7 Prophetic Warnings Lester Sumrall Gave Over America That Ring True

America is in worse condition than this
nation socata don’t understand this at all he says you’re going to sing and
says here’s seven things to watch and God gave me seven things that I must
observe the number one was America will depart from its historic faith now at
that time if the Supreme Court hadn’t done any of those strange things such as
permission to kill unborn babies and given such rights to homosexuals you see
now that it happened and God said there will be an amazing departure from the
faith and he says in first Timothy 4:1 the spirit speaketh expressly that in
the latter times some shall depart from the faith that says this is that time
for a departure from the faith that was overwhelmed God says go helps save
America that America is the bastion of freedom on planet Earth if America Falls
the whole of Western culture goes down with it
go Bless America and help save America I spent most of my adult life as a
missionary from the time I was 20 years old until that time and a hundred
nations of the world and I said lord I am I am your servant I would do whatever
he said perfect I’d like to tell you that America will endorse pagan
religions as to what do you mean he says America will endorse all the
pagan religions Hinduism Buddhism Mohammed isn’t oh I said no not for sure
I had been to India for there’s Hinduism it hasn’t done anything for those people
I walked through the Arab cities thousands of times has done anything for
their poverty as I’ve seen Buddhism either chained in
Japan it he has no nothing for them it isn’t lifted ever now made them
prosperous he said America will endorse pagan religions just like Israel dead in
the Old Testament after I had blessed after I helped then they turned from me
to other religions I said in my office or the most polluted people you’ve ever
seen writing it all down don’t that you will see it you will certainly see it
and I want you to know that Hinduism in many forms growing in this country today
the Hara Christmas mostly led by young Americans are showing that Hinduism
can’t grow in this climate of unbelief and materialism and I country today and
they come saying were full of love they’ve told me that so many times and I
said well I wish you could get full of God because he is love and then you know
what you were talking about and the Lord spoke to me and said not only were they
turned from those religions but they will also endorse doctrines of devils
that’s in first Timothy four and one that men should apart from the faith
giving heed to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils the devil gives
birth to two doctrines such as reincarnation the Bible says is
important to man once to die and after that the judgment
never again on planet Earth that he had cooked that up from the devil and many
people in our country are believing it today you said what the role of the
devil’s daughter’s the Diplo’s doctors are don’t believe that Jesus Christ is a
savior for the whole world that he is just a tribal God just for the Americans
the English knee and they British in the German you see is it but not not a
worker don’t we the Jesus Christ blood can cleanse from sin
Oh nobody that would get better better better better by working your way up the
ladder better and don’t believe that Jesus Christ is ever coming back to this
earth to receive his own under himself these are doctrines of devils know that
they don’t want you to read the truth and the Lord spoke to me further and
said I’d like to confirm this further with you there will be six in worship
not to see the religions but there will be Satan worship or people will worship
DLC bother were they will well they will worship Lucifer well they will have
rituals of human sacrifice and and they will be arising on Satan Russia in that
country sitting in downtown Manila and the heart of that country I just
couldn’t believe it God said oh this is why I want to send you back home you
know all these places you’ve been there you know what their religion did for
them in their native spot it kept divor in another spot and that the people will
not know and they will believe a lie and they will be damned says you must go
help save America and he said I won’t tell you something I’m going to give you
1 million souls on television alone you’re going to win them to me on
television so I told my wife I said honey we got to go to America to live
she what – she’s a missionary I first met her in Argentina and she was already
a missionary and the revolutionaries together for all these years the gun
said wait I have more for you he said in America that will become a spirit of
rebellion as you’ll see and labor unions therefore no cause at all they’ll have a
strike says month at a festival power prestige the face
