A Guided Meditation on the Body, Space, and Awareness with Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche

A Guided Meditation on the Body, Space & Awareness
Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche Welcome! I’m very happy to share with you some meditation instructions. It is very simple: Please keep your spine straight. Just straight,
but don’t worry too much about perfection. I have to stay there, perfectly! Just keep straight. And please close your eyes. Just close your eyes like you’re sleeping. You don’t have to close them too tightly,
or in any special way. And relax your muscles in your body. Relax the muscles in your head, forehead, face, ears, cheeks, throat, upper body, arms and hands, lower body, legs and feet. Just totally relax, yet with your spine straight. And bend your neck forward a little bit. It’s almost like
the weight of your head rests on your neck. You can effortlessly rest. Each part of the body rests on the one below. And in this way, you feel like you’re resting but there’s also some strength, so you can find balance. All the parts of your body are resting, one on top of the other. But, at the same time, there’s a strength within you. Your spine is straight. Sometimes you feel a little bit of gravity. And sometimes you feel some sensations. Just let it be. Whatever feeling is in your body, just be aware and let it be. When I was young, my father used to tell me, “Let your body be on the cushion, and let your mind be in the body.” This way, you join body and mind together. Your mind comes into the body. Just be aware of your body, and be aware of any sensation or feelings in your body. Pleasant feelings, joy, bliss, or unpleasant feelings, tightness, pain, or neutral feelings, maybe tingling, or no feeling. So, with any type of feeling, just be aware and let it be. OK, for a few seconds, just be aware and relaxed. OK. Now, you can expand your awareness beyond your body, to what surrounds you. Maybe there are some sounds, or some smells, or some sensations, like your room temperature is a little bit too hot or cold, or some noise, like people chatting, or a car, a train, or airplanes moving around, or your neighbors making noise. Anything. Just be aware. Just know. Just recognize there are sounds. And your awareness becomes more open, and vaster. Stay there and be aware of any phenomena for a few seconds. Now, you can expand your awareness beyond your immediate surrounding. Feel the space around you, above you, and be aware of that space. Further, deeper. All the phenomena are occurring in the space, changing in the space, dissolving back into the space. Like clouds, they come into the space, remain in the space, and dissolve into the space. And, now,
you can expand your awareness even more. Go beyond the clouds, into space, which is boundless. Space, which is open in all directions, everywhere. Be there. Don’t worry, you’re not going to get lost. Stay there for few seconds. OK, now, please slowly open your eyes, and be present here. And rest your mind, also —
not only the body. How do you rest your mind? For example: If you like to do physical exercise, like jogging in the garden or park, or hiking in the hills or mountains, maybe for a few minutes or hours… let’s say one hour… After you finish your jog, you may use a nice seat or a rock, or a grass field. Sit on the grass field and, with a big sigh, “Ahh,” just rest. You don’t have to meditate, just let your mind rest as it is and the body, also. Just rest… for a few seconds. Maybe you feel like, “Oh, there are so many thoughts, so many emotions occurring in my mind. What should I do with those emotions, those thoughts?” Same. Same as before, you just be aware. If there are thoughts and emotions, you’re just aware of thoughts and emotions, what I call “blah blah blah,” just look at the “blah blah blah,” be aware, and let it be. Same as when you’re aware of your body, aware of sounds and sensations, now it’s the same:
Just be aware of thoughts and emotions. Let them come, and let them go. But, if you cannot be aware of them, it’s also fine. You’re in a non-conceptual state of mind, but not too long — only for a few seconds. Again, when you see thoughts and emotions, or forms, sounds, smells — anything, just be aware… for a few seconds. If anything occurs in your mind, in your body, in your perceptions, just be aware, and let it be. OK. Now, you can apply this awareness, this openness, this awareness with any situation in your life, with any activities in your daily life. Short time, many times, everywhere, anytime. Seven days a week, 365 a year. In this way, you can fill your mind with joyful, peaceful experiences, and you will develop
your inner love, compassion, and wisdom. Thank you!

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  • Michael Laymac says:

    Why is this not taught in schools

  • petra gabetova says:

    Dear Minhyur and others. I suffer from panic attacks. I meditate. But what should I do when i meditate and panic comes because its stronger than meditation? Is it lack of ecperience? Do I have to go through it many times before it will be succesfull? What helps me is that I say hello to my panic and i try to look at it. It helps me when you say that its like cloud that will go or like a river that i cant step into. Also to be aware helps me. But when the attack comes its sometime stronger than all:(

  • Pretty Thoughtful says:

    Ooh could hardly keep my eyes open after this. Such a good intro to meditation. Can't wait to do more!

  • Lovishr BTR says:

    Would like to know if it's better to meditate with an empty stomach or not ? I would like to start meditating in the morning. 😝

  • Sheetal Ladha says:

    Can you please make more guided meditation videos. Gratitude to you for sharing. You have touched many souls.

  • Steiny says:

    Thank you master! Namaste

  • Blerim Preza says:

    Translate Italian

  • Kannans BK says:

    Thank you

  • sangeeta tanwar says:

    I want to become buddist what should i do?

