1 Corinthians 15:9-18 (If Christ Is Not Risen, Your Faith Is Futile)

For how we can check is it still blinking? Yeah, its life all right, we’re good to go go ahead I Thought you’re faced with all my heart. He gracious to me according to your promise. I’ve considered my ways I’ve turned my steps to your stations I will hasten and not delay to obey your command, but the wick is behind me This ropes will not forget you all at midnight. I Rise to give you thanks for your righteous law I am a friend to all who fear you to follow your precepts. The earth is filled with your love Let’s see today is October 10th, I believe we’ll read this before we pray 10/10 see Let’s see. He switched from the practice of law to the pleading of the cause of Christ with that in there in 1818 – 26 year-old man named Charles Finney Oh, yes Charles Finney began a law apprenticeship and attorney’s office in Adams, New York Although he had a limited formal education within just three years. He became a junior partner in the law firm as Finney studied law the author’s here and quite often quoted the Bible Realizing his own ignorance of the scriptures. He began to study them for himself when a new minister came to the local Presbyterian Church Fanny began to attend he got Very little from the sermons and was rather skeptical of the whole concept of God answering prayer But he loved music and volunteered to be the chief the choir director then in the summer of 1821 the pastor took a Trip to visit his sick sister and told his replacement just to read sermons from a book Surprisingly the Holy Spirit began to move among the church members and Finney sense that something was about to happen One day as Finney was returning from a legal appointment. He walked by a schoolhouse and heard him I’m playing inside the words of that prayer stuck in his mind and affected him more than all the sermons He had heard previously. He started to spend a lot of time wondering about his own salvation Benny later recounted what happened on a especially significant day, October 10th 1821 at an early hour I started for the office But just before I arrived at the office someone seemed to confront me with questions like these Do you not promise to give your heart to God and what are you trying to do? Are you endeavoring to work out a righteousness of your own? Just at that point the whole question of God’s salvation opened to my mind in a manner most marvelous to me I saw then as clearly as I ever had in my life the reality and the fullness of the atonement of Christ I saw that his work was a finished work that instead of having or needing any righteousness of my own To recommend me to God I had to submit myself to the righteousness of God in Christ It was full and complete and that All was necessary on my part was to give up my sins and accept Christ I kind of got that out of order, but that’s ok Salvation it seemed to me instead of being a thing to be run out by one’s own works was a thing to be found entirely In the Lord Jesus Christ who presented himself before me as God my Savior well If you says I have to give up my sins and accept Christ and it’s obviously of his own doing So, like I said, he got that out of order there instead of going to his office Then he went into a nearby woods and spent the morning wrestling with God in prayer until he reported I found that my mind had become most wonderfully quiet and peaceful The next day a client who was a deacon from his church came to his office and reminded him. Mr. Finney Do you recollect that my case is to be tried at 10:00 this morning? Penny replied Deacon. I have a retainer from the Lord Jesus Christ to plead his cause and I cannot plead yours Stunned by his answer the deacon only later came to understand what Finney meant when he himself shortly thereafter experience the same changed life that Finney had Charles Finney went on to become the leading Revivalist of the 19th century with approximately a half a million people coming to Christ through the influence of his ministry beginning in upstate New York his revival swept through New York City, Philadelphia, Boston and Rochester 1835 he became professor theology at the newly-formed Oberlin College Institute now Oberlin College He served as the college’s president from 1851 to 1866 and it all started on that fateful day in 1821 when Charles Finney switched from the practice of law To pleading the cause of Christ They asked Electoral Finney or they say like Charles Finney We all face the choice of whether to trust our own righteousness to make us acceptable to God or to accept the forgiveness and righteousness Offered by Jesus Christ in which righteousness. Are you trusting? I got several emails today from people trusting in their own It’s hard to correct them, but you keep trying now. I will expose you Your now I will expose your so-called good deeds that you consider so righteous None of them will benefit or save you Isaiah 57 verse 12 Charles Finney is one of those guys that people either love or they don’t love I you know I’m kind of mood on the subject He was a Christian and he was saved and he had some funny ideas about some things But yeah, he brought a lot of people to Christ to Probably not I was thinking that while I was reading it anytime you have like a Theological Seminary that was started in seventeen or eighteen or nineteen Hundred’s I got to tell you they’ve gone the way of the dodo for the most part of them But there are you know There are some good colleges out there people will email me and ask what I recommend in that I got a very short list a very short list of colleges. I’d recommend the people Someone 19 was read It doesn’t say that David wrote it no, there’s no no authors write 60, okay? Yeah, say praise do you Know that’s right midnight Okay, we got a couple prayer requests here Lisa stepdad Her stepdad personal physical problems and I Can’t read my own handwriting so I’m sorry Lisa her stepdad personal physical problems – yes Becky we’ve prayed for a few weeks on the Rose Still struggling with a couple of things in her life and so we want to keep her in prayer and then sue comas is having some internal problems and Maybe coming down with a cold to add to her trials. So we want to keep them in prayer. Yes Kari just had surgery. So we want to add her into her prayers as well Colon cancer. Oh, holy mackerel. All right, Heavenly Father We thank you so much for the chance to come into your presence and to pray for these people and any others that are Going through their own troubles and trials Bruce and Jackie come to mind right now and they’re still looking for employment in their new Location and if you can provide something for that We would certainly be grateful and I know they would be most appreciative. So it’s been a long long wait, and they’re still waiting So they know that your hand is with them. And so they’re not complaining in any way shape or form They’re leaving it up to you But we would pray that that would come to an end in day things would be less anxious for them in their own lives Then Lord we do Thank you for the chance to get into your word and we would pray that it would be handled properly but I would also pray that people would check just to make sure that what is said here is in accord with what you intend and Certainly, it would never be our intention to teach wrongly but Lord You know all things and if we are, please direct people to the correct and proper Instruction that they need and Lord we pray this it will be glorified. We pray it in Jesus name Amen Hello miss Garrett you’re just in time Actually, you’re five minutes late, but that’s okay Let’s see here. We’re in 1 Corinthians chapter 15 and we’re starting in verse 9 today, but if you wanted to go back a little bit, whatever three He was buried he was raised on the third day To more than 500 flutters at the same time most of boomers folded for summer fallen asleep Then appeared to James then to all the Apostles At last and last of all he appeared to me also as one of the abnormally born 9 or I am the least of the Apostles do not even deserve to be called because I persecuted the church Ok, it would help if I was in the right book of the Bible I’m in Rome them some time thinking I had something I’m trying to find and I can’t find it But I’m sitting here in Romans sin saying that doesn’t look like Romans. I’m sorry 1 Corinthians 15 9 Ok, Brian, the least of the Apostles who am not worthy to be called an apostle because I persecuted The Church of God. Okay my comments on this in Explanation of his previous verse where he said he was born out of due time He now notes that I am the least of the Apostles. What else does he call himself somewhere else? I’m the chief. That’s right The chief of sinners he wasn’t claiming this in gifts received Work effort put forth or rank and status. He was an apostle equal to the others he notes in 2 Corinthians 11 a he labored more than all the others and He is noted throughout acts and the epistles as having an overflowing abundance of the gifts of the Spirit What he is referring to is his deserving of respect and honor His calling was out of the order of the other apostles and without prior education by Christ He felt that because of this he was not worthy to be called an apostle Specifically during that time of spiritual darkness. He not only wasn’t neutral to the gospel, but he actually Persecuted as he says the Church of God his persecution of the churches noted in Acts chapter 8 and 9 But he gives detail of what this Constituted in Acts chapter 26. So let me take you there very quickly. I’ll read you what he had to say about that Acts chapter 26 will take you down there. Let’s see. We’ll go to verse 8 Why should it be thought incredible by you that God raises the dead? Indeed I myself thought I must do too many things contrary to the name of Jesus of Nazareth This I also did in Jerusalem and many of the Saints I shut up in prison having received authority from the chief priests and when they were put to death I cast my vote against them and