on the news and in the newspapers says there will be anarchy among the youth
running through the streets throwing bottles and sticks and games and all
kinds of things rebellion rebellion on the campus where you keep how have
school little more not only the university’s high school another high
school junior high school he said that be rebellion at a home women were not
want to live with their husbands want to live a gay life out there without
responsibilities husbands are saying or live with their
families but go out for do that which is unseemly for a man who was the husband
he was a father now I can’t tell you what went on inside of me because this
was several years ago so there to be a spirit of rebellion that he were being
the whole of the social structure of our country that it would not be just in one
part of it but in the total social structure there would be rebellion in
touch at the greatest place of rebellion or be in the home a place that used to
be a place of tenderness love comfort then it will become a place of war there
was not laughing stop playing with one another and start
fighting each other homes will be destroyed people get married one time
two times three times four times little children drugged from place to
place to place wonder who to love and who to hate and I said that could it be
is ours brought up a nun and a loving home with a loving mother and I lived
around people whose homes are secured and strong and great and I couldn’t you
know I couldn’t accept it God said you will see it you will see it
with your own eyes he says some coast to coast in your land
there will be like a tornado ripping through Turing structures to pieces
business with other pieces because of divorce homes are go to pieces lives and
go to pieces people will become so confused they have to go into special
hospitals because they have broken down the very fabric it creates a society is
broken down and it’s spirit of rebellion screaming each other hating each other
that it will boil like a tornado twisting homes and twisting people at
twisting families at to pieces I sit there in my office of Manila and I was
weeping I said Lord I’m so sorry to hear I don’t know what to do it how can I do
no it says you could go and warn them tell them that I told you before it came
to pass and so the thing will know it for sure that these are part of the last
days when we predict for that 2000 ad that we must not be part of that
rebellion many students leave school today because they’ve been there and a
fusili they don’t know very much and when they leave there they are totally
better against teachers against the police against their family and many of
them roll the highways and the streets of our great cities full of rebellion
and hate against society it can become a revolution it can become a terrible
thing maybe that’s the reason crime has risen so high is because of a spirit of
rebellion in our country and that you and I should do something about it I saw
there and I was writing between the tears
I seen God my country I having seen this type of thing in my
country yet I said how could it be God said I wish to tell you more and I said
yes as he spoke gently to me he said America
will have a tremendous change in its morals an amazing change in its morals I
never could have believed that officials principals and teachers and schools with
hand condoms to a young man and say don’t make the girl pregnant you see
you’ve told me that absence are crazy but God told me that he told me he said
so far in America homosexual ISM has been practiced behind closed doors it is
a spirit that comes upon a man to cause him to lust for the body of another man
in Romans 1 in 24 it says God said that a man would give themselves to
uncleanness through lust of their own of their own hearts in verse 25 it says
these words who knowing the judgment of God I think the people of this world
understand and know the judgment of God that they which commit such things are
worthy of death not just jail they were worthy of death and only I don’t need it
do the same but have pleasure in them that do them millions of persons that
are not homosexuals they stand up and say let them do it they have a right to
do anything they want to do but when they get AIDS they want everybody to
come to their protection and come to their help very few laypeople have any
idea the magnitude of age I’ve never heard one official a one man
Media and command say will it stop homosexual ISM and a man find a girl
rather than an abnormal situation of ticking a man to be a lover how do we
just change our weight nobody says that they say take billions of dollars of
taxpayers money and try to stop aids if you did another disease that break out
just as deadly but they won’t be able to do it they don’t know how to heal
