2015 Free Spirit SS

– please you're driving vans today we're going to have a look at the 2015 free spirit SS this is the fun of being twenty two feet eight inches in length I can get a campsite anywhere I want right on the water's edge upgrade is this for a campground area vote ten twelve feet from the water's edge that's perfect that's the great advantage of a free spirit SS are all the free spirits because we're small we can go anywhere we want let's talk about the chassis that powers the 2015 free spirit SS mercedes-benz van chassis it has a three liter v6 turbo diesel five-speed transmission 188 horsepower 325 foot-pounds of torque you can pull up to five thousand pounds with this chassis which is great if you want to pull a bolt you want to pull a small car for 2015 we've added some great new safety features that mercedes-benz offers on the Sprinter chassis load adaptive EPS anti-lock braking system acceleration slip control electronic brake-force distribution hydraulic brake assist 3-point seatbelts front airbags Blind Spot Assist collision prevention assist Lane Keeping Assist and high-beam assist with built in washers and bi-xenon lights I love the redesign look on the front on the mercedes-benz chassis it looks great underneath the hood of course we've got our v6 turbocharged motor 188 horsepower 325 foot-pounds of torque you get fantastic fuel economy and it's very very quiet when you're driving down the road easy access to everything you have lots of room checking your oil this is your de F this is a clean running diesel motor so de F keeps all the carbons from going into the environment which is very very important easy access to your air filter just a nice little chassis right here for 2015 we have an optional roof trim kit and I love this option plus it gives the awning a built-in look which is going to be quieter when you're going down the road it's going to give it lots of nice air flow so speaking of all let me show you how simple this is this is one great honor this is called a box awning here's our control center right here we press a button awning comes out 12 feet in length and it comes out seven feet wide the great thing about this on you can see that it fully comes out and now I've got arm supports built right in to the awning so in this situation I'm on a nice campground area I can tent peg it in comes down both sides you can see how easy it is beautiful once again you know 12 feet 7 feet so you can actually add a patio room now if it's a windy day today's very calm little overcast I can lock it in place right here into the van body so it locks right in place into the van body and now I don't have to worry about my awning blowing away another new great feature for 2015 is we got built-in patio lights built right into the awning so I don't have to carry patio lights with me they're already there we've also added a beautiful new patio LED light on the outside so I've got lots of light patio lights in the awning and a new patio light outside I love the design and the look of the free spirit very automotive looking no decals on the van it's all automotive paint and you can see the running boards all fiberglass along the side here and of course this is a big feature here on all free spirits free spirit SS we've got dual wheels that's very important so you get a nice stable ride when you're going down the road 11,000 and 30 pounds GVWR chassis and if you look inside here we spray foam all of our wheel wells we spray foam all the tanks underneath that way it's a lot quieter when you're going down the road you're not going to be hearing stones banging up against the wheel wells we're now at the back of the van as you can see we've got our backup camera and our new leisure travel van logo and of course I like this this is called the step bumper but underneath the step bumper we've got our five thousand-pound receiver and we get our seven pin connector inside here's where we have all of our storage area on the free-spirit SS great little storage area this moves out of the way you can move things around you can put a couple sets of golf clubs in here that's quite a bit of storage and I love the step on because it allows me to access way up here to get anything I need plus we've utilized all the window areas for storage so for a smaller unit it has a lot of storage plus you're going to like this we've got a new area right here easy access into our batteries so we have two deep-cycle six volt batteries as we work our way around to the driver's side I've got my 30 amp detachable short power cable which is nice and easy to put in and out so easy to lock it easy to take out as we work our way down you can see this is where our dump area is for our black water and gray water tanks so we'll hook up our three inch blue hose onto there and we'll put it into our dump station and then we'll pull our valves black water first and then the gray water which I'll show you in a second over on the driver's side here you can see this is our tankless hot water heater so this runs on propane and it will give you unlimited hot water if you're plugged into shore power and of course it'll give you as much water as we have in our freshwater tank runs on propane great way to heat the unit okay here's our outside service center as you can see we've got our 3-inch dump hose that's built right in that's a nice little feature and then of course we've got our on and off switch here for our propane so I can turn my propane tank off I'm going on a ferry or in certain bridges or and certain tunnels you have to have your propane off we've got our cable connection here for TV we've got a little light that's built in I can turn that off and on from the inside we also have a little exterior shower here which is very nice very convenient if you have pets or anything or if you're a fisherman you want to clean fish just for whatever clean your own feet if you're at the beach like we are right now and here's our fresh water fill and then of course we've got our remote propane fill so everything is very easily accessed and it's all in one spot as you can see our fiberglass running boards and then at the front here here's where we fill up our diesel fuel that fills up right here easy access plus you can it's always locked if nobody can get access your diesel so nice little safety feature there ok this is great look at this slider it is now in the in position and look how we've contoured it to take the van lines so this is a full fiberglass molded slide-out how incredible is this a slider in a van we first introduced it in 2012 and it's our best-selling free spirit van because it is so cool it is so