Barbara Hebert – Reincarnation: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Implications

Thank you John it is a pleasure to be here tonight with all of you and all of you on on the Internet I think my family’s tuning in and if you are I had to wear my winter shawl to walk down the street tonight I Don’t know what I’m gonna do in January The first thing that I’d like to do is to share with you all that I am NOT here as an expert I don’t know any experts. I am here as a seeker I’m here to share with you what I have gained through my own journey and Hopefully to have some conversation with you about what you’ve learned on your journey as well So that’s my disclaimer. I don’t know all the answers in Fact I don’t know any answers You guys have probably heard this right Yolo. You only live once I? Worked in the university setting and the students would say you only live once and I think yeah each time I Can’t go without having some cartoons in here so welcome back My friend did Nonya when she walked in said I remember you giving this talk in your last life. I Don’t remember it, but maybe I did So When I was a little girl as John said I was raised in a Theosophical family. I’m a third generation Theosophist and so the idea of reincarnation has been a part of my world of you From before I was born However I’m not 25 years old even though. I’m sure you think that I am and When I was a little girl it wouldn’t have been unheard of for me to talk about reincarnation outside of the family Even my best friend who knew what I believed Would have thought I was crazy if I talked about reincarnation So I didn’t as some of the people here for the Alcott experience talked about today I pushed it down. I believed it, but I never spoke about it It has changed through the years. I had a colleague wonderful counseling colleague, she considers herself and introduces herself as a Christian counselor a traditional Christian counselor But I cannot tell you the number of times. She would say well in my next life Really really, I don’t think she believed in reincarnation But it had become or has become so much a part of our everyday language That we can easily talk about reincarnation now and people don’t think that we’re crazy Or at least they don’t haven’t told me that yet they might think that So why is it fascinating? Do you think I’m wondering? You know is it because with the idea of reincarnation we get a do-over You know I didn’t do it right this time Maybe I can just do it right next time or is it like winning the lifetime lottery and my next life I am gonna be born tall with long blond hair beautiful great Metabolism so that I always stay thin or or I’ll be born into a wealthy family, so I’ll never have to think about money It could be or maybe it’s really because somewhere deep in our conscious are somewhere deep inside we know that our consciousness continues after death We know the reality of reincarnation I Know this is hard to read so I’m going to read it for you small Jim Tucker is from the University of Virginia He actually took over the work of Ian Stevenson when Ian Stevenson retired you probably recognize Ian Stevenson’s Name as an individual who studied cases of children who had potentially been reincarnated This is Tucker’s hypothesis on how reincarnation could exist he says Quantum physics shows that at the most basic level of the universe Events involving its smallest particles such as electrons and protons Only occur once they are observed Quantum physics, I have to read that because I’m not sure I understand what it means This suggests that the material world may be derived from consciousness not the other way around Although that idea is debated by many it is a belief that’s been shared by a number of quantum physicists including Max Planck the father of quantum mechanics and Probably shared by many Theosophists and seekers around the world number three He says if consciousness creates the material world Then it may not be dependent upon that world to exist it would follow that consciousness does not depend on a living brain to exist and fourth if Consciousness doesn’t require a brain it may continue after the brain stops working It could then get attached to a new brain and continue on in another life Many of us who believe in reincarnation? And many of us who believe that consciousness is not seated in this physical vehicle I think well duh But not everybody thinks that way so Talking about this from Tucker’s perspective and he has to be very scientific to be accepted in the scientific world and Basing it on quantum physics is a useful piece of information. I think to have Reincarnation the whole idea of reincarnation is based on the idea that consciousness exists beyond the physical body that the consciousness when the physical body dies the consciousness leaves the body like taking off an overcoat or a winter shawl And the consciousness continues that consciousness goes to another energetic field of existence to sort of process this past life and to prepare for the next one and Then the consciousness, then is incarnated in a new body. That’s what we’re talking about this evening Definitely not talking about transmigration Which is a term that is used to talk about being born into a different a? Non-human body like an animal body. I know many of us would like to come back as a cat or Even as some of our special dogs because they’re so loved and pampered But that’s not part of the process. That’s not what we’re talking about we’re talking about the spiritual evolution We’re all familiar with the concept of physical evolution Darwin’s concept of physical evolution Spiritual evolution is that evolution of becoming fully human fully? Human we’re not really human yet kind of a strange idea feel human but I haven’t learned everything there is to know about being human I Still get angry sometimes. I know that’s shocking to you I Still feel sad sometimes. I still make mistakes. I am NOT fully human. I don’t have control total control over all aspects of myself body emotions mind So spiritual evolution is that process of? evolving to the point of becoming fully human John lgo a former president of the Theosophical Society in America said the purpose of our many lives is to further the evolutionary development of our minds and souls Through each