he goes on in verse 11 and I punished them often in every synagogue and compelled them to Blasphemy and being exceedingly enraged against them I persecuted them even to foreign cities. Well, that’s Paul’s legacy before he became a Christian he also mentions those areas of his life which he felt Disqualified him from any esteem and his epistles and he never seemed to quite forgive himself Even though the Lord washed and clean of his transgressions or it could be that he simply didn’t want to forget his past Lest he exalt himself above above other sinners in need of a savior It could even be that he reminded himself often of this past so that he would never fall back into his old ways Whatever his actual thoughts who carried his past with him, and he spoke of it freely. I will often talk to the Lord about my past and I’ll mention it to other people and I say you need to forget that I said I Don’t want to forget it I don’t want to forget what I have done in the past before I met the Lord because I don’t want to go back and Be that person. I don’t be that person in attitude. I don’t want to be that person and how I treated people around me I don’t want to be that person in any way I want you know, I had no fear of God I was out doing my thing. I thought that working hard was What a person did and that was that the end of all things was hard work and hard work is a great thing I still try to work hard every day, but there are other things to put first before that. So anyway, you know, I Don’t want to forget. I’m sure Paul didn’t want to either life application here all in Christ have a past Some are worse than others but James note that one infraction of the law breaks the whole law Therefore we all stand guilty before God without the shed blood of Christ Let us cling to this notion not exalting ourselves over others and in the hope of never returning to a life of sin Let us live for Christ exalting him for his in grace and mercy Sergio was here and I said to him, uh something we were having a conversation about something and he said I Can’t put myself up against anybody else basically is what he said. He said I’ve done things too. He says one sin separated me from God. That’s all I needed And so why would I think that I’m better than the worst of sinners and he’s absolutely right Need to remind each other about that from time to time I don’t remember the conversation but I remember him saying that and thinking good job. That’s the way it should be. Yes first Timothy 1:13 says Even though I was formerly a blasphemer and a persecutor and a violent aggressor. Yep. Yep. I was showing mercy because I Absolutely, right he acted ignorantly unbelief and you don’t know what you’re doing until you come to Christ you have nothing to compare yourself against except other bad people and you say I’m not as bad as him and so I must be Ok. God must be ok with me never works that way there’s no bail kirpan in Being saved. It’s either all Christ or no Christ. There’s nothing in between 15:10 By the grace of God, I am what I am his grace. I Worked harder than all of them. Yes the grace of God There you go. This one says not rather than not at no effect. It was not in vain His grace toward me was not in vain previously speaking of a state of unworthiness as an apostle Paul now shows the attention that he committed to the high honor that was bestowed upon him He went from a persecutor of the church to a staunch defender and supporter of it the cause of Christ became his sole passion Even his sole passion sou l and desire and so to show this contrast between his past and who he had become he begins with the words of this verse with but by the grace of God I am what I am. That’s where we are. I mean whatever station we’re in in Christ Despite the grace of God alone. If we’re still alive today, it’s because he didn’t take us yesterday. Whatever it is It’s by the grace of God as long as we can keep that Were at least going to be in a good spot with the Lord may not be in a great spot But at least we can know that Everything is by His grace and we can add to that with all kinds of other thinking about him and praising him and worshiping him And but his conversion speaking of Paul is solely by the grace of God. He was on his way to Damascus To do what? Yeah, that’s right to persecute the church to arrest people and on the way there the Lord appeared to him personally There was nothing that he did to deserve it nothing he was looking to destroy the notion of the Lord but instead the Lord lavished His grace upon him in a personal appearance and Calling he could have been destroyed that the Lord mercifully spared him We’re gonna see that this week in the upcoming sermon numbers 31 12 through 24 the captives the booty and the spoil Not only had the Lord spared him unto the calling of an apostle. But Paul notes that his grace toward me was not in vain Grace, which is taken for granted will be displayed in wasted effort If you give a sluggard $1,000, which is grace It will be spent by the end of the day on useless things which will be in the garbage by the weekend We see this in the projects every single week if somebody something that’s a value They have no sense of it and it ends up out in the garbage You can take the nicest table to them and say, you know, this was donated by somebody at church and you know We want you to have it and there being the dumpster in three or four months and it could be a thousand dollar table it Doesn’t make anything you give them a plastic table It’s gonna get the same treatment as a nice one because they have not been trained in. What is a value? okay, so But if you give a thousand dollars to a diligent energetic person who will strive to make a better life for himself that same money will turn into a business a home and Education for his children and an inheritance for his family all at the same principle What are you gonna do with it? The sluggard will soon be back asking for more the diligent soul will be back To repay what was given and to acknowledge your goodness to him. You see it all the time in the world The Lord knew the man he was selecting and he knew the and effective ministry he would produce And so Paul was selected in response to this act of grace. He notes that I labored more abundantly than all All of the other apostles have been granted their title and ministry while Christ was alive Though undeserving of their title just as poas They had grown into it and were comfortable with it Paul on the other hand had it almost thrust upon him and I don’t mean to diminish the other apostles in any way and you can tell from Matthew’s writing about himself that He understood grace. He doesn’t even refer to himself He says a tax collector, you know, so they understood he’s saying I’m not trying to diminish them I’m saying that Paul just understood it more because of where he was at He understood the weight of the glory which had surrounded him and he knew that he could Never repay the grace and mercy he received and therefore he labored in a way that no one Else did no other person he who rightly perceives the grace He has received will show gratitude for it tall was such a person and yet despite laboring with all of his effort for the cause of Christ he was humble enough in his heart wise enough in his mind to proclaim that it was not I but the grace of God Which was with me every breath a man takes is by the grace of God in the guess We possess or all grace Paul understood this and used his past experience his makeup his knowledge and every part of who he was To work for Christ. It was all of grace and therefore it was all Christ the selection was made and Paul understood what that meant He notes this several times in his writings a good example is to be found in the book of Colossians chapter 1 Where he says? To this end I also labor striving according to his working Which works in me mightily so he wasn’t saying I’m doing a great job He’s saying the Christ works in me mightily he’s using this vessel, and he’s doing it in a great way life application Can we boast about what we have received? Absolutely not. No wait and yet how often we do Let us credit the glory to God and all things that we accomplished for him. Let us exalt Christ Who worked so effectively in us for his good purposes in his pleasure verse 15 eleven? There you go, go ahead whether then it was I or they this is what we preach There you go. What you this is what we preach and so what you believe it’s as Jim noted I don’t know if you could hurt hear him But he said this verse absolutely crushes the fact that there were two Gospels hyper dispensationalism. I bring it up all the time it’s it’s one of the nuttiest doctrines on the face of this planet and people get into it and they think That sounds right and they’re not schooled in theology and the next thing you know They’re believing that there are two Gospels one for the Jews and one for the Gentiles I take the commentary yesterday, which could not be more clear from the book of 1 Peter chapter 2 It’s not the one that I put at it. Yeah Peter. It’s Everything Peter says is right in line with what Paul says 100% there is one gospel and to say otherwise, I hate to say it I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again is heresy. It’s not just bad doctrine There’s a difference between bad doctrine and heresy a heresy will actually keep the next guy from being saved and hyper dispensationalism when it’s taught in a church – People are never going to come to a saving knowledge of Christ because they believe that there are two Gospels and God is doing two Different things in the world. He’s not there’s one new covenant We just happened to be brought into the Commonwealth of that covenant being Gentiles, but it’s the same gospel message. All right 1511 Paul begins verse 11 with two conjunctions therefore whether The therefore covers all the way back to the first verses of the chapter in 1 Corinthians 15:1 and – let me take it back There moreover brethren I declare to you the gospel, which I preached