(명상의말씀)일어나 앉아라(Words of meditation)Wake up(좋은말씀)(명상의말씀 지혜로운삶)(명상)(좋은글) (좋은생각) (마음의소리)(마음의쉼터)

Word of Meditation Wake up Wake up What are the benefits for you to sleep? How can you fall asleep to someone suffering from an arrow? Wake up Learn in One Word for Peace That you yielded to laziness The king of death will know and will not let you wander Laziness is the same as when. When it happens because of laziness Instead of wiping hard and drawing out a studded arrow with bright wisdom, For those who can’t sleep, the night is long Long way to someone who doesn’t know where to go Life is long for a fool For it does not know the right truth. Right truth is the way of immortality. Japan is the way of death. If you don’t covet, you won’t die. If you lose the road, you will die by yourself. Do not chase after the past Do not crave a future that has not come The past has already flowed. The future is not yet Therefore, we must see the present work as it is. We must see and practice correctly without shaking and without shaking Just work hard to do today Who will die tomorrow Is there anyone who will not encounter the army of death? Those who realize this well practice their work without laziness in one heart. Oh old and death and sickness This tramples youth I was so happy at first, but now I am persecuted by death. Therefore, if you want to save immortality, there is only a way of enlightenment. Because there is neither birth nor death Word of Meditation Wake up

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