life, we are expanding our consciousness. We are growing we are learning and that is our goal to Continue through that process to the point where we become fully human and once we become fully human When our consciousness has expanded to that point we recognize? Truly truly recognize the unity of all life at its deepest level I Think I’m probably in here somewhere Another joke for you so that you know I don’t want you to be too bored Children know don’t they they really really know So historically historically speaking Reincarnation is an age-old concept. We know that it was referred to or we find references to it in ancient Egyptian mythology in the Upanishads of the Hindus in indigenous cultures around the world We also hear it in the writings of Homer Hesiod Socrates and Plato There’s discussion of the fact that reincarnation was actually removed from the Bible during one of seven ecumenical councils typically either the first Council of Nicaea in 325 AD or in the fifth Council of Constantinople in 553 ad That’s disputed by many in the Christian community However, there is discussion that reincarnation was in the Bible and was removed Benjamin Franklin he believed in reincarnation He said thus finding myself to exist in the world I believe I shall in some shape or other always exist and with all the Inconveniences human life is liable to I shall not object to a new edition of mine hoping however that the errata of the last may be corrected I Hope so too for my sake Patton George Patton you probably are familiar with this as well he believed in reincarnation He believed that he had been a soldier many many many times And he said so is through a glass and darkly the age long strife. I see where I fought in many guises Many names but always me oh Another cartoon Yeah, sometimes we’ll just look for that life lottery and hope next time we have better metabolism Tina Turner I’m very sure that my spirit will live on in a different place. It is as it has lived many times before Yes, of course I believe in reincarnation I know that in previous lives. I’ve lived in France and long before that in Egypt I Didn’t know she believed in reincarnation But I had to go and find some females because when I came up with my list they were all males So I knew there had to be females who believed in reincarnation Henry Ford was Henry Ford a member of the society. He was wasn’t he did we know Janet’s not here all right. Well. It doesn’t matter because he believed in reincarnation Abner Doubleday was a member of the Theosophical Society he believed in reincarnation as well Henry Ford I Adopted the theory of reincarnation when I was 26 Work is futile if we cannot utilize the experience we collect in one life in the next When I discovered reincarnation it was as if I had found a universal plan Time was no longer limited. I was no longer a slave to the hands of the clock Genius is experienced. It is the fruit of long experience in many lives the discovery of reincarnation put my mind at ease So we’re recycling recycling Mark twain I have been born more times than anybody except krishna I’m not sure how he knows but i’m not going to argue with him and Rudyard kipling they will come back come back again as long as the red earth rolls He never wasted a leaf or a tree. Do you think he would squander souls? My only issue with this is that it could have been she she do we think she would squander souls Thank you very much henry ford upheld Theosophical ideas He was at the austin so if you believe in reincarnation when you die instead of saying rest in peace should we say? Be right back Halle Berry I Believe in reincarnation, it’s something I’ve thought about for a long long time I just cannot accept that this is all there is to life I do believe that maybe we are souls and we travel and we come back here as many times as we need to in different forms to evolve to our highest level Thomas Edison the only survival I can conceive is to start a new earth cycle again Walt Whitman I know I am deathless no doubt I have dyed myself ten thousand times before I Laugh at what you call dissolution, and I know the amplitude of time and Gandhi perhaps the most beautiful I Cannot think of permanent enmity between man and man believing as I do in the theory of rebirth I Shall live in the hope that if not in this birth in some other birth I shall be able to hug all humanity in friendly embrace So let me talk a little bit about Kevin As as John mentioned I’ve been a mental health counselor for a number of years And my work has primarily been with children. I love Children I didn’t think I would ever like to play with little children, but there’s so much fun So this is a story about Kevin. This is not a picture of Kevin This is just a picture of a world war two pilot that I found on the internet But it kind of gives you enough of an image So Kevin’s mother brought Kevin to me Kevin is not his real name. By the way he was four years old and Kevin’s mother was very concerned about him because he was having angry outbursts Especially with family, but it was starting to happen at school, and she was very worried about that She said that she’d always worried about Kevin because he had been born with a hole in his heart and for the first Period of time after his birth he couldn’t be touched Because the touch would stimulate him, and it would cause his heart to beat faster and would cause problems so they couldn’t even touch him and Then at about eight or nine months old he became seriously ill again So here he is at the age of four very angry, and so I’m thinking in my head well You know there’s maybe some attachment stuff going on because couldn’t be held as an infant, and he has a new little brother Maybe it’s sibling stuff Kevin came in and he wanted to play Batman I’m sure you’re all familiar with that man And so I played Batman with Kevin and Kevin would say to me obviously he was Batman And he would get up on the coffee table in my office and he would Jump off the coffee table, which worried me greatly But he would say my wings are leaking oil my wings are leaking oil And he’d jump off into what he said was the water, and he would have me rescue him. I’d have to pick him up and Thank goodness. He was little and carry him to the sofa Which was the hospital and I would have to bind his wounds