A Devious Platinum Trophy: Sacred Symbols Plays Titanfall 2

greetings and salutations welcome back to a sacred symbols let's play my name is Colin Moriarty I'm joined as always by my lovely co-host Chris Regan I'm excited about this we're gonna play some titty fall – titty fall – it is Chris now this comes from patreon.com slash Colin's last and if you sports over there you're able to vote on various topics every month and the topic for sacred symbols Let's Plays is what let's play will do so people have chosen in the past blood-borne we did that we did over cooked etc Kingdom Hearts seeing them hearts three Kingdom farts as I'd like to call it and now we're doing titanfall 2 now the reason that we're doing this game specifically Chris is because back in 2016 the fall 2016 when it came out I stopped short three bronze trophies of the Platinum including one bronze trophy that I do not think I can get so what people what people asked for is for you to help me get this trophy this is a trophy for a time trial and we'll go through the trophies once the game loads and we'll see what I'm missing because I'm missing a couple of others as well I was actually really uncomfortable with this originally cuz I'm like I don't want Chris to earn my platinum for me but he's not he's earning one bronze trophy for me basically if he can yeah if I can there's a pie there's a possibility that I can't which would be pretty embarrassing it would be pretty embarrassed I'm trial is like it like a trigger word for me right now so what I don't even know where I go to get it so way home I go to go to the trophy list alright just we could see like what we're looking for right so it's gonna go into the trophies here look look how long ago this was when I played this look at all the games it's surrounded by it's where all the fun yeah I did play world of Final Fantasy didn't I yes so this was a fall of 20 cities are all fall 2016 games yeah and so titanfall – 95 % that's like one percent platinum which is not too common so this is the one becomes the mass they're placed in the top three and the gauntlet scoreboard you can see that that's probably the rarest roping the game 1.7% that's so interesting and then the others I beat the game on hard I did everything the others that I'm missing let's see kill 25 into inventory in two seconds as a Titan in the campaign that's two percent so that's probably the second rarest trophy well I probably have to go to a specific place for that I'll look at the trophy got at some point and then win a multiplayer match which I never did because that's an easy one so and I guess I did join a multiplayer Network customize the multiplayer loadout so I did these other things but I don't know what did it say at the bottom yeah I got all the collectibles so everything's done that's insane everything's done geez man that's like a pretty high rarity it wasn't anticipating it was already a big bet – so about 1 1 & a half people per hundred that play titanfall – can do this or have done it what the hell is the gauntlet so yeah I gotta find I don't even remember where it is is it a is it a mission I oh they got a pilot's gauntlet yeah I guess this is it yeah all right so gauntlet practice only yeah I guess what we want I suppose yeah so we're loading it up yeah sounding so fucking hot to trot now are you crazy no that's go time I didn't realize it was that the rarity was that high let me just look before I hand over the controller to you let me see if I can yeah get my hand my head around this aboard the James Macallan is that a ship I don't remember that I don't know there's a story in this I guess so and I was actually actually the campaign in 10 felt is actually pretty great I liked it I like titanfall too a lot well that's fantastic you know I like the quite a bit alright so it's loading up oh yeah I remember this so yeah ok so last minute ok nowhere is this alright so this is the scoreboard I think you need to get above fukuda if I remember correctly so 33 seconds see any better yes okay so that's and I don't know that I ever did it better than that I guess it's not here this might be me actually so a minute 37 so I got a cutoff a minute four okay I could probably is it really that hard that's so interesting it doesn't seem hard when you're looking at it I don't know let's I'll just do it because you're supposed to hit all the targets – right right like I don't even remember I remember like barely like you got a run on the wall yeah you got a kill everyone that's the other things you got to shoot these guys that's the other thing oh there's a rough start oh man I mean I've never I mean this is the first time I've done this I know yeah like I'm just remembering it and I remember ever having a hard time with it but I don't think yeah oh man I'm getting stressed out now I don't know Chris this might be too tough I don't know one point one rarity is the thing that shocks me maybe not a lot of people try yeah they don't care but also no I mean I just remember I don't know if if it's true at the time but I were people even saying at the time like this is fucking really hard you don't you invert your controls do you I do but you can chant will change that room so I'm not even really trying to do it I guess I mean I'm nowhere close to where I need to be oh oh I guess you can't touch the ground oh yeah that's right you can't touch anything that isn't on the course and yeah you got to shoot these dudes yeah because I think that these like everyone you miss oh god I'm gonna hit the thing in everyone that you miss I think is like adding time to it so this isn't gonna be very good actually this this just randomly I think beat my other time oh yeah you did oh man so let me see if that was actually me yeah that