you Which also you received and in which you stand by which you also which you by which also you are saved If you hold fast to the word, which I preached you unless you believed in vain Okay, that’s the first part of it this then explains the often confused concept of verse 2 it Is that verse which people incorrectly assume can mean a loss of salvation as possible? We talked about that when we were there The reason is because they look at the verse out of Context the entire context of these first eleven verses shows us that this is not the case But that salvation is eternal if one believes they are emphatic saved the word whether refers to the party who spoke the message either himself or One of the other apostles it didn’t matter which it didn’t matter how they became apostles. It didn’t matter whether he was once a prosecutor persecutor of the church and so on regardless of those issues the message spoken was the same as from any and All of the other apostles same message same salvation same Christ The word Paul uses for preached in this verse is Caruso there are different words used in the Greek which are translated as preach of them one indicates to Prophesy, that would be a spiritual instruction or exhortation think of Sunday morning here It indicates the stating of the facts of the message of the gospel Paul has proclaimed them to those in Corinth than they are in unison with the proclamation of the other apostles It is the one only true and saving message It is the gospel of Jesus Christ All right, you’re talking about hyper dispensationalism you’ve got People that will go theology shopping Theology shopping anybody know what that is Theology shopping is well. I know there’s a God and I want to be on his good side And so I’m gonna go and start looking at different theologies and they go to Buddhism they say, oh well, that sounds pretty good and then they go and they check out Islam they so I Don’t really want to do that and they shop around in their theology until they find something that fits with them personally Okay, they may say well, I like the message of Jesus button Okay, and so I become a Christian but now I’ve got doctrine shopping. Okay? I’ve got my theology I’ve done I’ve shopped that out But now I’m going to shop doctrine and so I say well I don’t like the concept of original sin. That’s real harsh And so what do they do? they go to websites and they start looking for things that will refute original sin and they’ll find a site that says original sin isn’t true and they take verses out of context and they make up a doctrine and they say I like that it Doesn’t matter if it matches the Bible or not They stop for that doctor and you could have this with any doctrine in the Bible If Jesus is God Well, that means he’s the same God as that Old Testament wrathful God. He’s a hateful God, right? And I don’t want my Jesus to be that they misunderstand what we’re gonna see in numbers chapter 31 this week numbers 31 is a brutal chapter You read it if you know what I’m talking about. If you’ve ever read it go kill all B Everybody know the passage. Okay. It’s a bloody chapter. I’m gonna tell you when we get to that this weekend You’re gonna find out why that is not the case But they read these things and they don’t understand the context of what Moses is saying By the Lord’s word and so they come out and they say, oh, I don’t like that old God But I like this Jesus guy, but if he’s that same God So they doctrine shop and they find a site that says what Jesus isn’t God and here’s why Regardless of the fact that it is as evident as the nose on your face that Jesus is God and so they become Jehovah’s Witnesses Okay. Now I’m a Jehovah’s Witness because I don’t want to believe that this is that Because if this is that then I’ve got a dilemma in my theology which I’ve shopped already for and so I doctrine shopping Okay might have been the wrong choice. That’s right. And so, you know now we’ve got a dilemma because it says well there’s Very clearly that there’s a Trinity. I’ve heard this my whole life, but I don’t like that and Jesus isn’t God So now I can sweep that away. Never mind that the Bible says that the father is God The Son is God and the Holy Spirit is God It doesn’t use the word Trinity just like it doesn’t use the word original sin, but the doctrine is taught so I’m going to shop on a website and I’m going to keep People’s commanders until I get what I like and it doesn’t matter. What doctrine it is I don’t care what it is We talk about women aren’t supposed to be teaching and preaching in the church and it’s very explicit and clear in the Bible But I don’t like that. I don’t like that that’s time and so I’m gonna shop out that doctrine and I’m going to find somebody that agrees with me and not with what the Bible clearly Teaches. Okay, and then the next one. This is the most common doctrine teaching that I could think of doctrine shopping When is the rapture well first first, maybe there’s no rapture at all I don’t want to believe in that because that just sounds too spooky and that’s against my thinking Okay, never mind the chapter were in is pretty clear about this and so they shot through there and they say well there’s a Pre-trib there’s a mid-trib and I like that idea of the mid-trip Here’s why they have it in their mind, but this is what they like Maybe they’ve heard somebody talk about it and they say well I don’t want to agree with that guy won’t agree with that guy And so I’m gonna go to Jacob presh and I’m gonna listen to him. He teaches a mid-tribulation rapture So I’m gonna agree with that. Okay, I’ve doctrine chopped that out. Okay now I don’t like what Jacob press says about Jesus He says he’s a created being I don’t like that. So I’m not gonna agree with that I’m gonna shop over here and find something else or I do like it because that takes care of another problem that I might have in there shopping people shop out theology instead of reading the word first and Getting trained in their own mind so that when they hear a commentary they know if it’s right or wrong and break out that that’s doctrine shopping and eventually if you’ve read the Bible enough before You get your doctrine straight you when you hear something that’s wrong. You will say I know that’s wrong and you’ll be more prone to not shop for your doctrine or You may go and you read a lot of commentaries and you say that person agrees with that. That one doesn’t But I know this person isn’t right because I’ve read that elsewhere and you’re able to make this this Understanding. That’s why I say if you don’t know the Word of God in advance of being given doctrine you will have funny theology It is going to affect your theology. You know, I I do not like those Jewish people I don’t like them and I just need to get away from them But Jesus is a Jew and so I’m gonna shop out my doctor I’m gonna go with RC sprawl and RC sprawl is going to teach me. Well the church is Israel The Jews are or were the Jews. Actually you said that one in one of his gun injuries You wonder where the Jews are here We are never mind that the Bible doesn’t teach that okay, but I’m going to shop out that doctrine And so that’s what people do they do it all the time. They do all the time don’t email me in they’ll ask me a question about something and I’ll say this is the answer and then they’ll come back and they’ll Say oh, I don’t like that So I’m gonna go shop it out somewhere else, right? Happens all the time happens to it happened to me today with what was the issue? I brought it up a minute ago in the Hyper dispensationalism, that’s what we’re talking about. So people will shop out their doctrine. That’s a bad way to get your theology down It’s very very bad to do that So try to remember that everything that happens in scripture is tied to everything else everything Okay, don’t chop out your doctrine. That’s that’s a very poor way of handling your theology and I think Somebody is selling that’s right if you were shopping. That’s a very good point if you are shopping Somebody is selling and they will have a commentary that you will agree with me you’ll say I like that because I don’t like what Charlie said or I don’t like what are sees pearl said or I don’t like What John Piper said and so I’m gonna shop out and I’m gonna get something that I like and I’m gonna stick with it even Though it doesn’t match what Scripture teaches? Because I don’t like what Paul wrote about that issue or I don’t like what Jesus portrays compared to Jehovah of the Old Testament I don’t this is the most common thing that we can do and it is really bad way of chasing your theology read the Bible until you can’t read it anymore and then pick it up and read it some more never stop reading the Bible and Don’t come to the Bible with presuppositions come to the Bible. Let the word speak to you before you read those Commentaries. All right. I have a life application here for you. Let’s see here. Um Yes life application verse 2 of 1 Corinthians 15 to many surrounding verses to understand correctly read that again verse 2 of 1 Corinthians 15 Because people will say that shows you you can lose your salvation when it’s not speaking about that at all Took many surrounding verses to understand correctly when citing individual versus Context must be maintained if it is not then a false understanding of what is being relayed may occur I should scratch that and say it will occur because that’s what’s going to happen in this case Salvation is conditioned upon belief in the true gospel message if that message is heard Received and believed then it saves the one who believes for all time So salvation, is this simple part? Hopefully you’ve got that right? You’re not under somebody that’s teaching a heresy and then from that point everything else comes down to rewards and losses Is my doctrine sound is it not sound or do I not hear because a lot of people don’t care about doctrine They love Jesus they got saved and they go to church and listen to you know Like sermons and they listen to music and that’s all