so that the oil would stop leaking from his wings Well, I thought that was a little straw change, but you know Batman wings I get it So our sessions continue and then Kevin started talking about his hydraulics Not sure how four-year-old knows about hydraulics, but kids are smart these days but he talked about how his hydraulics had fallen off his hydraulics had fallen off into the ocean and Then he made made me we played and pretended. We got in a boat He was driving and he drove very fast in that boat And we had to go out in the ocean and find his hydraulics And we had to get it and put it in our boat and take it back And then he got back up on the coffee table and off he jumps again because his wings are leaking oil and he has to be rescued and bandaged and taken care of and this continues, and it continues and Finally one day Kevin says to me that the oil was leaking leaking from his wings That has hydraulics fell off and that his plane went into the ocean and he named a place I couldn’t understand what he was saying whit my plane went down near somewhere Ronny is what I wrote down. I don’t know if that’s the place or not or if I was even understanding him And I said well, what happened then he said I couldn’t get out. I couldn’t get out I was trapped and I said well that must have been really scary. He said I was really scared and then I died Wow that must have been really scary for you he said yeah, it was he said and that’s why I’m so angry Leave it to children right and I’m like well. You know what this is now. This is today, and you’re Kevin You’re Kevin and you’re with your mommy and your daddy and you’re safe Okay, so would it help if we asked your mom and dad to reassure you periodically that you’re safe now Especially when you start to get angry. He said yeah that might help So that’s I didn’t tell his mom all that story because I didn’t want her to think both me and her kid were crazy But you know I told her enough that he was obviously fee and That he needed reassurance The anger de-escalated, and I quit sink heaven Now is that a story of reincarnation a child remembering. I don’t know I don’t know. I can only tell you what I experienced with Kevin I Will say though that This talk is not a to convince you about reincarnation if you weren’t sure I don’t think you’d be here wanting to find out more But I think it’s always useful to have sort of our belief systems validated which is why I love those quotes there were many many more and The story about Kevin which I think is so real to us Or makes it so real to us The world is just not fair is it I love Calvin and Hobbes, or if you can see it let me make sure it says Calvin saying why can’t I stay up late you guys can it’s not fair and dad says the world isn’t fair Calvin, and he said I know, but why isn’t it ever unfair in my favor and The world is not fair is it the world is not fair especially if we believe you only live once Especially if we believe you only live once We have a child over here. That’s born and raised trying to survive in a war zone and A child over here who lives in comfort safety security why? How many of you guys do Facebook anybody do Facebook in here yeah Yeah, that’s okay not anymore it’s almost impossible to open your Facebook page or go down and not see a picture or a story about some child Who’s desperately ill? How fair is that how fair is it that that child sick and this child’s, okay? It’s not fair And that’s what reincarnation provides for us an understanding of The unfairness that is inherent in this world If I thought this was all there was I Would be railing against whoever set it up Because it makes no sense It makes no sense Reincarnation doesn’t Change the tragedy it doesn’t change the unfairness in the world, but what it does a belief in reincarnation? changes our perspective about the tragedies in the world The unfairness is in the world and that’s where those implications come in for us It doesn’t mean That we quit working for social justice It doesn’t mean we don’t help other people Those are sentences with double negatives Which means that we continue to work for social justice we continue to work to help other people? But our perspective on what’s happening has shifted So there was a family I’m not sure how many children there were three or four or five children. Maybe not five three or four children mom and a dad dad murders mom Dismembers her body Puts it in garbage bags, and then puts it in the back of the van One of the children happen to be awake and see all of this happen Dad then went and got all of the children put him in the van and off they went down the street Onto the highway where he stopped and threw the garbage bags out One child knew what was in the garbage bags the others didn’t? Horrific story, I know So how does reincarnation help us with this? yikes Well if we believe that reincarnation or we reincarnate as part of this spiritual evolution That with each incarnation we learn we grow we expand our consciousness Then clearly in a tragic situation like this Learning is everywhere Learning is everywhere now what that family? learned what they grew from How their consciousness expanded? I don’t know I don’t know I Can conjecture, but that’s all it is Because none of us knows what someone else is going through what someone else is learning But I do know that once I heard this story once I became aware of this family Then it also became part of my life, and I had the opportunity to grow from it to learn from it and to Look at it in a variety of different perspectives Did it push me to fight more strongly to end domestic violence Absolutely Did it push me to work harder? To provide mental health for people who need it absolutely Did it make me have or allow me to develop compassion Empathy for all of the people involved yes, I Was angry with that father who wouldn’t be that’s a horrific thing to do horrific and I was angry that that happened and angry that had happened to the mother and Angry that had happened for those children and angry that that one particular child saw What had happened? But it also gives me the opportunity to have compassion for this Soul. This consciousness who made this awful decision knowing that at some point he Will be held accountable for his actions It gave me an opportunity to learn and That’s