most major diseases they can’t handle cancer they spent hundreds of millions
trying to think they don’t know what to do with it the things that have a young
man until he can get to God until he gets to know God until he loves and
serves God then of course he he is not he cannot do the things that God would
have him to do homosexual ISM is absolutely our normal
this venison is absolutely on normal and you have to be possessed of a spirit of
lust to carry it home and Jesus loves you he can set you free but God tobe
before you came out of the closet begin to march in front of the cameras but
then our main streets he told me it would happen and I have come home to
this nation to bless america God’s given me television stations in order to bless
america he has showed me that if we walk in his ways they’re good ways they’re
right ways they’re correct ways they’re happy ways and she walked in his ways is
I was writing in my desk and Manila Philippines that’s as I like to also
tell you that bestiality will come similar to homosexual ISM and that she
will see on your television screen and you will see in your news print I have a
Life magazine in my office right now were a woman naked in the upper parts of
her body is lying the full length of a German police dog and they are sucking
each other’s tongues in the pitcher and for cover
there be a time and women will say in order to get my dog to be comfortable
and he get his nerves down we will have to uh we have to do this now it’s wrong
for human to have intercourse with an animal an event occurs chapter 20 and
verse 15 it says if a man live with a beast he shall surely be put to death
and ye shall slay the Beast they should both be put to death and if a woman
approached her to any beasts and lie down there – you see thou shalt kill the
woman and the beasts and they sir surely put to death their blood shall be upon
them that’s in the Book of Leviticus chapter 20 verses 15 and 16 and God told
me these things before they came to pass today they are coming to pass we need a
revival in America and that’s what God told me he only told me seven things and
the seventh one here was that like Daniel and Devon and I began to weep
before God not from Anila anymore but for my country when I came through this
country and and God told me he said but he wasn’t accepted – I shall pour out my
spirit upon all flesh and your sons and daughters shall prophesy your young men
shall see visions the old men shall dream dreams and on my servants my
handmaids I will pour out of my spirit in those days and they shall prophesy
these are the days of the greatest outpouring of the Spirit of God the
world has ever known there might be darkness
there’s also light there might be degradation but yet there is elevation
God wants to bless net not curse but you have to understand that the fabric that
put this universe together if the Sun did want to come up tomorrow it didn’t
come up and form says I’m tired of this around I want to hear something else
you’d have a mess up in your cosmic world the same is true in your model
world you mess it up and it’s messed up same is true the spiritual world
you mess it up and it’s not right and I don’t they don’t matter how will you
defend yourself and say you have rights you don’t really have any rights you
have some responsibilities and until we get to know that America needs revival
we are in the beginning of the greatest revival ever known among men there will
be those that will commit the things that we have talked about it in deep sin
and they’re going to be long to choose let us say this doesn’t satisfy and I am
NOT interested in it I want God and they are pouring on the Spirit of God in the
gifts of the Spirit and the miracles of heaven will take place that will shake
nation after nation upon the face of the circuit and I believe this will take
place before the year differences Western Europe and any other of the
nation’s other than Israel I believe that Western culture has been fulfilled
I think the times of the Gentiles has gone into a state of confusion at this
woman our whole modern world is confused politically financially economically
whatever it morally spiritually and there’s awful confusion on the face of
there as to how to conduct our own lives how to conduct our families and in our
country there’s a divorce for every two marriages a child born today only has a
50/50 chance of living with mom and dad that’s in our own land you can’t have a
good country that and now I hope you know that that
is a sick nation you know children growing up to hate they don’t know who
to like you know and so we need in this country a mighty revival of God we need
it but if it is prophetic and the end is coming and all we can do is warn you
don’t be part of the problem the cart of God’s answer and if you do that God will
certainly love you for it and

