A Spiritual Warfare Prayer

Jesus sometimes I can almost sense the heaviness of pressure mounting and the ominous presence of darkness around me I recognize my enemy as at work again whether he's trying to discourage me to get sidetracked to fall into temptation to give up or to take my eyes off you he's always hanging around I need your supernatural power Lord to stand strong and not surrender physical force will help because you've said the weapons of our warfare are different from those in this world as believers ours are powerful and can demolish strongholds and lies the supernatural weapons originate from you by your precious name in blood Jesus I'm asking you to confuse Satan and canceled his attempt to shut me and my influence down help me not to become discouraged or to give in when heavy times of testing come when I'm tired and weak you are strong word and you are my only source about I cannot fight about you teach me how to pray and attract you to pull down the strong that keep me are others helpless garden me from isolation that leaves me exposed and vulnerable I believe you destroyed the power of my enemies by your death and resurrection but like a bad penny my enemy keeps showing up whispering lies twisting truth and attempting to inflate my selfish pride he never give out I am declaring the devil and his demons Liars today as a tower of your precious name and blood I agree with your word and the truth that you are in me and that you are greater than my enemies who wants to rule the world you your word and prayer on my secret weapon I belong to you and that still make a powerful god confident I want to constantly dress in the spiritual armor you give me help me use it to defend others from Satan's fiery darts all know one another you're strengthened my facebook forgive my sins so that I may be clean to make me play so I can stand and fight the spiritual battles in my life and in our world to be your wisdom but I want to cut up cars together because I'm true for me I'm a shout-out Oh

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  • Emily Sergent says:

    Lord, I thank you that I do not become discouraged in heavy times because my faith is in you. My faith helps me understand that You perfect the concerns of my heart.
    I want to encourage whoever is reading this. Trust the Lord and don’t listen to the world. The world will tell you you’re crazy, you’re stupid, or you’re not with modern times for believing and trusting in Jesus. Let me tell you: Jesus is the SAME yesterday, today, and forever. He is the way, the truth, and the light.
    Do not give in to Satan’s lies! Our Lord is more powerful and if you trust in Him you will never be forsaken.
    I would also like to be prayed for if anyone sees this! I am fighting a spiritual warfare battle. I need prayer that God protects me and my future marriage! Thank you everyone for your prayers.

  • Barbara Blackburn says:

    Please pray for me going through major spiritual warfare

  • J.Santiago Oica says:


  • Bendona Abrera says:

    I love this so much, cause this give me strength when i pray. Thank you i believe.

  • Claudia Canella says:


  • Alan White says:

    Thanks for your Prayer. Dear Lord please help me to fight the lies of the enemy. Keep me strong help me not to give in to temptation to over eat. Please grant me your wisdom to deal with this. Thank you that you have Victory over death and the devil in Jesus name. Amen

  • Rick James says:

    Thank you for sharing this!! Your awesome!

  • Vershauna Mingo says:

    Amen, as I always say yes the enemy is here but God's force is always stronger! My favorite part that stood out to me is you, your word, and prayers are my secret weapon

  • Weezie says:

    Beautiful. This prayer should encourage our brothers and sisters to pray this one or write their own. It's a good way to start the day. 😇

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