what this belief system does for all of us It makes us stop and look You only live once really Look at this dad carrying these children These are Roe hanga Muslims in Myanmar Trying to escape the terrible ethnic cleansing that’s going on right now And this is a little guy Who’s not part of that ethnic cleansing happy not sure where he’s living Happy healthy well fed well closed It makes us stop and think doesn’t it If we believe That we choose the life times. We’re coming into or at least have some say-so in the lifetime that we’re coming into It’s very easy To look at this picture and say well, you know they knew going in that this would happen They knew it would be like this so hmm I Wonder what I’m going to get at the grocery store to cook for supper tonight Or I wonder where my family would go on vacation and just completely ignore that Because I believe this is not their last incarnation. This is not the end of the world for them Although it is the end of the world for them in this lifetime What we take from this is The understanding that we have to continue to work to help our brothers and our sisters across the world and Yet recognize That there is also a perspective That this is not the end in reality only Live once how can that be It’s a gestalt a gestalt We are more than the sum of our parts, that’s what a gestalt is it’s in our perspective It’s in our perspective so when you look at this picture How many of you see a chalice or what would be a chalice okay got half of you how many of you see faces Yeah They’re both there. How many of you can switch back and forth between the chalice and the faces that wonderful. It’s all about perspective This picture is a gestalt. It’s more than the sum of its parts. It’s more than what we just automatically see And you’ve probably seen the picture of the woman right you’ve seen this one before how many of you see the young woman How many of you see the old woman? How many of you can see both? Okay, so anybody have besides me have trouble seeing the old woman okay Actually, I actually labeled it so that I would be able to find it because I always have trouble seeing the old woman I’m not sure what that says about me. I’m sure that somebody could do some sort of whatever Analysis of me so for the for the old woman This is her eye This is her chin her mouth her nose. Do you see her now yeah? It’s all in our perspective isn’t it and? That’s what I’m talking about in terms of reincarnation as well. It’s all in our perspective, okay They’re both true They’re both true This life the tragedies that happen in this life are tragedies That is so true, and we have to work to do something about it all of us in our own way whatever that is But it’s also true that it’s not the end It’s part of the growth period part of the learning part of this process of evolutionary growth of expanding our consciousness I love those pictures According to the Theosophical teachings according to the perennial wisdom spiritual evolution occurs so that through successive incarnations we learn and we grow having every human experience and through these experiences Through this growth we expand our consciousness and through this expansion of consciousness We ultimately recognize the unity of all beings that we are truly one with every other We recognize the need to help others while we also recognize that this life is just one of many Hi My name is Maureen I’m glad that you touched on that paradox because that was I had already had questions as you started talking about the whole soul social justice thing because that was fun this past year but Here I work with a man from Nairobi who grew up and we were talking about compassion and what it meant to be compassionate in a world and That compassion you know my belief is compassion is you’re not changing their lives you’re living their lives with them And he said you know that’s true most Americans Don’t think that way, and then he talked about how he grew up in a village in Nairobi And he would go to school. He walked several miles to school with no shoes on his feet and when he came home He was running he was so happy he would just run and Happiness they didn’t have much they lived in a hut and then people came in and said you are poor and changed their perspectives So as you talk about reincarnation, and we needed it, but we’re learning and we have to go through all these experiences in Order to learn, but then you on the other hand we’re talking about this paradoxical Conundrum I guess of no. We have to go change everything how do you? You question that in your head, and what was your answer to yourself when you did that? So sorry about the lengthy. I just like emphasis it with my story Can I get that and yes, I have I have actually thought of that and as I mentioned at the beginning I don’t have any answers Sorry I start off with that on purpose because inevitably somebody wants an answer But you know I mean, it is a paradox, but but aren’t the most important questions in life paradox paradoxical, they really are and so Working for social justice doesn’t mean going to somebody’s village and saying hey you guys are poor and Changing their world no Social justice is about saying hey domestic violence is not okay. How are we going to educate people to know that this is not okay? Is it okay if a child is starving no? It’s not It’s almost like we just sit here and instead of observing the universe and learning from it we’re trying to change the universe and You know what makes us think I’m sorry And I would agree with you, I don’t think there is an answer, but I know that personally for myself I Think what she said just in case if I didn’t say that here that she laughed and so I’m gonna quit coming here because he Took the microphone away what I think you know I think one of the things is is that we each have to answer that question for ourselves and for me I Didn’t go to school all those years to eat my lunch Just to eat my lunch. No I’m teasing you For me for me I cannot sit still and not do something to correct a social injustice I’m going to work for it, but what I’m not going to do Hopefully is be attached to the outcome because I have no control over the outcome okay, I have no control over that outcome my I personally feel like I have to do is to work to write the ills of the world