stealth it gives you the fun of a small van but it gives you the interior space of a much larger RV so if you want to be small but you need a little bit more space that free-spirit SS is definitely the model for you another really exciting thing this is our 50th year of manufacturing RVs in North America let's have a look inside the Motorhome come on inside but here let me introduce you into our beautiful free spirit SS how do you love this sliding screen door I absolutely love this full door screen we're now inside the free spirit SS for 2015 and you're going to love this bathroom this is one great big stand-up shower I'm well over 6 foot 1 as you can see I'm probably six four six five maybe even six seven to the top of the skylight nice guy like – and look at this shower glass doors and a nice big shower area you're going to love the free spirit SS if you'd like to have long showers as you can see we have a residential style toilet and it's also a China toilet and then if you look up here we've got a nice big medicine cabinet lots of great storage they're all done in our expresso wood and of course here's our Corian countertop flush mount sink porcelain sink and also we've got a little tap here plus a little drawer here now this is a bathroom so here let's look about storage the other great thing about the free-spirited SS is interior storage look at all the cabinets nice big hanging closet here nice big hanging closet over here too big hanging closets that is great plus we got some drawers right here full drawer extension glides solid wood a little more storage up top here we should talk about this wood color this is our 50th anniversary wood color it's called expresso so we go with the high gloss upper cabinets white Corian now we also for 2015 have gone to two new interior wood colors on the free-spirit SS you can have cherry wood or you can have maple wood so three different colors of wood that you can do on the free-spirit SS for 2015 that's exciting okay let's have a look at the galley area this has got a great little galley for 22-foot Motorhome look at this nice convection microwave so it's a standard microwave and it's a convection microwave so you can cook bread you can also do chicken meat pizzas popcorn does just normal microwave plus convection mic let's look up in the galley here look you got two big beautiful cabinets up top this has got the I gloss cabinets curved doors and you can see we got double shelf on this side lots of storage over here nice little plug right in there for electronics and then we've got our main galley area this is our solid corian countertops two burner stove spark ignition look at that fires right up first time nice little backsplash you won't splash grease all around got a nice window looking into your galley area that's kind of nice and we've got a a MCD shade here and of course we've got our stainless steel sink and then on the back side of the cover sink cover we've got a cutting board that's great and then we've got our pullout faucet nice big storage area here drawers one two three four we have full water filtration in all of our units and of course look at this nice big storage drawer here I love the curved cabinet door and lots of storage area underneath the sink area for pots and pans and anything you need to take you can take the whole kitchen sink with you another great new improvement for 2015 on the free-spirit SS of course is our two-door fridge so this is great we have a big request for this we were able to do it so now you've got a great big fridge six point seven cubic feet and it's a 3-way fridge so it's gas electric and twelve volt so you can run it down the highway off the alternator or off your RV batteries you use it when you're plugged into Shore power and you can you run it propane huge fridge and a separate freezer and a lot of requests to have a separate freezer well now you have a separate freezer here's our inside service center like how we have it all hidden a little bit of storage underneath here this is a travel lock for your slide-out as a secondary lock so we've got a tankless hot water heater you can set the temperature depending on the water temperature inside the unit or the water temperature that comes out of the shore water so if you have cold water coming out you live in Colorado you need to crank it up you're in California the water's already warm you don't have to set it as high so this is our slide-out mechanism for bringing the slide-out in and out and of course we've got our inverter that's our 100 and 600 watt inverter so that takes your six volt batteries and flips them over to 110 power so you can watch the TV and everything off of the inverter nice little feature to have there this is our electric sofa which I'm going to show you in a second and of course we've got our 2.5 kilowatt propane optional generator and it's easy to start easy to turn off and you've got an hour meter so it tells you how many hours you've been running your generator for that's a great little feature to have because you want to have a generator is you have to run the air conditioner in hot weather and that's very important because we've got an 11,000 BTU air conditioner we've got our batteries we've got our freshwater tank and then on the free spirit for 2015 the SS we've got 30 6.5 gallons of fresh water that's a lot of fresh water to carry our gray water tank is 42 gallons and our black water tank is 19 gallons and we've also got about 10 gallons of propane you can see it's that 59 percent right now okay this is very important you can see that I have my slide-out in and what's very important you want to be able to walk from front to back with the slide-out in that's very important so if I want to go to the bathroom or if I want to get a drink out of the fridge want to stop at a roadside area and have dinner I can or snack I don't have to have my slide art out so it's very important that the slide-out is still walkable passed through it with the slide-out in so now we have the slide-out out and you can see madam we ever got space you can have a little dance in here I've got apartments that didn't have this much room but this is incredible to be in a smaller unit like this the slide-out gives us so much more living area I just love it but have a look at this we got some nice cabinets up top for some more storage books and stuff like that we've got some LED lights I've got some reading lights I can turn off and on and of course this is also my living area and if you look mooom there's my TV so here's our table our main table it slides in different directions which is great for getting in and out this is a