9 Signs Showing You Are A Spiritually Gifted 😱🤯

nine signs showing you are a spiritual person spiritual people look very similar to the common people and hence difficult to be identified they are usually not dressed in white blue or ochre dress they don't necessarily keep beard or shave their heads they don't live in forests caves or in Himalayas they live around you but you fail to identify them you are often deceived by the appearance and get trapped by the cheats who claim to be spiritual people however it is not very difficult to identify the truly spiritual people you can easily identify spiritual people by the identifying these nine characteristics in their personalities one synergy between words and action the actions of a spiritual person are always in harmony with his words he speaks only what he truly believes most people preach equality yet they treat themselves as superior to others while they may ask people to lead a simple life they themselves live in palatial houses and wear expensive clothes and ornaments a spiritual person does not say anything which is impractical he demonstrates the practicability of his principles by following the words spoken by him to self-realization one has to make a distinction between a scholar and a spiritual person any person with good memory can remember each word of a scripture and prove anything by the strength of logic a scholar always supports his arguments with some reference to other studies or scriptures however a spiritual person is a self-realized one whose knowledge has emerged from within thus he instead of having knowledge has become knowledge as his persona has become one with God his explanations emerge directly from his sullen convince people rather than asking people to get convinced because someone has said so or something as written in the scripture or some study has proven something three peace a spiritual person is one whose soul has become one with God thus he knows the world from a much wider perspective his mind is at peace like the water in the depth of a sea he knows that everything that happened in the world has some logic in it no the cause and effect through his intuition hence he is always at peace and does not feel disturbed by the mundane things of the world which are like waves on the surface of an ocean fool indifference to physical appearance spirituality is complementary to materialism just like spirit is complementary to body one who focuses on body alone cannot focus on spirit so a spiritual person is indifferent to the physical appearance of himself and others he does not identify a person from his exterior appearance but identifies him from his soul hence if a person wears designer clothes and focuses on being physically attractive he has least chances of being spiritual it is no surprise that most spiritual people keep beard which actually covers the physical attractiveness of the body five unconditionally loving love is the most important characteristic of a spiritual person he does not hate anyone including the criminals and terrorists it may sound weird and impossible to an ordinary man but not to the spiritual person just as we all like everything about ourselves including our not-so-perfect body in the same way for a spiritual person there is no feeling of other so he can identify even with his enemies six the quality and just God has created everyone equal even though he has given everyone a different role however man puts material value on human beings on the basis of demand and supply for example the president of a nation is far more valued than the ordinary sweeper because there is only one president and a large number of aspire uns however it cannot be denied that both are essential for the nation a spiritual person on the other hand never distinguishes people on the basis of their religion caste economic status or position in the society as he is able to see everyone with equal vision seven devoid of passion a spiritual person is never in a hurry as he does not have lost or passion for anything a man of passion always has to do something thus he feels Restless all the time however a spiritual person knows his role in the scheme of things and does what is in the best interest of the world he is a yogi who has complete control over his body senses and mind in the words of Lord Krishna who sees an action in action and action in inaction he is enlightened among men he is a yogi he has done all he needs to eight humility a spiritual person is always humble as he sees God in every being and considers every being as the extension of his own self that he is merely a tool in the hands of God and that he has been sent in this world to perform a particular function an element of pride in him the need for humility was demonstrated by Jesus himself when he washed the feet of his disciple 9 compassion and forgiveness a spiritual man is the most forgiving as he knows that everyone will be judged as per his deeds by God he never puts himself in the place of God and never judges a person by his own standards even if someone has wronged him or wronged other persons he always seeks forgiveness from God for him thus instead of hating a person whose action is not in conformity with his desire or with the scripture he shows compassion for all Jesus demonstrated the act of forgiveness when despite being crucified by the Jews he sought forgiveness from God for them aid forgive them father they don't realize what they're doing why do you need to identify a spiritual person it is wisely said that a man is known by the company he keeps if you live in the company of materialistic men you become materialistic and if you live with spiritual people you tend to be spiritual in order to live a balanced and fulfilled life we must learn to become spiritual because man is a spiritual being Jesus in his first teaching said man does not live on bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God man suffers pain when he ignores the need of spiritual awakening in him and tries to live on bread alone like any other animal everyone can listen to the words of God if he awakens his spiritual self LSP ritual person must identify and learn the words of God from the people who have evolved higher in their spiritual journey the nine identifications discussed above can help a person in identifying the truly spiritual person and undertake the journey that is towards God or spirit development of these nine characteristics in self can make a person spiritual and selfless [Applause] you

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  • Taneeka smith says:

    This is beautiful

  • Taneeka smith says:

    This a beautiful video

  • Arthur Punau says:

    Ashley Holleran and Arthur are both Spiritual <3<3<3

  • marina garcia says:

    I thought I was until hearing that spiritual people even love terrorists and people that murder. I guess I no longer apply according to this video. Think it’s human nature regardless to feel resentment and anger with murder. God understands, we are not robots.