they want to do That’s fine that is their choice, but they will get no rewards for proper doctrine or growing in the Word of God they might get rewards for I don’t know being faithful and loving Jesus whatever everything that’s done in faith will be Rewarded but the more that you pursue the Lord and the more you do it through his word I am absolutely certain that you are going to get more rewards for it Not that that should be your end goal your end goal should be I want to know Jesus he died for me He saved me. I want to know Jesus that is where you should really want to be. But anyway, let’s see here We got 15 12 What? If it is preached that Christ has been raised from the dead. How can some of you say that there is no resurrection He is going to take this theme all the way through to the end of this chapter and this chapter is what fifty fifty eight verses long I almost said fifty eight and then I thought I’m not gonna do it to be wrong and I would have been right anyway fifty eight verses long and he is gonna take this theme right now and he is going to Come at it from every possible angle that you can think of which includes the rapture itself Okay, but clois clearly presented the Gospel message concerning Christ It is the same message which was believed by those in Corinth The purpose and effect of this preaching takes us right back to his earlier words than it is the gospel by which you are Saved a moment later He said unless you believed in bein so applies more than just this life. It implies something which transcends this life if it doesn’t then is coming words in verse 19 are all the more poignant if In this life only we have hope in Christ We are of all men the most pitiable think about it. Why would you believe in Christ? What difference does it make if we only believe him for believe in him for this life? That’s like putting your faith in Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler. Yeah Yeah, you know, you know these these people that were around him and who was it? Uh, what was this main guy? And his wife were there at the last day Hitler had just whacked himself and Eva Braun together. And what did they do? They went and they gave cyanide pills to their four children Killed them and then they went and killed each other or he killed his wife shot her in head and they shot himself What kind of a hope is that What kind of a life is that that you put all your hope and somebody they can’t do anything for you? Except in this life and that’s what Paul is saying about Christ if Christ isn’t raised from the dead then we’re to be the most pity worse than those people that followed Hitler because we have a Hope and they didn’t their hope was in this life And so that was all they got it didn’t matter to him. But our hope isn’t something beyond this life and if it’s not true We are really to be pitied here We are living our lives in a way that we think is proper when in fact were completely wrong. We’re completely wrong we’ve wasted our life on thinking about somebody that didn’t come out of the grave and he is going to refute that every way but What’s the term every way but Tuesday or something every way but Sunday? Okay in the Gospel message Which they believed in which he reiterated to them is the fact that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures Notice what it says there the third day everybody got that says that 13 times in the New Testament He rose the third day on the third day not after three days, okay His words here repeat this thought by saying now if Christ is preached that he has been raised from the dead How do some among you say that there is no resurrection of the Dead Because these people were coming into the church and they’re saying well, there’s no resurrection Okay, and they’re saying well Christ may have resurrected from the dead but there’s no resurrection for you, but they’re saying there’s no resurrection he said how they say that if There is no resurrection from the dead now if Christ has preached that he’s raised from the dead then somebody’s been resurrected Right, everybody got that so somebody was so there must be something else besides that What he is surely referring to here is that some in a church denied that there would be a resurrection of the dead these were probably the Epicureans who denied any sort of future life or another group known as the Stoics who denied a physical bodily resurrection Instead they taught that a future life was spiritual in nature. That’s what the Jones witnesses did They say that it Christ was raised a mighty spirit being it wasn’t raised to spirit being he said look at my hands feel me spirit doesn’t have bones and flesh as you see I have Or eat he ate afterwards. That’s right. Okay, but people don’t want to believe that he is Jehovah and so they come up with your own unsound doctrine because it has to skip over parts of Scripture It has to deny the literal reading of passages. What? They went down the wrong aisle in the theology Store, they went down the wrong doctrine aisle, and they picked out the wrong doctrine. That’s right Okay. So instead date, this is the Stoics They taught that a future life was spiritual in nature plus words now and in the verses to come will logically not just I’m Telling you this because I’m an apostle it will logically dispel such nonsense. They will also Show the consequences of such a notion in order to show them the utter folly of this He tells them that the message that was preached and which they believed already demonstrated that there had been one example of a literal bodily Resurrection that of Jesus he went to great lengths to show that not only did it occur But it was witnessed by a large list of people we can go back and read those verses again 500 of them saw first Peter and then And then 500, right? Okay and as brother Usama noted when he was here the last time he said well if 500 people saw it and they only count the men Which is what the way they did the counting? Then that means that probably they had a wipe there and they probably had two or three kids and they might have had you know whatever I don’t think they had LGBT Lmnopq back then so we got excluded all of them But if you figure the men and they have wives and children you might be up to as many as 2000 people that saw it but they’re only counting the men just like they did it that you know The 5000 sitting out there in the field while he was feeding them Okay, so you’ve got a much larger group of people, but we’ll just go with 500 It’s still enough to substantiate it Okay It was a large list of people thus confirming the surety of the matter if there was one such Resurrection than it naturally followed that there would be more that’s the entire point of Christ’s coming was so that we wouldn’t die. We would no longer die because death came by sin and sin came by the giving of the law in the Garden of Eden and The Lord said I am going to fix this problem It took a long with Adak Allah Doing everything to prepare for the coming of his son. And then his son came and his son raised from the dead I am victorious over death and that is what I promised you Then it logically follows that you will be raised as well If you do what God says to do in accord with the Messiah, he assent Okay, the premise of calling on Christ is that the individual moves from fallen Adam? To the risen Christ. If we are in Christ, then we will follow him from death to life It’s not maybe it is will so when somebody says you can lose your salvation I mentioned him earlier one of the prophecy update teachers. He says you can lose your salvation. He’s a Westland Arminianism, okay, that’s his doctrine. We talked about it up here one of these days it is incorrect It is wrong. If somebody teaches you that it is wrong and we can show you why that’s wrong all of the different doctrines We’ve done it many times. We didn’t Romans We may have done it once in 1 Corinthians But we go through that and remember the duck examples in the river and it’s all there It’s very clear how that all works out if you take it in a simple thing but every single other thing in the Bible follow suit with it, it’s not like there’s a maybe or the verses that people say Justify loss of salvation such as Hebrews chapter chapter six are taken out of context They’re out of context But when you put them in their proper Context of who is being addressed and how it relates to what Paul or the author of Hebrews who I argue is Paul Then you know that it’s not correct. It’s a bad doctrine if somebody teaches those poor doctrines They’re not very good teachers and I’m not trying to belittle them. I’m just saying that it is a bad doctrine Okay, and Paul is saying that right here if Crowell read it again the premise of calling on Christ Is that the individual moves from fallen Adam who dies? Right to the risen Christ if he’s gone from Adam to Christ Then you are in the same model as Christ and you were in Christ If you are in Christ It says in 2 Corinthians 5 verse 19 that God is not imputing you sense if you’re not being imputed sins and sin by sin But what is the wages of death? Then you can’t die anymore. 