what that's amazing how you improved I am I haven't played this game since this fall of 2016 and I cut without even with talking to you and not even really trying to play I cut off like 30 seconds off my time almost do you want to give it a go yeah I'll give it a go all right so let me I'll go here yeah change your I don't know what kind of heresy you're doing the inverted rows like this okay yeah this is I can't play this down right sociopathy you're a different gun yeah you probably don't to use the pistol that I was using not an LMG maybe this wait what is this okay I could probably do someone with this let's see what you got Chris alright he's going the best is a minute seventeen I'm already I'm not feeling good but you look good this is this so far seems great it's always that one looking around the corner it seems like so extreme 30 seconds 33 seconds you have to do how can it be done okay yeah this is probably not nothing not the one not the run no but wait and see yeah just get used to it you know feel it out feel it out all right it's not super bad no you're not doing that's really hard that's insane a jump from one I'm only noticing the time now it's wild it's very hard I told just I'm so it would be so easy we didn't have to kill these motherfuckers ya know what the penalty is for missing them like I wonder if you just ran through and only killed some of them yeah if it would balance out so you cut time down even more on your first go yeah I feel like we're onto something here we might this is 28 seconds you got a cut-off okay maybe that's too slow ooh that's pretty good I'll be inaccurate though all right so let's maybe oh man okay try to like really plan this out yeah all right so Chris is going so far so good so far so good got some soldiers here we gotta take care okay sorry guys it's very nice very nice this is an insane challenge did you never attempt it in your game they also had to in the beginning right but I think everyone just kind of ran through it without it I didn't really attempt it really what the hell that's what I'm saying this guns inaccurate yeah that's the problem okay not bad you're definitely gonna improve your time you get so sexual the way you run on those walls damn I feel like I'm losing momentum you are that was the problem okay said I always experiencing as well because I think that also there are two soldiers up here they get the clip up there ya know like one night yeah that wasn't that wasn't great Chris I mean you you've cut off another eight that's fuckin awesome dude imagine that happen if you have like a 28 second or I would have thrown I would launch this thing what are the odds of that oh my god nice awesome and we have that we have to restart it's still good I've never seen a game crash like this we did it freeze I don't know the PlayStation button okay all right so you gotta close it probably manually close oh my okay wait okay titanfall how do you go over and then up the close application and then just close the manual wait it's fine it's gonna go away it crashed it's over so you really yeah yeah so we have to restart it alright so now that we restart all right we were doing pretty fucking awesome I love that that happened I've got week that's the funniest thing I'd tape or whatever oh that was pretty great that was awesome that's like that's God above saying no sir no sir we will not allow you to get this bronze trophy I felt like I was getting better too you definitely were but alright don't let it get to you no I won't these are all the kinds of games and twists and turns that fate likes the throne if this was happening during the crash team racing thing if I had had like a perfect run at a time trial and I crash like that it would freak the fuck out we should select the gauntlet all right so we're getting back in it's not a big deal in the hang of it I think we're get it's not a big deal Chris I believe in you we are cutting this time down we are cutting it down this is all based on my old save by the way so I actually think it's so funny that I cut like 25 seconds off having not played the game in like did you try to get for this trophy oh yeah i sat there for like a while and tried to get it yet yeah I think I don't know if that really counted my real time no cuz I must have gotten better than that maybe fucking stupid say that there wasn't any run data there oh yeah maybe save mmm do it maybe my name is so happy that that happened to you I'm telling you right now if that happened when you had like a 25 second time I woulda lost it it wouldn't have been pretty oh yeah you got a where's it's in uh go back oh no it's right there in front of look oh you want to you want to say where it it's already so you're okay so again oh oh you like real sensitive look at you whole yeah I'm gonna try okay oh boy I think the pistol might actually be pretty for this I'm not super sure cuz there's no like um I'm looking for like scout rifle type guns but it doesn't seem like there's any of them I remember people doing insane runs with grenades to where they were like throw their grenades behind them and it would kill enemies and sleep you can throw grenades yeah are won the time trial yeah I didn't know that yeah that will help maybe I got an LMG no it's like a really bad idea we're just we're just gonna keep trying no no maybe I fucked up I'm not used to this controller at all the ps4 101 yeah okay we're looking okay oh look at you he's fuck this guy that guy yeah it's oh my god yeah like a grenade a well-placed grenade there yeah we kill all three of them at once yeah I gotta go for a grenade next time I think you're still using right now are well yeah but like there's no clumping there's none of them they're all separate yeah oh god I I feel like you're