(명상의말씀)인맥 관리 18계명(Words of meditation)Networking 18 Commandments(좋은말씀)(명상)(좋은글) (좋은생각) (마음의소리)마음의쉼터

(Words of Meditation) Network Management
18 Commandments 1. Let’s look again at the lights out. Do not look ridiculous that you are powerless right now. You can hurt yourself later. 2. Do it normally The merit piled up normally shines during a crisis. 3. You pay for your meals and you pay for others. Basically, self-pay is what you pay. Don’t take it for granted. 4. If you’re thankful, say thank you and say sorry. The mouth is to speak. It is not a greeting to say thank you in your heart. It is not enough to be read by others. 5. When you are helping others, help them hotly. Don’t be frustrated or conditional at first helping. I sell only my arms and swear. 6. Don’t gossip. If you have time, do push-ups. 7. Make lots of people outside the company. Playing with the people in your company makes you a frog in a well. And if the company throws you away, you are orphaned. 8. Do not argue unnecessarily. The company is not a school. 9. Don’t mess with company money. In fact, everyone is watching. Leave it when you’re good, but get cut for a decisive moment. 10. Do not criticize others’ projects. Think of your proposal 11. Dress as well as possible. Appearance is much more important than you think. Work hard and get a good suit for the money you earn. 12. Pay a lot of money. Those who have lost their parents are the poorest people in the world. When a person is sad, he is sensitive to small things. 20,000 won 30,000 won Come back later. 13. Donate more than 1 percent of income. Your heart is full and your face blooms. 14. Do good to the janitor janitor. Not only is it a source of information, a source of rumors, it’s another aspect of your parents. 15. Take your old friends. Don’t neglect the best wealth you have right now to build a new network. Who would you go to cry when it was really hard? 16. Find yourself. Do not lose you thinking of others. You can spend an hour a week thinking quietly by yourself. 17. Enjoy this moment now. This moment you live now is the best memory of your life. If you don’t want to regret it later, have fun. 18. Love your wife or husband. How good is it to endure you? (Words of Meditation) Network Management
18 Commandments

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