4 Money Beliefs That Limit Your Wealth Inside and Out w/ Kate Northrup

hey it's marie forleo and you are watching marietv the place to be to create a business and life you love I got a question for you to ever feel like you self-sabotage around money ever wonder if you have some limiting beliefs from childhood that are holding you back whether you've got mountains of debt or you just can't seem to get ahead most of us have a next financial level that we would love to get to if that sounds like you you are in for a treat today because you're going to learn about for money beliefs that may be holding you back and how to fix them Kate Northrup is the best-selling author of money a love-story untangle your financial woes and create the life you really want she created financial freedom for herself at the age of 28 through building a team of more than a thousand wellness entrepreneurs in the network marketing industry her philosophy is that if you free yourself financially you can be fully present to your purpose on the planet she's been featured on The Today Show The Huffington Post glamour and more miss Kate Northrup Hey Hey thank you so much for being on marietv thank you so much for having me so I just got to say once again money a love story amazing book by Kate if you don't have it go out and get it ASAP so um so let's talk money because you know we've been friends for years and I love talking about money I think it's an amazing topic it's an integral part of our lives I'm really passionate about it and you know so many people especially this time in the world so many people are struggling financially and a lot of people aren't and so there's really a possibility for us all to get to that next level I'm curious why are you so passionate about this topic I really see money as a tool for people to be able to show up in a bigger way money is neither negative or positive it's just is a tool for us to make change and if we've got a lot of financial chaos going on we're worried about how am I going to put food on the table how am I going to pay the rent oh my goodness where's the mortgage going to come from that takes up a lot of bandwidth a lot of our creative bandwidth a lot of our power bandwidth and we're not able to show up in the same way as if our financial lives were in order and kind of taken care of so that we could then come over here do the things that are higher leverage that are really of service so getting it together financially is really just a vehicle for being to show being able to show up more fully in your purpose yeah I mean I agree with that 100% I think you know my story where I started out thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars in debt and it sucked it was really hard to think about how to create everything when I was like oh my god am I going to have enough to pay rent or to eat or anything like that and I know for you you've come a very far way in a short couple of years personally financially so can you tell us a little bit about your story and how big of a change you've made in these past couple years sure so I moved to New York when I was 22 and I promptly got myself into about $20,000 worth of credit card debt probably a little bit more at some points yeah and I didn't even know that that was the number until several years in because I had my head dipped so deeply in the sand avoiding looking at it yeah I just was like I'll just spend and spend spend and they were on things that were like business stuff and courses like it's not like I had a closet full of Jimmy Choos but it was still way beyond my means yeah and I noticed I was so unconscious about money and I was so avoidant and I was so scared to look at the whole truth I have a question so would you like get bills like they would come in and you just wouldn't open them you like stick them in a drawer yeah so did you pay minimums okay I just I knew what my minimum was on every card and I had a lot of them yes so it was like this kind of shell game where I would just pay a little more than the minimum which made me feel like oh I'm making a little progress but I really wasn't and I was just in this quagmire and I felt really inauthentic because I was out running a business I was teaching women about different streams of income and thinking in new ways about cash flow but behind the scenes I had all this financial chaos and I knew I wasn't taking responsibility for it the whole thing it felt really really awful and it wasn't I mean it was it was that way around the time that you and I met yeah and I was hiding it really mm-hmm that's so interesting and so you were hiding it from most of the world publicly so how long did it take for you to reach that breaking point where you're like okay I've had enough I got to handle this like I can't do this anymore it just hurts too much it was about four years really yeah it was four years of I always was a good earner so like it was never like I couldn't eat or anything I I could always just kind of keep just my little nose above the sir yes Hillary yeah and and it was about four years that I finally kind of sat myself down and said you know what enough is enough and and I realized that I was holding myself back from being able to be in my full ability to make change in the world by being in financial chaos I knew that that was a way I was keeping myself small yeah and so I just finally decided to do something about it and so let's fast-forward so what are the numbers like how much debt did you get yourself out of and how fast did you do it when I really made some significant changes in my life I was in about twenty thousand years probably twenty-one thousand and six months later I had paid it all off basically in one fell swoop Wow doubled my income and doubled my savings and it was amazing what happened when I just got my rear in gear and made some critical mindset shifts which we're gonna talk about today yes and it all worked out yeah well it's kind of shocking actually yeah isn't it amazing when that happens and when you actually tell the truth and stop lying not leaving the truth yeah so huge it is so huge I know it can feel so scary I it's not about money but back in my early 20s when I was engaged to be married to someone that I didn't I knew I wasn't going to marry but I was terrified of breaking it off because our phone our finances were commingled and I was just so scared I only lasted about six months in a lie but living that lie I think we've all experienced that on some level where you know something is not