just control I feel like you're so sensitive right now with the control you really like to play that twitchy that's so much I like really like plotting slow well I don't know the sense it's the thing with FPS is is like there's a lot of weird liberties that they take with like what six sensitivity means in one game versus what it means in another one like sometimes they're just like really off mmm I might if you go back to normal I was doing better before uh what was normal default yeah I didn't touch it so it's probably just go for default might as well say I did not like that gun okay so now it's got to be I feel like my bullets just go through people without actually hitting them that I started alright okay yeah this is like so tough dude I I just don't understand how you're supposed to really do this and apparently only one percent well again 1.7 percent of people have done it so far yeah there you go oh yeah see that's the way Chris yes yes yes yes perfect I think you're onto something here ah this isn't gonna be the run but you're onto something here oh yeah yeah I'm feeling somehow you're getting it now oh you're onto something here there's no doubt about it at this point oh yeah oh yeah see Chris you're less than 10 seconds off the pace now your that is a tough challenge do shit that's tough turnaround look at the scoreboard on the left let's look I saw I think you have to get yeah I think you have to get Fukuda I think that's where you need to be yeah that's insane that's a difficult one you did a very nice job there Chris very impressive we don't have to keep doing it this is just something the audience asked for I know I'm like driven like I really want to get this I would love for you to get it because then I'm gonna get the platinum trophy this time fuck okay uh I gotta plan this out more momentum Oh it's showing you a ghost – of your last room yeah yes I assumed that guy guy yeah I think so you got damn it oh that goes as the strapping shit yeah it actually is I don't like it you probably turn it off that's insane this is really hard actually that is wild yeah it's very hard very difficult fuck that's a good that's a good I'm curious as to how people do it and they're actually watching I watched a bunch of videos and still couldn't replicate them really I know that it was like very grenade heavy there are people that like just run like don't even like stop at all I think people have like destroyed the time what do you like and you have to kill him though right you do but I think people just like throwing grenades in certain places and like just shooting and not missing wild yeah there was like some people that like really because this is a rigged I'm telling you I was actually kind of relieved to see that it's still really rare because I always having so much trouble getting that plat you know or that that bronze trophy that I don't feel that's stupid about it anymore yeah I don't know I wonder what the plausibility of any of this it's tough man it's tough tough tough sup this is way hard I'm ready yeah you could start I didn't agree start the menu I don't think you need to um oh yeah perfect that's awesome this this ghost is awful okay yeah see if you can go into the uh-hmm I just wonder if there's any way to shut the ghost off hmm doesn't look like yeah if you care you know uh yeah it doesn't look like it yeah that's a no it sucks it's such a distracting thing to I guess if you don't see it you know you're doing yeah yes so it's like oh man all right here we go we're beginning it automatically and finally though yeah that's weird that like it better yep nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice nice yes yes yes yes what oh yeah yeah yes yes what it sounds like when I have sex yes come on yes yes damn it the momentum yeah it's really tricky there's no room for error no there's just simply no room for our be you're gonna be you're all top there you go I'm and I'm like shaving off like seconds like the individual seconds milliseconds at a time 37 so you said 37 is the next all right huh I need to get a different day I don't like that one that explodes immediately yeah oh DMR wait a minute oh no no I don't need that what did I have before I don't remember I don't remember either I wasn't that one wasn't that one that heavy machine gun might be good because it's probably somewhat accurate but I mean you think so I think I was a shotgun mm-hmm I wonder if that would help actually with the spread ah come in I guess shotgun might be the answer yes yes how damn it flipped you far away from fuck this is hard man this is actually cool it's actually like it's like I love I love it when I have something like this though any game really cuz this should have noise like fuckin oh my god annoys me so much girls like yeah just see the thing about this is like like things like this make you really feel like you're improving that's true that's true I think I just give up too easily something oh oh yeah yeah yeah yeah I distracted myself of how good that was Wow fuck they gotta fix this I thought it was just a fluke what is happening what are the odds of that happening I wonder if this is a common thing happening on titanfall with the combo maybe this is why it's so freakin rare I wonder if we should just disconnect from the internet maybe maybe yeah let me see the controller where you put all of this because that's pretty wild yeah it's actually freezing up the people yeah yeah which is a little strange I've never encountered this by the way that's weird I've never encountered a crash screen like that where it doesn't immediately crash yeah what is happening here what is this noise oh my god doesn't want us to do this maybe this is like a common thing and that's why it's so rare