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  • Tracie Gracie says:

    Amazing how accurate his prophetic words were. The spirit of Jezebel and the dogs of hell have been unleashed upon this land. I pray for revival of this great land and the millions of souls that will be saved. Hallelujah!!

  • Walt Woolvett says:

    Thank you Jennifer

  • Cassie Miller says:

    Antifa rebelling in the streets.

  • Brenda Brown says:


  • Brenda Brown says:

    Wow 😮

  • Tracy Hodge says:

    It's 2019 and gay marriage is not only legal in all 50 states, aChristian baker was jailed, sued and run out of business for refusing to put 2 women on top of the cake, even though the baker agreed to sell the dolls but said you have to put them up there yourself. Everybody has the right to do and be any and everything except be a Christian and practice our faith. If we wanted to sacrifice a baby on the altar of Satan in the town square but not put up a nativity scene. Jesus is surely soon to return and to that i say, "HALLELUJAH!!!"

  • Frank Smith says:

    Hillary Clinton

  • snazzpatriot says:

    Dang, my Mom used to have this man of God, on the Car Radio. Now, it's so valid and manifest. God, please hear our prayer, we confess our sin, and seek your forgiveness, and we week your Face. Hear our prayer and restore our Land! Lands (Worldwide). Amen

  • Happy Ellsworth says:

    heres what this mason don't know the end has come and gone 1900=2012 we are in the kingdom from 2012 this country will never full GOD is the one that made this country not anti christ masons ..GOD is not the GOD of the jew myth old testament nothing bad can come from good who god is read all the new testament you see liars like this mason is putting seeds of evil in your mind it is ike this liar lived in another world telling how good the past was read history of what went on in the past 2000 years also death and sickness never came from GOD IT CAME OUT OF THE MONUT OF LIARS THIS MAN WHO has never known the real GOD HE BELIEVES THAT THAT MYTH god OF THE JEWS IS GOD …THE REAL GOD IS LOVE THAT IS WHO GOD IS SON OF THE ONE TRUTH hap


    may The LORD bless You all

  • luky boii says:

    Surely their conscious will kill them whilst alone at nights and the devil comes along 3am to torment YOU.
    If you do wake at 3am terrified remember the only one who can help you is our father who art in heaven hollowed be Thy Name Thy Kingdom Come Thy Will Be Done.
    Jesus Christ our Lord And God Will hear u.

  • luky boii says:

    Don't turn your back on the One who truly LOVES you.

  • Quintin Murphy says:

    crazy how this is so true in america today

  • Reverend Randal Westbury says:

    So this man says that if you're a homosexual you're not faithful. Wow, I'll pray for his soul.

  • Cathy Mccarthy says:

    We need to stop the transgender movement and pedophilia coming into the schools

  • Luke Good says:

    The good news about these horrific events is that Jesus is returning soon. He is the King of Kings.

  • marykrismoss says:

    15$ holy spirit mug from teespring…. WTFreakin" Hairy Potter Krishnas!!!

  • Susanna van Andel says:

    Thanks for this wonderful teaching
    Amen this is true I THANK GOD FOR LESTER SUMRALL

  • ViciousAlienKlown says:

    It's the Left who have brought this cancer to our country. Whether its Hinduism or Islam or athiests they all our working to erase our history, our faith and Jesus himself. The good news is that they lose in the end.

  • william browning says:

    Aug. 13- 2019. See Epstein, terrorist, leaders of countries and edu. You’ll see fulfillment of Prophecy. Even though this sprit has been here since Nimrod the Bible says it’s gonna be as in the days of Noah when only ONE man believed God. Mr. Sumrall has glorified God and is with the Lord now.

  • Dr Arden says:

    There is nothing to fear.

  • K J says:

    Sorry, but reincarnation was even taught by Jesus and only removed from the Church by the Satanic Council of Nicea.

  • MamaKat says:


  • Armand Childs says:

    Thank you, Jennifer Le’Claire ministries, for sharing this ministry. We all need to take heed. Glory to God!

  • CHARLES H Hazelbaker says:

    Lester was passionate for God and was right about our nation turning away from righteousness. I believe even Revelations speaks of the U.S. as being the beast from the earth that will enforce the mark of the first beast in Rev.13.This prophecy is important to understand. I urge you to watch Mark Woodman's video, "Who is the Antichrist".

  • Tasha Bennett says:

    Amen… STRAIGHT facts… Everything's happening.. I STAY woke.. THE Lord IS MY everything…

  • Estell Mccalip says:

    Admittedly these "observations" about America true. However, these so called "prophsies" are no more the conditions of America that "always" was. since America's beginning." America "began" with "freedom of religion," so why not Hinduism? Occultism/satanism has been practiced in the Christian churchs with its practice of "drinking blood" and "eating flesh" of Christ. America practices "blood sacrifices" by "every" war "innocent," and others blood is spilled and soaked into the soil. These are not "prophesies but reality." As for "disease?" America was conquered by from its "original" inhabitants," killing "millions" with the spread of the disease "small pox." Nothing list as prophesy of America was not occurring since her beginning only clothed in the covering of "religious deception." May the "truth" set our Creators children free.

  • John Brunskole says:


  • Jade Empress says:

    Oh wow it's already happening.

  • Sheila Marie says:

    Thank you for that teaching from one of the most anointed preachers of our time.