right you're hiding something big but you don't have the courage quite yet to break through and so I love this topic because we're going to dive into these money beliefs they're almost like money lies that we're telling ourselves and if you could just tell yourself the truth there's this incredible opening that can happen and literally your whole life really can change just by changing something on the inside and yeah yeah doesn't have to take a long time yeah I've had some stories from clients and friends and people that we've had some tough money conversations not tough between us personally but just being there and supporting them through it and watching how quickly things can turn around even if I've had some people that been in like hundred thousand two hundred thousand dollars debt even if that number doesn't go away as quickly as yours did it goes down really fast but more importantly who they are in the world changes so significantly and that's the whole point yeah it's not about the money yeah so so and it's not about money and it is about me so okay so let's get into it so you say we have we're gonna focus on four beliefs today and the first one that holds us back is someone else should or will do this for me we take our financial power and we just give it to somebody else really it's like so much easier really to just say like hey Marie will you just do this for me or hey boss can you just do this for me or hey prince charming future husband who hasn't showed up yet like he'll probably take care of it for me so I'll just bide my time yeah and keep being irresponsible until that point for me it was that I hoped that my mom would just take care of it for me someday really yeah it's so embarrassing to even just say that right now but it's true I wrote about it in my book so it's out yeah and and that is symptomatic of us really feeling like we're not enough to do it right and it's just saying well this is too scary I don't have what it takes I'm not smart enough and whatever and so we wait and we never turn on our full potential because we're hoping somebody else will swoop in at some point and save us yeah it's a big one I mean there's certain there's certainly been areas in my life where I was thinking that someone else was going to handle it for me I'm pretty sure money was set back in the day and it's like now it's almost feels like a different human being that used to think that way but it is it's a big one yeah absolutely okay so belief number two I'm not good with money this is a big one this is a really big one have you ever seen a baby be born and be able to talk and walk no none on YouTube sometimes but not pretty much never happened we've all learned the skills we have right and so to think like you're just not good with money is holding you back and our beliefs become our actions we act in accordance with what our beliefs are right and then our actions obviously create our results that's just kind of a basic equation for life and when we think I'm not good with money we're setting ourselves up for failure and we actually avoid taking financial steps because we have that thought so instead you can take really small actions to start to build your confidence and the one that I did again I was really pretty remedial with this yeah when I started off I was like okay I just I'm going to check my bank account balance every day and when I do that I'm going to give some gratitude for the ways my life is abundant and I knew if I could just check in with money daily and start being in that relationship and paying attention to it yep it would be powerful and when I started doing that every day I set a little google calendar alarm 8:30 a.m. check your bank account balance my income increased and I stopped spending more than I made it was cut it was just like paying attention pays off and I started to be better and better and better with money because I was paying attention to it I loved that and also just the things that we tell ourselves I mean we joke around a lot about it here on marietv or sometimes like we're shooting an episode and literally you know I'm flubbing this line that I really want to get across again and again and we all joking like you know and every expletive comes out and like okay I got this like I got this yes I tell myself I got this and went you know and nine times out of ten I'm like brown and I'm a I can get it and I deliver that line so it's the same thing with like oh I'm not good with money if you tell yourself you're not good with money you're never going to take the steps to do anything about it and it's almost like you just got blinders on you're never gonna take them off totally yeah so it's easy to change I love that I love that simple stuff though of just checking in daily yes and the other thing I like about it is can remove the fear because I know for me there was a time when opening my checkbook was really scary yeah and it actually produced physical sensations of wanting to throw up yeah because there wasn't enough in there at least that's the story I told myself there was actually enough in there because here I am right I didn't disintegrate him I wasn't getting taken off to jail or something um but that that was the feeling so yeah and we can train ourselves like Pavlov's dog to spend that time with our bank account and look at it and then automatically say okay I'm going to name three things in my life that I'm grateful for that feel abundant and your training and rewiring your brain so that you're associating looking at your money with feeling good I love that yeah money believe number three people with money are greedy or it's not spiritual to have money yeah I I know that this is one you actually covered with marianne williamson and your audio which was so fantastic and when we have a judgment against somebody for having something and it's very common with money there's this whole lack mentality of like rich people are greedy or they've stepped on other people to get there or something first of all that's assumption we'd never know really how people got where they're at and chances are pretty good that they worked hard to get there and that they deserve it because of the time they've put in and when we judge them automatically our subconscious mind will never allow us to have the abundance or prosperity that we want if we're judging other people for having it yes is why would it let us be the evil person that we're saying oh well you know they're there they're bad because they have money they weren't very