  • Anna thetomgirl 16388 says:

    It's an amazing video.

  • Raul Rags Reyna says:

    Life is very very beautiful that's why we are here in this Earth that God gave us and I look to the sky and say when am I going to die and how I'm going to die

  • Reddy Sriram says:

    THANKYOU my Lord for giving the wonderful message. GOD BLESSYOU

  • Rosie stewart says:

    hate to be a critic, but want to draw your attention to a small error, which many people make. the jews did not crucify jesus. they asked for him to be killed, but could not legally do that. the romans carried out the sentence.

  • Todoroki Is Bae says:

    I’m nothing, I don’t have any talents, no one loves me, I’m not spiritual 😔

  • Infinitum says:

    Examine your own rationale , think right and so live right – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5K2Kf0UaS18&t=756s

  • Brendalina Generoso says:


  • Arthur Punau says:

    Sharing w/ Jenna & Ashley 💚

  • Nathanael EL says:

    Για ποιον μπορεί να
    γνωρίζει το πνεύμα, αλλά εκείνους που είναι πνεύμα

  • Yasmine Miller says:

    I…think I'm back

  • Savita Tiwari says:

    Very beautifully said👍👍

  • joseph becei says:

    I believe in you God and I love you I feel your LOVE inside me overflows and I am spreading it around to others in need what ever that may be knowing it is from you to them.LOVE YOU GOD

  • Carol Vevle says:

    I was told that I'm a light worker. Another person called me spiritual. I love our Lord Jesus Christ our Savior. I fight for the entire world as much as I can, but I must add one thing: People can recognize our goodness & forgiveness & will put you through Hell. God removed my husband & now my children, but am I angry, no. I realized He, our Almighty, took pure evil away from me, so I can move onto to completing His masterpiece. My family has put me in danger & help to wreck my health. Sadly I must do God's biding & I'm so willing to be his Masterpiece. I'm divorcing my husband & my family, because they are trying to destroy me. Do not hate them & will pray for their soul. To fake loving God is against God. If you love someone, let them go. If they love you, they will be back!

  • Insights of Gurmat & Sikhism says:

    Really helpful , appreciate this

  • Ark Benjamin 4LOVE4LIGHT4ALL4GOD says:


  • Miss Tery says:

    Who cares if you are… I can SEE!!! But I don't care to share it with others I don't trust it like people and I wish for people to leave me alone

  • Lorna Brazzleton*Bey says:

    Allahu Akbar For thiz confirmation of Miselvez.💋💕

  • agnelo rodrigues says:

    You are Bullchit

  • Tresa Hedgepeth says:

    I've, got it thanks..

  • Neha shikha dungdung says:

    Thank you so much you made me feel at home.

  • Neha shikha dungdung says:

    I do hold above things but I'm not so talented. In the wind of sufferings and mournings they forced me to forget who I am. But I know who I am. Big war is going between the two parties for me, I requested them that I want peace but they really are animals. So I'm leaving the place. There is no use of fighting if I'm not there. My life is going on like a movie.

  • Amber Orgonite says:

    I must disagree with the no passion. If there is no PASSION
    Then it's NOT LIVING!

  • Vandessa Daniels says:

    Spiritual person ,self realization , spiritual person , loving,Humility ,compassionate forgiveness spiritual self,

  • Jussara Arundel says:

    Nine fruits of the Holy Spirit are…

    Self control

  • Dianna Wilson says:

    Animals and babies love me too..i feel connected yo Jesus all the time..i see God in every thing I do..i wake up in conversation with God and I go to sleep everynight in conversation with him after prayer..sounds crazy but i ask God about everything from the colors i wear that day to what i cook for dinner, as im cooking how much salt or pepper..i say grace and the food is so much better than before..everything is better when your thankful for it…id rather be a Gods fool and beleive in him forver than mans fool and beleive in nothing.

  • Dianna Wilson says:

    Fits me to a T…thought so..

  • Golla Ramesh chandra says:

    wrong spirituality

  • dana m says:

    This is very true yet the video images are in contrast to the message … only lovely humans are seen . None of the average woman , mother, father. If visual beauty is unimportant then the video models should be adjusted to represent simplicity and not only what could seem as idealistic notions . The visuals should only match the message . Otherwise its very accurate and inspiring .

  • Luv-Truth says:

    Wooow So good and TRUE. I love how they did this but kept it on God Yahweh & Yahshua aka Jesus…VERY GOOD!!

  • Gram gram L says:

    Sounds like me. I have empathy for all no matter what the situation is. I believe we are all equal no matter who has what or who doesn't have! Materialistic things means nothing to me. Thank you for this video!

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