3 steps to healing

right out there yes when I say yes you
say yes yes yes that’s right so she did introduce me
as your intimacy coach there’s a lot of folks outh there little dry in the
waters but I’m here to teach you to talk about loving yourself group right I may
be thinking through through what look my love of myself through some of you right
now I know wooded is a Buddhist message is for maybe going through some things
and I think we all spend a little bit of our life going through the valley right
that’s what the word says he says yea though I walk through the valley some of
us get in the valley we get stuck we kind of stay there and I’ll admit it I
was going through some things me and my husband decided that this wasn’t a thing
let’s just walk away calling they just cut ties if you find right so I’m
scheduled to do this event and I said you know what miss precious eaten I got
stuff going on I can’t do this thing she’s like girl back people need to know
that even as coaches you go through a transition in life’s not like but I’m
not ready to reveal my truth like that’s it seems like that’s the reason why you
need to reveal your truth like that sis Oh as the tears roll down my face you’re
right I do need to reveal who I am and what even what needs to happen so as I
was going through the process of one preparing for today but also going
through the process of life I understood one things that I needed to heal right
nobody tells you how to do the healing they just say go do it right they lied
one said you need to go heal you need to heal need to take time and heal you’re
just like the truth be told because if I knew how to heal I probably
wouldn’t be in the space that I’m in right right so I’m going to show you how
to get through the healing part right step number one if you got through the
paper I’m going to write this down step number one is to admit the fact that
you’re pranking some of us are walking around broken children and adult vines
we don’t understand why we’re going through the things that we go through
you’ve been crying out three years it’s sort of like I like the story in the
Bible about the woman for 12 years to the issue of blood and the little girl
you going to save and the same past right I believe that those two or one I
don’t believe they’re two different a woman and a child I believe that there’s
the child inside of that woman so for 12 years the issue of blood is
literally she had a period 12 years can you imagine because I have before
four days and I’m true yeah I’m saying this is my had a period for 12 years up
years that means if you think about it from a perspective of what the room is
right we take a seed we incubate it and nine months later we produce a child and
that child goes out and does whatever that seed had whatever was in that fruit
it produces that thing and produces that child and that child goes out and
becomes that thing right so for 12 years she couldn’t get a scene she couldn’t
get a promise she couldn’t get an idea to settle in her spirit and produce
anything so if you’ve ever gone through life and you couldn’t produce anything
like for me I have a guard but from the love of God I can’t get meant to grow I
just can’t meant to grow I bought bushes the men at
the grocery store I went to the farmers market I bought bushes of men from the
sea and I cannot get men to grow for the life of me but that doesn’t mean I don’t
have other things that grow so if you can imagine going through life in twelve
years without something being able to grow in their life you’re gonna go from
doctor the doctor the doctor just like she did and she spent hundreds and
hundreds and thousands and thousands of dollars at that time this was a lot of
money right if you understand that that that even in the midst of her going
through the issue of blood she came to a consensus after 12 years it took her 12
years I don’t want this to take you 12 years
brothers and sisters sisters and brothers I wanted to take 12 years
freedom number one is to admit that you had a problem she admitted she had a
problem but she also admitted that she needed to go get help and it was only
one person that could help her and that was Jesus and really what we think about
it is is that Jesus did not save her it was her faith that stayed time so it was
herself and at some point you have got to stand up for yourself and that’s the
step one you’ve got to admit to yourself that you one can’t do this but till you
need this you need to touch that hem of a garment you need to go walking by
faith and not by sight you need to understand that what you’re going
through life for the last 12 years two months of two days then if you don’t
hear right you don’t get what you need you’re not gonna be able
home late that idea you’re never going to be able to be what you’re supposed to
be to be your best stop admit that you’re broken so that you can
start the healing process it’s okay to be 50 and confused
ain’t nobody say you have to have a timeline to Colonel Sanders in so I’m
making money till he was 70 relax it’s so k than not having all together it’s
okay to be financially broken at 45 because you can get it together here I’m
saying it’s okay you put so much pressure on list out that you you you
you worry yourself to death I said I did not give your spirit but you worried for
if you noticed you don’t you know that you don’t you know that you know step
number two I’m giving you a lesson too next thing you want to do is you want to
change your thoughts now thought mastery is a whole idea it takes a long period
of time to do but you need to not change the clock industry you know what I’m
great I’m wonderful and we go through this pity patter idea but you need to
change the way that you identify food all right cuz we say cool you know who’s
I am I’m a child of God and all those things but you don’t believe that
because if you believed you a child of God you wouldn’t be where you you want
to have the insecurities section back if you believe that you were talking about
