Attempting a Non-Religious Conversation * A Moment in My Life

hey what would be something that I can talk about that you would comment on I don't really want anything from adidas I would like Starbucks alright no better she anity in my video her you what would should i do my video on I got my Starbucks should I talk about the most delicious Starbucks drink there is I am asking you you said you them like you prefer something with different kind of contents so what would you prefer the most delicious Starbucks drink in the whole I drove I get a coffee coffee and I get a grande coffee in a venti Cup and then I haven't put raspberry and white mocha in it and then I have them fill up the rest with cream rinse their bags for all of years refer Pete's Pete so what do you like that Pete I like the theory I think I like compared to Starbucks there's no aftertaste so I liked it there's less seventies Starbucks does have the aftertaste that's true what is that no I never noticed that beans Brian it's like chemically I never noticed that well I mean yeah that's true that just turns me off and then I tend to like so I drink I read a lot of books that I disagree with actually that's why I read books is to disagree with them have you met me do you know me I usually don't read things that I agree with because I like to argue against that whatever I'm here yeah whatever that's coming my way I want to have a rebuttal for it that's kind of how I operate I think my wires are not properly attached I'm just saying is that your mama all right all right all right I like you know frappuccinos and all that kind of stuff but come to realize I was more into all of that stuff that I was into action the coffee because when I decided to get an Americano it was like Pete has good frozen drinks what are those things called they're called but they mix coffee beans with them those are good I like those better of frappuccinos I think I like those better pardon you said again say it again say one more time no lights on camera say it again what say it again you want my voice on the camera yeah so what you just said to me I shut up oh I'm gonna make a meme with it yeah I would like to make a meme of that disrespect have I ever told you to shut up yes I don't think I have yes give me the time and date I don't I'm never told you shut up Haidee I told you be quiet shut up no I never told you to shut up never I just got a question for you Emma's gonna have for you do you think that one day we will all be accountable for our empty promises and false words we spoke into other people's you do how does it make you feel your list is long doesn't make you feel anything thanks so much my list isn't really but you also frequently say things that you don't actually do your things on your list I'm not counting cat thank you for letting me keep up with my list you are yes sure you're very older than me much much much older very old what's that word you used what's that word antique antique would you call an old shoe antique oh-oh-oh garbage where's my car they're not even done with my car how did how did they put it up there look at the rail food says how do they do that they popped a wheelie it's much shorter now use a cue ball Oh you have you have kind of wavy scalp see I have a lumpy head but I would be pitiable ever you have been interesting it's a bumpy head it's very bumpy people like to read those this means but then you're gonna gain it back it's just because I've been cracked in the head multiple times don't you I played a lot of baseball when I was a kid and I used to stand out in the field and pick flowers and I would get cracked in the head with the balls like it's happened a lot of times police looking for drugs looking for drugs they got a dog they got a dog you're really singing this song my car's ready you know this car is for kids you know I've never needed to get cars damaged I know about the cash for kids cartel who spins why would they well if they say it's only for Jewish kids and they're not they're gonna get less people giving that money if you're gonna be so specific about what kids get this money for these cars and I don't know why kids need cars anyway I didn't need a car that's what they call me Thomas that long

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