Ambassador Center 10th Anniversary – The Restored Church of God

Ambassador Center is an advanced educational
institution operated by The Restored Church of God. It prepares men and women for greater roles
of service within God’s Church and Work. The Center, or “AC,” was founded on December 4th, 2008. It features a diverse curriculum, focused
on teaching students how to live, not merely how to earn a living. It recognizes the Bible as the foundation
of knowledge. In addition to classes, AC offers a variety
of events that help further the development of its students. Since its inception, Ambassador Center graduates
have gone on to fill key positions in the Work of God, including in the field ministry,
Headquarters staff, and as pillars in local congregations. Much good fruit has been produced during its
ten-year history. An Ambassador Center education rounds you. All the different pieces, you understand both
how to live, the Bible, ecclesiastical, all of those different aspects smooth out the
edges and leave you in a condition that allows you to be helpful and effective in a local
congregation or serving somewhere in the ministry. Any individual should apply to Ambassador
Center who wants to improve themselves, but more than just improve yourself, what you’re
doing is you’re improving your ability to help others. We learn etiquette, learn how to speak and
teach others, learn how to have outflowing concern for others, and that’s all throughout
the curriculum, that you can learn to care more about your fellow mankind. Students will say, this is the best education
I’ve ever received. I’ve been out in the world, gone to universities
or whatever colleges, but they say this is the best because many of them are pillars
and they are so excited to say, oh, I can edify more of our brethren in my community
or I can serve. I’m learning how to serve more. It gives you a well-rounded framework, both
of the Bible and biblical principles as well as the essentially the liberal arts approach. They see what their fellow brethren, those
that have gone before them and graduated, have done and are putting and applying in
their lives, in the congregations that they’re in and these same brethren see this and they
say, wow, there’s actually something to this program, and so they want to be a part of
it. They want to take part of it. On December 4th, 2018, onsite students, alumni
and faculty gathered in the Hall of Administration on the Headquarters Campus to commemorate
AC’s tenth anniversary. Senior Faculty Member Brad Schleifer delivered
opening comments and led a toast to the success of AC, before introducing Chancellor David
C. Pack. Finding a way to build Ambassador College
again, we call it Ambassador Center. That was a big question. Should we start Ambassador College, Ambassador
Center, AC? What drove the decision is, you know there’s
a way of life to be preserved. Small group, big challenge and we have literally
found ourself better understanding with each passing day why it says in Zechariah 4:10
not to despise the day of small things. Starting Ambassador was a big question, and
we did. And I love you for it. I thank you for it. You created, some of you earliest of those
334 people are here. You created a path that others could follow. So I will say again, thank you. Thank you for coming, but thank you for all
that you did in carrying out your part. Afterwards, attendees enjoyed cake, a slideshow,
and conversation. The Anniversary was a valuable opportunity
for all to reflect on the education they have received. It goes far beyond the books and the tests. Yes, those things are involved with AC, but
knowing that that instructor cares about the students on a level that the world simply
can’t match, that would help us to become even more motivated to accomplish what we
needed to accomplish. These are not just lectures to help you get
through life, they’re lectures for your life. They directly change and influence the way
you live. I want people to have more faith and excitement
about the God who created the universe. That doesn’t matter if it’s Creation Science
or teaching a class on the government of God. It’s all about the God we are serving. The one who created the universe around us
and the one who’s going to give us a reward that is unbelievable. If I can get people to think about that, to
care about it, and to feel more faith and excitement, then I’ve done my job as a faculty
member. To learn more about Ambassador Center, visit
us online.

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