  • Alex Greece says:

    it's not just america it's the whole world .. like in the days of noah the whole world was corrupt before judgement came … Sir.Lester sumrall was a true man of God .. america must heed the warnings and repent & get right with Jesus Christ who has blessed this nation beyond measures.

  • John Nelson says:

    Our country America is the next Sodom and Gomorrah led by Israel to it's doom and only GODS chosen people will be saved💡The state of Israel has this funky attitude that they're the only chosen people by default but when all hell breaks lose there's going to be a whole lot of "PLEASE FORGIVE ME GOD CAUSE I DIDN'T KNOW" going around💡I'm so tired of all this P.C. POLITICALLY CORRECT way if thinking that's leading a lot of people to hell! A sinn is a sinn and being a homo and adulterous slutty person is being glorified in America like it's cute😕 i can't wait to see the looks on all those ugly faces when hell bursts lose so i can be the first to say i told you so👍

  • Alex Greece says:

    i was honored to meet this great man of God .. He had a deep passion for the healing of sick souls.

  • Father Lucifer says:

    These things were very obvious to many long before this speech. Actually it started hundreds of years ago. GW was a Mason not a Christian.

  • Pupdog Hero says:

    This man is speaking as a Prophet. He was gifted and blessed by God because he spoke so much TRUTH. Unfortunately, now this is considered Hate Speech!!! There are animal brothels in Europe already.

  • tamika jackson says:

    Our Heavenly Father said love thy God with all thy strength and do not worship false gods or idols. CHRIST taught us of Our Heavenly Father and his Holy Spirit and when we pray. False gods are fallen angels who wanted to be worship as gods including subliminal Santa Revelation Chapters 1 14 Old Testament and Our Heavenly Father called them false gods of fallen angels who wanted to be worship as gods including the archangel Gabriel who appeared to Mary and Muhammad.

  • tamika jackson says:

    The book of Enoch was removed from some Bibles by the Roman Catholic Church and during the days of the Fallen angels of Nephilim and Giants when they entering the daughters of men.

  • tamika jackson says:

    The Roman's change the Sabbath day Saturday to Sunday without authority from Our Heavenly Father and said that Christ died for sinners and gave him a Thorn Crown

  • tamika jackson says:

    Our Heavenly Father wrote the commandments first of thou shall not kill and Resurrected his son and others were being crucifix next to Christ and Mary did not oppose Roman laws of the Roman's who would use the crucifix cross on anyone who oppose Roman laws, she was compromised by the archangel Gabriel to watch the crucifix

  • tamika jackson says:

    Christ said even the ones who Pierce him will know his Vengeance and Gabriel is not exempt from his wrath especially with his Muhammad

  • tamika jackson says:

    Muhammad will always be in the tomb Allah left him there

  • tamika jackson says:

    Prophets like Moses had direct contact with Our Heavenly Father without submission of fallen angels of true prophets

  • tamika jackson says:

    The archangel Gabriel asked the devil for aide into stealing 7 stars from my head about his Muhammad and the Quran of whom take side counsel from fallen angels of false gods between serving Our Heavenly Father and his commandments of his Covenant

  • tamika jackson says:

    The archangel Gabriel blasphemy Allah name 99 times upon the Earth with Muhammad and kept visiting the Virgin Mary before the son of God Messiah was born and told her to rename the son of God Messiah to born Jesus Christ and gave her the Roman's Catholic Church

  • tamika jackson says:

    Inside the Roman's synagogues you'll see many idols of Mary in and outside of the Roman's Catholic synagogues on every cornerstone of Mary in nun like idols of Mary in human form of confessions rooms of a false god priest in human form under subliminal Santa and the archangel Gabriel who wanted to be worship as gods.

  • tamika jackson says:

    Our Heavenly Father called them false gods of fallen angels who wanted to be worship as gods and are apart of the 1/3 that fell from Heavenly Places

  • ANGEL OF GOD says:

    i was 14 in 1987….and i been saying this since 2012…..and homosexuality became legal than the abominable lgbt became reality now they want to lower the age of sexual concent so that pedos can benormalize…..next is bestiality then necrofilia what else are we waiting for we have traded our responsibilities for rights really well i am now down with this and i dont consent wtf seriously wtf…..wow ty for the video and much love from puerto rico to all….walks away shaking my head this is evil pure evil….this world is truly sad….

