August 25, 2019 – 11:00 a.m. Worship Service

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and if they found if 1/2 and
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if, if and if if if if times,
isn’t as easy as it said it was
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field, a U.S. Davis love the game I
always thought I was a silvers was the victim rights
isn’t the only evidence of forced into the one
who are these Fellows are both
men are outside 44 and although the rate of one cell of structure of the hill climbing us all the more
than he said he was all its forms, from one to
studying for centering us he
came from entering a man was in the sense that the latest CD set date, it’s easy to last in the
Saints’ day, and the 55 visit to his office, and they
fit with us last year at this decade
of the last day of the top 10:00 AM to 1008 of these of this earth of this
mess as many as 28 of these as
these are heady laws may not face as
the many as 8000 to 70% of the fantasy year’s results on a third message to stop for French will reach
one file be fine for the rest of
the chairs of the house down for the month of june
shoulders. Use race as things
are going to be asked to assist
in which the following words which is worth
three point of fact, some kind of
their incomes for more difficult
to write once it’s just a fact of the chance
to win free shops are not fall into the
next best thing to say this is
all things must go to jail cells
were getting the school just so mistakes of the preseason to be thinking of you to stay in food is the one for you for who are very one of the same as those songs for
its many sad and I know a lot had a had I have a , you and I had , II had half a cough cough and you have a IUI a M and that said they had at U law if I had a I- S. Kaufman a law say you are, are you only a a a a I had had had you a you know why I had a loss in office had a cough and law have in my hand in a I know that, I have they had lost a law office had a a U law you, I you in and they have that, I have they had lost in the often sat in a similar to the pope one of Brown’s is the one involving a bit work while the value of the
state of the buildings event of
a building right now they have
as many as eight and that some
pl may have a long time for one way things are things we were back west one bank has ~ always away without
masterminding back of what one times for one
of Young’s, is it fair for the walls of the top of the free for 41 word about Mac is your thing
the ones that have been run many
main the main one is oh is it was one of the best use of 14
or are in for the deaf , if if I had a tough call us if you
fall off if me know if you have a law
that if they paid, and a half a file and pay if they if you have said if this was no
listing of them have a tough and if they if
the if you have a lot of a flat, so I have a phone call off the law if they
have happened often said that as many
about half as that they had a payoff -long life I if long-lost them
off if that he has in mind that
was sold for as many of these
titles, said, if you made this a
sa and find out if a film off a
falloff law-law, if they if he had been said and what if
you have a decent and they said I
thought, if I if I if, if law
and lost them off to a half and half of that
law-and-loss-and-off of and
behind-the-hood had found a long
day of a fivefold and-hold half
and half are bad-hair and La-La-Z, R-me
if you have and they lost
half-and-found one-stop-and-so I
had a law-and-older -and-hold off and on and off
Adolf-and-law had lost -a-called if you call
that-and-a-half and had fallen
off and log: they now have safe
and sane, off hand, if and if these as if found, if the if-if-you-so
and-a-half and half and
half-owned phones and if you have long and there are a
bit long and after the game,
even though, and-goal -and-half off: if law-and-half and half
and if his off-hand glove at
least if that happened-of-life
and 1/2-law and I am, and, if
all they caught a law -why is used a 41 1111 819 these kinds of wounds, as the compound, one of
those plans make of all these other honor of
time in every way the dollar
down payment of the bulk of the
common for you until you we are his job when he was the
year was just a guess, here’s one you
because he has not been happy to go through the content of the file becomes you think you
raise more time you install to you
getting more into you down all
the things you down for the one, Howard bowman, the amount was not in one of the
game, the one that you want to
invest heroes. I know we find
your bet you have given us to
raise do 9110899117 era, and the morning
of that year, one count of lying
about all I have since the 1980s
as a result of homes to the do we all just ripping us down all
I can tell from his post until
yet one of the bank in the way
back in, as you about the year
we we buy you out that we all,
you’ll be out nothing down what
we find 181 RBI all about was
the time but you can’t have one
thing the lawmaking county you have
not seen down 1 to 1 as the
upper back, you can’t even
remember a file not have a home,
80 love me you want
your best idea is always the one
morning to decide that you are a
lot has happened is one of t a one-bath and the fact of the
times that of ATMs them by the
state of Nevada, one of the year
by a hostile act to the delight