to the best of my ability Okay, because that’s what I need to do but not have expectations about how that’s going to turn out in the long run because know If one person or even a group of people could go and make the world perfect when we do that today right now absolutely But we can’t so There are a couple of questions from people watching through the internet The first one is I am a firm believer in Reincarnation, but how do I keep my past life from infringing on this life? I? will say that We are this from my perspective because that’s the only thing I can talk for us speak from From my perspective. I am the sum of Everybody and everything and that I’ve experienced from Whenever from when I was that little tiny bud, okay, so it’s Infringing might not be the word that I would use But it’s a part of who I am It is a part of who I am I think that there are some people who remember their past lives or who have pushed to remember past lives and that kind of Impacts them, so I’m not sure if that’s if that’s what this individual is talking about, but if so focusing on today focusing on this life and saying That’s past I’ve done that now I’m here I Bet really probably the only way I can answer that given that kind of information and one other question How can I benefit from the lessons which I have learned in in this? reincarnation if I cannot remember those lessons in my future incarnations Well, you know and that’s a good question. I think people do wonder that when we really learn something It’s just there for us it if I asked you to Give us to say the alphabet you could probably all recite the alphabet without thinking about it couldn’t you? Well if I learned something in a previous incarnation? If I really learned it Then it’s a part of who I am It’s like the ABCs. I just it’s just there It’s a part of who I am so I don’t have to remember from life to life in fact We’re encouraged in a lot of literature not to try to remember our past lives in the art It said that the reason that we don’t Really remember them for the most part is because it interferes with what we’re working on right now So we just work on what’s in front of us One step one day at a time. We just keep going learning and growing expanding, and it will be a part of us Hi, I think that well. Thank you for everything so far it has been very helpful But a comment. I think it’s a segue to both the prior things is actually if you look at the work of Brian Weiss That you know and that question from the internet about the past and fringing on the present I mean, I you know I fell into this through Jim Tucker too and reading him his things. I’m a pediatrician so I was intrigued and of course did not as much as I would have liked you know strong Christian all that but I Mean I’ve gone a whole different route since then and it’s still ties into my faith greatly But I guess the question. I mean a part of the answer. I think is what he says – It’s in what you said that people you know try not to let the past may be infringed well a lot of people’s past infringes – To make this life sometimes not tolerable or very difficult Or there’s a lot of stumbling blocks and what I’ve read through – Brian Weiss is that? especially in the area of phobias He really helps people release some of that by tapping into their past lives so that then they then can move on in this life Without having the burden of some of those tough things you know dying in your Kevin’s case You know – I mean, maybe letting go of some of that So I don’t know where all that ties into all this. I think it’s fascinating and I’m glad people are you know like Brian? Why is like Jim Tucker or like Ian Stevenson? I’m glad that there’s people out there working on that that’s right There are a lot of people out there working and continued study continued reading continued research, so that we can all come to our own Understanding, and I think one of the things about being on the spiritual path is learning to live Sometimes without it an answer Sometimes we have to live in uncertainty There’s a really good movie. I came out the earlier in the earth I think it’s called a dog’s life, and it takes you to like five or six lives of a dog being car needed so that was pretty But I heard a theory that you know like seven is seven billion people in the world But I heard a theory that we tried souls travel in groups It’s like you know that it’s like we’re not doing all seven billion. There’s maybe 20 But have you heard that that yeah, I have I mean like like you and like many of you I’ve read a number of different Theories different ideas different perspectives I Love the work of Brian Weiss. I love the work of Jim Tucker and Ian Stevenson. It’s fascinating to me And yes, I I have heard that I’ve often wondered if my family, and I aren’t one of those groups that kind of travel together Because we are so close. I don’t know as a mental health practitioner. I could say enmeshed, so you know where’s the difference there? I don’t know. How are we a group that travels together? Are we just you know? Psychologically a meshed. I don’t know But again those, are you know those are things to think about, but I think for me it’s really that that whole component of continued study continued research and Feeling what’s right for us, and I have to tell you that what is? What is right for me? What feels right to me? Now is not actually what felt right to me when I was 20 and Hopefully will not feel right to me when I’m 80 Hopefully I will continue you to study and to learn and to grow and have different ideas But along with that is that willingness to be in a place of uncertainty and say hmm. I don’t really get this But I’m going to keep going Whenever I hear Reincarnation talked about there’s always the idea that we’ve had past lives, but with population growth is it possible that people are that you meet or you’re meeting people and interacting with people that it’s their first incarnation you Know I don’t know the answer to that I’ve certainly read that that is an accurate statement. I’ve also read that Because we are coming to a time of in the spiritual evolution of humanity as a whole That there are many souls that are trying to be incarnated right now to do what they need to do to be able to keep keep going So I’m going to tell you a story and I’m going