1+1 always equals 2 in theology If we are in Christ, then we will follow him from death to life It is the logical and natural outcropping of the matter This will continue to be explained in detail throughout the chapter. He will he will go into great detail You will not be Unhappy if you stick it out through the rest of chapter 15 of 1 Corinthians because you will see these doctrines coming to full light okay life application what God does is logical and reasonable you could even say it’s Mechanical because it is this it assists and when something is mechanical it always does the same thing There’s no waffling and it just keeps putting out the same thing what God does is logical it’s reasonable and it will never change now people will use that argument and say well if God doesn’t change then there’s no such thing as Dispensations because God is working differently at different times. It’s the same God he’s working differently, but he’s doing the same thing He is coming to the same end result Dispensations does not negate that God is doing the same thing that he is Unchanging it is a way of him revealing his plan to the people of the world Okay, if the wages of sin is dead and if Christ had no sin Then death could not hold him. That’s extra after 2:24. Thank you if we are in Christ and our sins are no longer counted against us because we are now in Christ we move from Adam to Christ then we too must Rise to eternal life. We must it’s not maybe we must okay It is impossible to be any other way don’t have doubts but have full confidence in the surety of eternal life all granted because of the work of Christ all granted because of the work of Christ and there are 10,000 different arguments that we can use in Peter alone in the first chapter and a half that I’ve typed are at least 25 evidences for eternal salvation at least 25 and You read it and you’ll be done with those in a couple of minutes reading by yourself and your study I mean you will see again. And again, he is proclaiming eternal salvation is proclaiming eternal salvation This is Peter. Same message is Paul. Okay, 15 13 You were saved Christian and you have died right you were in the grave, right Physically with your body you’ll be given a new body Your physical body is in he’s gonna address that I’ll read you right now to give you a little advance. Here’s what it says here He gives to the body and he’s charity. So this is the body is sown in corruption It is raised in in corruption So it’s not this body that comes out of the grave because if it is this body is corruptible Okay and he goes on and he says that as well down in verse 48 s was the man of the dust so also are those Who are made of dust and this is the heavenly man So also are those who are heavenly and as we have borne the image of the man of dust meaning Adam that we’re in this Body that will return to the dust when we die. We all know that okay We shall also bear the image of the heavenly man. He is no longer corruptible He never saw corruption and neither will we now this I say brethren that flesh and blood? Cannot inherit the kingdom of God nor does corruption inherit incorruption And that’s when we get into the mess three the rapture Okay, and so that answers your question, but we’ll get to that in detail in about two weeks But right now I will say that the next verses talk about the rapture behold. I tell you a Mystery Hall is telling them a mystery a mystery is something that has never before been revealed. Okay, if Paul is writing out this mystery for the first time 30-some years after Jesus death Then Jesus is not speaking about the rapture in Matthew 24 Please understand that when he says no man knows the day or hour he is not speaking about the rapture He never referred to the rapture. He never referred to Gentiles being brought into this dispensation Except as he revealed it in the Old Testament such as Isaiah 42 and 43 where it’s very clear that the Gentiles are included But Jesus did not talk about those things He talked to Israel about their state under the law the coming Kingdom and until he was resurrected None of those things were talked about and afterward they began to be revealed. Yes It’s revealed it’s revealed. It’s Deuteronomy 29:29 right there the secret things belong to the Lord our God But the things revealed belong to us and our children Forever not five ever and not three ever but forever. Yes, Carol. Yes Okay, he rose from the dead and the Gospels but It says that some people rose and they were around Jerusalem and I can’t give any comment on that verse at all The Bible does not explain it anywhere else. There’s nothing to go on except that verse itself And so all we can do is just take it at face value There’s nothing in scripture that speaks of that event beyond that and if you read along commentary on that verse That somebody says well, this is what that means They’re making it up because that verse stands alone as just something that happened It was a description and it is not referred to anywhere else in Scripture So I can’t give you any more on it than what it says in that verse but it they did raise they did not Come back to life permanently Resurrected in other words there was there was something to happened but not given any more than that person I don’t see any need to comment beyond what the verse itself states. Yeah, absolutely Okay. So, um 1513 Okay, but if there is no resurrection of the dead then Christ is not risen Okay, it’s a little differently worded there But you get the same general idea But it’s given us a contrast to what was just said now if Christ was preached that he has been raised from the dead How do some among you say that there is no resurrection Of the Dead those in the church who denied a literal resurrection of the body had not thought through their faith very well now They can be probably excused to some point because they didn’t have the Word of God other than the Old Testament and these are Greek cities right into for The most part they’ve probably never read any of Scripture They may have heard some of it read after coming to Christ whatever But they were not familiar with this and so their theology is very low Paul had gone in he had talked to them about these Things we’ve already seen that earlier in 1 Corinthians But one we have many people here have been reading their Bible for years and we all still have questions right We still have questions people will send me a question and I’ll say you know, I never thought in that never even crossed my mind Okay, so these people have an excuse for not knowing everything, okay? but they didn’t think this issue through and they’re making statements to the other believers just like they do in now 1 Thessalonians and 2 Thessalonians where somebody goes in and he says well this is you know Not the way it is and that’s what they’re doing here They’re harming the body because Paul has already said that Christ is raised from the dead and we have an eternal. Hope in Christ So he’s correcting them again so Those in the church who tonight a literal resurrection of the body had not thought through their faith very well if there’s no such thing as a literal resurrection Then it must logically follow that Christ didn’t literally Resurrect either if he did and we moved to him as our head by faith then we are in Him and we will naturally resurrect when the fullness of times comes for that to occur. We are in Christ He raised from the dead he promises that he’s coming back for us. We will be raised from the dead Also implied in this verse has set the apostles and all of the others noted as having seen the resurrected Christ are either liars Or they’re delusional Paul said that Christ is preached that he has been raised from the dead This is based on the eyewitness testimony of that noted List that was given in verses 5 through 8. However if there is no resurrection then the testimony that Christ resurrected is False if it is false Then what on earth are people doing in church if the message of Jesus isn’t true Why would you go to church and that’s I say the same thing about? Unitarian beliefs people that believe in the Unitarian model that there is no hell Then why on earth would you ever go to church? Even once if there’s no hell and there’s no consequences you might as well go out and do whatever you want I mean whatever it doesn’t make any difference because this is a temporary blip you might as well get the best out of it and Then go on from there because you’re going off to glory I don’t understand how people could even hold to that doctor and say I’m gonna attend that church You hear it once and you stop going anyway, the resurrection is holy and inextricably Tied to the sinless death of Christ if there was no sinless death, then there was no resurrection Why because the wages of sin or death is death, right? If he had sinned then he would not have resurrected One cannot have one without the other if one is false. They are both false If both are false, then there is no gospel and there’s no true church. Let us eat and drink for tomorrow We die right life application Don’t let people cause your faith to be diminished by fine sounding arguments The doctrines of the Bible are perfectly revealed In the Bible and show a perfect plan given by the perfect creator if you have a doubt about one of the primary Doctrines of the faith then research it while praying to God to lead you to competent scholars with knowledgeable Commentaries on the issue that you are struggling with Okay, I’ll go back to doctrine shopping. It just came to mind Can you drink wine or can you not drink wine? Don’t answer it I’m just saying that’s one of the options that people have some churches so you can’t drink anything at all Some churches say there’s nothing in the Bible that says that you can’t drink wine. And so what are you gonna do? I think drinking is bad And so I’m gonna go read Charles RiRi’s commentaries on the Bible because he doesn’t believe that you should be drinking anything Okay And then some people say well I do want to have a drink and I don’t understand but the Bible seems to show to me that it’s okay Where do I go to get a commentary on that? Right. It’s just that’s dr. Time. It just came to mind and I thought I’d throw that in because of what I just said Right here. Okay if you have a doubt about and that’s not a primary doctrine. That’s a secondary or even a tertiary doctor It’s a very minor doctrine But if you have doubt about a primary Doctrine of the Faith then research it while praying to God to lead you To competent scholars with knowledgeable commentaries. Okay, if you ask God in sincere Truth to reveal something to you. Do you think he’s gonna hold it from you? But most people don’t want to they ask God and then they go looking for the answer. They doctrine shop Okay, and that’s just the way it is. What are some of the primary doctrines? I’m not talking about second I’m talking about primary doctrines which