30 Days of Bible Verses | Day 6 – Colossians 3:23 (NLT) | Mike Phillips

hello everyone good morning happy
Saturday to you thank you for getting up with me and joining me for 30 days of
Bible verses as I said the Sun some people are calling this the 30 day Bible
challenge that’s that’s fine I would really like you to share and get the
word out so this is one of those things please share on your social media you
could get up each morning at 6:15 a.m. mountain time with me and join me I know
I’m a couple minutes past that this morning I had a a set up issue so again
good morning also a public service announcement for today just a reminder
today is st. Patrick’s Day so make sure you wear your green because we don’t
want incessant pitching to incur so or to occur excuse me
so today for my 30 days of Bible verses day six I’m doing Colossians chapter 3
verse 23 and I am reading still it’s every man’s Bible New Living Translation
and one of the keys in Colossians now this is again this is from a masculine
perspective but I think this is really applicable to anybody one of the notes
in this study Bible says the bottom line what we do affects those closest to us
we need to take responsibility for our actions and also the effects of those
actions so that’s kind of one of the philosophies behind Colossians so
Colossians chapter 3 verse 23 again for those of you popping in thank you so
much for joining me it’s early in the morning I appreciate it what I would ask
as we’re doing in 30 days of Bible verses please if you have a verse that
is something that is affecting your life right now something that you feel you
want to share please share it in the sidebar comments feel free to share this
on your social media share a verse on your personal page tag me in it I would
love to share along your journey also so Colossians 3 verse 23 says work
willingly it whatever you do is though you were working for the Lord rather
than for people and I thought I would share that on Saturday because
to me it’s one of those things the and if this is for my auto industry friends
right or those people that work in service and do stuff on Saturdays
because you have to have people that are working on Saturdays to service the
people that have the weekends off so make sure that you go and do good work
today hard work be honest operate out of
integrity be straightforward be righteous in what you do make sure that
you’re loving people and allow God to work through you today when you do that
you can’t help but have a winning day so thank you again for joining me today on
30 days of Bible verses day six I look forward to seeing you tomorrow morning
so you could look that back up Yury watch the video Colossians chapter 3
verse 23 work willingly at whatever you do as though you were working for the
Lord rather than people and go and do good work today I hope you have an
excellent Saturday until I see you tomorrow hope you have an absolutely
fantastic day have a happy st. Patrick’s Day everyone

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