  • Sylvia Garcia says:


  • Les Snow says:

    Don’t be overcome by evil but overcome evil with good. Rom 12:21
    Thank you Jesus for the redemption provided to us through your blood.

  • Arizona Sky says:

    Lol! We aren't allowed to call them homosexuals anymore 🤣🤣🤣

  • Naz Far says:

    Everything has come true

  • Rene W says:

    All of these things are happening now🙏 We fight not against flesh and blood! Put on the whole armor of God🙏 Today is the day of Salvation! Tomorrow could be to late! Ask Jesus into your heart today🙏🕊

  • Vandes Jackson says:

    So basically I went to Theatre for OTHERS agenda. I knew something was wrong "You can fool alot of us but some you can't". We living in the last days. Get on your knees a pray because it just might Save you. And yes I am guilty to some of these things in this message of wrath and a reckless attitude.

  • Pseudo Smith says:

    "If i were the devil"
    Paul Harvey

  • Vetty Clarke says:

    The video THE RULER OF DARKNESS is a wonderful video showing an example of the snares of Satan on God's people.

  • Yahawah Bahasham Yahawashi says:

    Fool you can't save America!!! America is #1 on the Lords hit list

  • Frank Leon says:

    When you consider life in 2019 here in the states, you’d think he was describing our current climate vs. prophesying.

    This is as accurate as accurate can be.

  • Deborah Henry says:

    I used to watch this man years ago!! He truly had a Phrophetic Word from God! True today and more!

  • A CATAL says:

    I was warn about America, back in early 1990's, is changing to Communism, it also will become like Sodom And Gomorrah, then I found out about about our U.S. Government is founded by Luciferian occult. Also, America is part of Babylon the Great.

  • A CATAL says:

    Sadly our governments is run by pedophiles.

  • Alan Lehman says:

    THANK GOD—THIS is the TRUTH!!!

  • beppiek says:

    please know this that America was never a "true Christian" country…Its always been a mason country under the guise of "Christianity" The Masons still claim their Christian its always been a Sodom and GomorrahNOW ITS IN YOUR FACE

  • By his own right arm he brought salvation says:

    Pastor Sumrall America never had true faith in the God of the Bible (YAHUAH) to begin with.

  • fgnfwgnfgfrnhp35y says:

    how is prosperity a sign you have the right relgion? jesus taught us to NOT be rich. his was a message of love of your neighbors. get right with god.

  • A World Gone Totally Insane says:


  • lamp filled with oil says:


  • lamp filled with oil says:

    Um is that in the bible? Scratching my head

  • lamp filled with oil says:

    Ain't he a free mason.?

  • Paul v says:

    Not going to downplay his “prophecy “ but this wheel has been in motion since the free love in the 70’s and really since the beginning.This was recorded in late 80’s. Our forefathers would never believe how bad it is right now.

  • ozarkprepper1 says:

    Look how many people are bug eyed and possessed these days.Medical professionals call it narcississim. I say those folks have let a demon into their soul.

  • beppiek says:

    America was only great because of its FREEDOMS persay

  • John Connors 111 says:

    Everything came true even including Antifa Rioting in the Street. Now 9 Month Abortion

  • Carnetha Clark says:

    You are so right you have spoke nothing but the truth this world is going straight to hell with all the evil that's in it 🙏😢

  • Koffee Red says:

    Even as a child, I have always felt displaced in this world. Although I like breathing, I hate this world. I am not a scholar of theology, I know what resonates with my sprit, and this world does not. I truly believe that God (The Most High) is about ready to roll… I pray for guidance , contentment, and Gods will for my life. I do not judge humans, however I do judge their actions. This world is in a state of deception, confusion, it is so very sad. I will press on, I love you Father, no one can take that from me!

