1 Corinthians 13: 8-10 Bible Verses

alright guys welcome back to our unique
devotion so we are in first Corinthians chapter 13 and I’m going to read first
Corinthians chapter 13 verses 8 through 10 and then we have some of the
contemplate about so if you’re not familiar with this channel what I do is
I read an entire chapter in one video we just sort of take in what’s going on and
then in the next I go back to the beginning of that chapter brains start
breaking it down from section of section and we look for what I call the God
question we can even it sometimes it’s just like a statement something to
contemplate something to get our minds thinking about the scripture itself and
actually seeing that then in our lives and applying it as the day or the days
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relationships in in your in your own personal circle there so here’s the
scripture 1st Corinthians chapter 13 verses 8 through 10 love never fails but
whether there are prophecies they will fail
whether there are tongues they will cease whether there is knowledge it will
vanish away for we know in part and we prophesy in part but when that which is
perfect has come then that which is in part will be done away love never fails we’re gonna contemplate that this week
what does that mean do you truly believe that love never fails you read that in
the Bible sounds nice it sounds really good sounds slightly
helpful um and then you walk away and you don’t think about it ever again you
walk away thinking you know what love is you walk away kind of telling yourself
that you you’re good at it and you don’t need to learn any more about it but the
truth of the matter is love never fails have you tested that have you actually
contemplated about what love is to such a degree that you can see that it
doesn’t fail that when you’re walking through your job place when you’re
walking through your relationships with your your family your your wife your
kids your your dogs your cats what what is love and where is it do you see that
it doesn’t fail the point here is not even we’ve been contemplating love in
different avenues but seeing that it doesn’t fail putting putting trust in
love putting your your at the idea of grace in to love believing having faith
in love so that when we get into a bad situation or something’s happening
maybe an argument something drastic happens in our life that’s out of our
control and we don’t see love right away being
able to go you know what hold on I can trust in love
maybe I don’t exactly know what that looks like but let me try to love in
this situation let me try my best to love in this situation and watch it not
fail yeah this is the point love never fails
it’s three words there’s I love you is another set of three words that are also
super powerful but in this key is really reflect on that contemplate that you ask
questions well does love never fail do I believe that love never fails do I trust
that love never fails what does love never failing look like um do I forget
this from time to time do i exemplify do i am i a great example am i a growing
example of love not failing can i improve in love and prove that it isn’t
failing where does this idea come from well that’s it that is a whole new level
there you get to that point and you contemplate that for an hour and see
what comes up where did it love not failing that idea that thought process
that emotion even that feeling where did that come from so these are just some
questions some quick off-the-cuff questions for you to think about as more
suggestion you hopefully are maybe thinking of some other questions as you
contemplate this let them let the questions sort of come let and let them
not just roll through you but let them slowly pass
through um take the question and then go you know try to visualize the question
think about that question maybe write the question down if you forget you can
come back to it create an environment of really trying to grow in this thought of
contemplating love not failing and then see how it changes your life um
experience how it changes your life and then Express how it changes your life
and then next week we’ll continue in Chapter thirteen of first Corinthians
and see how that then fits in to the rest of the chapter even if you go back
to previous videos that we’ve done or go back and reread chapter thirteen from
the beginning then see how that reflects into all of the chapters so far maybe
even contemplate back if you’ve been following along from the beginning of
first Corinthians and see how love never-failing it fills into that and
overlaps that see where that fits you can you can go to some really deep
places here and you’re always growing in that way then and getting a deeper
understanding not just for the sake of knowledge but because of how profound it
will be in in changing your life in a more love driven way so I’m gonna leave
you that lots of questions lots of thoughts remember main point here is
love never fails and we’re gonna contemplate that until next time I know
that God is giving you all blessings you deserve and even more so all the
blessings you don’t deserve peace love and Diamonds I’ll see you guys next time
have a wonderful day

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