to read it because I don’t want to miss any of the pieces to it and some of you have probably heard this And so I apologize for the repetition But I think it’s worth hearing again because every time I hear it every time I read it I learned something new it’s called the egg by Andy weir You were on your way home when you died It was a car accident nothing particularly remarkable but fatal nonetheless He left behind a wife and two children it was a painless death the EMTs tried their best to save you but to no avail Your body was so utterly shattered you were better off trust me And that’s when you met me What what what happened to me you asked where am I? You died I said matter-of-factly no point in mincing words There was a truck and it was skidding Yep, I said I I died Yep, but don’t feel bad about it. Everybody dies I said You looked around there was nothing Nastase you asked is this the afterlife More or less. I said, are you God you asked? Yep. I’m God My kids my my wife you said well, what about them? Will they be all right? That’s what I like to see I said you just died and your main concern is for your family. That’s good stuff right there You looked at me with fascination to you. I didn’t look like God I just look like some man or possibly a woman some vague authority figure Maybe more of a Grammar School teacher than the Almighty Don’t worry. I said they’ll be fine Your kids will remember you as perfect in every way. They didn’t have time to grow contempt for you Your wife will cry on the outside, but be secretly relieved To be fair your marriage was falling apart if it’s any consolation. She’ll feel very guilty for feeling relieved oh So what happens now do I go to heaven or hell or something? Neither I said, you’ll be reincarnated oh So the Hindus were right you said All religions are right in their own way. I said walk with me You followed along as we strode through the void. Where are we going? Nowhere in particular. It’s just nice to walk while we talk So what’s the point then you asked when I get reborn? I’ll just be a blank slate right a baby so all my experiences and everything I did in this life won’t matter I’m not so I said you have within you all the knowledge and experiences of all your past lives you just don’t remember them right now I Stopped walking and took you by the shoulders Your soul is more magnificent beautiful and gigantic than you can possibly imagine a Human mind can only contain a tiny fraction of what you are It’s like sticking your finger in a glass of water to see if it’s hot or cold You put a tiny part of yourself into the vessel and when you bring it back out You’ve gained all the experiences it had You’ve been in a human for the past 48 years So you haven’t stretched out yet and felt the rest of your immense consciousness If we hung out here for long enough, you’d start remembering everything But there’s no point to doing that between each life How many times have I been reincarnated then Oh Lots lots and lots and in lots of luck and in lots of different lives this time around you’ll be a Chinese peasant girl in 540 ad What? You’re sending me back in time Well, I guess technically I mean time is you know it only exists in your universe things are different where I come from? Where you come from you said oh Sure, I come from somewhere somewhere else and there are others like me I know you’ll want to know what it’s like there, but honestly you wouldn’t understand oh You said feeling a little let down But wait if I get reincarnated to other places in time I could have interacted with myself at some point sure happens all the time and With both lives only aware of their own lifespan. You don’t even know it’s happening So what’s the point of it all? Seriously I asked Seriously, you’re asking me for the meaning of life in that a little stereotypical What’s a reasonable question you persisted I? Looked you in the eye the meaning of life The reason I made this whole universe is for you to mature You mean mankind you want us to mature no just you I made this whole universe for you With each new life, you grow and mature and become a larger and greater intellect Just me, what about everybody else There is no one else in this universe. There’s just you and me you Stared blankly at me But all the people on earth all you different incarnations of you Wait I’m everyone Now you’re getting it. I’m every human being who ever lived or Will ever live yes I’m Abraham Lincoln Yes, and you’re John Wilkes Booth – I added I’m Hitler you said appalled yes, and you’re the millions he killed I’m Jesus I Near everyone who follows him You fell silent Every time you victimized someone you were victimizing yourself Every act of kindness you’ve done. You’ve done to yourself Every happy and sad moment ever experienced by any human was or will be experienced by you You thought for a long time Why? Why do all this? Because someday you will become like me Because that’s what you are you’re one of my kind you’re my child Whoa I mean I’m a god No, not yet. You’re a fetus You’re still growing Once you’ve lived every human life throughout all time. You will have grown enough to be born So the whole universe it’s just an egg I Answered now. It’s time for you to move on to your next life, and I sent you on your way a Short story by Andy weir I think well it you know I’m not saying that it’s the truth But I think it sort of puts some things into perspective for us doesn’t it about reincarnation and about why we’re here and about the one unity The one unity which is really at the base and the core of absolutely everything That we are all one And every time we’re kind to someone We’re kind to ourselves and every time we victimize someone intentionally or not it is again ourselves Because we are one You must have read my mind, it was probably a quick read, but it was a comment and trying to explain to people I’ve always said that we’re drops in the same glass drops of water, and what affects the top drop and recently I’ve read in Thought that it’s more appropriate to say We’re not a drop in the ocean. We are the ocean and I just wanted to make that comment, but Moving on I wanted to also say that in regards to maybe something in Feeding you in this present life What you resist persists I Always had problems wearing a collar very tight collar. Well