English they're saying whatever it is they're dishonest there yes that's a big one yeah so anytime that comes up and also any time it comes up oh well it's not spiritual to be to be rich yes or to have money money is a stand-in for what we value so you know if somebody wants something that you offer like b-school for example and they value it according to the amount that it costs that's a service that's like an exchange of value for value that's tremendous and the value they're receiving in their life is huge and then you get to receive that in exchange that's all that money is just trading value for value and when we add value to somebody else's life to me that's a spiritual act yeah to say you know what I see that you have a need and I have something I can help you with and then to receive in exchange for that is how it should be that's that is the flow so if we start to see money as a means of value exchange and as a means of how can I look at the world and say how can where can I add value where can I help somebody then the whole thing begins to be rewired and we realize oh I will become more prosperous to the degree that I am able to add value to somebody's life I love that that's beautiful and I get really up in arms about that whole judging Get Well fern you know not spiritually how money don't get me on my soapbox money number money belief number four I'm not blank enough as I eat my hair I'm not gonna lie enough okay so I'm not blank enough it could be I'm not smart enough I'm not talented enough I didn't come from the right background whatever it is it's immediately taking you out of the game so anytime we don't value ourselves what ends up happening is when we're out in the world even if we're providing really good value yeah if we're not seeing our worth we're not gonna get the value in exchange for that right no one will value you more than you value yourself so we need to learn to value ourselves and you can really really practically I mean the whole self-love thing I'm always like when I hear about it now I do you roll your eyes I do yes because I know and I teach it and I teach it because it's like it's really important and pretty much I think the solution to anything is loving yourself more but it's like how do I do then what does that what do you even mean right so really practically what you can do is get out a journal and every night for at least 21 days because that's what studies show it takes to form a new habit right in there three things you value about yourself or three ways that you added value to somebody's life that day so um you know you could be like I was so funny today on Maurice I was so inappropriate all right people lastly like and that was great or you know I could say um I added I did I did a Skype interview today and I know I added value to whoever is going to watch that one so whatever it is and then what we're doing is we're building that muscle yes and training ourselves to notice a things that we value about ourselves and things that are valuable about us and be ways that we've added value to somebody else's life which will tune our radar in so that during the day we're seeing more opportunities and we're saying like oh I could add a little value over there oh there's an opportunity there and it makes us better business people and it makes us better humans yes so that's a great way to train yourself and write those three things down every day and it'll make you feel like the next day you'll be like okay it's a fabulous way to celebrate yourself and to increase your value yeah I have to say I love this one not so long ago we did an episode about value and get worth that's right and we spoke we were kind of aiming that at artists and creatives and it was shocking and beautiful to me and heartbreaking at the same time to see how many of us struggle with that yeah and it doesn't matter what level you're at you know like you could feel like you're just starting out on your financial journey or your career journey or you can be further along and there's times for me where like I am just like you know yeah the little fear comes up and so I loved that suggestion also because you know adding value to someone's life could mean smiling oh absolutely be an act of kindness it can be like taking a pause and making a phone call and letting someone know that you love them so it doesn't have to be necessarily because I can you know I always hear the little chirpy chirp sees I'm writing the business trace like no shut up it doesn't have to be a business transaction it can actually be really a beautiful act of kindness and love and compassion exact that you that you put out into the world and the value we receive back the abundance we received back might be financial and it might be something else you and I both know that abundance is a lot of different things that's a health it's our relationships it's our peace of mind I mean a life that's rich and wealthy is a lot of different things beyond your bank account okay this was awesome thank you so much for coming what a rich discussion for having me and hopefully we'll we'll keep talking about this and we're going to keep talking about this in the comments right now now Kate and I have a challenge for you what is one money belief that's been holding you back doesn't matter where you're at on your financial journey we've all got one and then what we want to hear about also besides the money belief that's holding you back what's one action you could take that demonstrates you are ready for a new level of a in your life tell us about it in the comments below now as always the best discussions happen after the episode over at marieforleo.com so go there and leave a comment now did you like this video if so subscribe and share it with your friends and if you want even more resources to create a business and life that you love plus some personal insights from me that i only talk about in email get your buns over to marieforleo.com and sign up for email updates stay on your game and keep going for your dreams because the world needs that special gift that only you have thank you so much for watching and i'll catch you next time on marietv b-school is coming up we want in for more info and free training go to join b-school com we've got that on trade maybe that's why I like horror movies because I'm always possessed I became it inside me she says I need to be a little more blossom how many people when you show up for work tell you how handsome you are and they mean maybe nerds you like I did

