A Spiritual Attack on Your Heart | Devotional by Tony Evans

Righteousness is that standard that pleases
God. You and I are righteous when our actions seek
to conform to the truth. So coming out of the truth, we’re told to
have on our hearts righteousness, that is, a set of actions that are implementing what
God has revealed to be true. When we act right based on the truth, we protect
our heart because the enemy is after the heart. I mean, if you do a blow to the heart, that’s
death. Why? Because the heart is the pump, it pumps blood
throughout our body, our physical heart. Well, what the physical heart is to the bloodstream,
that brings oxygen and life to the body, our spiritual heart is the pump that brings the
life of God throughout the soul because we’re living in right relationship with him. That is, we’re seeking to please him with
our decision making. When the truth has been informed, and then
we seek to please God in our actions based on that truth, well then we are guarding our
hearts and the pump can keep pumping the guidance of God, the will of God, the presence of God,
the power of God into the life source of every believer’s soul. Cause remember, the body only does what the
soul dictates to it, so you need good pump pumping the right nutrients through the spiritual
bloodstream by the Holy Spirit into the life of the believer so that our souls our whole
so that our bodies function differently. The breastplate of righteousness is critical
because demons are drawn to unrighteousness. So when unrighteousness prevails in our lives,
we not only have the problem with the issue, we have the problem with the rodents, the
demonic infestation that has come because of that issue that they’ve been drawn to. Whenever you see a stagnant water, you’ll
draw mosquitoes. Wherever you see garbage, you’ll draw roaches. And now you’ve got two problems: you’ve got
the stagnant water or the garbage and what they drew to them. So that makes it a double problem you have
to overcome. Not only the problem itself, but the infestation
of evil that had been drawn to it. Guard your heart. Act on the truth. Clean up the environment by the Spirit. So that God’s victory can be yours.

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  • Tony Evans says:

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    Sermons from Dr. Evans: http://tonyevans.org/

  • anthony plowden says:

    I literally just prayed to my God my father before I left out for work..for an answer to a decision I was tempted to act upon…and your video was in my new videos section on YouTube! God is WORKING BIG TIME in my life and he is always giving me the answers to my questions!! Sooner rather than later as of late lol! PRAISE GOD!! Hallelujah thank you Tony for being his messenger in my time of need 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾💜🌹💜


    Absolutely, brother Evans your messages are always so on point, you are awesome! Thanks again for sharing God's love!!! And waking us up to the truth!!!

  • Rosalea SR علياء says:

    I woke up in the middle of night I had been praying in the spirit in my secret place (closet) read my bible before bed. Slept woke up all of a sudden I had all these old past thoughts about a particular person I am praying for all the wrong things they did to me…trying to make me second guess myself as to why I’m praying for them…as soon as I knew what was happening I had told the devil to get lost..as soon as I opened you tube first video I see…whoooo….

  • Pastor Scott Ingram says:

    Amen brother! Let’s all seek to improve our spiritual workout! It is a steady relationship not a transactional religion.

  • The Animated Boy says:

    Dr tony Evans is my favorite preacher. Am getting ready to turn 55 years. I spent 26 as a believer in Jesus Christ, but last year September religion failed me. Your preaching fills my body with energy, it like a ray of light in a dark world.,greetings from London, England

  • Phelan Angelic says:

    I love you Mr.Evans, I been listening to you since I was a little girl because my Mother and your teachings bring a peace and warmth only God can bring. Keep letting Him use you. God bless!

  • Mommy & Kimberly's Adventures says:

    Amen n amen!!! 💖💕😊

  • Roscoe Davis says:

    This could Not Be More Timely For ME.Thank You Pastor Evans

  • Belinda Robinson says:

    Conformity to fact or actuality; faithfulness to an original or to a standard. In the Old and New Testament, truth is a fundamental moral and personal quality of God. God proclaimed that He is "merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abounding in goodness and truth" Ex-34:6. He is a God of truth….without injustice, Deut-32:4. Furthermore, all of His paths are "mercy and truth" Ps-25:10. All of God's works, precepts, and judgments are done in righteousness and truth. Ps-111:8. Because of His perfect nature and will, God has to speak and act in truth; He cannot lie. 1Sam-15:29; Jam-1:17,18.

