3 Secrets For “How To Surrender And Let Go”

Hello Candice Oneida here and in this
week’s episode i am here to talk about three secrets for how to surrender. Surrender is such a feminine concept. It is in fact potentially one of the most
feminine things in terms of the feminine polarity and a learning or relearning of
surrender is such an important part of you learning how to exercise and stretch
yourself into the feminine polarity and how you can then ultimately get
everything that you want from life now the first thing i really want to say
here about the word surrender is how much it has been maligned and
misunderstood surrender is not defeat surrender is the opposite of defeat surrender is such a powerful beautiful
thing surrender is both an orientation of your
body and your spirit your soul so as a woman you need to know about surrender
you need to wonder about it be curious feel that part inside you that has this I wonder what it’s like to really be
surrendered now surrender can be surrendered to something or someone our
communities be these learning of surrender inside of yourself surrender to the divine surrendering to
the flow of life surrender cannot remain a theoretical concept surrender is
something that you do it’s an action inside you it is an action it is a
female type of willits a female action in terms of your energy so how do you surrender the first secret
clean back now i just did that with my body
but as you learn to do with your body you learn to do it with your energy and
your spirit this is the opposite of leaning in or
leaning forward which as you know when you work with me there is time and place
for both is time to begin your masculine this time to be in your feminine this is
the opposite of leaning in or leaning for being directional taking action
being in the the front and center this is the man mode thing where there’s
always being filled in as always doing things as always gaps being filled this
is a leaning back a creating space inside yourself for the divine and the
flow of life to come toward you it’s a handing over of that steering
wheel of that Ferrari of yours to something else for a little while the
second secret let go so you just leaned back now you let go that can mean practically letting go of
goals expectations for a little bit ideas thoughts beliefs let them go
through a bit what a relief you mean i can let go for a little bit
yes you can let go let go drop everything lean back dropping what a relief you’re gonna love it so you need to try
this the boat secret 24 how to surrender is
to then wait and be patient I told you the beginning this video I
wasn’t the most patient person in the world but a lot of that in patients
wasted me a whole heap of time I’ve done a whole video on female decision-making
i encourage you to click on that and have a look at it but in the reference
to surrender when we’ve leaned back and we let go then there’s this orientation
of our energy and our body becomes like a vessel into which we can open and
white for things to come into it rather than us going out filling in all the
gaps we become these invest all this huge big receptive juicy vessel full of
life waiting for things to come toward it this takes a certain type of patience
and faith and trust a type of trust and faith that can only come by doing it ok again surrender cannot remain here
Eddie call you have to try this for a bit and then see what happens I know when I said started doing this I
would try it and then I wait I don’t know few minutes or a few hours but I
wouldn’t wait long enough my impatience will jump on in I take the route the wheel back on my
Ferrari and I’d start driving her again let somebody else drive for a bit let
something else drive for a bit and you just have to get used to creating a
little bit more time a little bit more space this is another example of frankly when
things start to speed up the more you let go the more happens the more you
speed up now this week I really encourage you to implement the three
steps leave some comments below I’d love a thumbs up for the video if you liked
it comments and experiences share it with
the community remember another essential thing about the families sharing in
community everybody gets up leveled by everybody else’s experience and put a
comment ask a question I’m very active in the channel I’d love to respond to
you and remember when you go out there and
shine and have the courage to do that you give others permission to do the
same so go out there and shine this week yeah

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  • &Fatimah & says:

    Thank u!💗

  • Lara B says:

    the hardest for me is to do that when I feel angry which is the only time I am really in a "man mode" and it is very draining. How to deal with and express anger is something I'm working on a lot and I am happy to say it has been progress, I used to be such a temperamental hot head, now I am way more laid back. It is a relief when you let go

  • aneurysm_ says:

    This was the only video that helped me to surrender, thank you ☺️

  • Nouha FKI says:

    Thanks Candice

  • ahkang k says:

    You are indeed beautiful… God bless you

  • Reyna Urbano says:

    i get anxiety attacks. . my objective is to learn to let go of everything and stop trying to find out how my desires will happen and when they are gonna happen. Thank you for your! ❤ video

  • HoneyBlissClothing says:

    Thank you so much for sharing those links in your description so I can further read about this! I'm really loving your videos! A little while ago I was searching for someone on YouTube who taught exactly the same things you teach but found nothing. Funny how I stumbled across you when I stopped looking 😉

  • Mary Kigoro says:

    Thank you very much

  • Anna Simone says:

    Sooooo true that when I let go of, rather than push thru my work, the genius comes to me with ZERO effort. I had been feeling so puzzled and guilty over this, and self sabotaging as well. Thank you for this message, Candice!

  • Sofia L says:

    So true Candice! Without knowledge of your video l took those steps back in 2016 with regards to life in general, but work specifically. Looking back that was me taking a break from always doing, surrendering and recharging. Am so glad you validated those steps in your video. Awesome work! Thank you for sharing!!

  • JCisKING says:

    Thank you Candice! 😘

  • F V says:

    Brilliant video as always. I'm just concerned about how much to surrender? Is it for a few days or weeks and how do you continue your daily business if you in surrender mode and probably off at the beach for the day! lol 🙂

  • Preti Chaturvedi says:

    Very well put. Totally gets forgotten!

  • Lauren Ripphausen says:

    Thank you 🙏🏽

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