o what he has no one in the wind
and without U.N. plan, as now
and then a Montes a smaller
stocks, bonds of great 1988, the
colleg , and household income be here,
but we have not seen one time to
time, he has not those lands and
I seldom the prom about the li the way has undone will be a
wise not to die in combat the
growing up, these problems by
the end of the ways and I don’t
I know am of the happen to live with
the sole content-and-bass and
I’m not happy about that one of
the-wind and name of Jesus
columbine is always a title that kind of
deal, was not happy about the
wayside that he and I was
signed-off, is that kind of us
I-a-ha-ha, GM of ms DOS, is now close, as
the right way down-home
Mac-as-a-out-of-the blast, and I
must have a
high-season-and-a-half of us fifth amendment was moved this was meant to one Benz is in this time things to all the rows for real one the one he was the one from day from both in which he meant this is both for the day is in this case of bad for a new man was one of which may be a bad loans if there’s this was a lot of bad stuff of which is which is always fun is a way, just one is over one you know you want to raise their back to more than the one thing
which in those of these are his which means the
way things are most you still are one thing for one thing war to the ones you are 1 to 1 in the day of the crime to one on one 11 one is also the one church for the one fifth was we want our churches to one
of his peers three of the way we can one of the four months ago to more any of the things windows is not
owned by vivendi and as the nine beach was just our account is with
dentistry or women’s ministry of
his peers was three years yours
free September as than a
business for year by the structure is James
Arthur. All are a bit more patient is an injury
are heroes carriage was in our
entire run Maurice the advanced
is that $4.00 and comes into the a member of the signers are.
It’s true story is signed an
injured finger was taken to the star system remains to be able
to count is only it was
September Sun of you one thing we go in the kitchen for presenting the ms and the
DC-city of residence and is a
rainbow be the last lap of the
senses the station is * a 1969
to 87 seas as you have to face the music
scene of nonsense economy in the
face of what you’re seeing is
all about these lands and asking
me evacuees in the 6000 houses and
offices and has since been in
savings and as an investor or a
little off and we’ll be having a
w if this if teams that if this is
as if they have
and-a-Z-and-olds, has happened
and things and w as S and 1/2-day his head and
said that they have installed
as-is-half as the land they’ve
done it without trial as what
happene and if safe and 1/2-life-and-out
house that has been a house-life
as a head of a-half and half of
them have been an easy-listeni as half as if they half his life
and has happened: as you and
said if SFAS 1/2-moons and 1/2 and half and
half-a-half, but he said that -if if if if if you have even if
the off-and-if-if-if-if-if-if- half-life-and-a-half as if
this-is that if I can’t-and-a- half-a-half-and-a-half and
half-a-half-life, and 1/2-life
and if enough to have a-pound
and pound if you have had one of the car
is one of 211 one of the sites is the same an
often-celebrated have placed 15th to the dollar
stood to us all into close the scholarship always these celebrating a file was sentenced
to six 103 to tell us this morning use is celebrated in the morning
sun because there are member mines
is where we come from within a week for a man is a man
of few low HRS break points one years to come back to them to
show into the oft 15th saint and get back to the Monroe
Martin price for women and if beta cases server fires were on
a wince there was this time of
service office in the end of a
nine left of a as a silver more of the EU is the time as a sophomore
are twisted church, vs. 15th at the women of those
troops pairings are history a
man was a man of few investors
on first call good teachers say thank you to
you all for the contributions as you would
see the wall is drawing of just one more show the war and is not the year we accentuate the debris the use
of the first thing we will separate in reaction to
leave, or sending from 11:50 in
the west distribution
distribution of bonds to be a
four party u doubt I will say is the war were at a time that’s where the remember that I am you could find no one here we are church where the more mandates us to go
goals for more calls and maybe the last
minute stay more than we are just read the back of parts of
the ball bid by the year that
all by the house of the stock price
fell back of the 64115 85 is one of his views are the
apple of the braves show there
are all on ceo ranging from
$20.00 a year bear about shoot the ball came
from various over by installing
trading 01 always a rollback
rights in the roll back to original
sale price and a lot less than we wanted
messages from the one we call it
cover charge to fashion by is a
star of giving are truly charges on the outside
is the week investors supplements was
four for 1:00 PM to the U.S.
forces would go with billing
cycle works with many use of
force to d so the process is not actually
into devout research parts of the four can be done to
12 grades to the schools by
bringing the will to use the
Walter looking for two years.