  • Unk777 says:

    ALL PRAISES BE TO JESUS CHRIST LORD of lords KING. of kings 7️⃣7️⃣7️⃣❤️✝🙏🏻MARANATHA

  • keri cooper says:

    18:45 he lites up like a cristmas tree tha GLORY of GOD IS ALL OVER HIM!! THANK U JESUS FOR POINTING THAT OUT TO ME LOVE U LORD!!💖💖💏


    Wow! It sure is easy to predict the future retroactively.

  • The Voice of The Lord Pastor Keith Watts says:

    The ONLY possible remedy for America is 2 chronicles 7: 14
    If my ppl who are called by my name ( christians) will humble themselves, pray, and seek my face ……. BUT THEY WONT DO IT! AMERICA WILL NOT REPENT! 🙏 So very sad!! Pride, self righteousness, vanity, self centerness, sodomy, homosexuality, ect has and is destroying America! And we the church REMAIN SILENT AS A WHOLE BECAUSE THE APOSTASY IN THE CHURCH IS OVERLY ABUNDANT, FOR THERES NO FEAR OR REVERENCE FOR A HOLY AND RIGHTEOUS GOD ANYMORE IN THIS COUNTRY!! THE INIQUITY INSIDE THE CHURCH ITSELF HAS DESTROYED ITSELF! NOT THE LOST PPL BUT THE CHURCH ITSELF! I know that this is a HARD TRUTH, but nevertheless it is TRUTH!! Jn 8: 36, 37. 🙏 😢

  • Bonnie Morris says:

    The church visible left the teachings of the early church long ago. It is no new thing.

  • SRSOS says:

    "MEGA' as in "I will take you MEGA money and put it in my MEGA bank account. lol

  • Joan Hage says:

    Pray to the almighty God to Deliver Us from Evil

  • Charles Heck says:

    Did he predict the Word Of Faith heresy?

  • Steve Fear says:

    He talks in whistles, I can't listen anymore

  • Miguel A. Garcia says:

    Sounds like hate speech to me……..

  • Gwen Defir says:


  • Dee Rosser says:

    Idiot talk. They didn’t want to give homosexuals rights because they were the ones responsible for flipping many of them. Meaning they rape little kids. Some of the same sex. All pretenders trying to trick people into following them.

  • Dee Rosser says:

    Why do Americans think they are the chosen few or the God’s chosen people? The very ones who have infiltrated and destroyed many a people.

  • Dee Rosser says:

    White delusion at its finest.

  • Dee Rosser says:

    Americans are full of shit. What freedom? There is no freedom. Lay down with the whore, do as she says or spend your time miserable. Freedom? Just because you don’t have documented slaves does not mean this is a land of freedom. You all have tried to manipulate and control every government and person with a mass following into doing it your way or no way. America is the land of freedom in comparison to what other country?

  • Dee Rosser says:

    God bless the world and free it from white man delusion.

  • Dee Rosser says:

    You should’ve quit.

  • Dee Rosser says:

    Please quit. You’re not hearing from God, you’re hearing from your own brain, you’re own racist ideologies. Just like that idiot named Trump.

  • Dee Rosser says:

    I guess God brought the US wealth. I guess stealing, overthrowing governments, enlisting free and cheap labor, etc had nothing to do with US wealth.

  • Dee Rosser says:

    White ideologies at its finest.

  • Dee Rosser says:

    The Poisoning of the Planet
    Starring: White boys

  • Val Secrease says:

    Wow….all of this is NOW…..take a look at what we are finding out about many of our own politicians….satanic worship is rampant…and I know God can't be happy…waiting for Jesus' return…I pray it is soon.

  • Elishia Malone says:

    Yes Lord we are living in the last days! We are being persecuted daily. The enemy is taking a lot of minds away threw TV, radio and any Communication he can use. Get closer to God. Lord I pray for our babies whom will live in evil times.much worst than the past. Jesus we need your help!

  • Feb Sun says:

    11:10 yes and that is happening!

  • Matthew Thomas says:

    It is good to be mindful of these warnings

  • Matthew Thomas says:

    I am your servant Lord. I will do ask you ask Father

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