2017 Personality 22: Conclusion: Psychology and Belief

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  • Minh Trang Đặng says:

    19:40 Yeah Dr. Peterson. It is fun for me to listen to you saying that. Now I am selling replay buttons

  • oddjob465 says:

    Thank you!

  • Nugget of Truth - Eric King says:

    Abraham then invented Judaism? Hhhhmmmmm ~ Einstein created science. Freud created psychology but I digress.

  • LucidH says:

    *WHACK* Clue in!!

  • Kelly Berry says:

    Brilliant Dr. Brilliant!

  • Kelly Berry says:

    Don't be safe…be BRAVE!!!

  • Fernando Galindo says:

    Obi wan….

  • Fernando Galindo says:

    Thanks JP. That ending was so great.

  • falkaa88 says:

    Brilliant lecture. Thank you.

  • Giorgio Acquati says:

    Simply brilliant. These lectures by Professor Peterson are mind-blowing.

  • Bronson Buskett says:

    Bravo, what a finale for such a momentous course. One of the few lecturers truly trying to help young people make some real sense out of life.

  • Casper Montgomery says:

    I'm a philosophy student in England, these lectures and all of the other content is just incredibly valuable, more so than the degree I'm paying for. The timing of Dr Peterson's rise to prominence couldn't have been better. Thanks so much man. On to the Maps of Meaning playlist….

  • DH kim says:

    27:35 what does it mean when you get bad grade

  • rj wasser says:

    This and the conscientiousness video are the examples I point people to who claim to be against Peterson (for whatever litany of sins they place on him).

    This is the kind of lecturer I hope to be some day.

  • Nyayesh says:

    Just finished the whole series after about 6 months. Thank you Dr Peterson.

  • Wesley Kapteijns says:

    Thank you so much for sharing all this knowledge! Learned so much in this course that has so much value that i am going take it in to my personal life and that of others around me! Once again thank you and i appreciate what you are doing big time!

  • the reap says:

    35:50 freudian slip

  • Tim Bishop says:

    That ending. Literally sums up that mans heart and mission 😎🌎🙏

    What a legend

  • Dimitris Palaskas says:

    The name Jordan fits him perfectly .

  • сайман немой says:

    Jordan Peterson is like a detailed and accurate projection of my thoughts and philosophical thoughts. I am happy that I first met a like-minded person! I see myself in it as a reflection. I am paralyzed as far as I understand it well despite the translation into my native language. I want to ask hundreds of questions that excites my mind. Joradn you are the best teacher in my life, you inspire me, thanks for all my friend.

  • Doug Duncan says:

    Just incredible. I did not want it to end. I did not want it to end. But I knew it had to end. And when it did, I knew I had to get up, and walk outside into the world.

  • branko7171 says:

    Thank you very much, Mr. Peterson. Truly a course in applied wisdom. Having finished it, I'm transformed for the better. I integrated my aggression, i.e. my shadow, and that helped a lot. I'll work on applying everything I learned here. Thanks for telling the truth and helping us become better persons.

  • Tiphon Bafometo says:

    Why did I cry when this video ended? I guess it was because I felt like I was given a gift, I feel like a father finslly told me what I needed to hear..

  • Ali Asad says:

    So my 2018 ended by watching Jordan Peterson's Personality and Biblical series. The year well ended 🙂

  • Coalition of Willing says:


  • surekcillo says:

    49:15 I have to say this part scared the shit out of me
    This is hands down one of the best lectures of the whole Personality course, thank you Dr Peterson

  • stvbrsn says:

    You do not want to be in the black paisley, you do not want to be in the white paisley. You don’t even want to be in the white dot within the black paisley or vice versa.

    You need to be the boundary between the two, which interestingly enough is shaped like a sine wave, a snake (as Dr. P pointed out), a dragon.

  • stvbrsn says:

    Oddly enough, I spent most of my adolescence (and much of my adulthood) caring more about what my parents’ friends thought of me than my parents themselves. Now at 50, I think I finally understand why I did so.

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