yeah that's cuz it's crashing whenever you're doing what yeah it's like the second you get close to just crashing easy we'll try one more time the internet is not connected it shouldn't matter do you think it would be an internet thing this is really I don't know it could be I gotta remember what I did I had a frag grenade and a shotgun the crashes again that is a sign from yeah that's a sign that is crashing we're playing by the way on a ps4 Pro on a digital copy of the game that I downloaded off the store yesterday it's fully updated yeah there's no reason why this shouldn't work so I don't really understand she's kind of wild this is the cost of Star Wars that oh this is the cost of Apex legend yeah exactly all right all right man I felt something I felt something in that one that wasn't such a good one that was going so well yeah you were so impressed with your own grenade throw you had to look that way to cost you everything yeah cool guys do indeed looking explosions if they make them man I love this game I forgot him the load I forgot how tight the like the controls are in this like it really does feel great it's funny that when I picked up the plate it did feel like double jumping and shooting and stuff like it's you kind of just remember I guess you know yeah I haven't played this in at least a year so it's kind of interesting that it just sort of I guess it's not that complicated muscle memory you just say it is it does control pretty much like every other FPS it's just like more jumping and you kind of know what the jump button is already all right I like that shotgun run frag really that frag grenade yes there we go oh man we're good okay keep your wits about you keep your wits about you yes yes that is right I hope that got all of them I'm just going to assume it yeah you got to be confident be confident oh yeah Chris you are you are closing the gap my friend oh yes oh my god Chris Chris talking about cuz you miss one of them so it is good damn it okay was the grenade one all right wheezes you are on to it now my doing I can do it oh man sign a bitch and I have to do with the ghost again all right oh yeah oh yeah yes oh yeah oh yeah how do you I fucked that up I'm not confident that one toka son Chris is getting into the zone now yeah I also want to comment this is basically a this is Crash Team Racing all over you everything rides on this everything that's my job everything rides on it that's fucking dramatic as shit please please hit him dammit okay alright come on the freakin wall man yeah yeah that's not going goddamn it Chris you are on to it I'm feeling something and I really like this is what this is what I like about these kinds of things is because like you feel yourself like a sending like ah man I'm at a different plane of existence than I was even moments ago so excited right now did I get that a second one I think so there's no time to look yeah yes this grenades tricky yes oh no okay okay that's alright come on fucking run you bitch you son of a bitch how did I get that perfect jump that one time I don't know how I did it I even know what I did to mmm I was a nightmare fuck I feel it this is gonna be so boring for a lot of people but I know this is what they voted for you get what you asked for and if we don't get it we don't get it we try again the answer one there is no it's not the end of the world Chris because now you'll you'll be you'll remember it and you'll be marinating on it and so it will naturally become better oh shit you can't ah you're still ahead alright we're on another look okay oh my god it's this wall I don't know how to I don't know what I did I mean you're so close you're so close I wonder if you pile them all there yeah so you killed everyone you killed everyone there did I yeah if you didn't got a you think okay okay so I think I understand I think I have to use especially when I'm at the end here I've got to use these walls to my advantage because like you you're way faster on the walls than you are on right on the ground on the ground there we go well you know what actually would help wait a minute I think this is a thing oh yes oh you could you could increase the field of view I wish it I wish you could do this on most FPS is but you can't will that help you yeah most excellent I don't think I've ever messed with a with that setting before in any game just gives you a better view of like everything mmm it makes everything smaller I guess borrow farther away well it yeah yeah pretty well makes it feel faster also helps you yes not Feliz yes oh not we're good my freaking ghost is an asshole oh no the ghost keeps insulting you basically insulting your name yeah oh yeah that was right having you to take my yeah oh my god we're getting close it's gonna be terrible alright alright it's gonna be like a lot of exhaling don't forget to breathe yes the shotguns definitely the answer yeah for sure yeah you got pop that motherfucker rating is melon yeah yeah oh yeah you're good good I think 33 seconds is the kill fuck what is it what am i I missed someone I missed someone – who did I miss yeah I guess can you throw more than one grenade at a time maybe when those three guys are gay there do you mind one of her maybe one perhaps to chuck him just shit spam how was your ghost immediately ahead of you yes I think I don't understand you track so it's like ahead of you like by default maybe is my immediate assumption yeah see that's that's the style that I'm talking about right there yeah yeah kick him rate this fucking face oh come on Chris come on you're gonna cut the time down but it's not gonna be good enough yeah I know I did beat I did you get a better time you did what what is it that we can let so what the hell man that's insane 33 seconds on this