Actors w AM as we will give a directive
so well we wonder how we would
do is not become the Boeing,
something that is the same time, the body is the sum
of one nation to the buildings to you as Walsh of
course, by virtue of his first
come first serve its only one
that is well also again, so it will buy cases
there is a sign that will follow
up the spill people to go into
the kitchen was it because we
ever w , what’s your point cents from
armor all’s one child and the
tobacco sales in is so would ban the sale Watson
$1.00 and most areas all
confidence fell back to the side
of it, so the case AM until the
same o because the way man so please
want children all the running,
just as we only one of the car
in a also the announcement by goals
and maybe interest to want more,
as we will of the date of
September we have anybody to go
back t we have a lease the people that
are currently go, we have sophistication are over there
were crawling computer CDs, many
great deals with the airlines of
interest involved with us to a m as we go back to celebrate, I
know some people say why when he told us were in your
home with the same owns cable act plays in doubt be
happy , cassettes and I knew I know some spirits up a
couple of the season by the
Stasi I write your voice to be,
the inside one you get something in that I have reached the pole vault
reaches of 4.3 points so that we
hear or until the part that
celebrates goals and our caller
is fi looking into the trap tasting
parents of case right now we’re
fixing is so we all the same play sold
with honor, part of their life , the people interested in a
time to come to find some of the last
of a man also has the ball up with the
own goods servants for the
times, as does the last call for
the last several days he always
is the all doubtful woods Dr. Kenneth
Starr was the chief in charge of
request was made to start the
week to have all customers began
t to go up as follows as thing for Winstar’s well in the state,
please call up as did you go Dole say all safe bets best Nazis for week as the
saying goes with the goal and an
attendance would become the
first one and start talking and
you star data about the thick of the year we goals we will miss you have the same we at least one was the last few
people are busy data file our
system is a gem of a cell death
of family time divest are that
th the send us the voters will be
solved, the building is the
bee’s of the contest in the
event, just summarize soul tell
us how fa will eventually serve candidates
were stuck to play for the event
is somebody strides in the body
at one of the moments after you can send
us a lift this is a veritable state
police in a pile of 30 points
were sold the laptops, so we
want to go into the system as
well to get back inside the Foley was
here is for the church want to
know which player in the Wichita Creswell wildly
out of our best and the best
show with dow has been good to decide whether he’s playing for
the suspect, is back to play for the
event left in the best you’re
not about to disaffected by the claims about two women to do
the rest are run also charged reduces crime are
simply been three Serbian part
of the ITU members interest are
we learn was for all we want to
be this at the moment for clout
with all of very well past the
dns falls for youth, is charged
from industry in using a string
of o you will be celebrating his
first year pastor of anniversary
a form for Soviet not doing a
bang, though, the seat roadster
show also tells them they would still we’ve been discussing vistas of
the church one older songs that
have goals in the median income
can tell bill that would block, width of the state’s best job
I’ve talked to the people in
charge of the city breaks to the set
with guns and some are you intending to worship style,
speed Internet Service for a
window Wells and people of other
times not be there but a call to
t cause extensive and the church does something Paul says we can
do but even if the schools
without Intel’s then crossed the
binding cannot stay with seventies that when you are
the stats star DB, a busy about our your lights for solace from a
debilitating pass of the day
that the holes of the people
from outside his four but also not only the fact it’s
become a busy by DB, the server and one of the
serve as a tough loss of a
personality player is a lack of the bible says of
the systems and I have a place
for people to the stem is called the altar we have to allow what we must do
to eliminate says of the church
would stop being a part of
System Works because all Stephen
roa day of your want to stay back
Delon standing shoulder the
state is the best of all races effect
where hello, all the while the
team’s MSN about the next
generation salsa that come to
within a she wants the claim best of all saints you must uninstall the sum for working as a 20 by courtroom for
any hillside was always be
announced at the wiz of this as
a wise and sat down so in the former standouts were so
we passed, we have bible study
so that a caller hear one, send
us what you want to still
doesn’t of what about some of the sale is advising the talk about the
height of its aim of the story
building, as all the whole of
the pluses and so will all find
out soak up to three other with the
game at a map buses were sold by started
out as if the halftime in matter
so nice to form a solid doors standings or uniform a man
sistemas stock might be best if we were
grateful for what the debate to
sell sent to the left engine in
willow continue to climb as the
A’s rat give us were also a man can you have a happy if they had a tough time
if if you had a good law as Aliyev, and if I had
found that if that pays off if I had enough cough if they and 1/2 -off as off and log if I had a hand-held off a staff of life
that said if I had thought that
if you cough cough up by an off -off is off if they have, if
called you a lot of off-the-art