say this will result in heresy if it’s not true Jesus is God. Well, let’s do this really quick there’s a good way of this is just a simple way of doing it as I think it’s IVD A-a-are, okay, the incarnation of God inspiration of Scripture I think is this one. I just remember somebody gave this and that Akron ISM to me or whatever you call it Whatever so inspiration of Scripture. Okay, that’s one of them the inspiration of Scripture. Okay, whatever Okay, what another one which is actually if you teach this wrong it is a heresy is the virgin birth Virgin birth. Okay, if Christ wasn’t born of a virgin there’s a real problem in your theology. Okay. The next one is the Deity of Jesus Christ eie to you like deity of Jesus Christ. Absolutely. That’s a primary doctrinaire if he’s not God There’s a problem with your theology okay, the next one would be the All-sufficient atonement of Christ 8000 and e and e ante atonement. Okay, then there’s another a what am I thinking up here? IBD a AR atonement and the oh No It’s not not Adam atonement I just remembered that and Anyway, we’ll skip that one fright. Now the next one would be the resurrection of Christ the literal resurrection If dark – that’s what it is – ours. I think that’s what it was the resurrection and the return of Christ. Okay Christ is literally coming back if dark. Anyway, I think that’s the way he said Those are some prime that’s an easy way of remembering primary doctrines is to make up whatever there are others that you could consider Primary as well. You’ve got um, the Trinity that is a primary doctrine Okay, if you teach the Trinity incorrectly you will always end up in heresy And if you teach the Trinity too much you’ll end up in a heresy anyway Because there’s a point where we cannot understand the nature of God Completely. Okay. I’ve got best analogy of the Trinity it’s the one that I did on the board and I think it was in Romans with kind time is future it is present and it is past and God is Father Son and Holy Spirit and then I Described it there and if you want that I can email you that particular thing. It’s very well done. It was Dr. Nathan woods. I think he was a Fuller Theological Seminary. Anyway, he did a wonderful wonderful Commentary on that particular book. He wrote a whole book on it But that one section on the Trinity was magnificent and it’s very short But time is probably the best analogy if you use ice and water and steam, that’s not good if you use an egg which is, you know, a shell and yolk and uh What do you call it? The white? That’s not a good analogy If you use the actor that comes out from behind the screen with three different faces on that is not a good analogy Most of those are modalism God working in modes. That is not They each have three of their own things that’s right time space time and matter Time with I’m sorry, uh space with the length breadth and width Time I’m sorry time space and matter Time would be past present and future and then matter would be energy in motion producing phenomena So each has its own kind of Trinity, but I would just stick with time. I wouldn’t get into all the lesser issues Time itself very well Describes the nature of the Trinity and like I said that that we’ve done on the board go back and watch that old Bible study and it’s very close and then the diagram that I do with that, you know the Triangle and then you got the circle on the side, okay Anyway, whatever we can do that again sometime, but those are primary doctrines Those are things that you want to get right? The lesser doctrines are not salvific in nature It just those people that just want to tickle their own ears and they don’t want to listen to the word of God And I’m gonna go out and do this or that whatever okay But the the primary doctrines if you don’t have those right or if you don’t teach those right there’s a real problem there anyway So, um, what verse are we still in fourteen or we in fifteen? Fourteen still, oh, okay. Here we go. Um, In you read fourteen though, didn’t you? Okay, go ahead okay Christ has not been raised our preaching is useless So is your faith? Oh boy, isn’t that the truth for if Christ? Let me see what this one says and if Christ is not risen then our preaching is empty and your faith is also empty Yes, and the next few verses Paul will state explicit consequences for us if Christ didn’t actually rise if he did that there is one result, but if not, There is another His coming words are to be taken soberly and they must also make us question the sanity of those who sit in churches and yet deny that Jesus did in fact rise anybody no spung he was a Popular writer about ten or fifteen years ago. Yeah bishop or whatever. He was a theologian OG&E he says that Christ swooned on the cross instead of dying. He just passed out right so they put him in the grave and Listen, if somebody went through all of that, he wouldn’t have walked out of the grave 20 years later. He’d still be in pain There’s just no way. Okay, he lost that much blood. He just swooned but he came out. Okay after that No, he literally died and then he literally rose again, but what’s it they just don’t they want to deny them They want deny the fundamental principles of the faith. They’re these people that Paul writes about later in the book of Timothy anyway What he will say meaning Paul Then is what is known as a reductio ad absurdum anybody know what that means an argument to absurdity I’m reducing it down to the absurd if Christ is not risen begins the thought what if this is the case What would be the result of such a truth? Where would that leave the Apostles? Where would that leave you the answers will flow from his pen with an almost sense of mourning at the state of despair? Which would result if Christ is not risen then The word then is intended There’s a forceful statement of irony which conveys the idea of such it would be or after all. Have a wonderful evening Ladies that good care good to meet you. If so then our preaching is empty, he says all of the efforts of the Apostles any hope or comfort they have imparted any trials they have faced and Spreading the word about Jesus and so much more all of it is Vanity and without any substance if the words of the Apostles could be seen as they came forth from their mouths Those same words would melt in the air as they were uttered Disappearing back into nothingness. This is the result of Christ not having risen the words would have no value whatsoever But more than just the Apostles words, the believers faith is also empty It would mean that the entire story was pointless Who cares at all if a person named Jesus lived in the land of Israel and went around doing good? Stuff who cares of such a person he loved others told interesting stories and claimed to be the Son of God And so what if the person was nailed to a cross? Who cares if there is no resurrection? Then all that was accomplished is just another story of man Like any other story of man who has ever existed there is no hope and man Every great leader who ever lived eventually died and with him went everything that he was right back into the dust If Christ did not rise again, then the dust would have reclaim him as well think it through Why would anyone go to church even once if the resurrection isn’t true? Why bother? Life application Jesus Christ did rise and her hope is not in vain. We look to a blood-stained cross But an empty grave as well because of Jesus it is literally impossible That his followers could remain in the grave. It is more certain that we will be resurrected than it Is that the law of gravity would suddenly cease to exist? It ain’t going to happen. We will be raised 100% guaranteed there’s no doubt about it If Christ came out of the grave, we have sufficient evidence to say he did it will happen. We will be raised to eternal life 15 15 No, go ahead. Burke’s got some Romans 8:11 Jesus from the dead will also give life to your mortal bodies Through his spirit who dwells in you. There you go. So that that’s a person should be honored Thanks It should be under Kate right in conjunction with this one right here. What was a 8? 8 11 great first Romans 8:11. Okay. So who raised Jesus from the dead? Are you just ready? What does it say? Okay, God’s what specifically the spirit? Okay, what does it say in Galatians chapter one? verse one God the Father raised Jesus from the dead and what did Jesus say I lay my life down I can take it up again all Three of the Godhead are working in harmony with one another had this conversation with my good friend a day ago All three are working in harmony with one another God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are all working together in Christ to reconcile the world to himself Okay, there you go, 15 15 more than that We are then found to be false witnesses about God for we have testified about God then he raised Christ from the dead but he did not rise him, but he did not raise him if Do not rise. You can see how he’s taking it reductio ad absurdum He’s saying it’s absurd and he gives you the absurd premises if what they say is true Read the first words of that again 15 15 No 15 reading I’m sorry More than that’s what I thought they said more than it makes it sound like his argument There is more important than the other and this one doesn’t say that it says yes, and we are found false witnesses Which is more in accord with you know what he’s saying so anyway 15 15 not only would the preaching of the Apostles be found empty Which would in turn mean that the faith of those who heard and believed to be found empty But moreover it would demonstrate something even deeper and more sinister That the Apostles are found false witnesses of God the word for found implies Proven to be it would not be a mistake in their preaching and teaching but rather a proof positive That there was an intentional hand of deceit involved why because Paul had claimed in the preceding verses that all of the Apostles had seen the risen Christ thus should someone have checked his story for example by searching out