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    Wasn't my belief to begin with but one I've been told by my family (as recent as a year ago & I'm over 50 – damn, give it a rest already!) is that I am bad with money, always have been, always will be. Brings up such sadness. I am trying to move past it but honestly, have no idea. I tap, meditate & try to think positively.

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  • Brooke Herron says:

    probably would be good to specify how you made $20000 in 6 months to pay off that debt, that is not something many people could do; If they could only do $5000/year they would end up paying double that amount after interest and it would still take them 4-5 years. Sometimes reality is also piece of the picture. Starting from a new premise-absolutely. But wiping $20k in debt in 6 months is something only those making a lot of money (by most people's standards) could do

  • krishna sharma says:

    I love your work

  • C' ZO! says:

    This is so enlightening on so many levels. Money, you just have to learn how to treat it and it will treat you great in return. Ladies you are beautiful. Kate is just the most gorgeous blonde lady I ve seen in quite some time.

  • Blessed Life says:

    Thank you!

  • Khalarni Rivers says:

    I enjoyed every minute of this. What’s been holding me back is because I’ve been so caught up in trying to focus on the “positive” aspects of life, I’ve been avoiding things like my credit score or the amount of money in my bank account. I’ll make it a habit to look at my account every morning and link that visual and feeling to 3 things that I’m grateful for. Thanks!

  • Red Hendrixx says:

    My bad money belief: I'm selfish if I spend money on myself or even put myself first. I also had a problem saying "no."
    I used to sneak to buy myself anything, yet I would give my family everything. Being a single parent, I would feel guilty everytime I did something for myself. Almost like I worked hard, yet didn't feel like I deserved to reap the rewards of my hardwork. I practically worked, pay bills, work, pay bills… Most people would look forward to their paychecks, me, I dreaded it.
    My mom told me, "each time you get paid do something for yourself." That worked out half-assed.
    I was still dealing with my emotional money issues, until recently. I just got tired of feeling that way. We are not talking five years, we're talking "now my kids are grown" years. I figured I'd try something new. Cause what the hell I had to lose, I was already rock bottom.
    I began saying abundance and prosperity affirmations and giving thanks multiple times a day. I also tell myself that "I am worthy & deserving of abundance." I mean every single day.
    I feel better, positive, light. Like a heavy weight is lifted off my shoulders. I've also noticed positive changes happening because I'm changing my mindset. Anyways, didn't mean to write a soliloquy. But, hey, here we are.
    Thank you Ladies for such a great video!

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    The belief that is holding me back is that I'm a creative and creative jobs don't pay well. That's rubbish though if I'm good at what I do, and I start to value my work properly and charge accordingly. I can invest, I can wait tables in between creative work, and I can build my own business with limitless growth potential.

  • Colleen Oconnor says:

    I just saw this. I have started implementing the looking at your finances and I don't do it every day but I have noticed more freelance jobs coming in. No money yet but it may have a lot to do with that. I didn't even think of that. I'll bump it to every day and see what happens. Thanks – and I'm in Bschool class of 2019

  • anne laabs says:

    i grew up in such a way that it was insanely important, especially for women, to be modest. if money is important to you, you are selfish, greedy, stingy, dogged, anything negative you can imagine. i gave away so much money in my life, really gave it away to prove to myself that i'm not selfish. it was such a deep conviction of me that it took years until i dindnt feel bad and guilty anymore when i was asking a friend to give me back the money i had borrowed him.

  • andthenifellinlove says:

    "Seeing money as a means of value exchange" is a sentence that stuck with me. Good talk.

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    Another amazing AHA moment for me … this was completely and utterly me !!! I have implemented your steps and bought the book Kate !!! Marie I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL ❤️👑

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    Great video. The belief that I have to work really hard for it to come my way. That it is conditional. That I cannot just receive it or ask for it. Which feels exhausting. While I see other people around me just randomly receiving money without doing anything. Money isn't conditional I know that. I see it is a belief of my parents and how they related to money.

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    I think the part all these conversations leave out is that most people work and pay out all their income to cover basic living expenses and there is no money left to upskill or re invest where do you go from there.

  • Koroglu Rustem says:

    4 beliefs holding you back getting your financial freedom
    1. Someone else should/will do this for me
    2. I am not good with money
    3. People with money are greedy OR it's not spiritual to have money
    4. I am not …… enough

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