Amitabha Buddha – A Teaching on the practice of meditation ( with English subtitles)

I AM Amitabha Buddha, having come to you through this Messenger. Many people in the West have not heard of me. I am known in the East as one of the five Dhyani Buddhas. I am called upon to serve on one of the secret rays. You may call upon me when you are overwhelmed by human passions. Any human passion can be overcome. And you come into embodiment in order to overcome your passions, to get rid of your passions. As a rule, all passions are closely connected with the abuse of your sexual energy. And all your distortions on my ray are related either to the dissatisfaction of your desires, or with excessive desires. My chakra is located between the chakra of the base of the spine and the chakra of the seat of the soul. This chakra is connected with your Christ Self. I teach the practice of meditation as something that can free you from the human desires and passions. Therefore, I will consider that the task of today’s talk will be fulfilled if you master a certain understanding of the meaning of the practice of meditation, and make a decision to carry out this practice in your life. The goal and the aim of any meditation is to attain a state of thoughtlessness, an absolute peace of mind. When you manage to calm your mind, you harmonize your inner feelings. You balance your inner nature and calm your desires. As long as your consciousness is occupied with the objects surrounding you in the physical world, you will not be able to raise your consciousness to the heights that will allow you to enter into another – real – world and stay in it. Any meditation practice is aimed at achieving the level of your consciousness that will enable you to go beyond the boundaries of your world. When you acquire a meditative ability to meditate, you gain access to the energies and knowledge of the Higher worlds. The achievements of each of you in the field of meditation might differ. You may reach different spheres and get different ideas about the Higher worlds. However, the main in your practice will be the affect of the energies of the subtle world on your consciousness. This happens imperceptibly for your external consciousness. You simply get the opportunity to be in the worlds with higher vibrations, and you are imbued with the energies of these worlds. Your consciousness changes smoothly under the influence of the high vibrations of the Higher worlds. You do not need to know the whole mechanism of how this happens. The effect of the energies of the Higher worlds on your consciousness can be compared with the effect of the sun on your skin. You simply place yourself under the caressing rays of the sun, and your skin becomes smooth and tanned. In the same way, your consciousness is smoothed out under the influence of the subtle energies; it loses its imperfections, and acquires the subtlety necessary for the perception of new information. Your consciousness expands, and the barriers, that prevented you from perception of the evident truths before, disappear. Of course, a meditation practice requires a considerable amount of time and an experienced mentor beside you. Many teachers in the East, who have mastered the practice of meditation, recruit disciples and teach them using the techniques that they mastered themselves. It takes many years to master the practice of meditation. However, this is the shortest path that can lead to the expansion of your consciousness, and I do not know another path that could be equally effective. Historically, the western part of humanity has not gained access to the meditation practice. In the West, a greater emphasis is laid on prayer. However, the best prayer practices just lead to the fact that a person turns off his external consciousness, raises his vibrations, and comes into direct contact with the Higher spheres. In such a case, the direct exchange of energies with the Higher part of yourself and with the Higher worlds is occurring. However, a prayer, loaded with meaning, often does not allow your mind to break away from the world around you. There is a practice of multiple repetitions of short prayers. The repetition of prayers, brought to thoughtlessness and automatism, has the same effect as the practice of reciting mantras. Such a practice is very valuable in itself. But it can only be considered as a preparatory stage for meditation. Why do you need an experienced mentor or a teacher during your meditation exercises? You know that the invisible world has different frequencies of the vibrations. It is divided into layers like a layer cake. And the danger is that you may fall under the influence of not very high energies and come into contact with unfriendly entities. And these entities can teach you not the best things and saturate you with not the best energies. Everything depends on the initial level of consciousness already achieved by you. If you enter into a state of meditation in a very good and balanced state, full of Divinity and attuned to the Divine harmony, then you will, most likely, come under the influence of the high vibrations and pure energies. If you start meditating filled with selfish desires and inclinations, then most likely, you will receive only an increase of your negative traits during meditation. Ultimately, everything is determined by how much you are able to overcome and suppress your ego before starting meditation. Therefore, any meditation practice, just like everything else in your world, can have a dual character, and the effect obtained by you is determined entirely by your motives and internal aspirations. If you start meditating in order to master the techniques that will allow you to control people or acquire abilities that will enable you to occupy a privileged position in your world, then, during your meditations, you will create karma, because you will use the Divine energy for glorification of your ego. It is necessary to begin every meditation practice only in complete humility before the Will of God and in awe of His might. Only when your motive is pure and your desires are pure, will you be able to raise your consciousness to such high vibrations that you will gain access to the perfect Divine energies that will sculpt you into a new person, Divine in his essence. And the more time you spend in meditation like this, the more and more your vibrations will come closer to perfect Divine patterns. Do not be afraid, in this case, to tear yourself too far away from your reality, because as soon as you come out of the meditative state, your consciousness will descend to your plane with the speed of a high-speed elevator. It will take some more time, and you will regain the ability to understand where you are. Initially, it will be difficult for you to endure such changes in vibrations. You will feel this state of diving yourself to the full extent. First you throw off all your thoughts and feelings and dive into the higher reality. Then you gradually return from this reality into your world, covering yourself in your earthly thoughts and feelings once again. Such a practice will allow you to be constantly aware of yourself abiding in two worlds at the same time. Like any other practice, the practice of meditation requires you to be constant and regular in your practice. It would be ideal if you devote one and a half to two hours to this practice daily. However, if the conditions of your stay in the physical world do not yet allow you to do this, then you can start your meditation practices with weekly exercises. But the regularity and the aspiration of your practices are necessary for you. I know that many of you spend up to an hour or more a day in prayers. Maybe it makes sense for you to devote to the meditation practice a part of the time that you devote to prayers. Let’s say 15 to 20 minutes. Your Higher self always knows what is most important and necessary for the development of your soul at a given moment. Therefore, listen to your inner feelings, lest it happens that you will deprive yourself of the prayer practice so necessary for you, and then you will not be able to obtain a qualitative meditation due to your internal limitations. Today I have touched upon very important questions related to the practice of meditation. I will be happy if my instructions help some of you. In fact, there are many people who have been embodied in the West, but who had many embodiments in the East in the past, where they already mastered the meditation practices in the full extent. In this case, you simply need to nudge your consciousness a little to recall the skills that you already had in the past. It is mostly to these people that I have addressed. I AM Amitabha.

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