I Couldn’t be a businessman. I am in the trades, and then it Was made aware to me that I was possibly hanged in a previous life. I Have no problems with collars anymore Okay, there. You go, and you probably were we probably all were at some point Scary thought but probably true. Yes, ma’am. Oh, John’s behind you sorry I’m gonna piggyback on that. I’m a medium and intuitive and a psychic and For the past five years, I’ve been gifted now with picking up past lives on people and it happens when they need it if they come in for a reading and Something comes up from their past life. It’s because They had a trauma in the past life. That’s affecting them in this life. It could be a fear of driving over a bridge Finding out that that person was a greaser in her previous life and was racing and ended up going off a cliff So it does it does affect you in this life, but it is absolutely amazing. Thank you. Thank you for sharing that What would need to transpire in the world for more understanding and acceptance of the reincarnation perspective That’s a really good question if I had the answer to that I would put it in a bottle and sell it You know I think the fact that we’re here the fact that we’re talking about it Increases the knowledge. I think the more willing we are to talk about our beliefs to not push them down I Kind of regret, I don’t regret much in this life because I try to take everything and learn from it, but I Wish that probably I had been more outspoken about my beliefs in reincarnation My belief system as a whole Because in retrospect, so what if they thought I was crazy You know so what? so I think talking about it sharing it is one of the ways to to get that out there I Love your jacket by the way my sister has one just like it. Yes. I think too validating with children Some of my grandchildren came in remember clearly remembering past lives and rather than telling them. It was a dream You know like you might tend to do just explaining in simple terms What reincarnation is and that very likely that is which are remembering and then they have that little seed? However far they decide to take it, but I think validating it instead of dismissing it is really important I love that yes absolutely validating validating the statements because how do we know how do we know I love that I? Guess something will be very helpful for me Just gin it’s a very Christian community here, and I mean I consider myself a strong Christian And I guess how it’s not always safe So when you say to bring it up? I’m not sure I have to think about why would I bring it up because? I know I’m not going to change somebody necessarily understand social justice I’m totally with you on that one But I think this issue of bringing up my reading. You know it’s a new thing for me I mean I’ve always from the Christian perspective believe it, but it’s a little different twist now I mean I go to a church and actually it feels much more alive now that I understood you have this others understanding But I guess I would like to hear what you have to say about in a very perhaps non tolerant Christian community how How do you diplomatically or? share that I mean it and I Don’t know it. Yes. Yes, and that’s how I grew up in a very traditional Small community where it was really unsafe To share beliefs. I’m and and when I share my beliefs. It’s not in order to convince someone else that I’m right I Mean I may think I’m right, but I don’t know that for sure I Don’t know what is true and what’s not true? but I think that there will be times for all of us when the opportunity will arise and So we can share what is appropriate in that setting to the degree that it’s appropriate so with someone Like Andy I can’t think off the top of my head of an example of that But you’ll know if if the time is right, but just to go out and share it no I probably wouldn’t and because it would only upset people and offend people and Then when the time if there ever did come a time when you could Share it sort of just where it just sort of grows and becomes appropriate to share Then they wouldn’t be there to listen so being cautious about that I think So I that’s really not an answer for you but I think that’s probably what I personally would do is just wait until that opportunity came and Then it would just be based with I statements I believe you know it’s my perspective So when you say are you looking for people to Share this insight with and to kind of learn and grow in it is that why you are asking the question Are you asking the question because you’re looking for people to grow with in that and talk to about because you’ve you’ve You’ve been encountered with this so my mom was at the Oz there is I shouldn’t say was yet But she always said that when people are ready that the Philosophies and the ideals of theosophy will come to them and if they’re not ready They’re not it might. They’ll ignore it so if you’ve had lifetimes with it So there are people there, and when you’re ready and they’re ready they’ll enter your world But I guess the thing I’m asking is is why do you feel like you need to do that you know to share so just I don’t need the answer. I really don’t care about the answer, but Wait wait wait wait wait for John wait for the I’m catching on John I may not know the procedure, but I’m catching on with the microphone So I guess one thing I’ll have to say that the quote about what you told me is when the student is ready the teacher appears so to speak good, so I right so I guess the bigger question for me is I have five children and so You know one of my daughters? Commented to someone who helps me every now and then mom believes in reincarnation she She does so that’s not in the Bible you know and and so And I really love this person that she said it too, but I have to say all my neighbors I am sure would have that same response, so I’m okay to face the fire I’m a big girl, and I I’m a good person a nice You know believe what I believe and I think it’s good and healthy and it’s become a it’s been a long journey but my children it can be They may not be invited perhaps at some points Or you know even this wonderful person that I love who said that to my daughter. You know I Just don’t want them to pay for my belief so to speak that you know I rode away tell them Oh, you know. This is what