Are Muslims Rahul's crutch, Have Hindus lost faith in RaGa? | The Newshour Debate (10th June)

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  • Sandesh says:

    aise chutyeko bharat se bahar fekna chahiyie

  • Sandesh says:

    rahul gandhi has declined our whole nations IQ to the lowest level

  • Sandesh says:

    he talks logical

  • Sowmya Karthikeyan says:

    Yes. They have lost all hopes in Congress…long back..

  • Nadia Baig says:

    According to reliable sources RaGa may take command of the ISIS in order to make india more islamic and he is to receive billions from pakistan to perform ghazwa e hind.

  • Sky Smith says:

    I'm a Muslim. Does that make me a lower class person?

  • nitin varma says:

    Love to all!

  • Farook Rt says:

    Agente of BJP

  • Ramesh GL says:

    Wayanad in Kerala are hindu converted Muslims and Christian forcibly innocent keralites,they should know the forefathers religion than only they will come to know the real origin.thanks for owaissi and Rahul to open hindu eyes ,now hindu volunteers are doubled by u both joker persons.hindus for Hindustani will win and rule every state in future ,this period is a golden era.

  • Bit byBit says:

    Raga , Mamata , mayawati , Mulayam , Owaisi all play with Muslims like a football

  • Rishav Sultania Agrawal says:

    Modi sa bhi kabhi sawal puch lo Godi media…abhi bhi hindu-muslim chal raha ha….

  • jai ho says:

    God plz save Kerala and Bengal . Killing democracy day by day.

  • Subramaniam maridam says:

    Why hindu have to surpport Ragul Gandhi becuase he thinks only Muslim and Christin people in India he DNA Muslim and Christin. No more hindu for congress RIP

  • Brijulal Kithu says:

    The conkeys are RAGA is a hope of muslims for their JIHAD.., for Christians, those are hope for Evangelism and conversion.
    For hindus, this RoGA and Conkeys are only hope of ethnic cleansing..

  • yaya lipok says:

    Hindu still love and faith Rahul…but because of Evm only …… Owaisi u r not a real Muslim…. U r like modi …modi divided hindu and Owaisi u divided Muslim.. both of u r divider in chief

  • Yudhveer Malik says:

    Mulla rahul …..not rahul gandhi. .he is muslim rahul khan

  • KBP says:

    That is because this is the only community in India that can still be fooled by the lies and deceptions of the congress party?

  • ** says:

    The muslim votes are divided between the regional state parties and the congress. Also a good number of Shia muslims vote for the BJP.

  • Balvant Adhyaru says:

    We don’t deserve independence (we are born to be slaves )Congress has decided to finish India 🇮🇳

  • Vote for Narendra Modi says:

    I can tolerate Owaisi's Face, I cannot tolerate looking at Rahul Gandhi's face. What doea he stand for ? Nothing.. Owaisi might be Divisive and Hateful but at-least he has an Agenda. What is Rahul Gandhi's Agenda ? Nothing.

    Rahul Gandhi represents nothing, He is a Puppet of Gandhi Family pushed forward into a Role he is not even comfortable with !!!

  • Md Md says:

    The demography is rapidly changing in jihad's own country.The muslims and christians constituting 65% in kerala (wonder why they are still called as minorities !) is out and out communal and they vote only on the lines of their religious leaders. The days are not far for hindus in kerala to have the same plight of pandits in kashmir.

  • Jyoti Pai says:

    Maybe Pakistan needs a PM. Go there

  • Suresh Babu Sringeri Vasudeva says:

    Yes 100% correct it is a Muslim vote gave him winning streak.

  • Venkatesh Narayana says:

    Kaun hai yeh owaisi …janiye inka poora itihaas..


  • maneesh mohanan says:

    Raul Ghandi is actually Christian

  • Suraj Dip says:

    Indians have very bad habit of blabbing on when one party is trying to get their points across.

  • dr chinna says:

    When did Rahul Gandhi had courage to stand on his feet?? He didn't accept any administrative post in his last MP tenures, but this time he wanted to be a PM of India, pathetic!!

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