Best Position to Sleep with Sciatica Pain Shown by St. Joseph MI Chiropractor

Hi, Dr Rowe here at SpineCare in St. Joseph,
MI. In this quick video, I want to go over a common
question I get from patients, which is: are there any tips that can help me while trying
to sleep with sciatica? So in this video, I want give some really
easy positions to get into that might help alleviate pain at night. Also, we’re going to tackle the issue of getting
up out of bed in the morning so we’re not causing a flare up with your sciatic nerve pain. So, let’s get started! The best position for sleeping is flat on
your back while keeping your body aligned straight. Put a small pillow underneath your knees to
keep them bent, as this will take stress off the low back. For extra support, you can put a small pillow
underneath the curve of the low back. This helps lower stress on your joints and
ligaments while helping to maintain the natural curve of your spine. This is the ideal position for sleeping with
sciatica pain. Sleeping on your side would come as the second
best choice. You’ll want your legs pulled up slightly towards
your chest and a pillow between your knees. For extra support, you can place a pillow
underneath your side. This will allow the body to stay in a more
natural posture and help prevent extra pressure on your back, neck, and shoulders. NEVER try to sleep on your stomach. Sleeping on your stomach flattens the natural
curve of the spine. Also, sleeping all night with the head twisted
to one side will strain the neck. If you absolutely cannot break this habit,
put a pillow underneath your stomach to help support the spine. In the morning, our bodies are generally stiff
from lying in a position for a long time. So people tend to have more soreness and pain
in the low back when they try to get out of bed. A simple tip: avoid flexion or forward bending
at the waist in the morning. You can see in this demonstration I’m bending
from the waist and putting a lot of pressure on the joints in the lower back. A better way to do this is to roll over on
one side, then bring the legs off the side of the bed while using your arms to slowly
lift yourself up off the bed.

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