of us off that they hold a lead
they cough cough and coffee is often called if you thought you had a life if you if
coffee and that if they had a law NFL and 1/2 and half-staff, and if you would
if a lot of, and if the long
island, but homes and the second
and now, if you a high-end, if
yo they found blood, and they have
said they had said that paid the
state had a handful that, but, beyond
that, but not if, if they had called off, and they often called and, and if
you have a fall and, if you have
of the call and found that half
of the-off, the hands of a
top-se this, and they can’t find I thought, if you and I thought I had the house and I called up in the end of a woman in the children of his
best to use charges for women in the game, one of the new one who fights for is for one is for her
words used for the first time of year share those things are grateful for the swells are the
fonts preaching to solve shop just want to reach a real worth one match with us from from the
masters table to refuse to one for the behest of the new season before the next few months for his work for firms sold this rest of the one fundamental words of one of the taste one he says will last one to receive your memory ship because of a string of one of
the because you read the one man
also thinks the which amassed one few which
would be to o’clock show aboard john chapter two of the first one to the state to
two 1st is the one with one of the wants to please
respect to the work of the same time was just a live shot by starting with a 40 dollar spent on the one most accounts to the ovaries
to respect the word one in the brains of its operating system or is
one of fish for the sale of crime, least of
which are to the more disturbing of the belly of a low crime stoppers five points Joe numbers the one day to serve you buy back its were saying
their own worst downside for funds to be with
them for states to halt the facts to one man file salvation from the more the word dollars for its ranks you will in Disney shares humorous and into play with me is to bring a few
more of the 49 the bronco is the moment as I can preseason win so we will sizzle
miles is he would fill the priestess of topping man on the world name all the more in all the way as we train store was charming we don’t try to run away the from the chapter one tells its way he receives instructions from the more telling you to go
in there in the house to its citizens
there was preparing to charge
the city based appointments with
members dissented, we goes to capitol
sailing with Seattle plastics of
things we need the brawl control
while under the people of Israel decided to buy more pressing in all because they’re more
control not sell the building doubts
flames of it was not passable
but it was a means of getting
the people that want to repeat
its enti Jim van Sweden in today’s
believer any of the burning what is the proper sign to you
to make your Time &Rental is the province a few minutes
one time from Joe wootten white
is a believer master by Mabel
Solomon said it best thing runs
to the setting was said about
people are called upon being cell phone: sales and playing
and said the place and time is
up there with the ways they have lost and formatted and
wealth of the fsa said he hauls
daylight evolves of godsend was doubts as
to believe that god was acting
of love for the he had reveals that average
message to the people because he hadn’t
been a profile of table because all in the process is even in
today’s world is in mind all
income people that are, so the
whole pile of expected to maintain they are willing to help out with his
first use of the stop because no
one else to get a personal
problem with not as convenient
arrests and sometimes we get called
about household is about five
lines that we did was sold out
on a gold award: of the house of the today as all
his mind one because some people
don’t understand the role of
doubt to be sold races in 1982
book to balls back, as is all of them can justify something here Donato prices the year to call seat ago about the
direction nor sizzle of all prices
behaviors that are not for so that you cannot just the
right to end the task all right used all right if the tales of all of us to let but without 10 witness the fact
that women started some trouble
is the Salton ago after you
would like the ball right you what happened
back then was called about the
best of all is right now you and he has since western
U.S., things about because what
the state is not running when
selecting a man does not even
tapped [email protected] because we have blacks
all of that is because of what’s
out ISI, we lost at home plate
and to lock-out is a fact it may if you show them we all have
some Joan Collins is somebody
went back, not because you are
around the author of the impasse of
gains in the fact that we need
to understand, is blackening it
down and outlook was partisan
stop u the point of all things not to
because last as you are wrong
and the U.S. ally rolls is then
ran into a bowl of violence and
not form laser designator we need to share in
the sense of momentum Enron west
is Jonathan Joseph of Jews as
prices fell in its current
situati are going to make the aborted
down his call for bids real
situation so there was no formal chapter
one says Baltimore sent out a
great way into the sea the
prices to stop the bulk of
situations to consciousness that the pace is
one of the public that god does
want to go all out how they can
still in control and some people don’t know when
to place because you think the
head of the best brains of
doubts that the plan because not
desig not contest the black sea bed
with the same as you will find a
25 visit with all of the old
days of taxes be back today
because and have nots in fact, as you
sow doubts everyone saw some
because not all around us that
some people, even when you put
that ha you all seven stanzas of a sound
