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when I’m sharing I do share from the New Living Translation version of every
man’s Bible it is a Study Bible has some additional verbage in it and I just for
me I enjoy it so I’m gonna jump into this morning first chronicles 16 27 and
that reads actually let me put that up here on the screen I’m kind of bouncing
around this morning with a late night my son had homecoming homecoming football
game last night and they won which was great but it made it a little bit late
so I know it’s on a Thursday but they’re they’re off today so that’s that’s fun
so jumping into this morning’s first chronicles chapter 16 verse 27 says
honor and Majesty surround him strength and joy fill his dwelling honor and
Majesty surround him strength and joy fill his dwelling you know this verse is
a reminder that joy is not dependent on your circumstances so often we think
that our joy is dependent on the things around us and joy is not dependent on
those circumstances true joy is dependent on living in faith and light
and having purpose you know joy is a matter of living in the presence of God
and in fact you you’ve probably heard this many people that like they
seemingly have it all together they have all the stuff they have all the money
they have all the the things and the status but they’re unhappy like they’ve
climbed that ladder all the way up but there’s an emptiness and it’s often
because they haven’t found true joy because they haven’t found their
presence of God because they haven’t been able to connect with what their
purpose is and sharing in their light in in the light of God so it’s one of those
for me this verse is it’s just one of those simple reminders that joy can be
found in some of the most unlikely places
it comes from true love and true faith and kindness and relationships you know
joy can be found in that momentary connection with somebody else that God
is leading you to they’re saying you need this person in your life right now
or they need you in your life right now in their life right now if sometimes he
will throw us together and you’ll go you know this person isn’t like me or
I’m not like them and so on and so forth and we question it but then over time we
establish these bonds and that relationship that friendship that real
love so to speak not romantic love but that real connection and love that has
brought us together some of those places that we operate from can have some of
the most joyful outcomes you know so nurture those relationships with other
people with you know nurture when it is that you’re living in your purpose when
God speaks to you and says this is where supposed to be headed love on that
because that’s one of those places that true joy comes from is understanding and
knowing that relationship with God to follow in truth and with faith so that’s
really the message this one I see some people cruising through so Patrick and
Clayton and Clinton and Claudia good morning to each of you that’s popped in
here live and David I see you over there Claudia thank you it you Claudia makes
the comment this morning she says we’re meant to spread love to each other
absolutely every single day every single day and sometimes some days can be
harder than others some people we think that it man it’s hard for me to do that
with this person but at the core that is what we’re supposed to be doing every
day every time with everyone so again for those people that are joining in
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you could go actually I haven’t mentioned this in some time but I do
have a website for all these verses it’s mvw m dot org and if you go there you
can actually search the verses to find previous ones that I’ve done and I’d
love to share that with you I’d love to to make an impact and and have some
influence and help steer you or or ride with you I shouldn’t say steer you but
ride with you on your you know journey with God in Christ and in you know if
you have a verse that’s impacting you as always you know share those in the
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whatever time it is where you’re at you know go out spread the love spread some
faith share some positivity and impact people for goodness and I as we’re
headed into a weekend I hope you are already having an awesome day wherever
it is whatever it is that started it up for you
and I hope you have a great weekend you know we’re just headed into the fall and
it’s it’s gonna be well every day is awesome
so until we speak next I’ll tell you what everybody I’ll wrap it up there I
hope you have an absolutely fantastic day we’ll talk to you soon everyone

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