very versatile area so this is my entertainment area this is my dining room area and now it's going to be my bedroom area at night and this is how easy this is simple press of the button and the entire bed comes down electrically this flips up and I've got a nice little 54 inch wide by 72 inch bed so I've got lots of room to lay down it's perfect and it's surprising how much width I have this is all done an ultra leather it's all done in memory foam and it's extremely comfortable people always say where am I going to keep my bedding well let me tell you it goes right underneath here got a beautiful little pullout drawer you can keep all your bedding in there we've also got a little step cover that goes in so that you can walk around the bed and not follow to the step well another great new feature for 2015 we added some storage above the driver passenger seat so nice big storage area you can also have a satellite dish it's all got all your wiring connections we've also gone with a separate DVD CD player it's also got a USB plug and it's separate you don't have not in the dash anymore so it's nice and easy to access that's very important to have okay let's look way up in the ceiling here because we've got some great little features up here number one we have an opening skylight I love that and of course place for mosquitoes screen and we've got privacy you can do half and half so the mosquitoes can come in a little bit of sunlight gets blocked out but I love the fresh air in the unit and of course if you look up above we've got all LED lights throughout the entire roof and they're all on a dimmer switch you can turn them off and on the main lights and then we've got a 11,000 BTU air conditioner very important you want to have a big AC unit because the unit can get warm in warm weather this has got 11,000 BTU air conditioner keep you nice and cool plus we've also got a fantastic fan and that's a great little feature it runs 12-volt and that will keep the unit cool if you're dry camping okay that's called parktronic I just wanted to show you that real quickly it tells you front or back if you're too close to something one of the great new features on the 2015 free spirit and it's great safety features we've added them on to all of our chassis zon the free spirit line so we're quite excited about it so front and rear Park tronic so when you're getting too close up front the dash tells me exactly what's happening you also get the sound from the beeping so that you know exactly when you're getting a little too close to something great little feature the free spirit SS is one fun motor home to drive this is a very versatile motor home you can date into the mall you can take it shopping you go to the grocery store you can take it are Veen that's the great thing about a 22 feet eight inches in length you can take it anywhere you want you want to drive in residential big cities way up to Alaska they're just fun to take another great safety feature for 2015 is Lane Assist because sometimes the d-man is talking too much and not paying attention to where he's driving and if I go out of my lane I get a light and a little beep it says hey get back in your lane another great feature on the mercedes-benz chassis is collision prevention assist so boom if there's an accident about to happen it boosts my braking system and allows me to stop quicker the other great thing about the free spirit is using it as a vehicle you can pick up your daughter from school how was your day at school dear did you learn something yes good as you can see we're down to residential road driving anywhere you want use it for all different things and of course it fits on the streets as it fits right in your driveway you can use it as an everyday vehicle you can use it as an RV you don't have to pay for a storage area to park your RV because it's sitting right here on my driveway a couple great things with the mercedes-benz chassis is we've incorporated the two chairs into the motorhome so it gives us a lot of living area we can have dinner for four people and we have lots of room to sit and talk and have our friends over which is great when you're our Veen a couple of the great little things obviously we use the mercedes-benz swivel and this is the easiest swivel to use it just simply turns and swivels and spins completely around doesn't get any easier than that of course we use ultraleather and all of our units this is a synthetic man-made leather this is one fabulous product doesn't get hot doesn't get cold doesn't crack doesn't smell great for RV usages now also we do French stitching our stitching and design is just fabulous in the leisure travel vans another new great feature for 2015 is we've added some reading lights above the driver passenger seat so this is great because I like to read and it's nice and comfortable to sit in the captain's chair and have light so that I can read so let's have a look at the cab area on the free-spirit SS it's got a lot of great little features obviously tilt steering we've got power windows we have power locks we've got the new multifunctional steering wheel for 2015 so I can use my phone control it right here control the stereo system I don't have to be reaching over trying to find something bluetooth it's all built right in and it's all controlled right here on the steering wheel that's a great little safety feature a new shifter gear shifter with the mercedes-benz logo I like that and of course we have a Becker GPS system for Mercedes Benz that's standard at all 2015 chassis model on the multifunctional steering wheel you also have all the different things you can control or check on your service centre so tells you how many miles my coolant temperature service appointments engine level miles you're going to love this motorhome this is one of the most versatile motorhomes built in North America it is a van it's a motorhome you can use it to take the kids to school you can take it shopping you can take it to the mountains you can take it to Alaska you can take the Mexico you can also park it on your driveway that's a great feature no storage charges I love the looks of it the new redesigned Mercedes been in front all the new safety features plus look at it it's beautiful we were the first manufacturer to build a side slide-out in a van and it looks fabulous so please go into your local leisure travel van dealer and take one out for a test drive I think you're going to love it it gives you all the advantages of a small motor home but with the slider that makes it feel like a big motorhome so once again thank you for watching the videos Dean from leisure travel vans you

