यीशु के साथ चलना – Lamentations 3:40 – Bro. Mohan C Lazarus #bible_devotion #Dec06 #Hindi

Dearly beloved, It’s a great joy for me to share the Word of God with you every day. As I share the Word of God with you, it also speaks to me. Because, it is written that the Word of God is a two-edged sword! The sword pierces through the ones who are hearing it and also pierces the heart of the ones who quote the Word of God and shares a message. – It is a two-edged sword! As I speak the Word of God to you every day, there is holiness created in my life also. There are many changes happening in my life as well. Because, It is the Word of God, isn’t it? It is holy! Even today, look at this verse in Lamentations 3:40, “Let us search out and examine our ways, and turn back to the Lord” “Let us search out, examine our ways and turn back to the Lord!” We’re God’s children, isn’t it?
We are only walking with him, right? It’s true! Even then, we have to search out our ways, examine them now and then. “Examine” means…
There are laboratories, right? In colleges, schools there are chemistry labs. ‘Labs’ – to carry out research! If you look at salt for instance, all salts are white in color; they look the same! But, if you need to find what salt it is, you must add chemicals to it, run series of tests and only then you will be able to identify what salt it is. So, when you look at their appearance, they are all white! Only, when you examine it, you will get to know its true property within it! Similarly, we appear to be religious outwardly. We read the Bible, we pray, we go to church, we give offertory, we speak about God. Yet, we must examine our hearts every now and then, isn’t it? It is very important! Only when you thoroughly examine it, we will be able to find whether we are doing any mistake anywhere, if we are doing anything that wouldn’t please God. We must identify it and turn back to the Lord. I always examine myself! The Word of God is a chemical God has given us to examine our hearts. If you place the Word of God in your heart, we can identify what is lacking in us! The Word of God! That is why, we meditate upon the Word of God. Not only what I talk with you. But, do you sit down and read the Bible verses for yourself? You must read it every day! You must meditate upon it! It must examine our heart and we will be able to know only through the Word of God, what is the mistake we are doing and what we must correct. Even today, think about it! Examine your life! There’s a mistake somewhere, isn’t it? There’s a small mistake somewhere, isn’t it? There’s a small speck of dust spotted somewhere, right? “God, please wash this! Please make me holy! I do not want this anymore for it is grieving You! Please make me holy”, -will you pray? “I will turn back to You! I must be always with You! I should never give way for this mistake. I let it happen but now I do not want it anymore. Please make me holy.” – Will you pray? “Father, You’re the God who examines us! You’re the God who cleanses us. We thank You for the Bible verses that show us our heart. We turn back to You.
Please make us more holy. Please make me more holy! Please create in me a clean heart and renew a right spirit within me. Please give me the experience of being with Jesus always! In Jesus’ name we pray, Father. Amen. Amen.”

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