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hello everyone good morning and welcome
to morning verses with Mike thank you for getting up and joining me this
morning thanks for getting up early for some you or depending on what time it is
where you might be at you know reminder I’m doing this each Monday through
Friday morning at 6:15 a.m. and I would love to have you join me and participate
and the goal is just to share the Word of God share my faith and share some
positivity out in the world get people pumped up and fired up for
their day so first things first if you would do me a favor and just click that
share button that would be fantastic good morning Michele good morning Brian
nice to see you guys this morning so this morning as with every morning I’m
gonna be sharing from the New Living Translation of every man’s Bible and I
like this Bible because it is a bit updated verbage it’s got it’s a Study
Bible so there’s extra you know there’s extra extra information and such to
share so I’m gonna dive into that in just a moment as I’ve said to everybody
for the people that are regular Watchers of this show what I’m gonna do is I am
gonna be on a break next week call it Christmas vacation if you will hang out
with my kids and such and then in January I’m gonna relaunch my original
30 days of Bible verses so I would love for you to join me along that journey
but I’m gonna kind of be wrapping this and take a little bit of a break and
work on some other things but I am gonna keep the videos going so I would love
for you to continue to tune in and join me that would be fantastic
and one thing that I sometimes forget to ask people is if you have a verse that’s
impacting you because I am a believer that the Bible speaks to us differently
at different times in our lives we can read the same verse same information it
has the same verbage but we get a little bit different message depending on where
we’re at and what we need to hear it’s what God is providing to us so if you
have a verse that’s impacting you please share it in the sidebar I’d love to have
that conversation share a verse on your page tag me in it I’d love to have that
conversation so we can keep talking after the video knowing that let’s let’s
dive into this morning so I’m going to be reading from acts
chapter 2 verse 23 so Acts chapter 2 verse 23 if I don’t get lost here reads
but God knew what would happen and his pre-arranged plan was carried
out when Jesus was betrayed with the help of lawless Gentiles you nailed him
to a cross and killed him now this is it Peter preaching to the crowd right I’m
gonna reread that because I’m gonna dive into this first part here for a little
bit it says but God knew what would happen and his prearranged plan was
carried out when Jesus was betrayed with the help of lawless Gentiles you nailed
him to a cross and killed him now keep this in mind God knows all right he knew
the beginning just as he knew the end he knew this for Jesus he knows the path
the plans and the outcomes for you and I he already knows stop trying to
second-guess stop trying to question what is already known to be just walk
with Him and stay with him stay true to Jesus stay true to God stay true to the
word right if you start down a path alone then often like if I take off and
I say I’m gonna head down this path I’m more likely to be worried about where
the path leads because I don’t know the path makes sense and so if you start
down a path with a guide if you start down a path with somebody that already
knows the way then you know that you can safely make it down the path and you can
take your time to see all the wonderful things that the journey has to offer
right you can enjoy the scenery and enjoy the journey because you already
know I’ve got this guide with me that is going to get me and going to help me get
to the end right we can all make it further we can see more we can do more
if we have a guide so I encourage you this let God be your
Gide that’s the first part of that verse God knew it would happen as his
prearranged plan was carried out right he already knew and I know that maybe a
different way to look at it one I’m likening that to walking down the path
but if God already knows the path he already knows the setup then walk with
Him as your guide right even in the very end of the verse it says you know then
the plan was carried out Jesus was betrayed in the end of the verse God
knew of the coming crucifixion he knew that the long-term outcome would be
greater than the temporary pain he knew that it would be our salvation being
paid in full he knew so as painful as it may have been at the time he already
knew the path he already knew what was to come so I encourage you to stay with
him walk with Him good morning Ryan Ryan says God transcends time the God
transcends time the message transcends time all of it it’s as true now as it
ever was so that’s it for this week that’s that’s my message sometimes I get
all fired up and I’m going and that’s how I look it’s just how God is speaking
to me right now in the moment so I’m telling you that that first part of that
verse is just what was really speaking to me and and hitting me that it’s like
God knows what will happen let God be the guide he knows the outcome he knows
the outcome is greater than the temporary pain so I encourage you let
God be your guide I know I’ve said it like six times but someone needs to hear
it someone needs that reminder this morning so thank you for getting up and
joining me please by all means jump in here and and join me each morning 6:15
a.m. Mountain Time Monday through Friday like I said I’ll be off next week I’ll
probably post some of the the daily Bible verses if you’re not subscribed to
that go to Bible comm and subscribe to the daily Bible verses because that is a
great way to get some daily Jesus in your life and gosh there was
something else I was good Oh so yeah since I’m doing that next week
and then like I said in January I’m gonna ReWalk relaunch my 30 days of
Bible verses kind of the it’s almost a year ago now so I’m gonna reshare those
I would love for you to join me and thank you so much for the people that
did join me Ryan I hope I got you fired up this morning – yeah Michelle Bryan
the few others that watched again I sometimes I can see all the names and
sometimes I can see the few so if you’re joining live thank you so much if you
are watching later thanks share the word spread it out share the video love to uh
see you again soon until we speak next I hope you have an absolutely fantastic
day we’ll talk to you soon everybody

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