and then I tell them
about the first printing press and when it was invented and I say guess what was
the very first book ever printed on that printing press? the Bible yes the Bible
ever since then did you know that the Bible is the best-selling book of all
time year after year after year more Bibles are bought and sold in any other
book so we write that down and then another thing I say oh it’s also the
most translated book what does that mean and of course the kids tell me what that
means it’s also the most influential book what does that mean and so I get
the kids to tell me what do they think that means and we have a little talk
about how the Bible influences cultures over time and so they write that down in
their notebooks or their piece of paper and then I said okay go ahead and you
can draw a Bible on on the bottom of the sheet as well so they enjoy a little
time doing that and then after we do that little activity I bring the back
together and we watch first five minutes of this volume of what’s in the Bible
and you can find it on a clip in YouTube you know what it is it’s exactly this
object lesson Phil Vischer does the same thing because it takes that different
types of Bible so this is exactly where I got this idea – this is a Bible and this
is a Bible that looks like a phone it is it’s my phone but on my phone are two
different versions of the Bible I’ve got Tetris on my phone the thing I
like about this is because I’ve just done it with the kids and then they get
to see it so it reinforces the for fun facts about
the Bible and I think that it’s really powerful when you’re trying to kids to
remember something from your lesson another thing that I like to do is I
like to sing a song about the Bible and you probably know a few but one of my
favorite ones is by Colin Buchanan and it’s called the best book to read is the Bible what I’ve done is I put this song chart on my website so you can
download it there if you like to use that song now I like to weave a little
bit of personal story into this object lesson and the way I do it is through
this little Bible and let me just give you an idea of how I do it…” kids this
Bible is a really special Bible to me I got it for my kids when they were all little but I’ve got some special notes here that I put in the front of this Bible
and I’ve got a picture all of my four children let me tell you something about
my kids none of them were born a Christian in fact I wasn’t born a
Christian or a follower of Jesus no one is born a Christian you have to make your
own decision of whether we want God to be part of our life or not and so what
do you think these notes are about? yes, it’s about my children and it’s about
the time that they decided that they wanted to be a follower of Jesus. now you see as a parent I couldn’t make them become a Christian and with my four children at
different times in their life they each decided they wanted to be a follower of
Jesus and I wrote the date and I read a little bit about what happened when they
decided to put their faith and to believe in Jesus and ask Jesus to be
part of their lives and of course the kids want me to read a little bit about
how it happened so I’m able to tell that it depending on their interest and it’s
a really special reminder of when my children decided to put their faith and
trust in Jesus and it made a huge impact in their life and that’s when their
journey of faith began but I was want to tell you something a little bit sad (kids
are like what) I said did you know that in some places in the world these days
they are not allowed to have a Bible they’re not allowed to even be caught
with the Bible and to learn about Jesus to learn about God so they don’t
even have a choice because they know nothing about God they know nothing
about Jesus they don’t have a choice but I do have some good news and the good
news is is that your parents they are allowing you and giving you the freedom
to learn about Jesus to learn about the Bible to learn about the best-selling
the most translated and the most influential book of all time they’re
letting you and allowing you and encouraging you to learn about this
amazing book so you will have a choice you will have a choice whether you want
to have faith in God and put your faith in Jesus and have God be part of your
life isn’t that awesome! then they kids are like ‘yes that’s good!’ I said we need to
thank God we need to thank God for your parents I say who wants to pray and of
course they all want to pray and thank God for their mom or dad and that they
have the chance to be able to learn about Jesus and it really is a very
special time to be able to help kids understand that you know it is a
privilege that they are getting to learn from this amazing book so that’s how I
like to conclude the lesson for this now some of you watching here on my channel
you come from countries where it is dangerous to be meeting as Christians
meeting and studying the Bible you know what this is all about you
probably have a really powerful story to tell your class or some of you go have
grown up in families where your parents did not let you go to church or
youth group or anything didn’t let you learn anything and it wasn’t until you
were an adult that you were able to actually start reading the Bible and
learn about Jesus and God and you know how it impacted your life and and it
would be good very powerful for you to be able to tell your story. so that
that’s a way you can weave your story into this object lesson now if you like
this idea be sure and give it a thumbs up and if you like more lesson ideas to
help you in introducing the Bible to your class I actually have a whole
playlist of lots more ideas on this sort of topic and I did want to
and I wanted to say to you subscribers and people watching keep up the good
work because what you do in teaching kids
about the Bible about Jesus about God you are empowering them you are
empowering them you’re giving them freedom to be able to choose whether or
not they want to have faith and that’s really powerful so I just want to say
keep up the good work and may God bless you as you teach kids… the Bible has been translated into more than two thousand different languages and dialects making
it the most translated most influential best-selling book in the history of the
world…. I thought Tetris was popular

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