  • Belinda Robinson says:

    Jesus is the Word of God who became flesh, "the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth" John-1:14. All Jesus said was true, because He told the truth He heard from God. John-8:40. He promised His disciples that He would send "the Spirit of truth" John-14:17; 16:13 a Helper who would abide in Christians forever. John-14:16, testify about Jesus. John-13:26, guide Christians into truth John-16:13, and glorify Jesus. Jonn-16:14.

  • gail bell says:

    I agree I receive the word. Act right based on the truth. My Spiritual Heart. In Jesus name Amen

  • Ryan Wayne says:

    You have a great way of putting the message together so that folks can understand. God bless you.

  • Patricia 22929 Roman says:

    Please pray for me.

  • Sandra Lund says:

    I really like this!! Above all else, guard your heart.

  • Catharine Devault says:

    thank you for teaching and preaching righteousness and helping us to understand spiritual warfare. I ordered your series offer and it has blessed me. thank you for teaching us how to fight in the Spirit

  • Rosaleye says:

    Wow so eye opening thank you!

  • mju oillkj says:

    Practical christianity.christianity works,Jesus is real.

  • A B Careless says:

    Thank You.

  • Quintin Abrams says:

    The music in the background is actually very distracting. Love the message though

  • SHerri Dolan says:

    The Lord has lead me too many of your teachings… It's good to know there is still a man of God who teaches from the bible and his anointing from our Lord Jesus… Thank you for being obedient..

  • Rocio Danforth says:

    I am MUCH greatful to have you, Tony Evans, as a bible,life(w/God)teacher. God has blessed me to listen to your sermons, to bless me& help me w/my walk w/Him.
    I'm telling you there is NOT a day, that the Word&help that i need from God comes in your semons,thru Yeshua🕊. Even this small vid is what i needed today. He is an AWESOME God💙
    You&your family are a VERY bless&anointed family, thank you all for doing God's work.
    🙏My prayers of love,joy, peace,prosperity& much more blessings go out to you, your beautiful family and church🕊💖
    🍃🕊God bless🍃

  • Kabari Harding says:

    My dad says the Holy Bible is fake false and crazy, the fantasies of men so he has institutionalized my life to the government.

  • Kabari Harding says:

    Dr. Evans, I can't get depressed or be fearful anymore because all I do is open the Holy Bible and those emotions leave very quickly. Then I feel and hear women calling for sex, and then I can't read the Holy scriptures anymore.

  • Bryan Neumann says:

    Thank You So Much Dr Evans For The Truth And also I ordered Your New Book Warfare and Series Spiritual Warefare

  • Sheena Brooks says:

    good word

  • Curtis Smale says:

    Only Jesus is righteous. We are not righteous when our actions seek to conform to the truth. That is another way of saying, “trying to be good.” We must live from the granted status of righteousness given to us by God, in Christ. Graceinsightandart.Wordpress.com

  • Toi Haynes says:

    Pastor Evans
    Thank You for this Amazing relaxing platform of Gods mighty touch OVER my LIFE. 💞✌😇👏😀

  • Tony Evans says:

    Download the free Motivation Moments App from Tony Evans for new motivational sermon tracks every weekday.
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  • Ronna Mora says:

    Amen Amen Amen.

  • TheModer8ter says:

    John 6:47 "verily, verily I say unto you, he that believes in me has everlasting life."-Jesus. Jesus the Messiah died for the remission of sin, including yours, was buried, and rose form the dead 3 days later. If you simply believe in this to save you, then you have everlasting life.

  • Walker Harris says:

    I ask God to Guard my heart so hate won't enter in it and anything bitter and not of God. I'm a work in progress but I do know the devil wants nothing more than for for us to hate, mistreat others and have unforgiveness and so on.

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