right when I say yes you say yes yeah but when you know who you are
say to yourself I am I am what because when you say are you tired yes what if
you’re tired you think I am broke this one’s broke but when you say I am healed
guess what you are healed and some of us are so afraid to be the
things so you wish to be because we don’t know
what we would be without the struggle the struggle sometimes defines you and
at some point you have got to find another definition for yourself and
until you find the right definition for you you are continuously going to be
defined as that with other people who have never met you before you don’t
don’t know you from a can of paint they spend two minutes with you and can tell
you exactly who you are just by the words that you speak about yourself so
when you decide that you want to redefine who you are step number two
right now homework assignment so those are gonna be watch this a little bit
later homework assignment I want should write down pull you up say I am what I’m
a good wife a good mother I’m a good cook I’m a lawyer person what is it you
want to be not who you are today because who you are today you might be a rich or
lazy or inconsistent or procrastinators or just an all-around
you know you don’t want to stay in front of the people you don’t know who might
be watching but you are saying I’m saying right I want you to understand
not who you are today but who is it you desire to be redefined who you are
because then the healing and the hurt in the transformation all you can think
about is what somebody did to you which is the past which you can’t go back to
which does not exist anymore it is a memory that you keep living in I’ve read
something that says forgiveness is to forget how many of us grew up with I
would forgive you but I’ll never forget it that’s not how you heal you heal in
the forgetting if I can forgive you that means I can forget
how many of us is women your man does something right sure your woman does
something crazy but you like remember that last time you do that you know I
don’t trust you it doesn’t last time you did that
and now I’m leaving the last time you did that and every single time something
that was wrong you continue to bring up what somebody did to you
yes because you’re having forgotten which means you haven’t forgiven
forgiveness takes practice and that’s what number three comes right down to
redefining you are that’s how the healing starts the number three I want
you to understand that this is work nobody’s come to rescue you oh I know
you want some prince charming to come in and just be this whole knight in shining
thing or somebody supposed to lay $10,000 at your feet going to find them
– where is it going away listen nobody’s going to give you ten
thousand if you can’t handle ten dollars you’ve got to be prepared
you got to put into work sisters giving you all this fine usual device but if
you don’t want to pay your bills on time nobody’s gonna give you a good crash
cart you’ve got to understand that this is
going to take work every single day every single day and the longer you do
are so like going to the gym Earth Day you go to the gym like oh my
god who’s like eight thousand machines in here and I don’t even know how these
things work but the more you go the more you get familiar with the machines the
more you gotta know you with the people the more people show up and say hey
and then when new people are men you’re able to be a teacher to them and that’s
how life goes but if you’re sitting here at the gym you are so fine I don’t want
to go with it I don’t want to do the work I just want to lose the light I
just want to take these pills and all the way oh no even if you juice
everything that using the Declan Lane juicer you still gotta get up and do the
juice you still got to get up and do the 20 minute wrong you still gotta go to
eat the salad you still gotta go and have a healthy balanced diet you still
have to do the work when it comes to healing you’ve got to do the work it is
a consistent play on your mind you’ve got to manage your emotions if somebody
comes up to you who’s done you wrong and every time you see them you find anger
you find frustrations you find a little that is the spirit that was going to
live within you you are shutting off your stuff by being negative by being
ugly but being mean nobody prospers from that and especially not you so when you
decide that this is what you want out of your life you want to be here I am
healed I am not broken and some people say I am broken but beautiful that’s
true there’s an age exactly you saying that it when they find cracks and things
that they feel it with gold fill yourself will go absolutely where your
scars with a badge and honor but doesn’t live in the mess that created it is the
longer you sleep in that pig slop you go keep smelling like the pig slop that
you’re in expecting we’re expecting something wonderful to happen and it’s
not going to happen nobody is coming to rescue you you have to do the work for
you you have to do what’s best for you you have to take the time out to love
you enough to heal meditation proper diet reading educating your mind
getting strong in your heart it takes time it takes consistency it’s a showman
up that is healing nobody wants to tell you that because there’s no pretty part
about it there’s no free you know all of a sudden you wake up one day look bed
you make cast all your burdens upon dining in it next get know that some of
you doing every Sunday you go to church every Sunday you cast your burdens upon
the hall Tuesday’s Lord Jesus passed the prank for me because I’m going through
and no sleeps with your back you tickets teach you worry about this already I’m
just telling you those about 1 2 3 tips there’s anything else you need just one
lunch now and I’m here for you I look forward to seeing each and every one of
you but me least have money I hope if you wrote this thing down don’t need two
more words this is big your intimate relationship up to you Emily I love

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