some of the 500 mentioned in verse 6 and determined they were lying then it would be proven proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that they had testified of God as Paul says That he was raised whom he did not raise up imagine the severity of the charge This isn’t just a lie about who ate the cake that was being saved for dessert rather This would be a lie about the truth of God himself. The severity of the charge would be against not just Paul but all of the Apostles it would show an intricate conspiracy that went to Establish the heretical cult worship of a false God This would be punishable by death if proven true and it would also bring the highest disgrace upon the name they were trying to exalt everything about the matter would be exposed and then soon forgotten by the world leaving nothing but a legacy of Miscreants bringing dishonor upon the true God they claimed to serve All of this is tied up in the notion of what Paul is showing if in fact the dead do not rise everything about the Christian faith and every person who has given life or limb for it has Its basis in the resurrection of Jesus Christ All of it without that event, it would be nothing but a hopeless system based on an intricately detailed web of lies Life application if you do not believe in the literal bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ your hope of eternal life is in vain and You should well question your salvation calling on a dead Lord is as stupid as driving a nail into your forehead Speak louder because they can’t hear you go into a really good church that you know Like infested. It was a Methodist Church. What? Biblically as best as they can do and The Bible study One of the points that were brought up about the acity of the Bible on place did all the apostles except for John Went to their death and a gruesome writer and I and if this was a lie So they died for nothing. Somebody would have cocked it up. It said wait, wait. Wait, that’s exactly right It’s like that is don’t do that now That’s uh, what’s-his-name uses that same argument in the case for Christ to Lee Strobel. He uses that exact same argument if the Apostles Weren’t telling the truth when they faced that horrible death that they faced they would have said okay, I give it up But that’s such is not the case then that’s absolutely correct Who does it who would do that? Yeah, that’s right Nobody would do that if they knew that it was a lie right if people You know now people go and blow themselves up all the time all over the world because of something they think is true They don’t know that it’s alive They think it’s true and there’s a a world of difference between the two These people were right there at the beginning and they knew it to be true or false 100% and nobody would have done what they did and suffered what they suffered for a lie. Okay sixteen He’s already said this in three ways maybe four and he’s saying it again he’s making the most logical argument he can precept by precept and Restating it each way each way. He restates it It is to ensure that nobody can come back later and say but you didn’t say this I said it this way. I said it this way. I said it this way and it’s in writing folks okay, verse 13 and verse 16 are parallel lines of thought verse 13 says but if there is no resurrection of the dead Then Christ is not risen verse 16 says for if the dead do not rise That Christ is not risen Why is Paul repeated himself after such a short time first? The answer is that if the claim is false verse 13, then the witnesses of the Resurrection Were also untrue thus verses 14 and 15 now Repeating himself. He shows that if the claim is false verse 16 then the logical effects of the Resurrection in the life of believers would also be false that is coming soon to two verses near you verse 17 and 18 In turn the consequences of such a false premise would then be realized in the lives of such hopeless? Creatures that is verse 19. It is a second reductio ad absurdum used to show the utter folly of a person claiming They are a Christian what denying that the resurrection of the body is true Viewed from either without a literal resurrection of Christ There’s only futility and folly in claiming to be a Christian Everything about the faith either stands or falls on the resurrection of Jesus Christ And I would go so far as to say that the inspiration of scripture is exactly the same and we’ll talk about that this Sunday in our sermon Exactly the same the Cambridge commentators make a comment and maybe it’s the pulpit but I think it’s Cambridge that makes a comment about the word I’ve got right at the beginning I’ll stated and if that’s not true I’m gonna give you the same type of argument that Paul gives here if what they say is true Then this this and therefore this we might as well just go on out on Sunday as soon as I get done saying that Stop the sermon turn off the streaming and go out and have a party. It’s that important the inspiration of Scripture. Is that important? Okay, and what is inspired and what isn’t it’s that important? Okay, there we go. Let’s see here Beaut from either angle with that a literal resurrection of Christ Arizona futility and folly and claiming to be a Christian Everything about the faith either stands or falls on the resurrection of Jesus Christ life Application if you have a problem with one of the principle doctrines of the faith take time to think them through to their logical conclusion Inevitably, if you fail to accept the truth of those principle doctrines such as the virgin birth You should probably question your faith And thus your salvation Stand firm on the truth of Christ as is presented in the Bible if Jesus is not God You better question your faith because you have no hope at all if he was a created being You have no hope at all I’m sorry people say that he was created in the womb of Mary if they say that that is a flat-out heresy 100% that is heretical it is God who stepped out of the United the the Infinite realm and United with human flesh in the womb of Mary. He is fully God and fully man He is not a created being anything. Other than that Completely contradicts all of Scripture. It is full-fledged heresy. Go ahead Next day Preparation, right The chief priests and the Pharisees they were supposed to be delivered regularly gather together with Pilate. They said we remember That deceiver after three days rise again and it’s in the second deception who’d be worse than the first They knew it he was coming out of there that’s absolutely right so And the funny thing is they knew he came out of there and they still passed on the light You would think but you know what? They asked he says in the book of John they loved the praises of men rather than God. So there you go I mean, where are you gonna stand on your faith? 17 and if Christ has not been raised your faith is futile You are still oh boy See that that’s that is as clear as it could be if Christ is not raised your faith is futile You were still in your sins. Why because the wages of sin is death If Christ’s end he didn’t raise from the dead if he didn’t raise from the dead we will never be in Christ and thus we will never have arsons 1 atone for into covered for all future sins 2 Corinthians 5:19 is not true that God is imputing our sins to us and we are separated forever from God That is the logical outcome Paul. Just prior to this verse noted that if the dead do not rise Then Christ is not risen The logical result of this would be the most terrifying of all news The premise of the Resurrection comes from the truth that the wages of sin is death Yeah, I didn’t even read this and it’s the same thing I just said the Bible notes that all have sinned and all fall short of the glory of God. It is an all-inclusive statement because sin is not only some offense which has been actively committed but it is also something that has been inherited by all people Once again, we’ll hear that in Sunday sermon I’ll weave it all together so you can see this as clearly as possible from the Old Testament Okay, it’s inherited by all people. Where in the bible does it say that? Explicitly Well, I’m talking about it where it explicitly says that you inherited sin from Adam So I’m 51 that would be art experts this week Yes, I’m 51 verse 5 anyway Because Adam who sinned at the beginning is our federal head and all people are born from Adam’s line That all people are born in a state of sin so much for the immaculate conception God did not do something different for Mary. He did not do something different for Mary. She was born into the stream of humanity She had a human father. She inherited his sin. She was a sin filled person from the moment that she was conceived the Catholic doctrine of Immaculate Conception is a heresy. Ok, please understand that as an infinitely Holy God cannot have fellowship with fallen sinful creatures Then all all not just so all must be condemned Christ came to undo this terrible state the resurrection of Christ would imply that he was in fact sinless if he was sinless then his death could be suitable for our as an offering for our sins but if Christ is not risen Paul says then our faith is Futile because it would indicate that he died in sin He couldn’t die for our sins because he was sinful himself as we talked about I think it was last week, maybe two weeks ago in the Old Testament time and again They take little babies and they would sacrifice them and the idea was that this baby doesn’t have sin it’s never done anything wrong and therefore it’s gonna Take away my sin. It’s gonna tome for my sin My sins will be proficient afore God and will be happy again between him and me and two things prove that that isn’t true 1 The baby didn’t come back alive and to the doctrine of inherited sin because Adam was sinful and it passed on down the line Which is what the Bible teaches so that is the way that that is and that would have been the case if Christ was born With sin, but he didn’t okay If Christ is not risen then our faith is futile because it would mean