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    again please understand your audio as you're pulling these cabinets and these drawers do hurt our ears they're louder than when you speak okay be a little bit more gentle I know you're showing the strength of it but have him really really more funny to find one of the drawers is fall off when you pull it open ,you're really rough with the drawers. and to all the RV makers out there if he plans to do a commercial for you for you be prepared he's rough with the drawers very rough handed just let him know that it's loud on that audio thank you.

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    Again I say this setup is perfect it's beautiful I hope they continue but I would still take away the full bath I would do the shower bath and also add more storage on that one side for a closet or whatever he had to put as if it'll be the same amount of space as you see it now or you can't even exit out the back for storage.

    but like I said it's just easier to have the bathroom back there be able to open it up back there whether you're on the beach or in the park you got to rinse your dog just much easier to clean and to air out. Also the exit for emergencies

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    but the rest of the Chastity perfect 100% perfect but the bathroom nobody needs a full bathroom that's just greedy you need to be able to get out the back for emergencies put a small bath back in there still shower and the same area of the toilet and the whole back door can open those vans that are like that or it's and you can air it out when he needs to.

    soon as I can afford to purchase one I'm going to purchase money exactly like this but I want the bathroom to be different I want to be able to open up the back door of my van and be able to step out if I need to I don't want it closed up like that there's only one way out of the van which is the front side or front no I don't and I don't need a full bath I'm okay with the toilet shower sink put together deal but in the back perfectly I wish I can send a photograph of what I'm what I'm talking about here on my messaging but it doesn't give me the option.

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