is wild maybe I'll try a different route you know what yeah we'll go this way maybe that all I don't think how big so yeah that's a bad one now I didn't help at all that's so interesting what the hell am I missing I just don't get it this is fucked there's a fucked Ron he's so far ahead of me what did I do wrong man I could see why this is a 1.7 percent yeah makes sense the crazy thing to me though is that like I always loved when the hard Trophy the hardest rope in a game is usually you know the Platinum is usually the rarest but if you get a trophy like this you might as well just get them all cuz you just got you just got the one that's fuckin straight-up impossible yeah it's always this one god it's tough no this is the this is the key part Oh see that's an interesting little technique you did there yeah I don't know if it paid off though I'm getting the same exact fucking time I know by the way why shave how do we shave four seconds off that anymore sliding I think it was like some kind of some kind of trick about like jumping and like landing into a slide that was like faster or something but I'm not sure if that's actually yeah that doesn't feel like it's faster what a hard game I love this yeah it's very different getting the itch like I might go home and do this look like or try it well we can always try again if we don't get it soon yeah what are we at right now the recording oh let me see 28 minutes and change dude do you want to call it you want to just sit on it for a little while oh I'll do I'll do I'll try one more I feel like there's something there's something here I'm feeling like I'm getting stronger oh you know what it is I should use this in the beginning and then train yeah that we don't the read out the refill so after reload as often might be hard to hit him though oh you know what it's not your ghost I don't think maybe maybe it's the ghost of the person who's right ahead of you right oh yeah that makes sense you know it is it's like every time you turn you lose momentum yeah so it's like you have to basically be facing them every time which might be that might be a good way to nice see you got that's perfect oh yeah come on come on my man oh you're so fucking close come on ah 36 at least yeah that's now I think we're three seconds off are you real not even fuck me nah dude three two point seven two points Tarzan this is crazy that's awesome I had no idea that it was this hard I actually gave up on this because I thought it was gonna be easy oh man I don't know we can call it whatever you want you wanna keep going you should here's the here's I'll do one more okay and that's it okay but like I this is something that will like will come this is the kind of thing that if I'm starting if I play this on my own with nobody else around me I'll be here until like literally the Sun Goes Away because like I just feel challenged I feel like my honor is being tested I'm not doing bad though come on yeah see you got like I so fucking fast yeah wonder how he's getting ahead of you like that but you see you're nailing this you're nailing it yeah this part I got down pat it's the freaking slow down nice all right Chris you're so close I'm the fuck on dude ah I missed again whatever alright guys sad is hard man so you got to get that bat that bounce so it doesn't when those guys are in a triangle you gotta get the bounce higher so that the grenade lands yeah not behind one of the barriers I think doc man this is a satisfying challenge I like this I'm glad this is in here the game still looks really good yeah honestly it presents it presents pretty well except for when it crashes yeah it hasn't happened since we disconnected I think that must have something to do with it that's really weird but yeah I guess that's it I think that's probably a good time to stuff I don't imagine that like I'm gonna be able to shave off any more than I've shaved off well let's revisit it in the future then we sure we did pretty good though we're up what are we fifth yeah we're only two point six five seconds I think two point seven second something like that I don't know I'm so sure I could do this ah well why don't you go home and practice if you like I will and then if we can do it again we'll try again yeah that sounds like a good plan yeah well good work Chris you did a nice job today oh he's gonna look at them we'll do it like it a little outro outro sequence so that's our let's play for titanfall 2 as requested by the audience again we were unable to secure the trophy this time but we will try again in the future we did fulfill a vote on patreon.com slash Colin's last stand where you guys support us and pick let's plays everyone Chris just came down hard on that dude's head now he's shooting a pistol but we'll come back to this I feel like we're on the precipice of something special here yeah I feel like Chris is almost there so we'll we'll keep this in the in the rotation and come back to in the future because I feel like we have unfinished business here with titanfall 2 for sure that's a good launch but Chris thank you for your time thank you everyone out there for your support you love your kindness we hope you enjoyed this let's play it was fruitless this time but it's a lot of yeses yes yes yes yes and we'll see you next time thank you so much for your love your kind of sport goodbye

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    Convential wisdom dictates to play the campaign first to gain the skills and experience before going back to attempt the trophy.

    I, on the other hand, took it upon myself to master the training course first and then proceed to play the game. The rest of the campaign was cake compared to this trophy.

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