  • Johnny Stewart says:

    One of my favorite parts of meditation is how it seems to fly by. I seriously felt like I was just meditating for maybe 5 minutes instead of 15.

  • Maria A says:

    It does helps u relax😁

  • Joe Roberts says:

    This is the second time listening to this and i was impressed the first time having found his voice easy to relax to feel safe with to lead you into meditation. And also when he was saying, "relax your face, chin, throat…" i felt like i was getting further and further away and he ostensibly became more quiet though i could still he hear him. Today when i listened and if i might i add im 27 and have been practicing self-hypnosis since i was around 14 and i do find it rather difficult to focus and ultimately "break out" of my body as the whole idea of meditation/hypnosis seem to suggest that this may be possible, but i digress, i followed his directions, calmed my body and felt how tight my hips were because im flat footed and sitting cross legged seems to give me muscles a bit of strain. He helped realize that there is always pain in the world and you can meditate to deal with this pain just accept it, its part of life. And suddenly the pain melted away. Then he expanded my awareness to the birds chirping outside, my nieghbors making noise and then i could hear a plane flying overhead but it was more than meerly hearing the plane, i was intuned with it i almost felt the waves it was making as the engines were screaming as it tore through the atmosphere, i was aware of it. Then he took me above the clouds where i sat cross legged looking at the tops of the clouds my eyes fluttered due to REM, and i burst into tears. I knew that my higher being or soul or whatever was sitting cross-legged on cloudsand they were gorgeous and milky and everything wonderful you'd think sitting on a cloud would be. And the sky was pink and the sun drenched the top-side of the clouds i could see for thousands of miles it seemed. I almost couldnt breathe i cried so hard at the sheer beauty. So thank you very much that was incredible to say the least.

  • nicky weston says:

    Thank you so much you have helped calmed my bipolar madness ! Xx

  • Michael Collado says:

    Damn this good.

  • Georges Fontenelle says:

    Thanks I enjoyed this. I smiled also hearing your voice.

  • Cynthia Hall says:

    How u describe mediation and ur voice is remarkable. I felt every bone rest on itself, totally relaxed but Strong and stable. I always have a deep mediation with u. Thank you🙏

  • mr kupido says:

    i download this and listining his voice while meditating.

  • James Lee says:

    This was very impactful thankyou!

  • James Bennett says:

    I was having anxiety disorder couldn’t work for weeks. This man was my turning point. Learning how the brain works by mindfulness seems to have helped me a lot. I’m back doing normal things!

  • Yash Gaikwad says:

    I would love to see him talk about depression.

  • Micah Bintz says:

    Your voice is so soothing

  • Lefteris Sotirakis says:

    How can someone dislike this guy after this video

  • Amy Hegan says:

    This is the best meditation video I have ever experienced. This was so light hearted and worked so well with me. Thank you!!

  • Irina A says:

    мингьюрчик борщ

  • jamrenzee says:

    This dude has hit next level chill. He's so peaceful that i have to check to make sure the video isn't paused when he stops talking and rests. I'm honestly impressed and didn't know such stillness could be achieved.

  • Wadad Rasamny says:

    Each time we meditate should we set in the same position?

  • Khadija says:

    I think I'm broken, although this is quite relaxing ( perhaps it's his soothing voice ) I am not able to enter the meditative space you all in the comments seem to talk about. HELP!

  • Tikumoni Nath says:

    I want to live with you.

  • Delia Delight says:

    shortest fifteen minutes of my life

  • chris kershaw says:

    Just found this pure gold , not really sure what it's about , but evertime stress and nervous anxiety are about to strike , I think be aware accept let it go , and then go to a nice place that this video has taken me , excuse my ignorance but is that how it's suppose to work ?

  • jams flint says:

    thank you so much for sharing your video, wisdom and kindness:)

  • Helenans96 says:

    I have many panic attacks.. I think that im not gonna do it right.. I have collagen loss extremelly thin skin.. I dont regognice myself in the mirror anymore.. I have panic all the time.. Before i was laughted but now i dont laugh anymore.. I dont know what to do to escape from this..

  • Zed Word says:

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    Thank You so much for this, it has helped me stay away from Heroin and helped my anxiety

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    I am insatiably curious, so my meditation study and practice for the last 3 years has been far more varied than most would recommend. I just love it all! Having said that, this was my first exposure to Rinpoche. Fantastic! The sensible approach, the humility, the accent (to my Arizona ears). Loved it all.

  • Darrenmcgee Mcgee says:

    Lots of tingle will keep doing it thank you.

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    Is expanding your awareness of Space just visualizing Space?

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  • Onyxian Bee says:

    Im really struggling with the positioning, I'm not sure if it's bad posture my whole life but I find it hard to sit with my legs crossed spine straight without it feeling like a workout after 3 mins, I'm not heavy or anything and I'm in reasonable shape. What I'm about to ask sounds ridiculous but could someone tell me where I'm going wrong sitting down??

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    I never fully understood awareness until this meditation, I loved it… the feelings I got from it and being completely in the moment. Thank you for the video!!!!

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    Was given his book “in love with world” by a beloved RS teacher, completely changed my outlook on life, would recommend massively ❤️❤️

  • Saskloch Delfino says:

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  • Dante X says:

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