he died in sin Logically, if the wages of sin is death and Christ remained dead then he died in sin The word futile is the Greek word Messiah It is a different word than that translated asked empty in verse 14 it signifies something fruitless, it indicates a difference between reality and Result that’s Vincent’s word studies. Therefore his death could not be a sin offering Our sins could not be forgiven and thus Paul notes that you are still in your sins he’s trying to wake them up to the fact that everything hinges on the fact that the resurrection is true and Therefore if the resurrection of Christ is true Then your resurrection will happen and he will get to that point in another 40 some verses he will get to it But he’s got to make this logical argument first before he gives you the good news about the rapture and being joined to Christ He’s got to defend logically why this will happen. Okay, so There is nothing magical or mystical About the work of Christ rather it is exactly what is needed to free fallen man from the guilt He bears Christ came to do that in the cross. The Christian finds release from his sin debt only of Christ rose again The resurrection proves the offering was accepted by God It proves Christ sinless perfection And it proves that those who call on him are truly forgiven and not just forgiven and then you can lose it again But it is once for all it proves those things the resurrection of Christ proves that we will be resurrected There is no such thing as the loss of salvation none If somebody teaches that to you you have been taught wrong the verses that you have been instructed on are incorrect Email me and I’ll send you the correct evaluation Of because they’re not that hard if you take them in the proper context, you cannot lose your salvation You can lose your life. You can lose your joy whatever, but God will resurrect you if you were saved once you never have to be saved the second time and you will never Unloose your salvation Restored that’s right restore to me the joy of your salvation That is correct life application The resurrection proves that the work of Christ at the cross was effective If there is no literal bodily resurrection of Christ, then there is no Christian faith It would be the greatest of Lies further there would still be no Hope of reconciliation with God all humanity would still be in their sins and destined for hell Therefore someone tries to teach you the Christ didn’t rise or if they tell you that Christ didn’t rise Bodily, like it Jehovah’s Witness, then tell them take a hike heretic. I stand on the truth of the Bible Christ is risen I believe verse 18 Oh Boy, this one says have perished Paul has been noting the consequences which would exist if Christ is not risen. The list has been sobering one It’s obviously not for perky’s over there yawning. Anyway, it’s been sobering one preaching The gospel is empty to the faith of the believer is also empty three The Apostles are actually found to be false witnesses of God for the believers faith is futile five all remain in bondage To their sins now, he notes another saddening consequence if Christ hasn’t risen then those who have fallen asleep in Christ Have perished if someone called on a dead Lord they are in that dead Lord Because he’s dead when they died Paul continues with the theme of falling asleep because his words are rhetorical Then they will have perished everybody see that. He uses the word sleep because he’s making sure they understand. I’m not serious about this I’m making an argument and so he still calls them asleep those in Christ who were asleep All right our perish but they’re not he’s making the point very clearly here a dead Lord Why do we take the Lord’s Supper to remember his? Death until he comes well Does that mean it means he must be alive? We’re remembering the death the atonement Until he comes he can’t come again if he’s dead We’re remembering Christ’s death which took away our sins until he comes which means we have the promise of him coming for us That’s why we take the Lord’s Supper and that’s why we do it every week at this church. Whatever do it However, you want it whatever church you’re at But take the Lord’s Supper if they don’t give it to you every week at church. Take it at home Just take it at home. There’s nothing in the Bible that says you can’t administer it to yourself. Just take it Remember the Lord’s death until he comes okay a Dead Lord who is not raised can certainly not raise another Let me go back one thing. If someone call them the Dead Lord they are in that dead Lord And because he is dead when they die, I’ll continue Oh, I’ve already said that okay a dead lord who is not raised certainly cannot raise another Therefore it is the end of the line for those who have followed him as Lord the dreams of a future restoration were lost the efforts they put forth for the their trusted Lord were Wasted the things they taught their own family and friends were lies and the stake They were burned at or the bullet which ended their life as they call that I am yours O Christ Was of no merit at all. If Christ is not risen then all of the hopes dreams aspirations Tears of joy tears of sorrow heartfelt prayers and longing desires for his return It was all misguided waste that’s the result of Christ not having been resurrected from the dead that is it right there I remember when Pastor Roth’s died 7 November 2004 and I was over at the church and Everybody was broken up over it. They talked about the hope that we have then I remember a few days later they had his casket sitting there in the the Gymnasium for his funeral and I remember thinking everything that he was it’s all gone all the learning I could have gotten from him It’s all gone But it’s not gone forever It’s only gone in this life. He is coming out of that box He’s coming out of that grave and he will be resurrected to eternal life But I remember all those thoughts in my head I could and so much much more Theology out of him if I’d spent more time there his King James only so, you know, whatever plays a good guy I really liked him and duck He can be wrong on the King James only thing. But other than that, I really like to Pastor Ross. What’s that? Not yeah, not likely Anyway, Paul will show the final consequence of such a notion, which I was talking about somebody dying Do you have to go goodbye, miss Garrett. We love you in the coming first Okay he’s gonna tell me we can’t go to the coming first because we only got do we have No, we can’t finish the next so I’m sorry. We can’t do it five minutes Oh, let me leave read a life application and we’ll be done life application. There are a jillion Not a billion not a quadrillion But there are a jillion religions on earth and the adherence of those various religions all believe that they are pursuing the true avenue of spiritual healing and yet only one can be true if God is truly God there is but one way to be restored to our Creator and it is through the shed blood of Jesus Christ The resurrection proves that this is so and the resurrection is not a mere vain Hope instead It is the truth of God be confident that your faith in Christ will be rewarded with eternal life in His wonders presence. I can’t wait for that day Wonderful day, what is it? Oh happy day Heavenly Father we look forward to that happy day Oh, may it come soon. It’s a tough world we’re living in it gets tougher every day as we get older and things break down and stop working properly and we lose family and friends and and Finances maybe or we lose a home or whatever it could happen It just beats us down Lord, and we’re waiting for that better life where these things will not be a part of that economy There’ll be something entirely different for us and we know that whatever it is It will be glorious because you have promised it to your redeemed your people who have trusted by faith alone in Jesus Christ We thank you for this shoreward We thank you for the truth of the doctrines which are found in it And we would ask that Many people would come to a saving knowledge of this Wonderful Lord who did so much for us when we were under a fallen state in your presence you reach that Padma See even on us. Thank you for that Oh God, how wonderful it is. We love you We praise you and we exalt you in the beautiful and exalted name of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior. Amen See here, we’re gonna break right

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  • Robin Muric says:

    If a person who has been strugling with depression commits suicide even though they have believed and prayed for salvation. Did they loose thier salvation?

  • M T Corner says:

    Thank you Pastor Charlie! Excellent study, awesome Hope, Great Truth! Keeps us running the race!!!!

  • Donna Phoenix says:

    And you said it right there when you were reading about Paul being a persecutor and killer of Christians basically, and then you said that was his prior life before meeting Jesus. And that has been my point, true acceptors of Christ have a change in their life, they do not just accept Christ and go on their Merry way back to the way they were! Paul did not get born again and return to his persecution of the Christians. It is not that we earn our salvation and keep it by doing works, we are not saved by works we are saved for good works unto Jesus.

  • Barrie Smith says:

    Mankind took the fruit of knowledge of good and evil.So we have the knowledge to do good or evil in us,from that time without God,we follow Satan in bad deeds redemption and we can only find this in Jesus the Christ

  • Barrie Smith says:

    An interesting thing is that Adam is the only creation that we are told had the breath of God to bring him to life (spiritual life) sin ended this .Any comments

  • Monish Kumar says:

    Great Job, I compleatly enjoyed it!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link www.youtube.com/channel/UCv_x5rlxirO-WKjLIyk6okQ?sub_confirmation=1 , doo check 🙂

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