I believe and I think it’s healthy and good and Just keep it, and you know I wouldn’t talk about this with your friends Yeah, say well. It’s it’s so it’s so interesting you know That yeah, it’s tough, I was Daniel did you were you yes, okay, so while it’s headed back to Daniel. I’ll just say that my son Who’s raised in the Theosophical family goes to a very traditional church if you’re listening son? I’m talking about you again And so one day we were talking about his church And I said do they think do they think I’m going to hell you know for my beliefs, and he said yeah They probably would but I don’t and I said good. I don’t either So yeah, it’s it’s a challenge. You know and so my son I’m not sure what really he believes because I don’t you know he’s he’s an adult I don’t ask that, but he knows what I believe for sure and so It can be it can be tough at times I’d like to share something I heard about reincarnation that kind of made sense and is kind of funny to me I don’t know from what tradition this comes, but they say if You commit suicide You’re immediately reincarnated. It’s like you don’t get out that easily, so I just thought that was kind of funny Yeah, and there’s a lot of discussion about what happens with that and I’m not going to start that discussion because I know we’ll run out of time, but I would encourage people to To Veronica you and to say something okay, I’m sorry Veronica kind of stretches, so I’m going to make sure she was Asking a question not stretching, but that you know that’s an important topic to do some research about Yeah, I just wanted to comment about sharing. There’s some practices that we have Back at home in California that maybe aren’t recognized or acknowledged Or accepted in other communities, and so what thing I what I’ve learned is is really looking at discernment You know what is the point of sharing in and also thinking of myself as an interpreter? Messenger so do I have to use the word? Reincarnation right so there’s certain ideas that I’d like to share with people But I won’t share them in the words that I learned him and I try to Translate it for that person in their paradigm, so how very wise I think Veronica should be our next speaker I? Was thinking the same thing along those lines it’s like This presentation could have started with that yes it could have cut you could have approached a much wider group of people mm-hmm with different backgrounds because That unity of life is a common thread through various religions if you build on the unity of life and you build on an afterlife type of thing the Progression towards saying a learning process that allows for this reincarnation isn’t such a big stretch Yes, thank you and to me The only the only thing that I I have to Struggle with a little bit is the ego, but what you described was the divine spirit? Which can be all of us learning over and over so that’s fine with me? Thank you I’m trying to avoid these question things yeah, I won’t ask you a question. Thank you. Thank you. I just wanted to share something I gave a talk I think it was on it was on Karma, but you know karma and reincarnation are so connected to each other and When I was preparing the talk I was pondering this whole question of reincarnation and Looking out my window and for me. It’s very difficult to not believe in reincarnation not because I’m a Theosophist from through-and-through because like Barbra. I’m a fourth generation. It just runs on the blood but because if you look at nature a tree comes from another tree You know if we believe that the divinity lives in everything if it surrounds everything and it’s in us then it would be a natural process that no different than like a tree that decays and becomes fertilizer and Helps another tree grow And helps everything else grow why not us Exactly. Why are we any different from nature because we’re part of nature So I just wanted to share that because that thought always ran through my head, and and it just confirmed for me that It’s impossible not for me for me not to believe in reincarnation And the last question I Have one question here, and then another one Isn’t reincarnation sort of like being in a school of lives? That’s a beautiful analogy, yes, that is rhetorical so I that’s that’s a comment. That’s a comment. Thank you for that comment Hi there my name is Cindy bill, and thank you very much for your talk. I really appreciated it the work I you know and you brought up social justice and it’s used to be a theme and one of the attractions I have to this place is Is social justice? the work I do is in social work I Don’t know how I was led down this path of working in crisis intervention post acute trauma domestic violence sexual assault Seeing the things that we see in this work and How as a group with cohorts at the end of the day? We can still have hope and and how is it that with our our clients our you know? Our patients our victims that are now survivors, and hopefully thrivers You know how can we instill that hope you know that unity that? You know yes this horrible thing has happened to you, but on the other end You know there there is Something good. Yeah, so you know You know and you’ve had those days in in practice where the next day It’s hard to push the reset button and we get all you know Unconditional positive regard about our work. You know to do over and in some days it is just to do over and I Praise your work here. I praise the work of the Theosophical society and in what they’re trying to do to maybe make that balance and Some of the in justices that are out there and maybe maybe you know this organization and the work of others you know can maybe tilt that balance you know you know the the karma Dharma, you know the end the yang the balance a Restoration of balance harm you harmony, thank you. Thank you I was gonna say are you impressed that I could talk about reincarnation for so long and never once mentioned karma It was not easy That’s another another talk for another time John keeps emailing me and saying will you talk so I have to save something for later? So thank you so much you very kind to me And I really appreciate that and I just encourage all of us just to keep keep searching keep going Well, we’re all in this together Thank you You

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