a little rough mail that is so she is as prices to sell until
current situation when west as he calls as you can
be picked out to be pink or
white pants out one burst after
the market will prevail before
we g what’s the point our existence
to sell some of the 70 to
activate and all of the upset
because of people in the process
is that have a five- hole in your pet, to be tactile
because there was a special
covering that was a party
because and because of doubts
you become t of all became evident no trouble
makers in the body of which contributes
a battle of the end of the moment about this may
not get some people signed up as
a rather have always been signed for high-wattage-house in fact
household-old hold the happened
and happen when Joe
Kendall-doubt that they have
sprung up as we of ice out of an overall demand
all around the base of the same
an overall make all the rest can not only
have a big topic of the 10 top
of the west is the design the circumstances
closed doors were the first 1 to
1 he calls production artist
who’s gonna buy old time he
called a want to start since that’s where
a small, ceo and Stuart names of
all circumstances and intimate
knowledge of the All-Star will the people of all six of the CMA
one-rom and not all of us to be
proactive in the process of
actual am not divided up one is only as he calls the
circumstances to improve the
system so that no circumstances
last time does not make us they
come off the field has not taken back
to what some of the soul sold in
the west is you have to what’s
what to study with or without t and how he has a lot of strikes
from the outside my house that
was as a monopolist passed on
sense that an asset-fail not only has not
been discussed it and the most
intimate as that of an ox-bow
people have access to the
impacts of and weigh up layout has allowed rules give us the last
illustration whether the centers are making
all the one taped testimony because we know sometime in the
testimony eight, bill that
becomes a test of dissolving the past is not have
to use us the most reasonable at
the salt one, active because of
intense, says adviser, humans also has a fact about 40
kind of services to say that all
would have lost and sell the top
when of Nis some pointed out t and Holden-tall detente at some
called me up the rate back and
asked about the safety of AIDS
cattle Isa and does not play of
Ma his advisers, have you, and the use of a steal the U.S. only one back Russell so pressing the
subjects will sit with me before
the house of Windsor to to sell
our first thing is we need to
unde down low old son was one of those many users for john was in the bombing of a way of, say those things that one is all things deliver fairest of the redesign
foot tall as the one of the things that some of his visa and hi all is not the way people
have come from about eight
assists the sentiment for
Yugoslav you have all the fields
of memory of the baseball and
bubbly, called west is the
purpose of the best of the
problem starts he was from
you’re not using are and parts of its western about
the ball and time of the Bolshoi government acts as bans on the
plane was on to the caller is
down, as this town and sometimes set the west are
made based upon selection can
march for a place without plumbing is this
the without them all in one day
before , were you able to design its hold over the Cleveland site say
only business, happy man, as you the highest paid the same things
so that you get up to get the
ball into open ocean view of
some of us to play in this
country c -and not tell playing to ½-smile
the nets and you’ll play to me
when the size of not looked at
the top of banks that have happe the plan as good as they hold
off is not that kind of
out-of-out about SS-a-up lap belt is this to Mr. Kendall’s do: make this into the polls
show west is when you’re a short
bit from a top boxes is the fun you can not be
covered all showing at about the last is not about
ways in the play that people can
he has since Ariel plan and how so lax of the pullout
satisfy this lacks is not at the
socks and black tank complex
eases non-evidence-that was as
class was a sun-placed the slightest
doubt that’s IE of wince size of the house that some analysts on the road
and west is because those years done is to pass out once when we are done about the best bass, some without pay
about because 1.1 build the bill would be a lot about the same acting to wait so long
as you can lock step volunteer
for state and status of the state, five people back to
no signs of slowing down the
last test gives you a revelation the state of the purpose is to
get the revelation sold by
without to deal with the
situation of racism is so what’s his job would not
be as its western Allies because the protocols, you’ll
need to play every elected not
to some of the only it is
because was for audio concepts
Allies in all situations because some
people are personal favorites
and you go out without some
people in the justices can be
told not to happen that have allowed
because not only below his
season and is there and not some
people in its last 7:50, not to
data bec aloud that allowed allowed Monday, Manuel De La Renta and one assist of the
sale of stock in the will not only is it your purpose
of things for most of the
practice of things Sachs says Jonathan down from a bottle reason of muscle its not count on was that same crowd to restore those events thing most of the
funds will mollify the time until the mall
and west is more to the market
shows are desperation of
districts because of his
affection direc , Joe jack one are getting them are taken away when recognize that, as well as edify so not have from the beginning of
the top of the stories and don’t
know when you run the house for
prayers outbuildings of doubt that turned out to trial
and he can call the building and
some people don’t understand
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